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YMMV: Super Mario 3D World

  • Accidental Innuendo: Mario rides right behind Peach in the Clear Pipe in the opening cutscene, therefore staring up her dress.
  • Awesome Bosses: The battles against Bowser in his car. And especially the final battle against Meowser, the first time Bowser uses powerups to his advantage!
    • The Hisstocrats and Motley Bossblob also qualify.
  • Awesome Music: Many examples. This is made even better due to Koji Kondo, along with Super Mario Galaxy series composer Mahito Yokota, returning to compose the soundtrack. And it's orchestrated, to boot.
    • The main theme, the Puffprod Peaks/peaceful music, the Double Cherry Pass theme, and Hands-on Hall's pieces really stand out.
    • The jazzy theme of Hisstocrat is another excellent piece, even appearing in one of the trailers of the game.
    • Some snippets of music can be heard here, as the music staff records it live. To say the least, it is amazing.
    • Listen to the soundtrack here!
    • World Bowser. It just shows that when Bowser gets serious, he means business.
    • The music for the Boo Mansion levels is one of the loveliest pieces in entire the game.
  • Awesome: Video Game Levels: Frankly, all of the levels could count. "Super Bell Hill", "Switch Scramble Circus", "Double Cherry Pass", "Beep Block Skyway", "Cookie Cogworks", and more!
    • "Hands-On Hall" is an oddball level based on how people in the west often confuse Japanese and Chinese culture. Not only are its look and sound subtly hilarious, the whole level also has a dungeon-like quality to it that requires you to explore and solve puzzles to progress.
    • "Mount Must Dash" and the "Honeycomb Starway/Skyway" levels should get special mention for being sendups to other genres: "Mount Must Dash" is a level based on Mario Kart, meanwhile the "Honeycomb Skyway/Starway" levels are based off of top-down shooters. Not to mention that Starway and Skyway use a remix of the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme.
  • Base Breaker: Rosalina. While people are glad that she's in the game, others are wanting other characters like Daisy, Wario and Waluigi to be playable. This isn´t the first time this has happened, or the last.
  • Breather Boss: Pom Pom, as long as you can Spot The Thread before she throws her Fuuma Shuriken. Even Boom Boom is harder than her! Especially noticeable in Boss Blitz.
    • Motley Bossblob too, but his upgraded forms turn him into That One Boss.
  • Broken Base: Fans are heavily divided between those who are happy with the revealed game as is and those who are disappointed and wanted a different kind of 3D Mario game.
    • After the game's release, they're divided on whether or not the game deserves all the praise it's gotten, and whether or not it's as good as the Galaxy games.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: To anyone who has ever played a Mario game before it should come as no surprise that the boss of World 7 is not the final boss.
  • Demonic Spiders: Parabones. They replace the normal Dry Bones, but they can fly, chase you down, and revive themselves if they're jumped on or swiped at.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Bowser's Cool Car. After its appearance, fans have started clamoring for it to appear in Mario Kart.
  • Even Better Sequel: While Super Mario 3D Land was fairly well-received, there were a number of concerns about originality. 3D World solved these problems with its multitude of creative level ideas, earning "universal acclaim" on Metacritic (a 94 out of 100 - no easy feat).
  • Freud Was Right: In Lava Rock Lair, there's a phallus-shaped platform. Possibly intentional, but the two P-Switches ("peepee") definitely do not help matters.
  • Game Breaker: Peach in a Tanooki Suit due to her floating ability.
    • It was game-breaking enough that the Statue Leaf in the previous game rendered you invulnerable and able to destroy almost anything by statue-stomping, but here, the Lucky Cat Suit one-ups it with invincibility, so unlike other statue forms in the series, the suit's golden statue form is deadly to the touch, having the same effect as the Starman. The only trade-off being that you cannot move while transformed.
    • Rosalina herself is a game breaker. Not only is her jumping height on par with Luigi, her spin attack is incredibly useful as both an attack and a second jump in numerous (usually life-saving) situations. Plus, she's able to spin in Super and Small forms, giving her a big advantage over the other characters, who have no form of offense in those forms. It's so useful in fact, it may benefit you more to not pick up power-ups or deliberately take damage if you're already powered up to utilize the spin on occasion.
    • The touch-screen integration with the Game Pad allows you to break blocks, freeze enemies, and reveal hidden blocks and coins by tapping things on the screen. It also allows you to hit some enemies and potentially defeat a select few without even approaching them. Snow Pokeys can be defeated by tapping their segments, Galoombas get flipped over, and you can even defeat Bullies by tapping them to knock them back. This makes the Prince Bully fights hilariously easy, as all the character needs to do is kick him when compressed, since you can squeeze him into the pipes by tapping him repeatedly. Flipswitch panels can be activated with the touchscreen too, making Switch Scramble Circus and other levels with them incredibly simple. Oh, and bombs can be dragged-and-dropped to where you want them, and detonated remotely by tapping them again.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Octoombas, who can only be defeated with a Ground Pound and spit projectiles very frequently. They are also almost always on moving platforms, making killing them frame-perfect.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Despite the general changes and additions, fans see it as "a Nintendo 3DS game on the Wii U". Alternatively...
    • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: They likewise don't take kindly to this seemly replacing the Mario Galaxy style of gameplay and its adventurous/epic atmosphere. And others who prefer the explorational style of 64 and Sunshine aren't happy to see another console game take up the linear style.
    • The trailer shown in the October 1st Nintendo Direct, however, has changed the minds of a lot of people.
  • Memetic Mutation: Bowser's Cool Car is quickly approaching this status.
    • "You need to watch the new/second trailer" and its variants turned into a common phrase to put forth against accusations of "It's the Same, Now It Sucks."
    • Fresh Prince of 3D World
    • The golden coin train is often referred to as the hype train.
    • On /f/, the music for Beep Block Skyway is commonly associated with "pppu~", a NSFW flash animation depicting Peach and Rosalina plus other female characters. NSFW scenes change every three beeps.
    • Whenever a well-known Let's Player starts playing, expect the Miiverse to be full of messages cheering them on.
  • Moe: The Sprixie Princesses, especially the green one. From the opening cutscene, where she asks Mario and the others to help her and explains how Bowser's already kidnapped the rest of them, to her eventual rescue, where she happily waves a toy mallet(?) around before opening the pipeline to World 2. Seriously, you'll wanna give her a hug.
    • Plessie.
    • Cat Goombas. They make little "meows" and they don't even try to chase you because they are too busy playing around and having fun. It might make you feel bad for harming the little fellas.
    • Bonus points for the fact that you can "pet" the former two with the Game Pad and amuse them.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The little cat noises the characters make in their Cat forms.
    • The understated chime that plays to indicate that you are running at full speed.
    • The noise made when enemies are defeated.
    • Several nostalgic sound effects, such as the sounds of bouncing on the trampoline enemies and defeating Chargin' Chucks.
    • The sound made when characters walk on glass or crystal.
    • Some of the noises that the Sprixies make in certain parts of the game. Such as a slot machine mini-game, giving you a tutorial, or when you touch the Wii U Gamepad touchscreen.
    • The "Course Clear" or "Boss Clear" tune you hear after finishing a level, especially after having a hard time and losing many lives.
  • Narm Charm: Although Meowser is a formidable threat, his design and name are incredibly silly. The overly dramatic reveal of his fluffy, whiskered face shows that Nintendo was, at least, a little self-aware about it.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Inverted; fans were happy to see Peach playable rather than Yellow Toad like in the New Super Mario Bros. series.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: While it was also a problem in the New Super Mario Bros. games, the added dimension makes the camera an even worse problem in this game when playing with multiple people. It also seems nearly random which player the camera decides to follow.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: Captain Toad's levels. The Miiverse posts were filled with demands for a Captain Toad game, and Nintendo provided with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  • So Cool Its Awesome: Upon release, the game was very well-received, with reviews praising it as a very fun and imaginative title, saying that Nintendo had proved that the series could go on without feeling samey.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The World 1 map music has been compared to an unbeat and faster Zelda's Lullaby.
  • That One Level: Grumblump Inferno, a stage that requires you to run on crystalline blocks that are like Tox Boxes you platform on, that turn on their sides over lava. Some are rectangular, forcing you to cross to the small ends at times. Granted there is a trick to beating it (don't jump, run along it as it turns). But for first timers or multi-players it's an absolute nightmare.
    • World Crown-Crown (Champion's Road), which definitely lives up to its name.
    • Any level that solely involves riding on Plessie since he's a little hard to control.
    • Also, Chainlink Charge, where it is almost impossible to get all 3 stars without falling to your death multiple times.
    • Cakewalk Flip has red and blue platforms that flip with each jump you take. Not helped by the fact that there is a Ring Burner in the way of getting the 3rd Green Star in this level.
  • That One Sidequest: The Five Bonus Stamps (the portraits of each playable character, including Rosalina). To unlock them, you have to clear every single level with all five characters. If you're only going for one character (such as Rosalina), then it isn't so bad... but if you plan on going for all five, then the quest becomes a living hell... especially with Toad...
  • Unexpected Character: Rosalina. Even when evidence of her being playable started showing up before her announcement, it still took everyone by surprise.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The game definitely takes more advantage of the Wii U's graphical capabilities than New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • Win BACK The Crowd: Depending on who you ask, the game itself is an example of this.note  When it was first announced, a lot of people were not impressed and already wrote it off due to it not being a game in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy or being "Super Mario 3D Land HD". Or New Mario Bros crossed with Mario 3D Land. But when the October 1 trailer went up, it changed a lot of people's minds about the game and restored interest to those who are / were tired of Mario platformers because of the New Super Mario Bros. series.
    • Then the game actually came out and blew folks away with the amount of thought and creativity put into the title along with new visuals and music. It actually feels like a new game rather than a retreadnote  with new power ups thrown in. The multiplayer aspect certainly helped as well.
  • The Woobie: Koopa Troopa. All of the enemies simply chase you around and are stomped by Mario but Koopa Troopa is made a lot more sympathetic. When you jump on them, they slide out of their shell and then they start frantically chasing after it. If they are unfortunate enough, you can steal or destroy their shell which causes them to stop for a second and sink their head down in sorrow. And, then, the little trooper still chases after you, despite his predicament. Avoiding to jump on them would be easier if it weren’t for the fact that you can now ride inside of their shells.

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