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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Wicked (the novel)

  • Glinda, while still a student, magically pulls an old woman back from the brink of death.
  • Elphaba freeing the Cowardly Lion Cub.
  • Elphaba rescuing Chistery from across a river in spite of her Weaksauce Weakness (by freezing it!).
  • Elphaba killing Madame Morrible (Erm, maybe).
  • Elphaba inspiring enough people to create the Arc Words for the rest of the series: "Elphaba Lives."

Wicked (the musical)

  • "So if you care to find me—look to the western sky!" Defying Gravity is unspeakably amazing, in person or on the soundtrack.
    • In the show, towards the climax of the song, they lifted the actress up on a cable as pretty much every resource the stage crew had available was incorporated to make the scene as unbelievably epic as possible. It really must be experienced to be understood.
    • Even the moment that leads up to Elphaba being lifted up is epic. Elphaba and Glinda have just wished each other happiness, and Elphaba runs off. Then a bunch of guards attack Glinda, thinking she's the one they're after. We then hear Elphaba's voice shouting at them to release her, for it's not Glinda they want, it's her. Cue epic lifting moment and climax of the most epic musical theatre song in years.
      • The staging and score get in on it. Immediately beforehand, Elphaba disappears into the darkness as soon as she's finished singing. It looks like she's chosen to unceremoniously run away with no fanfare. Glinda is left exposed in a cold white light at the front of the stage. The guards break in, it looks like Glinda will take the fall, there's a miniature Darkest Hour as the music grows more and more frenetic (helped by a Truck Driver's Gear Change). Then there's a single column of light - "She has nothing to do with it, I'm the one you want! It's me!" And suddenly everything is as bright as the sun - "It's me—" - and Elphaba is rising.
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    • The dialogue leading up to it is chillingly cool, too. This exchange in particular is awesome as it comes right after Elphaba is dubbed a Wicked Witch and her worst fear of being reviled by everyone she meets is effectively realized:
      Glinda: Don't be afraid.
      Elphaba: I'm not. It's The Wizard who should be afraid. Of me.
  • Glinda getting sweet revenge on those in Oz who have wronged Elphaba - by staging an epic coup to take over Ozian politics at the end of the musical and give one humongous and whopping "Fuck you all!" to Oz, starting by ordering the Wizard out of Oz and sending Morrible straight to jail with an Ironic Echo.
    Glinda: Madame, have you ever considered how you'd fare in captivity?
    Morrible: What?
    Glinda: Captivity! Prison! It is my personal opinion that you do not have what it takes. I hope you'll prove me wrong. I doubt you will, (to the guards) TAKE HER AWAY!
    • The fact that, apart from Elphaba and Fiyero, Glinda plays the entirety of Oz on a fiddle like the racist class-ist idiots they are by merely listening. In What is this Feeling all the Ozians say they're on her side, which she uses to win them over in the finale, kick out the wizard and get Morrible sent to prison because all of Oz is on "her" side and if she's against Morrible, so are they. More importantly, Glinda knows the truth of Elphaba - that she was not evil and subtly reveals it in the finale and sings about how Elphaba did make her better. Now that she's in power, everything Elphaba was trying to implement can be done, just by Glinda, thus allowing the two of them to subtly give an enormous "Fuck You" to everyone else in Oz.
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  • When the Wizard's guards capture Elphaba during her catfight with Glinda, Fiyero swings in on a vine and/or rope with his rifle and yells, "Let the green girl go!" The line is a little Narmy and the vine/rope doesn't make much sense since they're supposed to be in the middle of a corn field, but it makes his entrance hilariously awesome.
  • "No Good Deed" not only gives shivers, but it draws you right into Elphaba's mind. It's terrifying and heartbreaking, but it helps you sympathize with her.
  • The Disney Death of Elphaba. It turns the original plot of Oz into one massive Thanatos Gambit, and allows her to earn her happy ending at last.
  • Teeny-weeny Kristin Chenoweth (who's four foot eleven inches tall. by the way!), manages to actually appear very deadly with her wand.


  • Dutch actress Willemijn Verkaik has played the role of Elphaba in four countries and three languages; her native Dutch in Holland, German in Germany, and English both on Broadway and in the West End. No other actress even comes close. Just to cap it off, she dubbed Idina Menzel's other iconic role, Queen Elsa, in two different languages as well, serving as Elsa's singing and speaking voice in her native Dutch as well as her singing voice in German.
  • This storyboarded animated version of Defying Gravity by Disney animator Heidi Gilbert. It's unlikely to get an animated version instead of a Live Action version, but damn it looks cool.
  • The musical is one of the most successful ever. In 2015 it passed three billion dollars at the box office.
  • In January 2019, Brittney Johnson, an ensemble member and understudy, performed on stage as Glinda, making her the first woman of color to ever perform as her in an english-languaged production of Wicked!

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