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01:00:43 PM Jun 20th 2017
edited by Wyldchyld
Bleach entry:

It was removed for suffering from Examples Are Not General and Examples Are Not Arguable, but was added back to the page unchanged, with the edit reason "Correct. don't remove".

If it is correct, it needs some How to Write an Example loving.

04:28:15 PM Oct 2nd 2016
Shouldn't Star Wars be in the films section? The prequel trilogy is one of the most infamous examples of this in movie history. Also, Return of the Jedi is considered by many to be the weakest of the original trilogy (Really, throwing incest into Star Wars?)
04:50:25 PM Oct 2nd 2016
You may wish to consult this forum thread, where the validity of this example has already been discussed.
06:34:38 PM Jan 31st 2018
Yes Star Wars can be an example with its prequels but episode 3 was the best out of all of them. Episode 7 and episode 8 managed to be much better
12:40:07 PM Dec 3rd 2015
More of a clarification, but...

I want to make sure I'm not wrong in wanting to edit this example, from the entry for Asterix under comic books: "[...]with the atrocious Asterix and the Secret Weapon (*note where science fiction elements are mixed in) as the final sign that Uderzo just didn't care anymore." I'm pretty sure they confused Asterix and the Secret Weapon (where Caesar sends women to fight the Gauls and Bravura, a female bard, takes over for Cacofonix) with Asterix and the Falling Sky (where aliens visit the Gauls). If so, the example should be edited.
11:52:12 PM Jun 19th 2014
How do I add this to the trope repair shop? It has trouble distancing itself from Sequelitis.
12:06:17 AM Jun 20th 2014
A sequel is a very different thing than a season, so I don't see a reason at all.
05:02:21 PM Feb 3rd 2014
It would be nice if the Downton Abbey had more detail since the page quote talks about it.
10:31:16 AM Oct 6th 2013
Does anyone know if Act 6 of Homestuck would qualify? I've been witnessing fan after fan lose interest, but I was only looking around three sites (the MSPA forum, Tumblr, and to a lesser extent TV Tropes), and only in certain segments to boot. I want a few other opinions on the matter before trying to add it, and also because I'm not sure how to word my and other people's reasons for why Act 6 is showing signs of decline (becides issues that can easily be applied to Act 5) without turning it into a large essay that tries to cover all counterarguments.
01:19:14 PM Feb 22nd 2014
I know this is kind of a late response, but I do think Act 6 has been a huge step down for Homestuck. A lot of my friends have even lost interest in it. I've kept reading, but I've noticed that the momentum of the story just completely hit a brick wall when Act 6 began. There are too many pointless characters, all the interesting stuff was happening off screen, and a plethora of tired and unfunny jokes. Some of them even border on just being downright unpleasant and mean spirited.
11:42:14 PM Aug 4th 2013
Anyone else disagree with the yu yu hakusho entry? Most people I talk to seem to think it was an improvement over the previous story arc and that yuske actually losing the way he did was quite clever. Not to mention that the final fight was one of the best animated ones in the series and the wrap up was very well done. It was actually far better than the comic version.
06:32:50 PM Jul 20th 2013
Why do we have examples for anything that's not directly related to Television, e.g. Films, Comic Books, Literature, Music?
06:44:11 PM Jul 20th 2013
Films are related to television. And there's no rule saying this trope can only apply to certain mediums.
04:42:08 PM May 1st 2013
Perhaps this page is more suited to Darth Wiki?
01:55:17 PM Feb 19th 2013
The Tabletop Games entry for Dungeons & Dragons smells like YMMV to me. I was fonder of 3rd than 4th edition, but I think even a 4th edition fan would agree that there's a lot of bias in phrases like "taking the game where it needed to go". (It's also become dated - both Essentials and now the upcoming Next probably call for some revision.) I wouldn't feel justified in unilaterally editing it, though...
02:33:28 PM Jan 29th 2013
May I add Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? It seems, judging by the YMMV pages of the S3 episodes on the Recap page, that this season has been nothing but one huge Broken Base.
12:42:43 AM Jan 30th 2013
I'd recommend waiting until the season is finished. Almost every episode in that show causes heated divisions anyway; as a new season, Season 3 was bound to get it especially bad.
01:45:17 PM Feb 19th 2013
edited by MrMediaGuy
Even though the example got removed, you'd be surprised how much complaining there's been this season. To wit...
  • "The Crystal Empire": People complained about how King Sombra was a Generic Doomsday Villain with not enough screentime and dialogue.
  • "Too Many Pinkie Pies": People complained about Twilight mercilessly killing the Pinkie clones.
  • "One Bad Apple": People complained that the depiction of bullying was unrealistic, and that Babs got away with no punishment.
  • "Wonderbolts Academy": People complained about Spitfire being a Drill Sergeant Nasty, and having a different-sounding voice.
  • "Spike at your Service": Probably the most complained-about episode of the season. Everypony acting out of character, being afraid of something they can kill easily, etc.
  • "Keep Calm and Flutter On": If people weren't complaining about Discord pulling a Heel–Face Turn, then they're whining about the episode being fast-paced.
  • "Just For Sidekicks": People complained about the amount of suffering Spike goes through in this episode.
  • "Games Ponies Play": Dear god. There was a lot of complaining about the Idiot Plot, Deus ex Machina, etc.
  • "Magical Mystery Cure": If Twilight becoming an alicorn princess isn't Jumping the Shark for many people, it's the same problem as "Keep Calm and Flutter On". Too fast pacing.
It seems the only ones people aren't complaining about are "Magic Duel", "Sleepless in Ponyville", and "Apple Family Reunion", but I may be wrong even on those ones.
03:23:07 PM Feb 20th 2013
edited by SomeNewGuy
I'm sorry, but the majority of those "complaints" are ridiculously petty, especially Wonderbolt Academy.

Seriously, just because you hated Season 3 doesn't mean everyone else does. There are plenty of fans of the season 3 episodes.

Its like Telcontar said, every episode is gonna have its detractors. By your logic, Seasons 1 and 2 belong here as well because pretty much every episode will have someone complaining about it. Also, your last edit reason suggests personal bias on your part.
05:01:42 PM Feb 20th 2013
I didn't hate them. Everybody else did. Almost all of the Season 3 episodes have people complaining, especially "Spike at your Service" and "Games Ponies Play".
05:10:02 PM Feb 20th 2013
Again though, every episode in any given show is gonna have its detractors. As it is, fan reaction to Season 3 is simply too mixed to make judgement. A season has to be considered bad by the majority of the fanbase for it to count as this.
02:33:35 PM Mar 3rd 2013
edited by storyyeller
I've removed it as it seems to have been added by one person treating their opinion as consensus.

For what it's worth, I'm fine with all the episodes you claim are Broken Bases, while I disliked Apple Family Reunion. I think you are letting your personal dislike cause you to overhype every little complaint you see.

None of the season 3 episodes have brought the noticeable backlash that MMDW did, except possibly Alicorn Twilight, and that was a reaction that occurred before the episode even aired.
02:31:31 PM Sep 1st 2012
May I add season 10 of Family Guy? All that needs to be said is that it took all of the flaws from Season 7 that they had worked out by season 9, added them back in, and then cranked up those flaws to eleven. At the very least, many fans who even thought season 7 was decent will admit that, outside of one or two episodes, this season just stunk.
10:56:49 PM Apr 30th 2013
Well add it if you're so sure.
11:35:06 AM Jul 28th 2012
Should we add seasons 3 and 4 of Dexter's Laboratory?
12:47:43 PM Jun 19th 2012
Why wer the examples in fanfiction delete?
11:31:31 AM Jul 7th 2011
Season 6 of South Park? Of course some hardcore Kenny fans were upset but many fans agree that season six was one of the best, even with Kenny's absence.
02:57:45 PM Apr 7th 2012
edited by Thebirdlover
I thought the fact that no one was representing the critic reviews properly into Season 15 of South Park was ridiculous so I had to do that myself.
02:44:55 PM May 22nd 2011
Someone deleted this second bullet point to the Simpsons entry:

  • The Simpsons actually saw some major Seasonal Rot when Mike Scully became executive producer after season eight. Season nine wasn't all that great either, especially when the first episode ("The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson") had Homer in full Jerk Ass mode and the second one ("The Principal and the Pauper") ruined the continuity of a beloved character (the fact that season nine aired around the time of Phil Hartman's murder, forcing the writers to retire his recurring characters Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure, and around the time that South Park was gaining notoriety, didn't help, either). It Got Worse in season ten. Outside of a few good episodes, like "Lisa Gets An A," "Bart the Mother," "Mayored to the Mob," "Simpsons Bible Stories," and "They Saved Lisa's Brain," the rest of the season was a trainwreck of weak ideas, All Jerk Ass Homer, all the time (with some Soapbox Sadie Lisa in a vain attempt to prove to disgruntled fans that not all of their episodes focus on Homer being an ass or going on crazy adventures), pointless celebrity cameos, and the beginning signs of mass character Flanderization. With Al Jean at the helm at the start of season 13, there's more of a Broken Base than ever before between the die-hard fans and the ones who abandoned the show when it started to falter.

The edit reason consisted entirly of "HOW MANY WAYS CAN I SAY NO?!?!", but personally, I don't see what's so bad about it. From what I've seen of all the kinda-recent-Simpsons that I get on TV (the stations only seem to air seasons ~16 onward, with FOX airing absolutly nothing but the newest season), that is an accurate explanation with what's wrong with the series. So why was it cut?
12:06:04 PM Jun 4th 2011
edited by terlwyth
Season 11 was a Love It or Hate It Season,not Seasonal Rot.Al Jean however after taking the helm again pretty much took everything from the bad Scully episodes and made them worse. Homer is no longer smart enough to be the Jerkass he was in Season 11,Marge has become Not So Above It All,and Bart lost the compassion he had in "Bart the Mother",and worst of all they all became Lisa-centered

I mean what's the worst Scully episode "It's a Mad Mad Marge"? "Kill the Alligator and Run"? "Homer vs Dignity"? At least I could laugh at far the series has fallen in those episodes with the heavy gags. The worst Jean episode since his return would be "Love is Many A Strangled Thing",close with "Million Dollar Abie", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister", and Little Girl in the Big Ten"

Finally the only decent Al Jean episode of Season 13 is "Blame it On Lisa". Also the person who ranted about Homer and New York,The Prinicipal and Pauper,those AREN'T MIKE SCULLY. That's right even the people who did 7 and 8 are flawed to

And no Mike Scully's run isn't my favorite
12:40:11 AM Nov 14th 2012
I think the last classic episode is NY vs Homer. Another (completely objective) way to gauge the show's downfall is where my friends and I stop quoting. The most recent quote any of us ever use is "pump those crazy legs!" from It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Marge.
07:44:25 PM Nov 4th 2010
Here's a relevant comic: The Lifespan of Every TV Show Ever.
02:00:05 PM May 10th 2010
How the hell are The Simpsons NOT listed here?
10:13:11 AM May 11th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
02:29:36 PM May 16th 2010
...because it's not "Jump the Shark but you're allowed to add examples". You have to point a specific point.
02:34:54 PM May 16th 2010
Oh, right, I deleted it. My point still stands though. It has to be a season.
02:05:23 PM Jan 31st 2011
Heh, I actually enjoyed Season 11, every single episode of it. I particularly liked "Brother's Little Helper," though it shares a premise with the South Park episode "Timmy 2000."

I wonder what that makes me...I guess it's because I enjoy both Old Simpsons and New Simpsons, so to me, this was more of a best of both worlds.
11:38:09 AM Jun 4th 2011
I enjoyed the Mike Scully run,well the early run which actually was a Golden Age like the rest and if you hate 9 and 10,you've been spoiled by 7 and 8. Seriously though with episodes like "Viva Ned Flanders" "Bart the Mother", "The Cartridge Family", "The Two Nashimpaletons" (The one where Apu gets married), "This Little Wiggy", "Sunday,Cruddy Sunday", and only "Lisa the Simpsons" to counter all of this,it's hard to call anything before Season 11 bad.

And even Season 11 had some shiners,no Mike Scully shouldn't be blamed,Al Jean should for Seasons 15-19 with garbage like "Million Dollar Abie", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister", "Tis the Fifteenth Season" and "Co-Dependents Day" where Homer was bigger Jerkass than anything before. At least Jerkass Homer was funny,The Wesley Lisa is by far a greater Jerkass than Homer ever was.

Nope I'll take Seasons 9,10,11,and 12 well before accepting boring,tasteless,Soapbox Sadie ridden Al-Jean w/out Mike Reiss episodes where Lisa is the hero,Jean said so himself Lisa is his favorite to write for and it shows.

Season 11 beats 15 by a longshot
07:08:38 PM Apr 15th 2010
edited by AncientSilurian
Sorry? What? Season 6 of Lost slow-moving? Am I watching the same show?
01:06:36 PM Apr 30th 2010
edited by AncientSilurian
Ancient Silurian: I don't know. Did you see the one I (the adder of that example) saw, where they spend six episodes in the Temple before splitting into two camps that just sit around and do nothing (outside of the grand two characters that go over to Widmore) until Ilana blows up? Where half of every episode is dedicated to not developing the characters or plot but instead forcing us through a device solely designed to make us all nostalgic for earlier seasons? Because that's the season 6 I remember.
06:22:28 PM Apr 9th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Just to say, because I don't want to make a Justifying Edit without cause: Johto only had one plotline of note after the GS ball (excluding Misty's Arc in the Limelight, and even then the main quest was put on hold). Sinnoh, by contrast, had Three Lines Some Waiting (with Ash usually getting the short end when Galactic was on the move) with a side order of going roundabout East Sinnoh as per the game. Hoenn just didn't care about Kyogre and Groundon.
06:31:40 PM Jul 20th 2013
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