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Art / Isle of the Dead (Takashi Murakami)

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Isle of the Dead is a 141 3/4 x 189 inch (360 x 480 cm) acrylic painting created by Takashi Murakami in 2014.

Isle of the Dead was but one of several paintings created in-response of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, paintings depicting crowds of nightmarish (yet candy-colored) portraits of arhats, Buddhist monks near-enlightenment that dedicate themselves to helping in a world of suffering.


  • Senior Creep: So many old men, so few kissable faces among them.
  • Wingding Eyes: One of the larger monks on the right-side has the most pronounced amount of swirls in its eyes with black sclera.
  • World Gone Mad: While all of the arhats are exaggerated to great absurdity, some of them take it a few horizon lines too far, be it one of the largest ones sporting eight-eyes, one being literally black-skinned with a tree growing out of its head and various, arguably mythical animals among them.
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  • The X of Y: The Isle of the Dead.


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