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Live Blog Rangers, Sentai Warriors, and...Wait, They're Not Them? Rika Liveblogs Vs. Super Sentai Vs. Power Rangers!

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Part 1: The Red and Pink Beginnings! Why the Fuck Will I Read This?! 1
Part 2: Three Teams!! 4
Part 3: First Love, to a Ranger's Soul, Official Bullshit 2
Part 4: Missing, Revived, Gone 5
Part 5: You Too Can Become a Time-Traveller. Seriously. 1
Part 6: Rise Up! The Very First Sentai 1
Part 7: Seeking a New Foolproof Plan 3
Part 8: Goodbye, Rika's Sanity 3
Part 9: Reveal It! The Not-So-Mysterious Kidnapper 5
Part 10: It Arrives! The Power of the Legendary Ranger 1
Part 11: Rika! Don't Ragequit Now!! 4
Part 12: Friends! Why Did You Do This!?
Part 13: The Great Sentai/Ranger Gathering! Counting on You, Rika!! 7
Part 14: If You Flip Out, That's Alright 3
Part 15: Rebirth! Rika's Confusion 3
Part 16: Blaze On, Rika!! 3
Part 17: There They Are, the New Group of Heroes 5
Part 18: This Girl is on Fire
Part 19: Filler!! Everybody Must Get Insane 7
Part 20: The Rock-Em-Sock-Em Clones of the All-Stars!
Part 21: A Non-Snarky Red?! We're in Trouble!! 6
Chapter 22: The Stupidity of the Spike/Kaoru Ship 2
Mission 23: The Deadly Enemy Sean Lost To 4
Case File 24: Beyond the Insanity 2
Quest 25: The Liveblogger Who Never Gives Up!! 7
Scroll 26: The Surviving Scouts and the Dungeons of Hell 5
Part 27: The Big Abare Quiz Show of Death 5
Part 28: Samurai's Hellish Downfall 6
Stage 29: Go Home, Rika, You're Drunk ~Maagi Magiiro~ 6
Task 30: Heart of the Pirate 3
Lesson 31: Zowa-Zowa! Enter the Six Fallen Scouts 2
GP 32: Scouts of Justice 5
Act 33: A Liveblogger's Despair, A Heroic Resurrection 4
Epic 34: Everyone is Screwed, No Exceptions 4
Finale: Phoenix of Redemption 2
Finale+: Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers ~Final Mix~: Eternal Snark

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