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Rangers, Sentai Warriors, and...Wait, They're Not Them? Rika Liveblogs Vs. Super Sentai Vs. Power Rangers!
You know, the author and I can have a L:OOOOOOOOOOOOOONG talk about "Even worst than the ranger counterparts" As I have watched both
So Sean and I facebook chat before he wrote the chapter, and he said that he was planning on having Ako whack Gai on the head with a frying pan because he was smoking. I said it was anti-feminist (very cliched), and logically, Ako probably wouldn't even have a frying pan. Looks like Sean didn't listen to me.
Ok, question. It mentions the children of Jetman- FIRST-Why would Ryu put his son/daughter (depending on wich you go by) in danger? I don't think either Kaori or Ryu would be so irresponsible!

Two- Who is the mother for Raita's kid? Or Ako's husband? And why would Gai settle down? I just don't see that happening

And don't get me started on weaker and stronger, I have seen Zyuranger
@ Samusforce: I don't know for the first question.

Second, the mother for Raita's kid, if we are to go by supplimentary material, would be his childhood friend, Satsuki. And Ako-chan's husband would be Gai himself. I'm not kidding.
Come to think of it...pretty much everything is just "said (x)". No "yelled (y)" or "questioned (z)", just..."said (x)". Show some emotions for your Rangers/Warriors, man!

Wait... wouldn't that be telling? (See Said Bookism)
...I suppose you're right. But that still doesn't change the fact that he always used "said". Which, admittedly, is the least of the fic's problems.
Counting Gokaiger, the Sentai Warriors defended the earth for approximately 35 years.

More than that if you count the 18 generations of the Shiba Clan, or the 133 generations of the Gingamen.

S.P.D fans may recognize Hoji's origin story to, obviously, be similar to Sky Tate's. And vice versa for the Dekaranger crowd.

... Actually, in Dekaranger, it's Tetsu that shared Sky's backstory. There's a reason why he gets a big moment when fighting Mirloc in Reflection, Part II.
...oh. Well, sorry about the whole thing.
Sorry for the double-post there, but I admit that I messed that up, the origin story thing. Of course, it didn't help that I didn't have Internet at the time of writing. :/

As for the subject of the number of years, I admit that I went by not only the time of writing, but also the number of series and present Warriors at that time of their debuts. I didn't take all the other kinds of heroes into account, because we'd be here all day. :P
Nah, that's okay. I was just thankful that I remembered that little tidbit.
Go-ranger (the first Sentai series) ran for more than 1 year, so that technically makes it 37 years. But it's easier to say 35 years, without going into explanations.
I was looking throughout the liveblogs for the first time, then I found THIS. This awesome liveblog of what would be the dumbest Sentai/PR fanfics in the history of fanfic. You've done a great job of liveblogging FIVE chapters, though I wish you'd continue, I can understand that you did not. It's just that it's such a gigantic piece of mindfuckery that I may be even facepalming everytime.

Though at least, you haven't seen an even worse thing: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs Power Rangers Samurai by Arnold McGuire, in which even Akizuki even had to pull the Even Evil Has Standards card (in his... Cloud Cuckoo Lander way). Do check it out, it's short, it's cancelled, it's... GRRR.

By the way, you mentioned Super Sentai vs Super Sentai. And... I'm the author. Thanks for referring my fic as good!

Good luck in life and I hope you recover from this epic, apathetic mindfuck!
Yay, the liveblog is back— Oh noes, Rika is in trouble!

Seriously, these read-ups are a lot more interesting than the fic, can't wait for the next chapter. And really, the worst has yet to come. Y'know, I'm starting to pity even Flurious. His humiliation is just coming forth more and more, and let's not get to when you get to a certain one-shot Jetman chara— *is struck with Bolt Of Divine Retribution for nearly spoiling something—

—For that convenience, this comment will be over, it'll take the next liveblog for Chris to reassemble himself—
Can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder how things will go from here...
I just wonder how long until Tranza breaks down... Heh, should be soon... I hope you continue. I think the next chapter will be a big one... Big in mindfuckery and you probably are going to need to dye your wall in a deeper crimson. Good luck.
My memory's rather rusty, and I haven't seen "Once a Ranger", but a time-travelling experience?

Only for Bridge. :P
Oh God. It began. This is where I even started feeling pity on the original Cole or even Rick Medina to even becoming Akizuki's object of lust...

Rick is never going to appear in your subplot with the actors, isn't he? Not that I mind...
The answer? Hell no. And here's why.

Unlike most of the actors, yes, it's true that Rick did change his act. But he did it ever so slightly. I still remember him making a couple of dumbass tweets on his Twitter last year. Around September 11th, even.

To my knowledge, one of the offensive tweets was deleted, but the other one presumably still remains. (I haven't really looked at his Twitter ever since that incident.) Because of those tweets, my respect, slowly gained around the time he appeared in the 2012 Power Morphicon, just evaporated.

And no, I'm not going to share what, exactly, was included in the dumbass tweets.

As far as I'm concerned, by typing those things, that, to me, does not really constitute him as a true hero. Or, at the very least, someone who should even appear on my liveblog as a stand-in. (And yes, I know Deker isn't really a good guy, per se, but still...)

About the only mentions of Rick Medina that I'll ever make here are the dumbass tweets during my analyzing, and saying, "now, are we sure this constitutes him as a true hero?" And yes, I know, people ain't perfect. But damn, this will serve as a rebuttal to virtually why Cole's chosen.
All right. Won't speak about that one. Decision respected.

At any rate, I will eagerly await of the next chapter. It doesn't take a genius why Akizuki is so goddamn obsessed on him, but I'll see how you tear it apart.
Let's hope Radiguet also broke down like Tranza did, then. I think even Radiguet would have enough standards even for the evil mo-fo that he is usually. And... really? As much as the Cole gushing goes, this was just ONE thing that was seriously effed up in this fic. Really, just read. I think I could use a Drinking Game rule for this one.

BUT...! I digress. It's your liveblogging, you the boss, you make the rules.

Forward, then!
ChrisX, I'm sorry. I would change the problem area, if needed. Of course, any additions to the Drinking Game are seriously well-welcomed.

Also, as for Radiguet? He's not the one who's there in that particular part in the base for a reason. He has to focus on defeating the All-Stars, after all. But he will get his, especially since...well, can't spoil the final battle between him and the All-Stars, now can I? But there will be a part where some of the All-Stars spout off the most damaging lines in the fanfic, those that caused them so much trauma, and their reactions to it.

And thanks.
Well there's no need to apologize. I was just saying that if you continue on, you'll find something that'll make you puke even further. I'm just saying good luck in facing that. You'll need that. And another set boozes.
And another round of headdesks/wallbangers for all.

(Yes, I have seen the later chapters, and...hoo boy. Let's just say that the last three chapters I'm going to cover for this liveblog will be a damn doozy. Yes, I said "last three".)
Hm... If I had to play devil's advocate and think of reasons why Cole is the Fusee related to Serpentera's defeat, it could be because 1) he was part of an anniversary season that addressed it with a Milestone Celebration, perhaps the first of them, and 2, the bike he used was a bike given to him by Animus, who is pretty much the closest thing Power Rangers has to God, and thus, he has a closer connection with a higher power.

Just a thought I had, but I do agree that the fusee should have been someone else. I would have either picked Tommy. He's perhaps the only guy who has been multiple red rangers, as well as several other rangers.
Guess next chapter will be when shit got real... Judging from it, I really can't wait. It's been a damn while since I read those things. But I can ascertain some things just tempt my head to paint my wall red.

Good luck...
Oh yeah. I remember this part. The Red Conqueror part. When AkaRed used 'good looks' as a requirement to chose Cole. I mean, has he read about True Beauty Is On The Inside or Evil Is Sexy? While I'm sure Cole isn't evil, but... seriously? I think this Red Conqueror part is less about "This is the best rep of Red Rangers/Warriors that is fit to fight against justice" but more about Akizuki going "OMGCOLEISSOHOT!". Author Tract at its finest.

And Houka, oh poor Houka. You'll see what I mean later. You may want to start pitying her now. Being horny on Cole is like... just one of the things that Akizuki did to destroy Houka... JUST ONE, that's the keyword.

And the Gokaiger. Yes, you encapsulated what he's thinking. He couldn't accept Gai Yuuki dying, so he makes up an AU and in process destroy what makes the Gokaiger... Gokaiger. Seriously...

If I speak more, I think I'd be spoilin' (since I read those in the past)... so I hope it's not spoiled just yet. Good luck, Rika. And... good luck, Tranza. Go make an invitation to Radiguet if you wish, and 'enjoy' the insanity.

Oh and one more thing I had to nitpick (sorry). You were asking if Jasmine is 'cool, serious and shit'?

Well... yes, Jasmine is cool headed. However, calling that she's serious might be a little stretching. She has her share of Dark And Troubled Past and looks more dedicated and to the point than Umeko. But... she certainly is lighthearted enough to crack some jokes or make up some light comments. So I wouldn't say she's completely stiff and serious. That's more like Hoji's department.

Just sayin'.
...admittedly, I haven't watched any of the Sentai series at all, only looking up information on Wikis (yes, even Wikipedia and This Very Wiki) and the like. But I will admit that I was wrong with the characterization, and I do apologize.

I'll just stick to the usual "delivering useless facts about the Super Sentai series and actors" bit, then. :)
Hey, no need to apologize. It's just one mistake, your snark and... ahem, entertaining suffering makes up for it (sorry).
Uhm. First, the 'bad' things. The Yellow Ranger in Boukenger is called Natsuki, not Natsumi (although Natsumi is a Yellow Ranger... for Carranger). Also if I may say, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility is... actually a pretty common thing to rip off, so it's not exactly ripping Spidey off. However, I'll just gotta rib in that Akizuki just flat out rip with no sense of originality so I can understand.

Now the good thing. Hah, finally Radiguet starts to realize that there's something that could startle him further. I can't wait to see how he'll break down. Oh and I think I would tell one tidbits about Jetman, Radiguet and Tranza, but that's gonna be like containing spoilers for a certain late arc on Jetman. So if you're planning to eventually watch the show... I dunno, should I tell anyway?

And the comment about Once A Ranger is basically yet another Akizuki's hate towards the Kalish era. Since, you know, it's during the Operation Overdrive season. Well, since you're resorting to head desk, I shall take a shot for you.

-drinks and passes out, thereby ending the comment-
Ack, and this is not the first time I misspelt someone's name (I misspelt "Nanami" as "Nanani", but I fixed that—I completely missed the name you were talking about). I'll fix that really quick.

And the one thing I have issues with, in regards to the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" thing, is that he did that twice. I mean, granted, that entire statement is an overused phrase in general, yes, but...come on.

I'm not going to lie. One of the main failures of this fanfic is the whole tendency of most of the characters repeating stuff we've already known, or repeating some lines, almost verbatim. (For example, all the variations of "there's no sign of (villain team name here) anywhere, but we can't be too sure about it".) It's, like, one of my main pet peeves, the whole "hey, let's treat our audience like idiots/re-use lines because I'm lazy!" thing. It annoyed me when I was liveblogging The Prayer Warriors, and it annoyed me here.

...and yeah, I don't know if I can watch Jetman (provided that I find it on You Tube or something along those lines), but you can go ahead and tell me anyway. (I think I may know what you're talking about, but...hey, to be sure!)

And yes, I do realize that there's that bit of Akizuki not liking the Kalish era. But it was just so stupid and OOC for Adam...what can you really say about that?
This is just a test. Real comment coming soon. TEST
Well, there's the torrent of subbed Jetman by Grown Ups In Spandex somewhere in the net, that I can say much. And believe it or not, the Comes Great Responsibility stuff from Spidey was actually a Beam Me Up Scotty issue. But even then, every iteration of Spidey adaptation usually get a different form, not just its bare form. Its usage of bare form (and TWICE, as you said. Or maybe THRICE or how many times later, when you read more of it, I dunno) is what I say unoriginality.

Yeah, now come to think of it I missed out those line repeats, but your liveblog really opened my eyes. And that's another downside of this fic.

That Jetman thing? All right, well seeing that the spoiler tag does not work here, I'll have to do something in order to prevent other innocent people get spoiled by that particular scene in Jetman.

Well, Tranza at the end of his canon life, was backstabbed by Radiguet who managed to goad Ryu into an Enemy Mine situation. Radiguet pretty much wrecked his mind and locked him into an insane, vegetative state that instead of getting killed, Tranza was admitted into an asylum. Well, in conjunction of this fic... you can have him make comparison which wrecks his mind more. Radiguet's assault... or this fic.

And yes, as of Adam going like that, it's another act that the characters start becoming OOC just because they're transformed into an Author Tract mouthpiece. For as much as Akizuki fanboys the Zordon era... he's as much as disrespecting the characters there. Completely annoying.

Do continue. When we reach certain chapters, I may be able to point out some things he changed originally. There's like... three things including the aforementioned 'Operation Suicide'. One of them including... a whooping arc/chapter where he butchers the Gokaiger canon (that he removed). Good luck.
Ah. That bit with Radiguet is almost exactly what I expected. Almost, of course. (Read it on several Wikis.) I'm honestly kind of hoping that whatever I do, it's still a bit closer to his canon self, and one of the inspirations I've had on this one is another Complete Monster Its All About Me type of villain: Ghetsis, since they're...kind of similar, minus that spoiler bit.

And with the spoiler bit, I was kind of thinking of making that darker. And yes, it's a spoiler to my own arc, but I was thinking of Radiguet saving one group of the All-Stars, only to attack them and have some monsters control them in the hopes of not only breaking story!Rika, but also deplete his foes' lines. Because, with him creating the monsters, it's only a matter of time before he actually doesn't stay.

(But I'll make sure that he does stay for the arc's finale. ;))

And good to know...and honestly? I wish there was that "Operation Suicide" chapter, where I would have loved to tear it apart. I'm not a fan of Operation Overdrive. I didn't find it interesting. But upon reading the description of the chapter? Holy shit. There are no words, really.

It's a sad commentary where I, a person who didn't watch much of the Kalish era, a person who did not care for Samurai, manage to (so far) not bungle the actor representations nor the characters. :/

And I've actually seen bits and pieces of that...arc where Gokaiger's philosophies, its canon, got destroyed until he deleted it. Also, thanks for the well-wishes.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
For fuck's sake, Rika, I hope a lighting rig falls on your stupid ass!
Deepthroat Ghoul

Hey, Deepthroatghoul, how about you grow some. Take a joke, and leave the poor gal alone? Because I would know where you get off doing that. I bet you are just looking at my screen right now, waiting to type up the next comment against me. Well , go ahead. I am all ears
Well if you would have to notice, Akizuki has... aside of his Cole fetish, also has a Boukenger fetish. So I think that's why you see Satoru, Sakura, the Negative Syndicate members a lot, that 'Bulk and Skull gushing over Makino' scene and especially the most concentrated bash on Operation Overdrive. But most especially, he also has hots on ladies he refer as 'hot' and 'beautiful'. Like... Kimberly/Amy Jo Johnson, Sakura/Haruka Suenaga, Jasmine/Ayumi Kinoshita and Mako/Rin Takanashi. And possibly Nanami/Nao Nagasawa (Weird that of the PR gals, only Kim makes the pass!?). It REALLY gets problematic.

And... hah. That RINO lusting over Kimberly 'arc'. Brace yourself because it's just going to make you need a new shade of red for your wall. And you know what? RINO is not alone. Someone else will have such thing. And it's not pretty. I'll let ya guess who's who later.

And yes, just like him being salty over Jetman!Gai dying, he's also pretty salty over Kim's Dear John Letter and the implications that she ended up with Skull. Since you're more a PR person, I'd like to ask how you personally felt about the Dear John Letter, and the Kim-Skull implication. What says you?

And speaking of Bulk and Skull... I think you better brace yourself when Spike (Skull's son who appears in Samurai) makes his appearance. His actions were like... wow, it's got to be seen to be believed, and a Sentai character suffer for it too. Again, better brace your mentalities.

Well enough about that, I'd like to say one thing in particular. As much as it often gets looked aside, I frickin' love Goggle V. It's my first Sentai I watched, the plot's pretty simple and decent for its age (and it introduced Hirohisa Soda who'd make the Ur-Writing Formula of Sentai of the age, or whatever), and the weapons are pretty unique. Akizuki is just following the bandwagon of mistaking the team as a gymnastic team, but as even he could point out, the only gymnast in the team is Miki, they're pretty much simple "Group of people summoned by a science team to fight evil organization for the better future."

That's about it, thanks for listening, and keep this up!
ChrisX he likes Boukenger a lot? Not going to lie, I haven't noticed it. Which actually makes that "Operation Suicide" chapter a lot more disturbing. If I have to guess as to why he wrote it, aside from it being a gigantic middle finger to everything Kalish (yes, he isn't perfect, but at least he tried), I would have to guess that, since Overdrive is an adaptation of Boukenger, it's a way of him saying, "how dare you, trying to ruin one of my favorite series!"

But I'm just speculating.

And yes, I did notice his likings for female actresses. I've never understood the idea of only liking actors, be they famous or Z-list, Power Rangers or Super Sentai, based on their looks. Myself, whenever I like an actor or actress, it isn't based on looks, it's more based on the talent of the person and how they act behind the scenes.

About that "Kim/RINO arc"...honestly, this is one of those times where I don't need a shade of red on a wall, but rather gallons and gallons of Brain Bleach. What I didn't say in the liveblog is that the entire thing reminded me so much of yet another horrible fanfic, Agony in Pink. (And no, I am not going to liveblog it ever.) And I did take a glance at the future chapters, and...ugh. I just don't know.

How I personally feel about the "Dear John" letter? Well, as someone who doesn't ship all that often, while it can be interesting that Kim did eventually marry Skull (in fact, if memory serves me right, they did consider making that canon), the letter...could have been handled differently, I think. It was just out of the blue. Or, better yet, have it offscreen, or not mention it at all. Then again, I could be wrong, since it's been ages since I've watched Zeo.

But with the whole Tommy/Katherine and Kim/Skull thing? I have no problems with it. I'd like to think that Skull, even behind his bullying in his early years, does have a heart of gold, and isn't a flunkie. Saying that he was an adult when he fell in love with her? Uh...what? Why would you do that?

Oh, right, because it's a way of Akizuki trying to make things "better".

And ah, yes, I remember the whole Spike ordeal, a bit. I'll definitely cover that one when we get to that path.

I've seen the trope page of Goggle V, and it does sound really fascinating. The one thing I like about the team is the jewels, how it corresponds to some sort of ancient civilization for each team—that just sounds wicked cool! And with Miki being a gymnast, when I looked at that bit of Kimberly thinking about her, me tapping my fingers, and saying that I wouldn't mention it, well...I would have made a comment about Miki in the Toku Base Pantheon, and there are some blurbs about her and Kimberly as well.

And thank you for not only the help, but also pointing out some stuff that's worth mentioning or I forgot. :)
Now I imagine Ryuuwon as Michal Jackson.
HA. HA. HA. It's about to begin. One of the worst, degrading things to ever be committed to the Sentai-verse in this fic. EVEN THE HEROES SUFFER TOO. Really, good luck reading it.

And um, the All-Stars... whatever happened to them this chapter?

Yes, Akizuki intended that we treat Flurious as a Butt Monkey and laugh and see how stupid he is because he hated Operation Overdrive (I think he used to call it 'Overdork'). Maybe he tried to make him be treated as The Scrappy. You just said it, I'm PITYING him instead. We feel the same, really.

Also, yes I once reviewed his stuffs, and believe me, beforehand he used to insert adjectives in the narration to emphasis how he felt about certain characters... that he lusted. Kimberly, Jasmine, Sakura, etc is often referred with adjectives like 'beautiful' and such... you can already guess what he puts for Cole. And Flurious. I did call him out for it, so he removed those adjectives... Should I say I'm sorry because that's one less snark bait in this liveblog?

Hang in there, Rika. This... is one of the worst things to come.
"Good luck" may be an understatement of the century. No, not just that. As the Nostalgia Critic once said, "understatement of the fucking millennium". In fact, that whole bit of the "detention center" thing? I already have words for it, about how much it shows the Sentai Warriors and, by extension, some of the Power Rangers characters.

Likewise, with RINO loving Kimberly? And yet another, similar thing that is also going to happen in the future? I have words for that as well. Let's just say that once I either cover the Maskman arc or "Another Gai Appears!", I will make a huge analysis over the various Author Avatars, and why.

As for the All-Stars, they're scouting and training offscreen. I may intend for this arc, and this liveblog, to last until the end of the Jetman arc, for two reasons: first, to leave the liveblog on a cliffhanger with the Zyuranger arc is just too cruel. (I've left liveblogs on cliffhangers before. Not fun, especially if they're works that haven't been completed.) Secondly, it seems fitting to end with Jetman and (possibly, if Akizuki starts up again) begin a second liveblog of the same fic with the Zyuranger arc. You can already guess why.

I could show the All-Stars training during that time, or doing scout work. But I intend to show them in true action (i.e. the journey to Rika and Radiguet) around, ah...Chapter 19, since I consider it kinda a "filler" chapter (to my memory, no one timetravels in that nor Chapter 20).

And yes, I know Flurious actually did call the Overdrive Rangers "Overdorks". Honestly, it's really...sad.

I've actually read your reviews over at, and I have to say, it's pretty spot-on. Though in the big analysis to come, I will point out one of the reviews, specifically where you reviewed the Jetman two-parter, and about RINO. There will be one part that will be focused on him (and perhaps...another) and why I feel that way.

...I'm not going to lie, I'm honestly glad he removed those adjectives, because, even though I don't know if he ever did such things, I can imagine what they're like. Because...why would you do that?

Also, there's no need to apologize, because it's like you've said before, it's less snark bait (and saves a reason why Story!Rika drinks—ironically, I actually don't drink in real life!). I mean...say what you will about my liking of a few certain Power Rangers actors. I don't think it's too terribly blatant, unlike Akizuki, because I actually try to give the All-Stars a fair share of focus, and no one praises their fellow Ranger/Warrior-kind more.
A word about the shipping and the breaking up and such.

Look, I admit I am a fan of certain couples (tommy/Kim, Trini/Billy, Zach/Aisha) and I would prefer if they did get together in the fic, but it has to be done well and not so emotionless. I mean, take 'always a ranger'. In there we had a lot of time to work with what happened to Tommy and Kim's relationship and why they got back together. See, take the time and make it work.
Rika... Rika... are you okay? Rika? Ooooiii...

I understand ya, considering this chapter has more well-deserved bitching to the Detention Center than how the chapter is like. The Detention Center is something that totally makes this fic a complete clusterfuck where you can't even say they're Sentai, but more like mouthpieces on how Akizuki doesn't even understand what humor meant. While as of now he has said that he'll stop using it in future chapters, he doesn't remove the implications. He said it was meant for humors (clearly he doesn't understand how humor works, I mean, I think I'm a bad joker, but dude! I don't even laugh at that!) and he just picked characters that are often referred as The Ditz or a loud mouthed screaming one... then proceeded to strip their sense of justice and occasional Crouching Moron Hidden Badass traits (which they usually have) and make them utter... morons. Then have others BULLY at their misery... what have they done!? Aside of... being suddenly turned into 'overblown ditz' by Akizuki!? Really, it's not just the senders or the taunters to the Detention Center that I refuse to acknowledge, but also... well... these 'overblown ditz' conceived by Akizuki and plastered on the respectable Sentai (or PR) characters! Simplified my ass, more like utter raep to the characteristics they had!

Poor Eri and Natsuki... I'm guessing that he picked those because he didn't think of them on a fetish level (he wouldn't DARE do that to Sakura). So does that mean 'plain in his eyes' means... 'acceptable target to his definition of Butt Monkey'? *shudders*

The worst part thing is that this is not all of it, there's more!

We interrupt this reply with an advertisement of how Akizuki doesn't like Operation Overdrive with his most recent post in blog... Yes, for all how he's saying about stopping fan wars and not hating PR, he does have a lot of bones to show against Operation Overdrive, eh?

We now return to the comment.

And he'll excuse the 'AU' premise that the Gokaigers are OOC. Which by standards would be fine, because this is AU, made by a certain salty Akizuki because the canon Gokaiger had his favorite Gai die. But even then, the OOC-ness is unbearable. I can't believe I said this, but remember how Arnold ruined Gokaiger by giving them really hateful personalities in Gokaiger vs Power Rangers? It's a bad personality give over and the personalities given does suck ass, but they still has more personalities than Akizuki's Gokaiger! I dunno if that's supposed to be a bad or good thing, but really. Just as a warning, the Gokaiger here is... dry as hell.

Oh, and I remember you saying Mikoto may be having an interesting arc. Well don't bet on it. It's Akizuki, bitch. I don't need to explain it.

Oh and I haven't told you this one, but there's this one thing I pointed out in my review. Later, when you get to Liveman arc... there's another deleted thing like the Operation Suicide arc, but it involved Ninja Storm villainesses, Marah and Kapri... getting brutally killed. Why? Because Akizuki thinks they're ditzy and stupid, compared to the Hurricaneger villains! Kalish didn't even work for Ninja Storm! But I guess it's the first Disney PR's... Wow, there's some times I wish I had saved those things in its purest, most diabolical form so I could show you just how bad those were...

You know... 'Sean Akizuki' definitely is not this guy's name. I have avoided calling him 'Sean' to respect that 'Sean' character of yours. But right now, I've started to think that calling him 'Akizuki' would be an insult to Kamen Rider Black's Shadow Moon, whose real name is 'Nobuhiko Akizuki'. I dunno, he may think his real name is too plain... (while I... even if my fanfiction dot net pen name is named after a Castlevania character, I think I like my TV Tropes handle name better, ChrisX. Closer to my real name) and he likes to name himself after something 'cool'. But... I have to think of a new way to call him aside of 'Sean' or 'Akizuki'. You can suggest.

Oh, next is Bioman? I've forgotten how it's like... but I think his fetish on Mika Koizumi AKA Yellow Four I deserve a Drinking Game rule, but I'll let you decide when you get to the chapter.

Blessings to you, Rika. You ARE gonna need it to continue on.
Oh... My... God...

The detention center scene reminds me of a scene in Naruto (the Anime) where Kakashi, as part of a test, tells Sakura and Sasuke not to feed Naruto or else they fail the test. Sasuke feeds Naruto, saying that he'd be a liability if he starves. Kakashi catches wind of this and asks the team why they fed Naruto even when he directly asked them not to do so, with Sakura explaining that he's part of the team. Kakashi then tells them they passed. He then explains why they passed.

"Those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."

Point I'm trying to make here is that the "heroes" are put in nearly the exact same situation, but decide to abandon their friends, or more appropriately, not feed them. That's pretty fucked up.
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@ ChrisX: She'll be alright, she's just sleeping. (Especially since I decided to do two chapters in one day. XD)

But...honestly, the Detention Center thing just had to be said. Had to be said. I'm not a Sentai watcher, and it's really sad that even I know it flies against its spirit. Everything else is just boring-as-crap, copy-pasted, yes (and it's almost tempting to have a list of what's going on, and then do arcs, but naaaah), but this is just...

I'm kind of reminded of the bit where Linkara reviewed Marville #2, and he had not much of words to describe the madness the criminals face when they're in prison, have a trial, that sort of thing.

(reads the blog and facepalms) Also, the advertisement should also have a Blip advertisement.

As for the Gokaiger...yeah, see why I kinda tolerated Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Power Rangers Samurai? Yes, it is bad, but it's an entertaining kind of bad. Whereas this fic? Copying, pasting, not making much of an effort...okay, unless if he really hates something, but still.

Also, I actually read that bit in the trope page. Marah and Kapri getting killed only because he didn't like their sense of humor. Come to think of it, those bits you mentioned about him not liking screaming, loud-mouthed/ditzy characters? Yeah, I can make a Drinking Game out of how many times he says it, especially in the Disney articles.

And really? Not going to lie, I...actually didn't know about that. (Then again, this coming from someone named "Arcadiarika", AKA either "Arcadia" or "Rika".) I honestly don't know what to nickname Akizuki.

As for the Sean we see in this story? Let's just say that he, Mao, and Dan will have their full names revealed in this arc, specifically in the next installment. It's not going to be thrilling, I can tell you that right now. XD

And yes, it's gonna be the Bioman arc for the next couple chapters. I feel that there are some parts in particular that I would think are very, very offensive. You'll know it when you'll see it.

@ Psyga: ...Kakashi's saying so makes sense. And, yeah, it's terrible that they have to abandon their friends so they can be punished. It's just...
Good, you're awake, Rika.

However, I do have to say that in the latter part... that guy you called 'Mikito'? It's actually 'Mikoto'. You spelled him right before, yes?

And I see you've reached the Spike part. Forgot to tell you, but thanks to Mako (or should I say Rin Takanashi), Akizuki also have a Shinkenger fetish. And considering that Samurai isn't so well received, he dislikes Samurai too (but I believe not as extreme as Operation Overdrive). Therefore, I think that is why he got Spike lusting over Kaoru. Wow, try to have one of those Designated Heroes lust over any PR Gal that is not Kimberly, Akizuki! I dare you!

And I say that this kind of ship-teasing involving Kaoru and Spike... is one of the worst. It is at these times that Tanba's obnoxiousness enters the Jerkass Has A Point levels and I couldn't even get mad at him. Look at how Kaoru is butchered to something really un-ladylike just so Spike's childish advances can be rebuked... in a childish manner too, something that she's not in the canon (for whatever little part she had)

In fact, I think you may want to watch out for the portrayals of the Shinkengers... but especially Takeru and Mako (this guy is a diehard shipper and seems to ignore Chiaki, Kotoha and Ryuunosuke (or not, because he seriously thinks Ryuunosuke is that super stoic, serious, better leader than Takeru, when he's in fact a loud, goofy Large Ham (but still competent enough to be his second-in-command) who's more likely to be taken to the Detention Center... but he's not like that in the fic, so...) and Genta). His fetish on Shinkenger is on real high unhealthy level.

Well, there's the Mika fetish he got. I forgot how it goes, but I wonder if next chapter, Mika is... y'know, forget it. Didn't dare to guess.

And yep, I told you not to expect much on the Mikoto arc. I Warned You. Oh and don't expect him to be this cocky manipulative dude even after he's recovered. It's Akizuki, bitch. I don't even need to explain.

And once again, great job. Although it looks like you have a switch in scheduling the posting of chapters...
Yeah, I did spell it right before. Managed to change it, so thanks for catching that for me. (I was, unfortunately, going off by the story itself.)

I think I've noticed the Shinkenger liking from a mile away, considering how much Takeru and/or Mako have been used. And yeah, I think he has less of a hatred for Samurai than he does for Overdrive, because I don't think he has killed anyone from Samurai off.


And don't give him any ideas on having any of the Sentai "heroes" lusting over any PR girl who isn't Kimberly. Who knows, maybe he'll actually do it. :P

The Kaoru/Spike ship is also one of the worst because...there's no build-up. There are no hints. Just bam!, instant love, or some shit like that. In fact, with shipping in general in this fic? It's rising to insane-as-hell levels. No one actually thinks like that.

I was honestly surprised by how Tanba was portrayed in this fic, to the point where I don't really know if it's a good thing or not. On one hand, it's a slight improvement over his canon self. On the other hand...I have no idea.

I'll try to focus more on what the hell's going on with the Shinkengers, especially Takeru and Mako. There's one bit in particular in the Maskman arc where I was honestly laughing in my head, only because of the way it was written. But I won't spoil that...

I will say this, I hope to God that my own obsession doesn't reach the insane levels from Akizuki.

Finally, the Mika thing...oy. I have no idea. In fact, it's tempting to list all the obsessions he has, but it'll sound redundant. As for Mikoto, I'm not going to hold my breath on him getting better, because of the characterizations of...everyone else.

Let's just say that, so far, my favorite character out of this entire mess is Tanba, because of the way he acts. He's OOC, don't get me wrong, but his OOC is not something you want to facepalm or rage at. It's like, "what else is he going to say now?"

And yeah, there has been a change a bit in schedules. Since I posted two chapters in one day, originally, I would have done a third, this one. But halfway throughout, I got uninspired, left it for today. Ultimately, my schedule is "whenever I feel like it, but I'd like to finish it as soon as possible".
I think the laser beam is meant to be a reference to the Anti-Bio Particles which killed Mika. Heck, a bunch of stuff mentioned in that link alone draws some parallels.

I also wonder if Silva will be in the fanfic. I know that'd lead to fail, but you can't just mention the Elephant In The Living Room without also bringing up the Ensemble Darkhorse as well.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
I'll say that for how much of a bullshit it is, Billy-Ranru sounds less of a lusting than others like Cole-Sakura/any girl Akizuki deems or Spike-Kaoru. See the difference. Doesn't make the former less bullshitty, though.

Tanba... and Flurious. Really... maybe it's just me, but I think I could see story!Rika making a gush over story!Tanba and story!Flurious, saying that they're the true heroes of the story. Well, I probably will get shot down on this, so take it with a grain of salt and just do as you deem fit. (But then again, considering canon!Flurious is a heartless SOB, you probably won't get her to do it)

Well I think he wouldn't kill the Samurai Rangers, because I (and many reviewers) called him out of what he did to the OO Rangers. However, if you wanna keep out something, just keep out how much he puts in praise on how Shinkenger is cooler than Samurai.
@ Psyga: That's pretty much partially why story!Rika had nothing to say on the subject, since, yeah, there are weapons that do zap the energy or powers, what have you, leaving them weakened, or worse yet, dead.

As for Silva...well, I'm reading the next chapter, and I can't confirm or deny it. We'll just have to see. ;)

@ Chris: Billy and Ranru is probably the...blandest relationship I've ever read thus far. And in a fic that has the weirdest crack pairings, that says a lot.

As for Flurious...well, I can't quite say he's one of the heroes of this story, but at the same time, I do pity the poor bastard. The thing about Tanba is that his OOC is...kinda subtle, if tolerable at the least. Flurious is just...holy crap.

But who knows? Maybe I'll find a few others who are just shining rays of hope. :)

And I'll definitely keep on the lookout on the "Shinkenger's so much better than Samurai!" stuff. And you bet that I'll look at how many times the Samurai Rangers are, and I quote, "not exactly Samurai".
That piece of music I heard mostly from Bum Reviews seriously brought a smile in my face. Great to put that.

And now for things. Please also take note how much Kaoru really acts unlady-like and uh... just to hammer down how Spike is a brat in the eyes of Akizuki. Really, it's another thing I'm really sick of. And I think it's this chapter (or whichever) where Takeru and Mako's lovey-dovey shit can take serious OOC actions. Really, it pains me, making Takeru act so un-stoically stupid.

And Jasmine, yeah, like you said. The saddest thing is... I think Jasmine is one of the best characters in Dekaranger, she does know her humors, but she can be subtle about it. I guess the affection and adoration of Akizuki here is getting like a curse that destroys characters, what makes them lovable and all... sad, really.

Yeah, and you know? Akumaro DOES laugh, it's just that his is an eerie "Oh hoh hoh..." not a Michael Jackson impression. And... speaking of Complete Monsters, I think you kinda saw in his Boukenger fetish, but he does overpraise Ryuuon like he's the worst CM ever, on par with the Big 3 CM's (I think. If you could count on Radiguet, Long and Basco. Canon selves.). When I think he's probably not a CM, or if he is, he is not really a top tier one. I think probably that's why he gives so much shit on Flurious, trying to make his Boukenger far better. I mean, seriously?

Also I don't think I recognize this 'Akire'. An OC?

I'll excuse the fact that Abare Red is supposedly called Aba Red. Y'know, puns like that. It's a common mistake and not very harsh.

Good luck, like usual!
Hey, Rika's enjoying a fancy dinner, with wineglass and all, it was appropriate to use that song! XD

As for the Kaoru/Spike and Takeru/Mako thing, I would have noticed it if I wasn't so pained by the constant talk about love. It's like...okay, we get it, Kaoru doesn't love Spike, and Takeru and Mako are an item, shut up already. And I don't know right off-hand if it is stated specifically in the story at one point, but I do have an issue with Takeru's Oedipus Complex.

Also, Jasmine. If it wasn't for the dumbass Detention Center, she would have been easily my least favorite character. Which is sad, because I'm pretty certain she doesn't talk about love all the time, too.

I think yet another one of the biggest problems is one seems to talk about anything that isn't about A) love, B) a brief explanation on their adventures, and C) shit we already know in previous chapters. Like, I don't know, I'd like to see them talk about other things, or do other things that isn't training or dating. It may be irrelevant, but at least it's something new. And who knows, Character Development may arise out of it if one plays his or her cards right.

I don't think(?) that Ryuuwon is a Complete Monster. In fact, if it wasn't for the "grr I hate Overdrive!" thing, Flurious probably would have been a shoo-in. A sure thing. And the only things anyone needs to complete the Michael Jackson impression are...his other verbal tics. Like "CHAMONE!", or "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!".


And yes, Akire is an OC, as well as the other five villains. To list them all, they're Aocean, Kithunder, Momortex, Midorungle, and Darkuroi. (And yes, I realize that the last guy is just a few misspellings away from "Darkrai", which is, like, one of my favorite Legendary Pokemon ever. It's not intentional.) These guys are basically the group bosses, and their plan is...ah, can't spoil, but it does involve the six scouts.

Also, yeah, looking up the story and whatnot. I think I'll use the Wiki pages to look up the characters from now on and whatnot, making sure that the info and spellings are correct. :)
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
{reads the name Akire}

I see what you did there. :P

{reads the other names}

Oooooooh... Now I see what you did there.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
I'm sorry, but that music has been forever be associated to Bum Reviews in my mind (thanks a lot Doug), though in your context it's okay.

This makes me wonder if eventually you'll either include Jasmine in the All-Stars or another OC called Ayumi (Kinoshita?)... (But I'm not putting that much hope. It's already too crowded in the All-Stars and I'm sure you've reached the limits of characters there).

Oh and speaking of topics to talk about, I dunno if he puts it there... but you may want to check out if the fic includes things about races and all. Akizuki always claim to be a supporter for 'multiracial' coupling, like Caucasian-Asian, etc. Even if the context is inappropriate. The one thing he often brings about in MMPR is that it's a team of mixed races (well, you do understand this one, right? Zack-Trini, Adam-Aisha) and well I think he just wouldn't STOP hammering that down in his blog. I forgot if in this fic he does that thing aside of that time with Jason early.

In fact, he creates some one-shots in which the characters in there ARE OOC, and then made up useless scenes where they speak of marriage with people of certain race and their preference. It's just... I dunno, if you'd like to read that and torture yourself further, be my guest. Those are still in the fic (the Shinkenger and Boukenger one, but I advise you to not read the Boukenger one until you reach a certain chapter in this fic when the PR Samurai makes his debut as a certain Jetman one-shot asshole makes his appearance and...)
@ ChrisX: That song's associated with anything I find fancy, m'self. But hey, glad you enjoyed it, regardless.

(...then again, considering that there's that fancy-schmancy beginning before the "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!", it does create a bit of hilarious dissonance. And since I strove for the same bit of hilarious dissonance...)

As for Jasmine/Ayumi, I don't think she'll be a part of the All-Stars this go-around. Perhaps in another arc, and I've already planned a bit of that out in my head. (Perhaps something about re-writing reality, and some of the guardians try to help out...)

Oh, and races? Let's face it, the whole race thing, especially multiracial coupling, is a bit of a hot topic issue. To me, everything has to be handled with extreme amount of care and caution. (And yeah, MMPR is a team of mixed races...and it ain't the only one that has that. Off the top of my head, I can include the second Turbo/Space team, the Galaxy Rangers, and the Lightspeed Rangers. But you don't see me saying that, say, Chad's from Thailand just because his actor is from there...that's, I don't know. Or, even crazier, Kelsey's Canadian just because her actress was born in Canada. Or...)

...and I'm not the type of person who reads just shipping fics. I'm not really that skilled in shipping, so I can't really judge much. (In fact, the only thing I can say is how badly the pairings are handled.) But some of the other one-shots do sound kind of promising, like...that fic with a re-written "Wings Forever", and from the looks of the summary...yeesh.

@ Psyga: Yeah...I'm not really that subtle with those names. XD
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For the record, I originally thought Akire was Rika spelt backwards with an e attached.
...note to self. Possibly create a version of story!Rika with her name spelt backwards with a random-ass letter attached.
A bug like monster named Aria? ... I'm suspecting something...
There was one instance where Aria was called "Ariana" in the story. However, I simply called her "Aria" because it was more commonly used.

...and as someone who hasn't watched MLP, I'm afraid I don't quite get it.
Alright, there's a Villain Song called This Day Aria, and the villain singing it was a bug monster. Xenomorphs are usually called bugs ("Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?").

I can get the name for Ariana (I think it's one of the names of Charlotte's kids from Charlottes Web) though
...ah. I can't really confirm or deny that Akizuki's a Brony, though.
Isn't Kim Spike's mother or at least strongly implied to be? Eew.
In this continuity, Akizuki denies that Kim is Spike's mother. To this day, in the actual canon, we don't really know who the mother really is.

Though you really don't want to read the next chapter. Trust me on this one, it's fucking creepy and disturbing.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
Wow, you really spent more time giving well-deserved What The Hells at the USSPRA. And yes, they deserve every fricking of WTH. I can't find myself sympathizing on both Spike (who turns completely horny dumbass for no reason) AND the girls. Even if Detention Center is involved! Seriously, Kaoru acting unladylike, Spike going crazy with 'poetic' (note the quotes) "My Love", etc... and the girls' overblown reaction... The OOC-ness is WAY OVER NINE THOUSAND, AND AKIZUKI FIND THAT TO BE FUNNY!? This is what I said to be one of the most painful parts of the fic...

On the comparison of Amy Jo Johnson and Rin Takanashi, well that's because they're the ones Akizuki considered 'hottest' amongst the PR and Sentai actresses. And you know what? I'm more or less thinking that he ain't watching Sentai for the story, the friendship, the action, etc. He's just in for the actors/actresses he finds hot (I think that's why he's got a fetish on Rick Medina, since as Cole, he has a tendency to rip his shirt off). I guess you now understand why Cole gets to be the Red Conqueror, huh?

Did you say long-lost daughter? Ooh, that... I think it ends up kinda dry. But... I'll see how you do it.

Oh by the way, I'm sorry, but there's another mispelling. Tranza's actor is Yutaka Hirose, not 'Yukata (as in, that traditional clothes worn by girls during festivals) Hirose'.

I think as of the Michael Jackson stuffs, the only thing Akizuki will ever include is the "Hee hee" ones. So if you want "CHAMONE!" or "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"... I guess you're gonna have to do it yourself, in a new Running Gag or whatever.

Kudos on the That Guy With The Glasses references in the end. Though I think Linkara would've worded it with:


Well good luck with the rest then!
I was even lost over who I was supposed to cheer for. I was thinking to myself, "uh, exactly who am I rooting for, again?", several times. It's like...yeah. They totally deserve it.

Though if Spike is Kim's son, then that would just make things a hell of a lot creepier and wrong.

And thank you so much for the pointing out with the misspelling thing. The worst part? I was looking up freaking Wikipedia with Yutaka and providing information. (facepalms over her own Epic Fail)

Also...I cannot quite say as to exactly why Akizuki watches Sentai. Though the focus on girls is just rather freaking ridiculous. And, yes, the focus on Rick Medina. It's almost tempting to kinda-parody, kinda-"hey, this is how it's done!"-thing to turn someone into the Red Legendary Ranger (my version of Aka Red, created in We Are Our Avatars)...and no, I'm not spoiling it at all. ;)

Also, yes. Long-lost daughter. We'll have to see if it is indeed dry as hell. (Is it me, or is the fanfic almost the equivalent of the Sahara, dry?)

As for the Michael Jackson references...ah, as tempting as that is, I'd rather do it when it's only A) fitting and B) hilarious. Otherwise, it would run the risk of an Overused Running Gag, and no one likes 'em.

Also, it's my turn to point something out. It's "Fanfic's author! YOU! ARE! A! HAAAAAAAAAACK!!" But close enough. :) (Though, considering how freaking bad this is, it's almost fitting to call it the "One More Day" of Power Rangers/Super Sentai fanfiction. "Almost" because no one is sacrificing continuity to the Devil. Yet.)

And thanks for the good luck.
"Overload it" was actually how the Flashmen beat the Final Boss of their series, so I could just see that being a reference. Only just, though.

Though to be honest, I'm a bit more miffed about how all those fusion monsters are supposedly so powerful, and then they have a weaksauce weakness that the "heroes" can exploit. I mean...they did hear about stable monsters, right?
If they became more unstable, they should just go "What's it this time? A monster that blows itself up?"
...I'll keep that in mind if I find any more unstable monsters. XD
This is where shits start coming down like hell. And FAST. Hoo boy, where to begin.

Well there we have it, Flurious at the last lines of his life. All because Akizuki refused to even dignify it, too salty because Operation Overdrive is based on one of his fetish targets Boukenger. I pity Flurious, really, instead of being the subject of laughter Akizuki intended him to be (by having EVERYONE insult him and make him like a villainous version of 'early Bulk and Skull'... all while in their bullying silly days, even Bulk and Skull had more dignity than what Akizuki granted to Flurious!), he ends up as an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, really.

Okay, I need to explore further on the treatment of Maskmen. First off, he always thought that M!Takeru is always the hotheaded leader that is kind of unfit as the leader while Kenta could make a better leader. The hell is he smokin'? I think M!Takeru, even as much as he could get hotheaded at times, still kept his head cool and really deserves to be the leader of Maskmen, hell he even administered TWO Get A Hold Of Yourself Man treatment to two of his teammates (one of them being Kenta himself) when they went astray. I think it's because Akizuki claimed that Maskman is one of his childhood shows... and he kind of imagined himself as M!Takeru... Which is sad, because he ends up ruining M!Takeru image and imagined his own self, which is clearly different, into M!Takeru. And occasionally this seeps into S!Takeru (hey, simple enough)... because they have the same name...? Well I think the next thing is going to explain further.

Furthermore, before MMPR came in, Akizuki also claims that he had a crush on Momoko... scratch that, I should say Kanako Maeda. So based on that, he made a lot of nonsensical comparison between Momoko and Kimberly just based on that childhood crush. And after Shinkenger is aired and he fell to Rin Takanashi, he suddenly felt compelled to transplant some of Mako's traits to Momoko (like Lethal Chef), just he could make more links and comparison between those two aside of their pink color designation. Momoko is far different than what Akizuki imagined her to be, nobody ever talked about her cooking (and she never cooked on-screen), and while she is the girlier one than Haruka, she is one tough nut to crack, even if there's that episode where she ran out of strength and fainted. She's a real tough chick who also has a snarky side. Not this... 'vain, 'overly girly', bad cook' that Akizuki projected her as.

And ah yes, the pairing of M!Takeru/Momoko. See, they're quite a Fan Preferred Couple, because I think fans didn't like it that Iyal is not an Action Girl and spent the majority of her screentime inside a popsicle. You know, Real Women Never Wear Dresses. Unfortunately, as much as I am also guilty of kinda putting it in my version, they are kind of like the Ships That Pass In The Night. Of course with good build ups, they could even be plausible, but still... you know that. Even Haruka makes a more easier pair with M!Takeru. But then again, her actress probably didn't attract Akizuki much.

But then, that's how it goes for those Akizuki likes, or rather, their actresses. Especially those two. It gets... really annoying.

Oh by the way, I laugh that he made M!Takeru sound like a very typical Tsundere. "S-stupid Momoko, it's not like I l-like you or something..."

I'll excuse the mispelling this time, because it's even in the fic. Maskmen monsters usually ends with 'Doggler', not 'Dobler'. So this time? Not your fault.

I apologize, I didn't know that there were wonderful people like you to remind me how awesome the name 'Sean' is. It's a very common name, it was defiled because of this man's... cloud-cuckoo-landity. I think I should've used that Shraffe's 'Zukini' instead of Akizuki... or you could go the Linkara route and instead of RINO, you call him an equivalent of 'Crazy Steve'. But then again that insults those called 'Steve', so I think I shoulda say... 'Crazy Hobo'.

But what I'm getting at is that, C-H is projecting himself and makes it like the villains are mouthpieces to his opinion, on what he thought to be a 'good villain', which is why RINO doesn't sound like Radiguet at all... and everyone was insulting Flurious. Everytime they do things like that, consider it like they're possessed by C-H and became his mouthpiece.

Oh yeah and do note how Mikoto Nakadai has been reduced to just some random doctor guy, no signs of his delight of Games and his overall boredom with things and the fact that he's still a cocky bastard even when he turned good and when he's still evil, he's near Complete Monster level of asshattery. I could say the same to both Billy and Ranru, ditch them for two random mechanics or tech geeks and the story won't change much!

And ah yeah, I think that's kinda how I shoulda say how C-H portrayed Kaoru. Bitchy. So unbefitting of the canon Kaoru, who while serious and cold, actually kind hearted and is doing her best at what she does.

You know what... this feels too hopeful, but I had hoped that somewhere, someone would make an arc similar to the Benji Ending of Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, like canon, derailed characters came to their senses and took vengeance on C-H, but I think that'd be too cruel. Maybe something like a 'successful' ending for the season 1 of Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger instead... I mean, I'd love to see the characters reacting and revolting against this author! But I guess that's never gonna happen...
...hoo boy.

Yeah, there's no denying that Flurious' treatment is nothing short of awful. I mean, he's an absolute monster in canon, so one would think he would have been a shoo-in. But nope. Actually, come to think of it, I've noticed that, considering that the writer loves Complete Monsters and destroy them, some other monsters are absent, like Queen Bansheera, for instance. For now, I consider it a good thing.

And yeah, I did look at the Maskman character sheet, and there are several things I've learned about M!Takeru. Aside from the aforementioned Get A Hold Of Yourself Man moments (yes, one distributed to Haruka at one point), I have noticed that about the only time he has ever been a brat was when he was a kid. Until time travel happened.

(I will say, Maskman does sound like an interesting series.)

And really? Interesting. I was about to think, "okay, so does this guy fall hard for Pink Rangers/Sentai Warriors?", but considering that he likes Yellow Rangers (and maybe some female Rangers of other colors?)...yeah. I never quite understood why he would just butcher them if he claims he likes them. (I also did read about that Heroic RROD also on the character page, too. Let's just say that throughout the story, I used the Character Sheet a lot.)

As for pairings in general? It's fine that you can pair M!Takeru and Momoko together. Just as long as you, yes, build it up. Not go all "oh, my God, I want to romance him/her one day". And, yes, destroy their personalities in the first place.

You know what, I've read Shraffe's reviews and that one-shot where several characters did read the story and reacted upon it. While I'll still call this Radiguet "RINO", I think it is high time that I call Akizuki "Zukini", to respond to an earlier comment on calling Akizuki a different name. Plus, the one-shot's freaking hilarious. (Note to self: at the end of the Jetman arc, promote it.)

And with the name thing, yeah, there are some people who do defile it. I choose not to single them out unless if A) I have to and B) it makes sense with the context.

As for the misspelling, I'll fix that in the next installment, consistency be damned. And I've noticed, by using the Character Sheet, that Oya-Bu was misspelt in the fic (there, it's spelled "Oyobur", but I don't know if it's an alternate spelling or not).

For the characters, you could replace literally nearly anyone for anyone else, and the story wouldn't change. The Billy/Ranru ship still raises questions, as well as who Billy broke things off with Cestria. (Then again, he does have a blog for the story, so...might as well check it out.)

Kaoru's characterization bugs me. I don't really know how or why she would be played as such here where, yeah, she's both sugar and ice, a bit. (Serious but kind-hearted.)

As for that arc? Hm...well, I didn't know if some of the All-Stars reacting to the fic is enough. I did think about an arc where everything goes topsy-turvy with some exceptions, and some of the All-Stars (and some new faces) go to investigate. It would turn out that the way things are is because of the fanfic. (But I'll only focus on some of the things that generally do happen, like nearly everyone speaking Japanese for no reason.)

Or an arc where they're forced to read the story in order to move on, or re-enact the story in such a way. Originally, Chapter 20 would have had such a re-enactment in lieu of my usual snarking, with one of them (likely either Sean or Mao) mentioning that they saw this before. Then they'll flip out in the end, realizing that, yes, they're re-enacting the latter parts of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers.

As for here? Well...let's just say that there will be one part that will be the ultimate Take That towards Red Conqueror as a whole. That the Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger will be chosen not because of looks, but because of what he has done. And there's a trade-off involved instead of "oh, hey, shiny powers, and no certain drawbacks!"
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
In actuality, the crucifixation is kinda there in the actual Jetman episode, where a tiny monster got into Aya's body and made her something of a Brainwashed And Crazy commander, testing out new, dangerous things gleefully with the Jetmen, one of them being crucifying the Jetmen and then blasting them out with their guns under the pretense 'Testing out new gun now!'. But... this is A... Zukini we're talking about. You shouldn't expect a good shout out. And... did I mention how much Kiros ends up to be this Mako-crazed freak? I mean, back in the days when he's gunning down Ial, he's a lot more dangerous and making sense.

RIP, Flurious. You were always a gigantic but threatening asshole in the original, no matter how much OO is said to be sucky, but at least you'll be free from Zukini turning you into a pathetic, stupid villain.

I say for this chapter, I'm really enjoying how you were expecting good things and then had things ruined. And "ONORE"... did I miss that out? I once called him out for putting that in, but that's in the Turboranger arc.

I think it was at this point that I think I'm getting sick of how he's putting forward S!Takeru and Mako a lot. WE GET IT, ZUKINI, YOU LIKE M— no, wait, that's not right— RIN TAKANASHI, ZUKINI! STOP PUSHING THAT TO OUR THROATS!

Well on the bright side, I guess we won't be seeing Cole and the Red Conqueror for a long time, huh?
The crucifixation, though, is the one thing that bugs me. Because this is not the last time it's used. If memory serves me right, it was also being used in the Jetman two-parter, complete with one of the characters (guess which) literally crucified like Jesus. Only completely naked. It's one of those "wut?"-inducing moments that makes you wonder why.

Though...considering that it did take from Jetman, that honestly makes a hell of a lot of sense now.

As for the Kiros/Mako thing...honestly, to me, it's not worth pointing it out over and over because the entire thing is just so stupid. And, as mentioned in the previous installment, very disturbing. Especially with how it's all played out. Brr...

...and let's hope that no more Disney-era Rangers villains get the same treatment as Flurious. Even when Zukini says that he won't use Disney-era Rangers.

And yeah, the whole thing of getting positive for some moments, then getting shut down...while it is pretty new, that's how I felt. "Oh, awesome, they said or did something cool—oh, wait, it's Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers, never mind!" It was almost the same lines when I saw how Andros was portrayed, but then the lovey-dovey stuff just ruined it.

Yeah, "ONORE!" was used. I blame Kamen Rider Decade for associating that with "This is also all (X)'s fault!", as per the meme (kind of). And he used it in the Turboranger arc? Does he even know what that even means?

(Admittedly, I don't really know what it exactly means, but again, the only time I've seen "Onore!" is the Decade meme. That's part of the reason why I decided to point that out, it was too much to resist. And making fun of myself in the process.)

It isn't just here that he pushes the whole "I <3 Rin Takanashi" thing. I've seen his blogs, especially that one with foreign actors/actresses he likes, and dear God. To be honest, while I was pretty young and dumb with my own "I <3 a certain Red Lightspeed Ranger actor!" gushing, time has...slowed it down a bit. A bit. As in, I don't really make alternate memes out of the gushing anymore, nor mentioning it in every...wait.


In any rate, I hope that my own gushing never gets to be that intolerable.

Finally, as for Cole/Red Conqueror? Yeah, while it may be true that we won't see him for a long time, he's still going to be mentioned a bit. So I'm not holding out too much hope there.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
{reads that part Rika refuses to read} Is Akizuki trying to write those scenes as a nod to Akibaranger? Because there's a difference between comedic groping and borderline porno.

The execution on cross thing is a nod to the older Super Sentai shows, where occasionally the villains would have the heroes up on crosses (in fact, Fourze and OOO managed to do this at one point in their shows).

Also, if M!Takeru is corrupted... why isn't he Gedou Red Mask? It would make twice as much sense.
Actually, I think those scenes were written way before Akibaranger was created. And I suppose he meant for them to be dark. Which is fucked up. (Then again, name something that isn't fucked up in this fic.)

And you know what, I actually thought about the old Sentai shows when those things happened all the time. I honestly thought that old thing was dead. But apparentally, everything old is new again, as they say.

Also, Psyga, there are a couple instances throughout the Maskman arc where M!Takeru is referred to as "Gedou Red Mask". But some unfortunate copy-pasting (or what I presume to be copy-pasting, though the final four paragraphs seem to be adding more weight) has him referred several times as "Gedou Shinken Red" as well.
@Paragraph 1: So yeah, I'm officially calling this fanfic Ranger Black.

Mako: You got rice on your face!

@Paragraph 3: Well, that's both confusing and lazy.
That's weird. The site said you just updated your blog, but your newest stuff isn't appearing?
That's because I found some misspellings on my previous installments ("congratulations" is misspelt as "congratuations"). As for getting to Installment 26, I've hit a bit of a Writer's Block, especially in regards to the current arc and trying to figure out what to do with the remaining Scouts.
Game show here I think is taken not from My Little Eye (Zukini probably never even heard of that to bother). It's a trap used by Hurricaneger's Satarakura to trap the heroes in a certain rigged game show whereas failure will be punished with hazard, or something. And when Gokaiger had the Hurricaneger tribute, they bring in Satarakura Jr. and had a similar game. So probably I think that's where he took it from.

Although I think SS vs PR is more like Zukini's 'vision of 'good' SS/PR show'.... which is probably really alien for us all. Considering we're all banging our heads.

And oh... the Yosuke/Tori pairing is just... OUT OF NOWHERE. Not even on the 'same' level. Hell, Kouta is probably on the same 'level' as Yosuke, so why is he excluded!? And if you're really into Les Yay too, why not include Nanami too, she's also on the same level! Really silly. And I'm not sure, but Dustin and Shane seem to get less attention. Good for them?

Oh, also because this is also a deleted element, I should notice you that inbetween this and the next chapter, because of Zukini's hatred to those he thought 'too ditzy/too annoying'... Marah and Kapri are amongst the participants of the game show and they exist to just answer the question wrong and horribly die. W.T.F... And that was just a prelude for the nonexistant Operation Suicide, which shows how fucked up this fic is in favoritism and such!

I kept wondering why I stopped him, now you don't get to beautifully snark or rant against his more questionable things...

Well two more chapters until... heh.
...ah. Still doesn't excuse the fact that the arc's rather...lazy. And also very OOC. (I don't think Lothor is even the type who would torture innocent victims.)

As for the Yousuke/Tori pairing? Agreed that it doesn't make any sense. And now that I think about it, if Zukini wanted to go that WTF-inducing route, why not have one of the Goraigers (Isshu?) fall in love with her? Since one of them is a counterpart to Blake, Tori's love interest?

Dustin and Shane getting less attention is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's good that they're not really a focus so that way, they wouldn't be ruined more. On the other hand, wouldn't it kill him to have them be I dunno.

And I noticed. I'll actually get to that in the next installment.
"Deadly game show". That along with the fact that they're in Liveman's time makes me think it's Doctor Ashura's scheme. Mainly because he plays his own deadly game show, something EZ Rider calls "Death Jeopardy".

And the villains kill a civilian. Why? For breaking the rules.

... Now I just thought of Funny Games.
Ah right... Forgot that one too. Ashura also pulled off such stunt and maybe Zukini pulled it from that. My apologies.

Doesn't take away that it's a lazily done arc here (being Indonesian, I actually grinned when Ashura back then pulled out an Indonesian-language question).
Yeah. And the Marah and Kapri thing? It's one of those things I already have words for. Especially when it all ties in with Chapter 28. And yes, it is going to be repeated since...really, it all ties into his weird (in a not-so-good-way) theme.

And holy crap, just how many more things will Zukini pull stuff from? I mean...I know that the Jetman arc is another one of those types of arcs I already have words for (at least for a few bits), but...
Turns out that it's only used to see if anyone can have an IQ of 1000+.

Ah, so it's Bias' plan then? (His main plan is to gain twelve brains, each with an IQ of 1000+, the purpose of the goal being to induce a mass brainwashing or something like that.)
I've re-read the previous installment, and even though Bias' main plan is to gain 12 brains, each with 1000+ IQ, there is a scene with RINO telling Tau to get the game show the latter was planning. So, likely, it was more or less Tau's idea, only Bias decided to tweak it a bit.

That's my guess, anyhow.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
Wow, has Akizuki been reading Avengers Arena or something? The "Quiz Show of Death" sounds like something Arcade would cook up, anyway. Or perhaps pre-Face Turn Kaiba.
Those chapters were created before even Avengers Arena was even convinced.

... I got nothing. I've said what I said and I don't feel the need of repeating it. Like the pushed marriage... wait... I really DO have one new thing to say.

Allow me to say that I really don't mind pairing M!Takeru and Momoko. However, the way Zukini executed is like they pretend that Iyal never existed or was silly. I mean, fine, you CAN pair the first two, but it shouldn't be to the point of forgetting Iyal, I mean, M!Takeru's love for her is genuine and he spent the majority of Maskman trying to save her in the name of love. That should never be forgotten, but he did anyway, to push his 'preferred' pairing. Deadly... deadly sin. Though not the extent of Die For Our Ship, still equally facepalm-worthy... Says the man who also indulges in bashing something that pissed him off in a certain series...

Though next chapter... I'll be happy to point out the differences between the current version and Operation Suicide. And also, my review on that chapter was more based on Operation Suicide, so that's the best you can hope for reference. Why didn't I frickin' save that chapter when it's still on its purest, puke-worthy state...
Ah, the fact that M!Takeru forgot about Iyal. You know what, I completely skipped over that because...honestly, the whole shipping business is just ridiculous as hell. And yes, forgetting about the deceased is common in fiction, but...she isn't even dead, which is just as baffling.

As for "Operation Suicide"...I think I've said all that needs to be said in this installment, by grouping together the previous plan to have Marah and Kapri killed and connecting it with Flurious' death. It's basically "Die for My Favorite Sentai Series of All Time: The Fanfic Chapter". I still stand by my statement that you should not put characters in your story for the sole purpose of killing them off, even if it's for a twisted Author Tract.
The thing is... Ichijou AKA Commander Asshole is pretty much in-character for real. He doesn't even redeem himself in the canon Jetman too. And hell, I think I might've been too cruel when I included him in MY fic, whereas I got him turned into a Monster Of The Week with delusional A God Am I tendencies. But even then, Zukini uses the Flanderization card in the most extreme way that I can't help but cringe, even if the asshole deserves all the beating. (Hey, one day you pay a visit to my fic, you can cringe too)

Well as of current, just like how the rest of the characters are portrayed, Chiharu is just goddamn dry as hell and sounded more like an utterly dull character with nearly zero personalities. You know the trope Satelitte Love Interest? I think that defines her well enough. And yeah, it's another of his apparent 'love letter' for both Jetman and Dekaranger. Not exactly in a good way.

Trip to mall? Even if I think you'd enjoy it, I think it's REALLY OOC for Kaoru to do so. This is sounding like Kaoru becoming Zukini's mouthpiece about what he considered 'good refreshing activity or reward'.

Speaking of Samurai Rangers, have I mentioned how much Zukini tried making his own 'revision' of PR Samurai? I know, back when I tolerated him. He was even asking people to help write it, but the moment they get actually more detailed... he complains. But basically, it's just the same old song of how the Takeru counterpart is so goddamn hot and same goes for the Mako counterpart. They're getting like Spotlight Stealing Squad and ends with... THE TWO OF THEM MARRYING. JUST LIKE HOW HE WISHED TAKERU BANGING MAKO! Can I borrow your wall just yet? I wanna shade it red too!

Hell you could even see one of them in his account page. I haven't read that, but I wouldn't, it's just his same old song. Oh and... he's of course turning every Mako counterpart to his 'ideal' girl, like injecting Kimberly's element and using Hypothetical Casting to have her cast with his favorite female actress that he considers so hot... I ain't joking here, and I'm not sure of her quality for good or bad.... Emma Roberts. Yep. Julia Roberts' niece.

Also you may wanna check out how poor Doggie Kruger is usually reduced into Yes Man for Aya's sake. I mean, I respect them, but DAMN IT. Oh and speaking of that, next chapter... I suggest that if you like Dekaranger (not just you, but the liveblog readers)... you come prepared with BIG jugs of beers. You won't regret it.
And while in the canon, that may be true...I don't know. I was more or less focusing on life after his events on Jetman. You can't still deny that this is just waaaaaaay too excessive, though. (Seriously, yes, we know Ichijou is bad, but having Gai beat the shit out of him? When the latter was supposed to be a Deputy Commander?)

Chiharu is just so...I dunno. To be honest, I don't really know a single character who I don't find dry. Well, except for Tanba, Flurious, and maybe Antonio.

And at this point, I couldn't care less about how OOC Kaoru is. And here's why. Pretty much everyone is so OOC, it just numbs my senses, since I expect that everyone is not going to be in-character at all.

Also, go ahead. I'm just baffled by how, in that re-write, S!Takeru and Mako end up stealing the damn plot. (Then again, so says me, someone who is focusing more on the Scouts than the rest of the All-Stars.)

I've noticed quite a lot about how every single Mako counterpart is used for every female Ranger/Sentai Warrior, ever. It's honestly annoying. (Also, Emma Roberts? She's still relevant?)

Overall...I just think that this story could have used a lot of work so far. But I'm not prepared to see the next hurtings that are to come...we'll see how Story!Rika fares.
"I am your commander or die!"? Guy got it backwards. It's "Obey me or die." Also, that's a pet peeve of mine.

Guy comes at the scene and does an action for this very purpose

"I am doing this action for this very purpose!" Guy said as he did this action.

I know you brought up the redundancy multiple times in this liveblog, but this is where it becomes obvious. It's like in that movie I liveblogged, Annabelle's Wish, where the Narrator says something, like a guy selling his box, and then later in the movie, another guy says that exact same thing.

And is it just me or did Asshole turn into a cartoon villain by the end of it? I dunno, that Big No was a little too cliche.
Oh, God. The redundancy...I know just how much it became obvious. That's why I said it was brought up to 11. And I just thought of how I would have ended it.

"You know how, in Power Rangers Samurai, one of the main criticisms is how the show talks down to its audience? Yeah...this fanfic is doing the same fucking thing!"

Why did I not think of that?!

And it isn't just Commander Asshole/Ichijou who says a Big "NO!". It's literally almost anyone who gets into trouble. Spike, Natsuki...just to name a few.
Like I said I don't follow the celebrity lives, but imagine around the 2011's where that chapter is conceived or something, or 2009's. That being said I'm not even caring for relevance, but the thing stands that Zukini considered Emma Roberts 'uber hot' that no matter how irrelevant she becomes, he's STILL going to lust over her. Disturbing.

I guess the overuse of Big No stuffs looking cartoonish as Psyga said was stemmed from the fact that... he also watches Nickelodeon cartoons. He even wrote a fic called Super Sentai vs Nickelodeon (But since I dunno most of Nick's shows, I don't bother). I just thought it'd be too crazy to work, although in the hands of a competent writer, they could work out. But this isn't the case about Zukini. Hell, I'm still confused why he still goes with that stuff when he spends his time in his other blogs ranting on how stupid Patrick Star is and how he hated him... *shakes head*
I will admit that it is rather disturbing as hell, I'll definitely give you that. And it sounds just about right. (I need to look at the blog again and determine the time.)

EDIT: Upon seeing his main personal blog...yeaaaaaah. I had a "dude, WTF?" look on my face the entire time I was reading the damn thing. Especially with the aforementioned Emma Roberts thing.

And I'll say this—being attracted to people based on looks is just...I don't know. I'm a person who likes people based on their personalities, and what they do. I find it to be even more important than superficial bullshit.

I don't follow celebrity lives as often, but then again, I always look at, namely, Hollywood Hype Machine. But eh.

As for the overuse, I think I did see at one point in your reviews, Chris, that he watches lighthearted stuffs to make himself feel better. So that's really nothing new. And Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon...if that ever gets completed, I might liveblog it one day. Or combine it with another infamous Nickelodeon crossover fic. I have yet to decide.

EDIT #2: And some Nickelodeon characters aren't the only ones being criticized. Apparentally in the horizon? Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Comics.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
How old is Akizuki? Don't people typically stop finding prisoners picking rocks funny at around nine or so?
...God, I have no idea. I'd assume that he's in his 20s. Though keep in mind that he does watch light-hearted stuff, like Nickelodeon shows, whenever he needs to cheer up. Hell, he even wrote a Super Sentai/Nickelodeon shows crossover, Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon.

Interestingly, I did look at one of his several blogs, and one of the most recent stuff is the post about the type of characters who ruin comedy. Make of that what you will.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
I've just noticed he seems to have a very juvenile idea of what good writing is. Whether he's trying to replicate the tone of PR and Sentai (which are for kids, of course), is really young, or is just a sucky writer I'm not sure of.

Wouldn't necessarily put watching Nick shows against him, though, given that '90s nostalgia seems to be an "in" thing at the moment.
HamburgerTime (edited by: HamburgerTime)
Well, one of his other blog entries is a list of his inspirations as a writer. Make of that what you will.

And I don't think it's '90s Nickelodeon series. It's stuff like VicTORIous, iCarly, Spongebob Squarepants, and the like.
And the most painful part is that most of the time, Aya is the one who takes the screen time and Doggie Kruger is made into her Yes Man. Jeeaayyzus. And yeah, there's the stuff about Ban and Sosuke. I don't really care about turning themselves in, but the fact that this is a forefront of how Zukini was like "I DONT LIKE LOUDMOUTHS SO IMMA GONNA GIVE THEM TO THE DETENTION CENTER! LOL!" I've watched Dekaranger and for all the yelling and loudmouthing Ban got, he comes off well-rounded despite some obnoxiousness. Zukini just... GENERALIZED in a bad way. And if you groan at what Ban and Sosuke suffered, wait till you see what happened to Houka.

I know who you refer to about Zulten. It's Flurious. But still, since it makes Ragorn, Yamimaru and Kilika very OOC to take turn in insulting him, I still dislike the treatment, even if Zulten is disliked in-universe (even by me).

Yes, sure you can, you can refer fic!Kiros as KINO. Afterwards, that's about the thing he does all the time, overly lusting about Mako. Hell, you could even go ahead and call Mako to be MINO or S!Takeru to be TINO. Even Cole can be called CINO here! Speaking of Cole, he really hasn't appeared as of late, huh?

The planting of melon bomb that explodes when grown is something taken from Goggle V episode 4, though I admit that the depression syndrome for it to grow is something he added himself. Which is fine.

@Hamburger Time: How old is he? He says to be on college age in Facebook. How his mind stays juvenile in fic-writing, it baffles me.
ChrisX know what? Considering the amount of stuff I skipped through with the entire deal, you're absolutely right about the whole Commander screentime thing. And the entire Detention Center thing just bugs me in general.

Also, the Turboranger villains insulting Zulten does seem rather OOC. I mean, yeah, I get that people hate his ass, but here, I actually kinda...pity him.

As for the nickname thing, if Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers ever continues on, I may have to create other names for the characters. RINO and KINO are fine as-is, but when we reach the ones with the same names (like S!Takeru), I'll need to be a biiiit more creative.

...also. The depression syndrome aside, is it me, or is he just ripping off the plots from other series? And we haven't even reached the nadir just yet! (That would be, oh...five chapters from now. You know the one.)

As for the whole "mind staying juvenile in fic-writing" thing, I think I can actually understand where that's coming from. People have their different influences in writing. Me, I'm more influenced by Sentai, Power Rangers, and whatever kinds of situations occur, with the themes being "the light at the end of the tunnel", or "a villain finds forgiveness", or something. (I'm kinda a hopeful person.) Some people, like in this fanfic, watch light-hearted shows to make them feel better (or kids' shows are something they like to watch, even when they're adults), and that can seep into the story. Now, it doesn't excuse the story itself from sucking, mind, but I'm speaking from a bit of experience.

...never mind that said experience comes from roleplaying.
THE OLD LADY! I REMEMBER HER! Well, it's possible she's from a place that just never got hit by the monsters? On the other hand, you'd think she'd have heard that other cities get hit so often they have monster alarms.

...government coverup? I got nothin'.
Or it could have been possible that she may have been one of the Mooks, disguised as a human to give Heather a false sense of security. But that's for another place and time.
I'm sorry I wasn't commenting before, I got an office trip where I couldn't even properly open TV Tropes. That being said... what I remembered here are just the mistreatment on Zulten, that was completely OOC and as I said, I don't excuse such OO Cness.

I think about Justin and Kou, Zukini was just making such things because he likes comparing. A LOT. And the two are often compared because they're the youngest members of the team... THAT'S IT! Kou is a pervy little kid, and while Justin could be a different breed of brat, he's no perv.

... Did I mention comparison? If you read up his blog, you could even make a Drinking Game out of his tendency of comparing things up.

Aside of that... I really got nothing else for this chapter.
Ah hah. This is it. The chapter that is based on my fic. I think my chapter isn't even Oscar material, but still... I do admit that his is kind of a watered down version... I think because he thinks the original plot might be a bit too harsh and light-hearted. Well excuse me to not pushing things to be too light hearted for your tastes!

See, in case you'd like to know in briefs, in the original version of my fic, it does feature Hoji and Teresa again, but... I'd say a reason why he puts Kimberly in his fic is because in my fic, the one standing for her in the original was... Mei from Zyuranger. And since Zyuranger is the first Sentai to be adapted to PR... you know what that means!

Revengeancer's counterpart, instead of being a friend of Clord, is instead a made-up Underground Imperial Beast who just flat out possessed Teresa and turned her into a revenge-crazed beast. And the initiator? While Abrellar was present, Kiros was the one who suggested the idea, and... don't worry, while he hits on women there, he doesn't make it as far as lusting.

And finally? The original version ends in a SAD note of Hoji pulling Its Not You Its My Enemies, bidding farewell when Teresa is asleep. And hell, Hoji even broke down in the original. Things went kind of well, but not with a price. No such price here.

I'm not here to promote my fic, I mean, it could be as bad. But still, just want to point that out. And I agreed, for all things Zukini said to flesh out Chiharu... he doesn't deliver. She's still as flat as ever.

And... I'd like to point out something. 240 years of labors? Even for Commander Asshole? That's close enough as a death sentence already! Why didn't anyone bat an eye about this...!? ... It's the USSPRA, right? Don't need to explain why, right?

... Aw crap. New chapter... is... gah...
Honestly, upon seeing the comparing and contrasting, I honestly doubt that it can be as bad as what I've seen. And the hard labor thing...yeah. I truly got nothing on that.

Basically, when I went through this chapter, I pretty much had the mindset "I got nothing". I had nothing to say about how boring, how nonsensical, how...yeah. How much of nothing this chapter was. It was supposed to "flesh out" Chiharu; instead, have a focus on Hoji and Teresa, the latter of which would never be seen again.
I... I can't believe Houka's own family dragged her to the rock piles... What the fuck, Akizuki? This is the same family that tried to help her when she became a vampire via Vancuria. The same family that tried to help her when she lost her memory in a monster attack. The Ozu family would not leave one of their own to the wolves like that. The Goseigers I might get, but the Magirangers? Fuck. That.

If you wonder why I'm so upset, Magiranger was one of the few Sentai I actually watched more than 10 episodes of and the only Sentai I tried watching from beginning to end.

Magi!Kai tells them that it's best they don't know for right now, and it ends with his team leaving.

Well... okay, he gets mercy points for that. Considering what happened to Kai...
To me, it doesn't really give him any mercy points, because...why the hell would they even do that to their own family member? I mean, yeah, Houka's a bit ditzy (compared to, say, her counterpart, Vida), but...really, it was yet another one of those things where it's "punish the ditzy airheads!"

And I can't see even Hikaru doing that, too.

...and hey, it's understandable, Psyga. People do get so passionate towards what they like, only for this...thing (I refuse to call it a story) to ruin it all. This is why I'm so...antsy over whether or not A) any of the Lightspeed Rangers will actually appear and/or B) whether or not they'll get the same "treatment".

As for that final bit of Magi!Kai saying that it's best to not know, I took it as "we know exactly what happened to your dad, but we can't tell you, lest if the timeline gets fucked up to hell". Considering that Tommy knew what happened between M!Takeru and Momoko...
I took it as "we know exactly what happened to your dad, but we can't tell you, lest if the timeline gets fucked up to hell".

Ooooooh... That makes sense.
Fiveman is the first family Sentai and it baffles me that it shows a family treating another like a jackass for Zukini's "punish the ditzy airheads!". This is why I seriously hate all that. No, even the Goseigers should be put far away from that. And notice this: For a Fiveman tribute, we don't even get to see the Fiveman much nor their job as the teachers of one school, or doing good family bondings. MY ASS GOT MORE TRIBUTES THAN THEM!

You know, this chapter finally reminds me that Jasmine here is completely annoying and I should've made such comments in his. She should've been replaced with "Annoying Matchmaker #52947238947" instead of... ruining Jasmine like that. And she's amongst my favorite Dekarangers...! And believe it or not... from your quote, even Sakura is completely OOC. She is cool-headed, but I wouldn't say she'd get into drowning someone's head on a tub, she'd probably just give the silent treatment. What is this, another definition of comedy by Zukini!? This is probably because he wanted to get more stuffs on Cole's relationship and... rrgh...
ChrisX know what, I completely missed that part about not seeing the Fivemen much. Or their jobs. It's like, "hey, they're here as cameos, enjoy them while you can!" Completely missed that...

As for the Sakura thing...yeah, admittedly, that was OOC, but dear God. The whole "Sakura/Cole" thing is just shoved down into the throats so's like, you know, we get it...gah. (Though I didn't take it as Jasmine drowning, but take it what you will.)
"The villains are becoming more and more subtle as of this time!"

{cue the next few scenes having the villains state what their plan is going to be}

I lol'd.

Basco tells him that he'll be the new Abare Killer, and cue a Big "NO!" from Gokai!Gai.

Wait, wouldn't that give him a Big Yes or at the very least a Squee? Basco goes up and says "Hey, remember that badass Anti Hero from Abaranger? The one you visited when you had that near death experience? You're gonna become him!" and his response is "OOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOO! IT'S A FATE WORSE THAN DEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAATH!!!"?

I get that he's probably saying that because he's scared of Basco (and I can't blame him... Poor Gai) and doesn't want to become the enemy of the people he loved so much, though there's an oddity to behold when you give a guy who offers you the chance to become Abare Killer with a cartoonish Big No, especially for a Sentai Otaku like Gai. I think this is gonna be a YMMV thing.

She pretty much gets off scot-free.

Probably for the best, considering the punishment would have probably be the rock piles.

As for the twist in the story... It was a pretty good couple of twists if I do say so myself.
Psyga315 (edited by: Psyga315)
Zukini can't even get Basco right. He's just yet another diabolical bland villain instead of the playful but horrible Troll bastard he is in the original. But still, yeah. Kei Hosogai is really a cool dude around. The definition of Mean Character Nice Actor.

I got nothing on this chapter. Granted, I haven't seen Agony In Pink. But this chapter is ridden FULL of OOC-ness and even G!Gai is not as geeky in here, Zukini just got him as this 'loudmouthed guy for humor'. In fact, you see how many times he got in his blog about G!Gai screaming WHYYYYYY?? He thinks that's all G!Gai is and here he becomes a... wimp. This is insulting. But I guess since I haven't gotten to read Agony In Pink, I'd say the worst, most offensive things would come... next chapter, I suppose. But I do agree based on what I read... this chapter is seriously disturbing.

Well no need to worry for constant shout outs, I think you did them proper. Hell I could also spot in Puella Magi Madoka Magica shout out here. Of course, Zukini mostly does things WRONGLY to the point of stupidity so...

... Mind if one day I show Zukini about this liveblog once the season ends? Though considering him, he'd be just about going to ignore and goes on with his own airheaded self... but...
Oh! Forgot to say some things.

The Sean-AkaRed conversation is really really good and has a certain nice jab on it. Good work on that!
@ Psyga: To be honest, I got absolutely nothing on the whole "Gokai!Gai is told that he'll become the new Abare Killer, and he reacts that way" thing. It...yeah.

...also, I can't believe I forgot the bits where the villains were told that they're being subtle, and yet, they're not. Agh.

@ ChrisX: At this point, since pretty much everyone is made up to be bland and diabolical (except for RINO, for obvious reasons), it's not much of a surprise. About the only thing I liked was at the beginning, where Basco says that he finds the idea of teaming up boring.

And let's just say that it's for the best that you haven't read Agony in Pink. Because...dear God. It's just horrendous. Also, I've noticed that there are so many pictures, literally, that Akizuki repeats in the blog, not just Gokai!Gai screaming "WHYYYYYYYY?".

The chapter is just the worst, most soul-breaking thing I've ever read. Fittingly, it comes before what I deem to be the worst "tribute" episode(s) thus far.

And yep, you did see a PMMM shout-out at the end. With all the references, they're intentional. (Despite the fact that I haven't really watched much of either PMMM or To Boldly Flee, only watching the ending for the latter, and reading up on the Wiki.)

Finally, as for the Sean/Aka Red conversation and the ascension? It was something I thought of in my head while I was creating this liveblog once more, after a bit of hiatus. It's the ultimate Take That towards the Cole/Aka Red thing.

Also, if you want, you can show the link to my liveblog once done. Glad you guys enjoyed the plot twists, though!
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
Wait... Gen Juken? Gen Juken was the Beast Fist created by Long and were the villains for a quarter of Gekiranger. I'm pretty sure Akizuki was thinking "Geki Juken" which is the Beast Fist that actually had academies. Unless it's like with U.A.O.H. (The organization that the Ohrangers operate under before this fanfic had it turn into a villain organization for RINO) and something changed so that there was a Gen Juken. And actually, if there was a Gen Juken academy, that would be pretty cool Fanfic Fuel, since it's basically Gekiranger-style kung-fu with Mythical Animals. Considering how the guys who work at the Geki Juken academy are there, I think he was doing Geki Juken and somehow it became Gen Juken.

Radiguet as his growing insanity made him do stuff that were pretty out-of-character.

Pffffffffffffft... Hahahahaha... Oh man, when even the fanfic knows he's out of character, there something horribly wrong. I would say With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, but I don't think it turns a guy so crazy, he's close to changing S to an H for Sentai.

I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm calling this Ranger Black. Oh, and Passion of the Cole while we're at it.

Oh, and by the way, I made a video based around that speech.
Considering that there have been sooooooo many misspellings throughout this fanfic ("Hiroto" as "Hiruto", "Miu" as "Mio"...the list goes on), I do think, now that I think about it, that it's just another misspelling.

And there have been more instances where RINO's listed as OOC, with Basco, for one, saying how much it's over-the-top. You know it's bad when you're pitying (at least most) of the villains and agreeing with them. And nope, power (or brain damage...seriously, what the fuck?) does not turn anyone who's close to changing "S" to an "H".

"Oh, and by the way, I made a video based around that speech."

(watches the video)

Oh, my God, that's more hilarious than anything I've ever written in this liveblog! That's perfect! XD Well done.
arcadiarika (edited by: arcadiarika)
That was a seriously hilarious readover you got, Psyga. Got me laughing in the morning.

Now as of the plot he copied from me, I think I will say that I am kind of guilty from parts of it. I think it'd be such travesty that you'd probably see me as a disgusting man. Therefore, I'll send the comparisons over via PM. Unless Psyga, Hamburger or anyone else reading this liveblog wants to know how to.

And yes, this is what I'm talking about. I'm Catholic too, and I find Zukini trying to make Cole look like Jesus... very much face-palming and offends me as a Christian guy myself.

The brain damage is more about Zukini trying to excuse how much he's gone into derailing Radiguet's character, however, the excuse is weak and these all came off more like Zukini trying to insert what he thinks to be 'his darkest self' (you'll notice he likes portraying himself like a Tragic Hero or sorts. Kind of like Jin Kazama, even if claiming such thing more likely insults the character). Along the way he goes more into portraying his 'darkest fantasies' instead of writing Radiguet.

All right, let's see on the next chapter... it's the last for this liveblog.
Psyga is definitely the go-to guy when it comes to Tokusatsu.

And you know what? I saw bits and pieces of that worm plot (or, more specifically, the differences between the effects), so...I'll still read the comparisons regardless.

I know that the brain damage is very much an "excuse" for why RINO's so OOC like that. It truly does not make any sense any way you slice it, and to be honest, it is really insulting. And I can definitely see the differences between, say, what I see is "dark" and fitting for the character vs. what Akizuki sees.
Congratulations on stomaching all the 35 chapters and even liveblogging for us all to enjoy. I couldn't have done it myself, only going as far as the first.

Oh and forgot one thing I'd add... SHIPPING! The shipping here just doesn't make a fucking sense, and most of all facilitates to what Zukini likes personally. Like for instance, the infamous Dear John letter? Tommy and Kat breaking and Tommy getting back to Kim, is probably just to serve on that. I know that event is controversial enough, but can I say 'Deal With It'?

Once again this is a great job well done. Now with your permission, I would like to send this over to Zukini himself, maybe he could understand a little on what kind of thing he has done. Though I'm gonna bet he may not change, it's worth a shot. Great job!

And I'm sure you'll find the courage to do this once again if Zukini decided to continue further...

Ah, I forgot about the shipping as well. It really doesn't make any sense at all, and with that, I think I said all that needed to be said with that bit.

And you can go ahead and share it with Akizuki, if you wish. Also, if he decides to continue it, I'd love to do it again. (Maybe with another plot.)

Again, thanks for reading it!