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03:02:34 PM Nov 2nd 2012
Can someone fix the portals in the main blurb? They've lost their colour and it really ruins the joke.
03:23:17 PM Nov 2nd 2012
I raised this issue on the Tech forum. The color tags are still there, but the administration has axed them entirely.

I would advocate removing the joke entirely.
10:24:36 AM Apr 13th 2012
edited by tigerthecat
Transferring This Headscratcher since it's more of a complaint about fandom interpretation than on the game itself:

GLaDOS as a feminist icon.
  • In this troper's internet travels, he's come across a few articles being referenced time and time again that call GLaDOS a feminist icon or something similar. How is being a total bitch whose insults focus heavily on body issues (she even admits in the co-op that people care a lot about being the 'proper' weight) or abandonment/motherhood issues, both of which are common bullying tactics people (especially other women) use on women, a feminist icon? Also, there's the whole thing in the first game with the promise of cake. If you've listened to a female comedian talk about food, they usually will discuss cake and its evilness. Why would the ultimate cyber-bully be considered a feminist icon by anyone?

My reply to the above:

The same reason Real Women Never Wear Dresses is often taken too far by Fan Dumb: it's the childish belief that empowerment = complete domination.
04:24:25 AM Jun 19th 2011
edited by tofudelivery
Guys... We may have found the My Immortal of this series...

She gets pregnant by 'Wheetly', gets beaten up by 'those jerk bots' while they do drugs and beer and past out. Also GLaDOS cuts herserlf and listens to Avril Lavinge.

Is GLaDOS really sewiseded?

Probably a troll... If not then we should all sewised.
07:18:21 PM Jun 5th 2011
Okay, seriously, can we discuss the status of PotaTOS as a Fan Nickname? This is the third time it's been added to YMMV after deletion.
09:10:25 AM Jun 7th 2011
It's not technically a Fan Nickname but I added a note explaining that it's from the commentary, and hopefully that should settle it.
02:18:58 PM May 30th 2011
Is there any particular reason that it was so very important for the stinger to be a line from the end credits and not a line from the in-game dialogue?

Because I'm sorry but those last few edits just seem really silly to me.
09:05:16 AM May 31st 2011
That's a good question. It's mainly because I completely forgot about that line from the game and thought someone was just making something up to sound like GLaDOS, which is starting to bother me more and more. Now that I've remembered, I've stopped caring, except that I think it makes a little more sense to have the stinger be something from the end of the game, rather than the middle. But I'm pretty sure that's just me.

I think this would be a good place to discuss all of the self-demonstraty...ness that's permeating both pages, especially on Portal 2. As I said, making up dialogue to sound like GLaDOS is starting to really grate on me, and Cave Johnson is no exception. (Not to mention that the formatting on the first paragraph looks really awkward.)
11:17:08 AM Jun 1st 2011
edited by Fighteer
I removed the Cave Johnson "speech" and the silly portal formatting gag from Portal 2. Seriously, they are dumb, not to mention being made up. We have no need or intention to make this a Self-Demonstrating Article.

Someone should put the end of the "brick joke" back on the Portal page, when it's not checked out.
09:29:01 PM Aug 11th 2011
Aaaaaand now it's back.
11:21:27 AM May 21st 2011
Why is there just one Headscratchers page when it is split into two sections? It'd be easier to just have two - one for Portal and one for Portal 2.
11:10:22 PM May 25th 2011
Is this the same Headscratchers page that is linked to twice from the main Portal page?
11:10:33 AM Jun 7th 2011
10:59:59 PM May 12th 2011
edited by JackAlsworth
I removed the Expy example from the Portal 2 page:

Some fans have noticed that various characters from the game map to figures from Classical Mythology: GLaDOS = Prometheus, Wheatley = Epimetheus, Chell = Pandora, etc. Supporting evidence: if you rescue the turret from the redemption conveyor, it mentions the myth of Prometheus, an Easter Egg portrait of Cave Johnson and Catherine includes a depiction of Aeschylus, author of "Prometheus Bound", and one of the lower levels of the old Aperture complex is labeled "Tartarus".

I'm pretty sure that's not an example, but if I'm wrong, it can go back.
11:33:19 PM May 25th 2011
It might apply to Does This Remind You of Anything?. Not sure.
07:41:54 AM May 7th 2011
The page is getting a tad long. Should we split the tropes concerning Portal 2 off to its own page?
08:35:27 PM May 8th 2011
I second the motion.
07:54:56 AM May 9th 2011
It's 313K characters in the source. That's only a short way from getting auto-locked for size (it happens at 400K). So it is probably time. But someone's gotta go through and update all the wicks.
08:27:47 AM May 9th 2011
edited by JackAlsworth
Okay, I made the Videogame.Portal 2 page, but Portal 2 seems to only want to link to the main Portal page. Is that a problem? (And if no one else wants to, I'll do the wick check at about noon PST.)
08:36:36 AM May 9th 2011
edited by Fighteer
I fixed the redirect from Portal 2. You're going to have to also hard split all the subpages. I can't "split" a discussion page so the new article will have to absorb ongoing discussions from the old one.

I will whack on reviews in a moment.

Edit: The review mover is acting up. I've asked Eddie for help.
08:18:30 AM May 10th 2011
Should all the subpages be hard-split? Also, I've been curious about this for a while now - should the giant block of spoilers in the Portal2 quotes still be there? Because to me, that seems to be missing the point of the Quotes page, but maybe I'm just wrong.
12:03:26 PM May 10th 2011
edited by VmKid
Why have the articles been moved to the videogame namespace? They don't conflict with each other, which is the reason we have namespaces. Since the main namespace redirects to the videogame pages, please consider moving them back to the main namespace. Nothing personal, I just hate seeing articles on Main. that redirect to the same article in a namespace.

EDIT: Nevermind. It just seemed weird to me. Didn't realize it was a wiki-wide thing.
12:05:47 PM May 10th 2011
edited by Fighteer
Well, I suppose you could make the subpage links in Portal 2 redirect to their Portal counterparts. I already saw some of those. You need to do one or the other, of course, so people don't start adding new ones in the wrong place.

Regarding the Quotes page? I have no idea — there's so much redundancy there between Quotes, Funny, Awesome Moments, etc., that it's going to take a heroic effort to maintain them all. People are ridiculously spoiler-happy with this game, both in adding them and in using spoiler tags.

Here's my off-the-cuff judgement. Cut any quotes that can't be used at all without being spoilers. For the rest, spoiler-tag the characters who say them but not the quotes themselves.

^ VmKid, per the Namespace policy, all works pages are supposed to be on a namespace. That's a rule we're trying to establish across the wiki.
12:42:18 PM May 6th 2011
5 Understatements already + one correctly used understatement.
02:30:20 PM May 6th 2011
Care to elaborate?
04:46:11 AM May 7th 2011
A bit too many links to that article as seen from "View source".
07:52:15 AM May 9th 2011
06:48:18 PM May 5th 2011
I know GLaDOS has her own page, but should bluelinks to that be blacked anyway?
08:05:11 AM May 6th 2011
Yes. The page is to catch inadvertent bluelinks, not to wick every example of GLaDOS like we're fapping over some kind of nerdy in-joke. I tried to have it cut repeatedly, actually.
08:24:29 PM May 4th 2011
Spheres or Cores? I'm really confused about what to call the little defective personality balls at the end of the game. On one hand, the subtitles call them Cores and GLaDOS refer to them as such but on the other they refer to themselves as [insert adjective here] spheres.
08:13:21 AM May 5th 2011
They are probably both accurate. Use whichever you feel like. I use Core myself.
09:48:59 AM May 5th 2011
I'm just wondering what should be their title on the character page. They're called spheres on the character page but cores on the quotes page.
12:41:48 PM May 5th 2011
What do the credits call them?
04:20:01 PM May 5th 2011
"Defective Cores", IIRC
09:30:48 AM May 4th 2011
edited by JesseCS
There seems to be a general misconception that the Enrichment Center and Portal Gun were both around in The '50s, when the back story clearly states that Aperture was in the curtain making business until 1973 and didn't get into the science making business until 1974.

Because of this misunderstanding there are a few tropes listed on the main page that don't necessarily apply.

11:25:06 AM May 4th 2011
edited by Fighteer
The game itself contradicts that timeline. The walls of the old facility are painted with the years they were contructed and some you can see stuff dating from the 50's and 60's. The newspaper clippings in the lobby back up this version of the timeline. Further, Cave Johnson did not record all his messages at the same time. The Propulsion Gel test chambers and corresponding recordings were made in the 70's, and the moon dust/Conversion Gel chambers were made in the 80's.

But the earliest test environments were designed in the early 60's and require a portal gun to solve. There's even a poster showing a guy running around with a huge backpack-sized version.

Edit: I can get the exact dates tonight when I play through that area again.
05:34:57 PM May 4th 2011
edited by Fighteer
Confirmed: The date on the wall at the start of the condemned testing facility is 1952. His Shower Curtain Salesman award is 1942. He has DOD Contractor of the Year Runner Up awards from 1952 and 1954.

The Propulsion Gel facility is painted 1971. The end of it is 1978, and the start of the Conversion Gel facility is 1982.

Here's a neat anachronism. The "Condemned" sign posted on the walls as you're leaving the old facility to go back into the upper labs is dated 6/15/1961, despite the final chambers clearly being built in 1982. Ooooooookay...
04:37:54 PM May 3rd 2011
Quick question.

Under the entry for Violation of Common Sense:

"A third achievement (launching the turret) is nearly impossible to do without dying."

It sounds like this is referring to the Pturretdactyl achievement, but I'm a little confused on how that one was supposed to be so deadly? The Aerial Faith Plate will generally be launching the turret away from you, won't it? Can someone clarify what was meant by this entry?
11:21:25 AM May 4th 2011
The walkthrough I saw had you attempt it in Test Chamber 7: Advanced Aerial Faith Plates, in which the only way to get it on the Faith Plate without yourself also getting on there is to let go of it and fall into the water, dying. If there are other places to get the achievement, it's not valid and it can be removed.
04:18:49 PM May 5th 2011
It's possible even in that chamber without dying, you just have to backtrack a little. It should be removed.
04:19:20 PM May 5th 2011
Also, prior planning is necessary, which is all I can say without going into Walkthrough Mode.
12:45:48 AM May 15th 2011
For the record, a much easier place to attempt it would probably be Chamber 15. That's where I got it, at any rate.
03:15:15 AM Aug 24th 2011
edited by marleyloveslife
Editing my first comment because it was lengthy and basically an achievement walkthrough. Basically, you can very easily do this in Chapter 2, Chamber 6, and you are able to drop things onto the plates. That should sum it up.
02:25:57 PM May 2nd 2011
Actor Allusion — doesn't it have to be fairly explicitly a reference to a previous role of the actor, and not merely a result of Typecasting? I don't think the Nolan North reference really counts absent Word of God, and the same goes with Stephen Merchant, unless the role was written specifically with him in mind.

04:50:01 PM Apr 29th 2011
edited by Froody42
I'm not sure about this example:

  • Take That!:
    • The test chambers designed by Wheatley are pure Stylistic Suck - they all either consist of empty rooms with a single button that opens the exit straight away, have death traps that lack the "death" part (Wheatley even apologises for not knowing how to fill the "deadly moat" with water), have words crudely spelled out on the wall out of the level elements, or they're levels designed by GLaDOS crudely glued together with a few extra elements - sometimes just cosmetic - thrown in. Now look at any depository of player-made maps. On a good day, only 75% will fit this mould.

That Valve of all people would have intended badly designed test chambers as a Take That against their own fans is seriously stretching it in my opinion, especially considering that there's a perfect in-universe justification for why they suck so much, which has nothing to do with custom maps. It is pure speculation on part of the troper, therefore it should not be in the main article in my opinion.
07:31:58 AM Apr 30th 2011
The in game commentaries outright states they wanted the chambers to look like something from a first time map maker though.
02:30:46 PM Apr 30th 2011
Ah, I didn't know that. In that case the example is fine of course :)
08:14:41 PM Apr 26th 2011
I was going to add The Power of Friendship or A Friend in Need or...something for the final puzzle of co-op mode, in which the vault is apparently unlocked by using the hug gesture in front of the camera. However, since I've only played through co-op mode once and my friend who's played it multiple times says that they also did the hug the other times he's done it, I'm not actually sure if this is an application of that trope (if you can do other gestures that will work, that would invalidate the trope), or if those tropes are even the right ones to use.
11:07:57 PM May 25th 2011
It's any gesture using both bots, as they explicitly make them "look human." The Power of Friendship sounds the best, though.
07:57:45 PM Apr 26th 2011
Hemisphere Bias should be in there (and I've already added it), but given that it is a major spoiler relating directly to how you beat the final boss, should the Trope name be in or out of the spoiler box?
02:23:57 PM May 2nd 2011
I don't see how simply having the trope there is a spoiler. Seeing the Earth from space doesn't inherently give anything important away.
04:17:39 PM May 5th 2011
Well, technically it could be a spoiler that you go to space at some point during the game, given that the facility was explicitly a terrestrial one. However, I've tried to put the trope title into the spoiler box as an experiment, but it never appears that way on the actual page.
11:22:27 AM May 12th 2011
Look, at a certain point, anyone reading this article who hasn't played the game is going to run into something spoilerish. That's a risk you take by reading this site. We can't spoiler tag every single plot reference or the article will be unreadable.
05:57:53 PM Apr 24th 2011
Hey, is Wheatley's immunity to logical paradox statements an example to Too Dumb to Fool, or an inversion of Too Dumb to Live (Too Dumb To Kill)?
09:26:31 AM Apr 25th 2011
Both. Fair enough to list it both times.
08:33:10 PM Apr 23rd 2011
edited by superluser
Quick question: I was hoping to add a bit about the spoiled out bit in the example for And I Must Scream. The sound files reveal that the space core actually doesn't like being in space: .

Should this be added? Is there a good way to do it?
01:06:17 AM Apr 24th 2011
I think that, since the sound files in question were removed, we can safely consider them non-canon.
08:20:42 PM May 4th 2011
Well they're still on Youtube.
05:57:23 PM Apr 22nd 2011
edited by Speedball
Anyone else reminded of the manga, Blame? (I forget the ptitle tag for it, but we have a wiki page for Blame right here). It's about a man travelling through an incredibly vast underground machine complex that goes on for zillions of miles in all directions, and there are parts where he travels over bottomless pits that look an awful lot like the hanging machine areas in Portal 2.
05:57:23 PM Apr 22nd 2011
Anyone else think the comic is a lot like the manga, Blame? (I forget the ptitle tag for it, but we have a wiki page for Blame right here). It's about a man travelling through an incredibly vast underground machine complex that goes on for zillions of miles in all directions, and there are parts where he travels over bottomless pits that look an awful lot like the hanging machine areas in Portal 2.
03:57:41 AM Apr 21st 2011
For everyone who wants to make a new page for Portal2, we normally just soft-split the existing one like this:

  • general game description
    • plot summary first
    • plot summary second
  • tropes in both games
  • tropes in the first
  • tropes in the second.

Unless the page reaches its limit, than we can separate them.
03:26:54 PM Apr 21st 2011
I was thinking something along the lines of that, but with a separate section for the backstory in addition to general gameplay tropes, because at this point the backstory is quite extensive.
12:00:51 PM Apr 22nd 2011
Thirded; I'm finding it hard to navigate the sequel tropes with the orignal's tropes.
09:26:09 AM Apr 25th 2011
I am going to do a soft split when I get the chance.
08:30:57 PM Apr 20th 2011
"Yesterday, I saw a deer", Shout out to The Dandelion Girl
07:06:05 AM Apr 20th 2011
  • Should Wheatley's amateurish test chamber in Portal 2 be labelled as Stylistic Stuck or Scrappy Level?
  • Is it really even worth mentioning Game Level in the tropes list? Saying that Portal has levels in it is a bit People Sit on Chairs, don't you think?
  • Is the whole theory about Chell being Caroline's daughter too WMG-ish for the main page?
01:29:19 AM Apr 22nd 2011
I do think it's too WMG-ish, yeah - I could go off on a paragraph or two about how that theory in fact makes no sense and is contradicted by evidence in the game *ahem* but then somebody who believes it would come along and make a rebuttal, and we really, really don't want that kind of natter cluttering up the main page, do we?
01:08:47 AM Apr 24th 2011
It's not a Scrappy Level, so don't name it that.

Also, it's Stylistic Suck, not Stuck— and yes, I think that fits.
08:10:48 PM Apr 19th 2011
edited by Vert
Is it just me, or did the turret from the No Hard Feelings achievement mention something about Caroline? Could someone confirm this? It might be a clever Foreshadowing of sorts...

Also, the potato experiment that confirms Chell's identity is also horribly overgrown... apart from being a clever justification for why there was a potato to use on Glados, is this also some sort of clever metaphor of how her actions will come to dominate and/or nearly destroy the whole lab and/or a metaphor of how determined Chell is (since it'd take a <very> determined potato to grow in such conditions!)?

Finally, is it a Brick Joke that we see a giant 'animal' turret in the ending, when it was used previously on one of the wall panel announcements as an example of humans being dominated by another species?
07:07:52 PM May 1st 2011
edited by
Yes, the "Different" turret says "Her name is Caroline. Remember that!" It says a lot of things that could be considered spoilers, but don't make sense unless you've actually gotten farther in the game. "The answer is beneath us." "Prometheus was punished by the gods for bringing knowledge to humans. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds." "Get mad. Don't make lemonade."
05:42:39 PM Apr 14th 2011
edited by KeybladeSpirit
I made a mistake earlier today when I put a trope down on the main page, so I wanted to be sure this time.

Does Cave Johnson's, "Cave Johnson!" at the end of all his "investment opportunities" count as a Verbal Tic? It might be too early to tell since we haven't heard much from him, but it certainly seems like it'll turn out that way.
06:45:27 PM Apr 14th 2011
Let's hold onto it until we at least hear it more than once.
05:04:08 AM Apr 15th 2011
Alright, that's what I thought. Thanks for the help.
08:59:03 AM Apr 12th 2011
Okay, Has ANYBODY read the Valve-released Comic, LAB RAT? its on, and It is what ties together EVERYTHING between Portal and Portal 2. I would start a page for it and/or add to the normal page myself but there is only so much that one inexperienced troper can do by himself.

This Comic is really cool: and would probabaly get ALOT of WMG, YMMV, posts, as well as answer alot of questions about things. (IT CONFIRMS THE COMPANION CUBE IS STILL ALIVE IN THE VERY FIRST ARTICLE)
10:38:30 AM Apr 12th 2011

Given that it already has a few entries on this page, I'd say yes?

There's no need for a separate page, I think. Just adding a link to the body of the article would be enough, if there isn't one already.
04:42:10 AM Mar 25th 2011
  • Gaiden Game: To the Half-Life series. Of course, given that it involves completely original characters and the sequel has now been confirmed to have nothing to do with Episode Three after all, you could also consider it a Backdoor Pilot.

I want to mention the leaked achievements here, but I don't want to Natter. How can I achieve this?
08:48:07 AM Jan 25th 2011
I'm a bit confused, why is Portal classified under FPS? I'm not a terribly experienced troper, but I'm quite certain that Portal is not an FPS. It seems like putting a game with a timed mission or mode down as a racing game...It's just not.
09:23:28 AM Jan 25th 2011
It's a first person puzzler, which did not actually have a genre until Portal came out, so it's fairly unique. Still, it's constructed on an FPS engine so it's one for all intents and purposes.
10:00:04 AM Jan 25th 2011
Well, somewhere between a FP-Puzzler and FP-Shooter, since you "shoot" portals and everyone calls the device a portal-gun, pretty much.
12:44:49 PM Jan 25th 2011
it's a FPS slash Puzzle game, not to complicated. Halo is FPS/Driving, multiple genre games are common now.
05:35:23 PM Apr 21st 2011
A first person puzzler... wait, like Myst?
08:48:07 AM Jan 23rd 2011
We should make a separate page for Portal 2. It already seems to be an entirely separate and different game, and looks to be troperiffic. Plus, we should change back the image.
08:54:08 AM Apr 12th 2011
I agree. The game will be coming out soon anyway: better do it early before this page gets 20 times bigger because of the sequel.
09:25:06 AM Apr 25th 2011
I'm going to do a soft split when I get the chance.
11:18:02 AM Oct 21st 2010
edited by Kennel
Perhaps we should cut that "Describe Port0" brick joke. It's just a random gimmick, confusing and not funny.
11:28:26 AM Oct 21st 2010
I agree. I tried to cut it before and it got put back very quickly.
11:35:01 AM Oct 21st 2010
As the one who put it back, I'll be fine with someone getting rid of it if enough people want it gone.

I do quite like it though. It's that kind of daft-ness that makes this site more fun than wikipedia.
12:49:33 PM Oct 21st 2010
I like it. It's a clever and unique use of the text formatting system.
10:00:46 PM Oct 21st 2010
Frankly, I like it. It kind of bugs me that the portal isn't the O in Portal, as it looks pretty much like it's shown in the logo (which is why I changed it before Silent Dave put it back again).
04:22:43 PM May 5th 2011
Is it possible to put stuff after the index listing? It'd be a nice Brick Joke, and we can have it and the "thank you for participating..." footer at the same time. Also, agree w/ BlackWolfe in that it really should be the O in Portal that is the, well, the portal.
03:52:47 PM Jul 27th 2011
The joke is not funny and it is getting tiresome constantly restoring it back to the original version. I'm right on the verge of deleting it and banning people.
06:42:45 AM Aug 8th 2010
01:01:00 PM Aug 8th 2010
02:30:29 PM Jun 26th 2010
Well, you know, eventually Portal 2 will have to have it's own page, so everything here about Portal 2 will probably have to shipped out. TO THE TO-DO LIST!
11:59:00 PM Jun 26th 2010
What? Sequels typically share a page with the original. If there's enough of a rift, we can add a new section for stuff exclusive to 2. But making an entirely new page is unnecessary.
12:34:51 PM Jan 14th 2011
Really, really, really popular pages that include more than one work tend to get divided into multiple pages, e.g. Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, which used to be the same page. Since the popularity of Portal can probably be measured in Gigasheps, we can safely assume that Portal 2 will get its own page, if not immediately then soon.
08:57:56 AM Apr 20th 2011
I support the notion of creating a new page. I'm finding it impossible at this point to read through the Portal page and not find a spoiler for Portal 2 (doesn't help almost all of the Portal 2 information is spoiler'd), so to read any of it you need to highlight it. And spoil the game for yourself.

What I would suggest if a new page isn't warranted is dividing the page chronologically depending on the timeline: pre-Portal, Portal, and Portal 2. Ditto with the other pages like YMMV, Crowning Moment/Music of Awesome/Heartwarming/Funny/etc.
07:35:28 PM Apr 21st 2011
There seems to be a decent amount of retconning in Portal 2 wrt the pre-Portal stuff, so that might not work that well.
09:24:49 AM Apr 25th 2011
I'm planning to soft split it shortly, when I get the time.
08:49:50 AM Jun 7th 2010
I thought Chell herself was an android (judging from her appearance: whatever's up with her head / hair and the walking things). Am I wrong?
09:06:15 AM Jun 7th 2010
This goes on WMG if you want to expound about it. Believe me, you aren't the first.
05:49:32 PM Jun 16th 2010
The things on her feet were probably part of her tests. They stop any sort of fall damage.

And there's nothing wrong with her head unless you're talking about her Portal 2 design.
03:08:49 PM Apr 23rd 2010
The current page image does show the concept of Portals, but it's Garry's Mod, which I think can confuse some people. I remember an image of a hand pouring coffee into a mug with a portal on it, and another mug with an orange portal, so the coffee jumps from one mug to another. If anyone can find that image, it would make a good page image.
03:34:35 PM May 13th 2010
Why not an image from the game itself? It's not like the page is about the concept of portals.
01:53:28 PM May 22nd 2010
Is this picture the one you're talking about?
10:19:07 PM May 22nd 2010
Heh. Cute picture. But I agree with anon — the best page image would be one from the actual game.
11:42:10 AM Jun 16th 2010
edited by ExprrWho
huh, Guess what? i just spent the last day and a half coding and noclipping to get a perfect screenshot of the energy ball, the upgrader portal gun, and both portal in a natural screenshot to replace garry's Mod shot. and now it changed. Crap
05:47:49 PM Jun 16th 2010
edited by stickmeister0
Your image is broken with brackets, so copy and paste the url without the brackets. The wiki won't allow hot linking, after all.

It's...not a good image actually. And I don't think I totally like the current image.

How about we use an image from the box art?
07:17:37 PM Mar 7th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page

  • Villainous Breakdown: GLaDOS. When you try to invoke This Is My Side during the final boss fight and spend most of said fighting making petty insults, you're broken. It doesn't help that Chell spent the fight ripping her mind to pieces and setting them on fire. Though she may have gotten better...
    • For all the horrible things GLaDOS does to you, the player does just as much back. You are killing a sentient being that really can't do much to you outside of gassing you slowly to save herself, which you allowed her to do because Stupidity Is the Only Option. It is no wonder she breaks down. Not to mention you are ripping key components off her, which leads to the petty insults.
    GLaDOS: 2+2 equals *static* 10. ...In base 4, I'm fine!

03:04:19 PM Apr 23rd 2010
edited by stickmeister0

Good God, you don't need to be Captain Obvious, if there's conversation then remove it. And half of those aren't conversation, especially this one.
04:20:12 PM Apr 23rd 2010
The wiki is not your private forum to talk about stuff. The main page should be kept as informative and non-talky as is reasonably possible. Discussion pages, WMG, JBM, forums — go crazy.
04:28:52 AM Apr 24th 2010
stickmeister0, experience suggests that if I had just removed all the conversations, somebody would have complained about that. Preserving the conversations on the discussion page reduces the chances that somebody will be upset that I deleted their beautiful argument. Also, if they want to continue their beautiful argument, they can do it, right here on the discussion page where discussions belong.
11:17:07 PM Jul 3rd 2010
It's a better idea to remove the useless natter, while keeping the portions relevant to the trope. Several of the examples you deleted could be salvaged.
07:16:28 PM Mar 7th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page

  • Take That!. In-universe. "While you're dead, I will be still alive."
    • Of course, you could also interpret that as a lament that Chell can die, while GLaDOS cannot herself.
      • Or that some of her taunts are directed at the player, especially her calling you a murderer and saying that, unlike you, she can feel pain. You are after all, outside the fictional world and cannot be harmed by it, and Chell can just restart if she dies.

07:13:19 PM Mar 7th 2010
edited by
Conversation in the Main Page

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Trope Namer again (though the event that precipitated the response was not actually an example).
    • Really? Seems pretty dumb to chuck pieces of the unstable AI running the whole facility into an incinerator. And it is proven to be so when she starts flooding the chamber with nerve gas, the turret systems malfunction, and a giant portal destroys the room you were in. It's pretty damn lucky you survived your own stupidity.
      • How is it stupidity? There isn't anything else you could do except sit around and starve to death. If you think it's stupid, you're perfectly free not to do it and see how far that gets you.
        • True for the player, but in-universe it's still stupid.
07:11:30 PM Mar 7th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page

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Conversation in the Main Page

07:07:06 PM Mar 7th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page

  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: There have been some truly odd interpretations of this fairly straightforward game as, among other things, a crushing feminist assault on the masculine and misogynist games industry. See the Wild Mass Guessing page for details.
    • They're just feeding the WMG-ers now. With the update: [1] a LOUD explosion due to gunfire(?) and a muffled voice shouting something unintelligible? Come on Valve, you're just taking the piss now.
03:52:33 PM Mar 20th 2010
Just because it's threadmoded doesn't make it conversation in the main page.
06:25:46 PM Mar 20th 2010
True. What makes it conversation in the main page is that it's a chatty remark with more rhetorical flourishes than actual content, that belongs in a forum thread, not in a list of trope examples, and doesn't actually say anything about the "Everyone is Jesus in Purgatory" trope.
12:53:51 PM Sep 1st 2011
Except we're not supposed to have Thread Modes in the main page regardless.

Was it already removed? If not, remove it out.
07:05:11 PM Mar 7th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page

  • Black Comedy: GLaDOS's sense of humor.
    • Especially when you consider the backstory of what happened to the scientists.
      • What did happen? While it is stated she has killed people before, it is not clear whether she was the one who cleased the Enrichment Center prior to Chell's awakening. After all, where are the bodies? And GLaDOS explicitly mentions something else that she was able to hold back until the player murdered her (well tried and failed to.)
08:20:26 PM Apr 20th 2011
It isn't made clear during the actual games, but it's all there in the manual. It happened on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and that gets lampshaded in Portal 2.
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