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    So I've actually had this on my watchlist for a while, but I want to see how I should move forward with this.

    So Universe-11N is a page that has a listing of random stories and shared tropes mad by Gfyftg, whose entire editing history is solely of editing these story pages. The problem is that this page and the specific story ones are littered with spoiler tags, ZC Es, and just general editing issues.

    Those problems aside, I did a quick Google search for all of the stories and "the young author Nathan Thornsbury". Nothing. None of this appears to exist anywhere on the internet.

    I also think that the editor is the author of these stories, but I have no way of actually proving that.

    How should I exactly proceed here? It's a large amount of pages, and I have no way of verifying that any of the tropes actually pertain to the story. Should I try to fix the pages and their issues? Cutlist them altogether? Move it to Darth Wiki? Reply

      Oh, by the way, none of the pages (the main page and the stories with links) are indexed.

      I did my own search with Universe 11 N on MSN, and got nothing. The only links I find are on Google, and they lead back to TV Tropes.

      I found a Nathan Thornsbury that has a connection to an author, but he's an 11th grader somewhere and he's not an author (the author in the article I found is Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson novels).

      The next links with my search "Nathan Thornsbury Author" lead back here.

      Sounds like someone else troping works that exist only in their heads or in personal files.

      Either cut or move to Unpublished Works in Darth Wiki.

      Susoended. Let's get an explanation of where these works are before anyone puts any work into trying to fix the pages.

      He also has VideoGame.Marvel DC Crisis Of Infinite Brands which seems to be entirely made up. Other than a wikia site (solely edited by the author) there's no sign of this on the web.

      The... optimism about that game also casts doubt on the veracity of his claim in the Edit/Banned thread about how there's a publisher who is planning on printing his books.

      All the articles should either be cut or transplanted to Darth Wiki.

      I'm transplanting the ones that at least have descriptions and some effort put into them (I've yet to look at all of them). Do unpublished works get Characters/ pages? (I know they don't get other subpages, but I want to check on that one before sending to the cutlist.)

      No, they do not get any subpages.

      Based on the troper's edit history and the Literature/ hub page, I think I got all of them. I cut the stubs, Characters/ and Literature/ pages, and I moved the non-stubs to Darth Wiki/. I indexed the survivors on Unpublished Works. I dewicked the pages that just won't exist once they're cut.


      Stubs sent directly to cut list (in case anybody wants to defend them or move them):

      As for Gfyftg? His signature on the Edit Banned/Suspended thread makes me think HE'S the author. He even calls himself the "Creator of Universe 11N".

      Wouldn't be the first time 'I have this friend' came up.

      All we can do is see how he behaves.

      I didn't touch the Video Game/ pages yet. The following is based on the troper's edit history. I think the only extant work was Batman Arkham VR.

      EDIT: Okay, Crusaders of the Lost Idols does exist. I added it to the cut list seeing that it was a stub (and after nine or ten pages for non-extant works, I jumped the gun). The Lost Idols game has accrued over 50 inbounds with 2 wicks since October 2016, so I actually think it should stay in order to be expanded. I mentioned the fact that it actually exists on the discussion page.

      To everyone on this page, I have a clarification to make. This is Gfyftg, and yes, I am the author of said stories. The stories are not just head-canon but are actual novellas that I myself have written and am trying to get published officially. I wasn't aware that not yet released works are supposed to go onto the Darth Wiki, but now that I know that, I will be sure not to make the mistake again. As for the Marvel DC Video Game, that was also something that began of my own creation. It started as a family project that I made the Wikia for to let other people help create the game through crowd idea generation. Unfortunately, I have been the only person to edit it, because no one else has found the site and been willing to add to it.

      Also, I realize now that I should have been more directly transparent with the fact that I was the author of the novels as well as the account holder making those pages, and I do apologize. I did not mean to take advantage of the TV Tropes site or its users, or cause any undue confusion in any way. I have always loved TV Tropes. If you decide to move them to the Darth Wiki, I completely understand, and I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience I may have caused.

      EDIT: Also, the Rick Riordan article is old. I'm actually an outgoing senior and current college student now.
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    I just chopped a citationless Unfortunate Implications wick from Led Zeppelin. The problem is that the example the wick was on also cites Mighty Whitey. Is this an appropriate trope to use in this context? Reply

      No, Mighty Whitey is not appropriate. The whole second-level bullet point is natter, and a justifying edit as well as confusing the issue. It sounds like it's saying that Zep's versions of (unmentioned songs) didn't move into the "covered is better known that the original" territory because critics didn't like Zep.

      Actually, the first-level bullet point is unnecessarily judgemental and dismissive, as well.

      I thought so too. I just wasn't sure about it. Thanks for the input. EDIT: it's gone. Taking a second look, that whole page has a natter/gush problem. I'm on mobile right now, so fixing it isn't a good idea (I tend not to do large-scale edits from my phone, like many other users; autocorrect can be a problem.)
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    On the page Logan I made an edit for a speech and then clicked enter to stop an editing mistake which succeeded with the previews. Someone undid the enter causing that editing mistake again. I don't want to fix this myself because it could be confused with an edit war. Reply

      Fixing markup errors and/or editing mistakes is not something that will trigger an edit warring concern, as long as you explain the fix in the edit reason.
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    Live Action TV
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    So I remember when I was little around early 2000s I saw a show about women with shooting bracelets, they were underground I dont remember much only that there wasnt a big cast and mainly women. Also I remember that they had some hate against robots that lived above them. Oh and I strongly remember one plot twist- one the women turned out to be a robot too Please help me out Reply
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    (link) There is a namespacing issue with this page (misspelled "Tabletop"), but I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist in the first place. Decided to ask here in case a Star Wars fan knows more? It's apparently based on Age of Rebellion and Edge of Empire. Reply

      It has no description or indexing, and we can't verify its existence. Cutlist it (and its subpage).

      Roger roger. And done.
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    Live Action TV
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    Can someone who's already either finished or started Iron Fist (2017) please list which of the barefoot-related tropes on this list apply to Danny? Reply
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    Web Original
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    Cutiesofly replaced a bunch of legitimate tropes with tropes that don't even exist on Characters.Vinesauce, under the pretense that they were "In accurate information." Reply

      Well, that could be considered vandalism, but I don't know.

      None of the tropes ring a bell to me.

      Someone should talk to Cutiesofly.

      Looks like flamemario12 reverted the damage. And yeah, none of those were tropes.

      Cutie is either a troll or doesn't understand how these things work on this site. Needs a PM, might need a shoulder tap.


      Someone will have to still restore the content that was replaced. I know absolutely nothing about Vinesauce, so I can't say if those examples were justifiably removed or not.
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    Am I allowed to make a custom namespace for my article that doesn't fit anywhere else? For example, if something has so much prominence on, let's say Reddit, but there's no namespace available to document it's prominence on Reddit. (Bad example, I know) So I create a page titled "Reddit / The Work In Question". (Of course, without spaces) Am I allowed to do that? Reply

      You can check out the namespace help thread also. From there, there's also the Namespace Map. There is also the suggesting new namespaces thread.

      That said, some namespaces are kind of flexible — with Board Games falling under Tabletop Games (rather than something specific like BoardGame/). What namespace or work were you thinking of making a page for?

      @Water Blap | I want to make "Users / The Zimmer Twins" because The Zimmer Twins is a website that revolves around users, and being a really small community there's a set of the more popular users I want to showcase. Should I just put that under the "Characters" page?

      @Water Blap | I want to make "Users / The Zimmer Twins" because The Zimmer Twins is a website that revolves around users, and being a really small community there's a set of the more popular users I want to showcase. Should I just put that under the "Characters" page?

      @Water Blap | I want to make "Users / The Zimmer Twins" because The Zimmer Twins is a website that revolves around users, and being a really small community there's a set of the more popular users I want to showcase. Should I just put that under the "Characters" page?

      I don't think we trope users of websites. As it just so happens, the Website/ namespace has its own discussion thread, if you want to look through the thread for an answer (or to ask the people who maintain the Website/ namespace directly). The thread is simply called "Websites cleanup" in the long-term projects forum.

      On the first post of the thread, it says that "User antics are not tropeable," but also "User created content is potentially tropeable," so it might be worth asking in that thread.

      1) Sorry, but nope on just randomly creating namespaces. Folders are one thing, but when it comes to sorting things on the wiki, there's specific namespaces for a reason.

      2) Sorry again, but most of the time it's a nope on troping website users. The only exception is if they have a performing persona, like WWE wrestlers or some comedians.
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    How do I add a page for a movie that's not up yet? Reply

      There's really no need for this to be private.

      Please check out this page for how to create a works page.

      For unreleased works, they should start in the Darth Wiki or a Sandbox until enough (non-speculation based) tropes are known to create a page.

      We do not trope speculation.

      If the movie is scheduled to come out, we can have a page for it outside of Sandbox/ or Darth Wiki/. For example Film.Captain Marvel is scheduled to come out in 2019 and Film.Avengers Infinity War is scheduled for 2018. I think it depends on the likelihood that the film won't stay in Development Hell.

      So, we can trope trailers and press releases before the work is released. Just not speculation based on that material.

      Note that both of those pages violate the rule against speculation.

      ^ Specifically, the "Don't Speculate, Don't Prognosticate" rule from How to Write an Example:

      You may have a good reason for assuming the trope will be used in a show eventually, but if you haven't seen the trope in the work, you haven't seen the trope used in the work, whether it's because the creators haven't put it in yet, because they're not going to put it in, or because you haven't actually seen the work in question. If and when you actually see the trope used, add it — but not before. By the same token, don't say "used in pretty much every [genre] work," particularly if you haven't seen literally all of them and can confirm that it's in them.

      Which is exactly why using the Ssndbox is advised.

      Both those pages look to me like they fall under the whole concept that just because a troper thought something was a good idea doesn't mean it was.

      There are other comicbook movie (etc.) pages, by the way, that are listed at least as "upcoming."

      Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Defenders, The Punisher, Cloak & Dagger, Runaways
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    Pocahontas has been launched, and it was launched on the 400th anniversary of her death

    Yet I have two problems:

    • Instead of going to the Useful Notes namesake, it instead went as Main/UsefulNotesPocahontas, so I copied it and transplanted it to UsefulNotes/Pocahontas.
    • Which Useful Notes index do I put her?
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    Is it okay to recreate the Twilight page? It seems like there are enough examples with citations to warrant it, and the reason the page was cut was because the examples had no citations. Reply

      Are they different examples than what's on the main page?

      Mostly, there are about four entries common to both pages.

      So will it be possible to do so?

      Well, you won't be able to do it directly since cut pages are automatically locked. I would suggest using a Sandbox, and then bringing your request to the Locked pages thread.

      Okay, so it should be like Sandbox.Twilight? This is my first time creating a sandbox.

      To minimize potential overlap, your best bet is making it Sandbox.Night Shade 96.

      Okay, thanks for the help.
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    But isn't the Running Gag of joking about TV Tropes ruining your life getting a bit old? Especially because the actual article TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life actually argues about why it won't. Reply

      We don't pretend to be judges of what is and is not a stale meme.

      It is always new to someone.

      I thought a meme was a picture with words stamped on it?

      In a very general sense, a "meme" is a "thought," and as it is used in Internet culture, a "meme" is a "funny thought" — whether it's an image with words on it or a statement. Sometimes, the meme can be a funny image without any words on it. In this case, the "TV Tropes is ruining my life" is a "statement meme," so to speak.

      And as Cryptic Mirror said, the joke is always new to someone.

      ^^ That's an Image Macro, which is just a certain kind of meme.

      All the We Are Number One parodies prove that memes =/= pictures with words.

      A meme is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture". Its use to mean Image Macro is a popular derivation based on the memetic property of said macros. Meme theory borrows heavily from virus theory in terms of the mechanisms by which ideas propagate, which is why a meme can be said to 'go viral' if it transmits itself to (infects) a large population very quickly.

      Examples of memes that have been successful throughout history include agriculture, the wheel, and firearms. Note that the meme is not just the object or technology, but the entire block of cultural information that includes the reason for using it, how to create/perform it, how to use it, the morality of using it, and so on. (More specifically, something like agriculture is a vast complex of memes all packaged together.)

      Items ranging from nursery rhymes to propaganda can be memes. It's a very encompassing topic.

      @OP. Really, it's more a wiki in-joke than a Running Gag. Since you already read the page, you know it's a twofold joke. "Ruining" because you will analyze works from a trope perspective, and "ruining" by being an addictive website. It's a tongue-in-cheek way for tropers to make fun of ourselves and what we do.

      However, I've never seen the joke really overused outside the administrative / info pages, but I guess looking at the wick count shows it's potholed a lot. Unless the potholes and wicks are shoehorned in and breaking the page, it's not really an issue. It's a joke, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Can someone give Water Blap a tap on the shoulder in the JonTron discussion page? For some reason, he's deliberately insulting and baiting a reaction from me.

    1. He ignored other tropers who've said that an example could be written without going against policy.
    2. He's arguing against me, specifically, by arguing in bad faith, and making accusations about my intentions.
    3. He's flat out insulting me, and deliberately interpretating everything I say in the worst light.
    4. When Larkmarn made the same suggestion I did, he flat out admits that there's nothing wrong with the suggestion, but that HE has a problem with any suggestions because of issued on Donald Trump and Sargon of Akkad pages (which has NOTHING to do with this).

    I don't want to take this petty argument any farther, but he's seriously under my skin. Reply

      Alright, here's what I can gather:

      KingZeal doesn't care if the example is on the page or not, but if it is, he wants it to be neutral.

      WaterBlap cites mods as why this political mess doesn't belong on the page.

      KingZeal states that, and I quote, "An example stating that his show lost a large chunk of subscribers due to the host's political views isn't troping the person directly."

      WaterBlap points out the Loophole Abuse pothole and links to the forum post that he quoted the aforementioned mod policy on Trump from.

      KingZeal states that it wasn't his idea he stated, that Water's second point doesn't address what he said, and that "We were asked to come here to discuss the matter, not have one person mini-mod it." (red flag)

      WaterBlap is confused as to how the idea that KingZeal said was not his idea, that the second point he made is about what King said about Audience Reaction tropes, that quoting a mod isn't minimodding, that the discussion is supposed to be about the example and not policy, that King's idea exploits a loophole, that he's just trying to avoid beating around the bush, and that people want to add the example back even though it really shouldn't go up.

      KingZeal refutes Water's last post: he doesn't care about the example being added or not so the idea isn't his? In addition, he states that if we're talking about an example that violates policy, policy can and will be brought up. After that, he clarifies that he was confused earlier about how Water drew the conclusion that he did.

      WaterBlap states that Sargon and JonTron are similar works: since Sargon isn't tropeable in this regard, neither is JonTron. Seems good, but then he gets a bit aggressive towards King: while he is being passive-aggressive though, he states true things (King potholed Loophole Abuse, minimodding apparently means "stating policy", and that King is playing the victim with his parting message, "At this point, what I'm more upset about is how you handled it...but I'll walk that off.") (red flag)

      tl;dr: Both of you are wrong.

      ^ Slight correction to Mario Man's post. I was saying the debate itself is similar to Sargon's YouTube channel. As in, they are political non-fiction works, the latter of which was determined in the Websites/ cleanup thread to be non-tropeable. I wasn't saying that Jon Tron's show is similar to Sargon's channel.

      ^^ I don't think that first numbered bullet is a fair point. I did respond to Larkman, ironballs16, and you. Only one person who I didn't directly respond to said to put it back (zmanwarrior). Your fourth point isn't based on my response to Larkman. I said that "I don't see how a third party, nonfiction debate is a part of his work." I never said that there was nothing wrong with the suggestion, and I didn't say that I had a personal problem with any of the suggestions.

      "King potholed Loophole Abuse, minimodding apparently means "stating policy", and that King is playing the victim with his parting message, "At this point, what I'm more upset about is how you handled it...but I'll walk that off.") (red flag)"

      Can you help me understand why those are "red flags"?

      I potholed Loophole Abuse because it seemed like a policy gray area, where no policy I've heard of technically applies to this example. It seems a couple of tropers seem to agree with me on that, so I'm not sure what's a "red flag".

      Likewise, what is this "playing the victim"? I stated an opinion: I'm disappointed with how Water Blap is handling this, and how he continues to handle it even in this thread. If I'm somehow wrong for stating this, please let me know. But I don't see how arguing he could handle this bettet is "playing a victim".

      Either way, though, I'm going to leave this alone.

      ^ Addressing your statements in order:

      The red flag was directed towards WaterBlap's passive-aggressive remarks in the March 19th message. That was pretty unclear on my end, sorry about that.

      The fact that you potholed Loophole Abuse at all makes your idea seem pretty suspect since you literally admit that you're using a loophole to keep this entry on the page.

      I state that you're playing the victim because despite the fact that you're part of the cause of this debate, you just up and walked away and posted here on ATT asking for someone to tap Water on the shoulder.

      Leaving it alone seems like a good option at this point.

      See, there's a misunderstanding. I potholed that Trope because, trying to be neutral about the issue, I was making it a clear that while it's technically a gray issue, there might be administrative policy that goes against the suggestion. If we have another trope for "rules gray area", I would have used THAT instead, but I don't know of one and now admit it was a mistake altogether.

      Second, you're getting the order of events wrong. I was perfectly willing to leave the matter settled where I said I'd walk it off, except not only did the debate continue, but Water Blap made his passive aggressive remarks AFTERWARDS. At which point I brought it here. I didn't run away from the debate—I just know continuing it further would have made it a personal feud.

      I beg your pardon but saying "I don't care if we do X" and then arguing to do X, even if it exploits a loophole in policy, does not come across as being neutral. It comes across as being deceptive. I'm willing to accept that you meant no harm in the pothole to Loophole Abuse, now that you've specified that you just meant "administrative gray area," but your other comments, as well as bringing the issue to ATT while simultaneously making demonstrably false claims in the ATT thread, are suspicious in my opinion.

      I don't see how the order of events could be taken out of order when there are time stamps. I would like to point out that neither of us are without fault here. Yes, I did make some passive aggressive comments on March 19th. This came after multiple comments trying to explain the same thing to someone acting suspiciously. That said, your comment about mini-modding was aggressive and — since you want to point out the order of events — happened well before any passive aggressive behavior on my part.

      You keep using the rhetoric of "not wanting to continue this," but you keep escalating the issue.

      Ah, quick question and I'll ask in discussion as well.

      Is there more to wanting the example up than just wanting JonTron's ass nailed to the wall? Suppose Peebee in Mass Effect: Andromeda made similar comments, would there be such desperation to portray her as a racist?

      Is there more to not wanting an example discussing his comments than trying to defend his honor? Suppose someone involved in scandalgate trigger troll target #scandalgatetriggertrolltarget made comments on sexism in video games and said there needs to be better portrayals of minorities. Would there be such a push against using the wrong trope?

      Jesus, Blap...I want to be done with this but you keep attacking my motives.

      Let me finish by saying this: just because I don't oppose your decision doesn't mean I agree with your logic or methods.

      That's seriously it. I'm done defending myself.

      Frankly, both of you are getting out of line, here and in the discussion page, and both exchanges are excellent examples of why ROCEJ exists in the first place. Stop sniping, now.

      As for the original question - a very carefully worded Internet Backdraft example would be the most lenient resolution to take. But if no such wording can be crafted, the page will survive without its inclusion.
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    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 07:18:01 PM
    So there's this entry on YMMV.raocow:

    • Dude, Not Funny!:
      • The reaction he and his fans had to the "Lowest Ranked Levels" world of Vanilla Contest '14. The overworld was designed to mock the troll entries the contest would receive in previous years, except most of the lowest ranking entries this year were either just average or ambitiously misguided. Regardless, these levels looked as if genuine effort was put into them, and didn't warrant being labeled as complete abominations by the category they were placed in.
      • In a MAGLX2 level (Sad Skillful Military Base), somebody made a "sad cat room" as both a joke and a memorial to both their own cat and raocow's cat Gaston. This turned out to be one of the biggest tearjerkers in the history of raocow, probably a bigger tearjerker than the original video which was made when Gaston passed away ( the joke was about how the "villain" of that level was so evil, he set up a room for cute things being sad out of spite ). Many people felt like the joke was in really bad taste (and raocow even said "sometimes a joke goes a bit too far"), but raocow said that he didn't mind it, it was just that it was very unexpected. Also qualifies as a Mood Whiplash.

    Thing is, Dude, Not Funny!! as a YMMV entry should relate to the work/person itself rather than what said work/person's reacting to, so the use of this entry seems wrong. There's also the issue of complaining on the first part of it. So with that being said, should this whole thing be cut, modified, or left as is? Reply

      Pretty sure Dude, Not Funny! is actually In-Universe Examples Only.

      That's what the page says. Right above the Web Original example that was put above the folders instead of in them. :p

      Could someone please fix that? I'm on my phone, and I don't edit from my phone; I have enough trouble with autocorrect in posts!

      Edit: in fact there's an example; I wanted in posts, not and posts, autocorrect!
  • 2 Mar 20th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Web Original
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 02:19:18 PM
    Can't Find Page that I created in Google or this website's search engine but it does exist?


    Why doesn't my page show up when searched? Reply

      Because pages aren't automatically searchable as soon as they're made.

      I don't know what the usual timespan is but I'm pretty sure it's more than a few days.

      Thanks for the response, I think I'll check again in a few days.
  • 10 Mar 19th, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 02:13:47 PM
    Crantastic vandalised the Iron Fist trivia page with anti-Trump stuff. Reply

      Looks like they've got a Tump quote plugin.

      Tropers/Chytus removed it already. While I don't think omitting an edit reason was kosher, it needed to go regardless. Now either the mods will tap Cran, or he'll edit war and get their attention that way. Either way, problem solved.

      I don't think it was deliberate. It looks like he tried to remove a misplaced apostrophe, but he has the Trump Quote Chrome plugin that auto-vandalized the page. Then he tried to fix it, but the plugin just made it worse.

      ^ That's just stuff about Atlanta.

      That link must have shifted somehow. Here's its page on the Chrome store.

      Plug-ins and extensions come and go. When I first heard of the cloud one, Google Store had four of the things. Trump had three. It's fluctuated since then.

      Want me to PM Crantastic and ask him to turn the plugin off or at least make it not work on TV Tropes?

      Go for it. Text-replacement plugins damage the wiki and are a straight shot to being suspended until they're turned off, removed, or TVT is put on their whitelist.

      Second time for that user with the plugins. You'd think they'd learn.

      I see Crantastic was suspended and released for the plugin. This thread is done.

      Requesting a lock, por favor.
  • 7 Mar 11th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 11:55:28 AM
    I have been working on the page for On Cinema, a web series focus around 2 guys who have a movie review show. They use their real names but use fictional personas. The show has a spinoff called Decker which is a spoof of political thrillers which is connected and referenced in the On Cinema show though naturally focus on rather different genres/topics. Should Decker have its own page, or should it remain with the on cinema page. Reply

      Well, Seinfield was a spinoff of Cheers and has its own page.

      Is there enough material for a good description and at least three solid, filled out tropes?

      ^ I think you mean Frasier rather then Seinfeld

      i'll have something prepared in a little bit for the description and tropes you asked for. I am not sure if the connection is like cheers and frasier since both are in the same world where as decker is more like a show in a show. i sort of want to say its like walking dead and talking dead (if the people on the latter were using fictional personas with fictional drama between the hosts) with some of the things happening in on cinema influence decker and vice versa.

      Right. (headdesks) Thanks.

      [work in progress]

      Decker is a comedy-action web series, later tv show, which follows began in 2014 as a spinoff/tie-in to the web series On Cinema. The series follows cia agent Jack Decker, played by Tim Heidecker, who fights terrorism and fights for the American way generally because the president of the USA, played by Joe Estevez, usually lacks the courage to do so. Tim’s on cinema co-star Gregg Turkington also appears in the series as Special Agent Jonathan Kington, the master of codes. It is a spoof of actions films and has deliberate bad acting, writing and special effects.

      Its first three seasons (Classified, Port of Call: New Orleans, and Decker vs Dracula) aired on the Adult Swim website while season 4 Decker Declassified aired on the Adult Swim tv network. The series is frequently mentioned in On Cinema, which Tim and Gregg serve as regulars, often as a source of tension.

      Cut Short: The third season, Decker vs Dracula, was abruptly cut after 3 episodes because tim didn't like this seasons and episode 4 is just a message saying its cancelled while Deckar's, Tim's band, song Empty Bottle plays for most of the episode.

      False Friend: Lanoi Arnold. He was Decker’s oldest friend and seem to welcome him warmly when Deckar came to Hawaii for vacation but Arnold had already betrayed him to the Taliban in exchange for money to renovate his bar

      The Future: Decker Unclassified takes place in 2076.

      Genre Shift: Decker vs Dracula incorporates horror into the otherwise political thriller based series since Gregg had creative control during that season. This is cut after the season is abruptly cancelled and returns as a political thriller in Decker Un Classified.

      Middle Eastern Terrorists: The Taliban are often the villains in the series.

      Show within a show: It is the show in the On Cinema webseries. It is type 1 (characters involved in production) as the “characters” in on cinema are the ones acting in decker. Also Type 3 (show is a plot point) as it is often referenced in on cinema as a source of drama between Tim and Gregg

      You can use Sandbox.Decker for the rough draft, then copy and cut list the sandbox when you're done. :)


      This is what I have so far. I meant add more tropes once I find them.
  • 4 Mar 20th, 2017 at 1:01AM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 08:06:37 AM
    I'm not familiar the work but new account MAKAYLA mad a suspicious edit to The Village Washer - All Caps, bad spelling, bad grammer and just generally doesn't seem to fit Reply

      I really don't know what to make of this one. MAKAYLA wrote it like a response to the question it's next to: The question now becomes, how will Ma Procop respond?

      This comes off as some sort of joke. I don't know the work. I think I should cut the All Caps sentence.

      There's literally no reason why it should be there. I've removed it.

      The charitable interpretation of what happened is that MAKAYLA doesn't recognize a rhetorical question when they see one, and responds, which is a kind of natter.

      Banned the account. Looks like vandalism.
  • 2 Mar 20th, 2017 at 3:03AM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 05:51:56 AM
    Lydia Wiley just screwed over the description for Bad Writing Index. Reply

      Yeah, it has a link to prowriterscenter.com or something. Almost borders on straight vandalism. It's also their only edit.

      I've gone ahead and reverted it and sent a PM, although we may want a mod at this point.

      Bounced, thanks for the catch and revert.
  • 0 Mar 20th, 2017 at 5:05AM
    I was posting an answer to a discussion topic. After writing a few paragraphs, I automatically hit Tab and Enter, as with the trope pages, to save and send the contents. There, the next button is instead Cancel, wiping out my work... is there any way that we could modify those screens to instead tab to saving the post? Reply
  • 3 Mar 20th, 2017 at 1:01AM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Mar, 2017 05:24:44 AM
    We have this example on YMMV.Stellaris:

    There is an Example Indentation issue already, but the example has other issues. Particularly potential drama importation/Flame Bait (note the Internet Backdraft pothole. The racist nature of the mod itself also does not do the example any favors) and that it is the only time on the YMMV page in which a Game Mod was referenced. Paradox being Swedish was likewise also unmentioned on the page outside the example. The history revealed the reason for the referencing of Sweden and the indentation. Both were tied to another example (added by a different troper) that was cut by the Trump/ROJEC thread. In which case I ask if we should cut it or not? Reply

      OK, so Internet Backdraft itself is not one of the Flame Bait YMMV tropes, but you still need to be careful with it.

      I don't know what to do with this one. What I do know if there is only one example, it goes next to the trope name, not under it.

      Permission to give it correct indentation?

      Edit: Oh, and there's another incorrect Example Indentation on A Winner Is You.

      Mods aren't properly a part of the work any more than a Fan Fic. As such, the entry doesn't belong period, regardless of any other issues.

      Zyffyr has it right; work pages do not collect fan-made tropes. Game Mod, Fan Fic, Fanart, these are all under the Fan Works banner. Even on trope pages, they do not get indented under the parent work.
  • 8 Mar 19th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2017 09:10:34 PM
    There seems to be a bit of back and forth over on Samurai Jack. HSQ got added, then deleted with no reason given, re-added, and changed to a non-YMMV trope by the deleter and had the swearing removed. Nothing rude yet but this does seem like an edit war. Reply

      Mario 500 also has a bit of a recent Bluenose Bowdlerizer streak going on. Edit history.

      Has anyone PM'd them?

      Suspended for bowdlerizing and edit warring.

      They also changed the word "terrorists" to "folks" on Too Soon a while back.

      That's concerning.

      ^Is TV Tropes in the business appeasing terrorists, especially in that manner?

      ^^ Eh? That's definitely bowdlerizing. Depends on where the mention of "terrorists" is.

      I for one want to know the reasoning behind that.

      Oh, and permission to restore the HSQ example Mario 500 deleted?

      Reverted some of the bowdlerising edits to descriptions at the beginning of trope pages; some of the instances of "hell" that Mario500 removed were Word Cruft ("Hell, [description of trope]" instead of simply "[Description of trope]"), so I left those out. I presume the HSQ entry can be restored since it wasn't deleted for not fitting, and it's an audience reaction anyway - if that's how the audience reacted, it fits.

      (Incidentally, not that this pertains to Mario500's anti-profanity editing, but in de-wicking So Cool, It's Awesome last week, I ran into quite possibly the single worst instance of Word Cruft I've ever seen: "We can't forget to mention the fact that..." Why use one form of Word Cruft when you can use three for a total of eight unnecessary extra words?)
  • 6 Mar 19th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2017 08:51:11 PM
    User Who Need a Mango deleted someone's entry from the web original portion of Dethroning Moment of Suck with a snarky edit reason on the 15th.


    Not my entry, but I saw and know this a no-no so I thought I'd bring it up. Reply
  • 3 Mar 19th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2017 08:05:29 PM
    Should Register.WAOA High School AU be moved to another namespace or should it be cut? Or should the information be moved to the Characters/ namespace (which already has a character sheet)? The page is for a roleplay (work page), apparently the one in our forums. Reply

      That sort of material should be kept offsite. Cut it.

      No apparent about it. Yeah, that was poorly used as an excuse. Note that the roleplay is currently dead, so this doesn't matter much. There was a lot if namespace misuse due to roleplays/personal fanfiction that I've noticed. The idea was to try and keep the roleplay solely on the site for all data. That could've been in a more proper place(like the actual forums for it?). Anyway, I don't think WAOA or its proper spin-offs have any other bad namespaces...

      The Register/ page is already on the cut list.
  • 1 Mar 19th, 2017 at 6:06PM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2017 06:25:25 PM
    How do I add a work? The template added doesn't work anymore. Reply