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Animation / Satellite Girl and Milk Cow

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Satellite Girl and Milk Cow is a Korean animated film by Hyeong-yoon Jang.

KITSAT-1 is a satellite that was launched into space years ago. Its mission: take pictures of the Korean peninsula and send them back to base. However, its mission ended some time ago, and its just been floating up there not doing much of anything ever since. Though one day, it hears a song being played, and it actually makes her feel something that compels it to come back to Earth.

Kyung-chun is an aspiring musician with his eyes set on a woman named Eun-jyn. Thing is, he hasn't really been able to work up the guts to talk to her. And it's only gotten more complicated when he spontaneously transforms into a bipedal cow. Now he finds he's on the run from a toilet plunger-wielding man who wants his liver, and a giant walking furnace that wants to eat him.

However, his life takes an interesting turn when he meets a satellite-turned-into-a-girl named KITSAT-1, and an anthropomorphic roll of toilet paper who claims to be a wizard. Now he has to navigate this new form and these new threats in hopes of restoring his human form.

The film was released on February 20th, 2014.

Satellite Girl And Milk Cow contains examples of:

  • Animate Inanimate Object: Merlin is a living roll of toilet paper with limbs and a face on his paper.
  • Forced Transformation: People who had their hearts broken turn into a random animal. The With Of The North speculates that Kyun-chun is a cow because his "cow"ardice towards admitting his feelings to his crush turned him into one.
  • Human Disguise: Kyung-chun gains a "Kyung-chun" suit that he wears whenever he goes outside to avoid unwanted attention. He got it from Merlin, who gave it to him from a turn-back-into-a-human spell.
  • Lactating Male: After turning into a cow, Kyung-chun can produce milk despite being male.
  • Living Statue: At one point, when KITSAT-1 is lamenting her predicament with Kyung-chun, the statue she's sitting at offers her its hanky.
  • Rocket Punch: KITSAT-1 has a detachable forearm that can detach itself from where it's attached to her and rocket foreward with her hand in a fist as an attack.
  • Stock Animal Diet: After turning into a cow, Kyung-chun has to switch over to a diet of grass, flowers, and carrots.