Fridge / Super Mario 3D World

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why didn't they just simply put Red Toad to be a part of the cast (With Blue Toad still being there)? Well, in Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES, Toad's color was blue!
    • Color variance seems to be a more likely answer: 3/4 of the characters would be red and Luigi would be green, having Luigi stand out too much. However, making Toad blue and making Mario's Cat Suit yellow gives the characters better color variance.
  • So, the Blue colored character is the fastest of them all?
  • The concept art containing two of every character seems like a way to show their cat suits alongside their regular outfits. Then came the reveal of the Double Cherries...
    • Though in actual gameplay, doubles always wear the same suit as each other.
  • During the intro, Luigi jumps into the pipe last. Not only that, before he jumps into the pipe, you can clearly see him cower for a bit before slapping himself in the face and following the other characters. Nintendo is clearly acknowledging his Lovable Coward personality in a game with very little dialog here.
  • In both Mario 3D titles, Bowser appears to be completely defeated twice before you finally finish him for good the third time (once in the second-to-last castle, twice in the last... the world 1 defeat is fake in the first game and flings him away in the second). In the new one, this can be explained by Double Cherries, but since it's three both times, it might be intentional: Bowser has three lives in each game and doesn't stock on one-ups. One thing holding this theory back though is that each player starts with 5 lives in these games, instead of the classic 3 from the original Super Mario Bros..
  • The two Luigis in Luigi Bros. could probably be explained by the Double Cherries alone, note  but it also brings to mind the existence of two Luigis in Super Luigi Galaxy.
  • Why do you always start in Super form after losing a life? In Super Mario Bros. 2, when you lost a life, you start again with two hearts, Super and small form.
  • This one is subtle; in SMB2, you start with two hearts and can earn up to five hearts. How is this possible in 3D World? For example: In Snowball Park, you can have up to five hearts by: (Ice Skate, Propeller Block, Tanooki Suit/Cat Suit/Fire Flower/Boomerang Flower, Super Form, and Small Form), thus giving you five chances to live.
  • The level Super Galaxy doesn't give you any powerups. This makes sense, since it's based on Super Mario Galaxy, which, using a different damage system, doesn't have any Super Mushrooms.
  • Rosalina loses her Spin Attack when she gains a power up. It sounds like this was purely to balance her out, else she would be a Game-Breaker. Not quite. Remember when Mario had the spin attack back in Galaxy 1 & 2? All of the power-ups in those games either altered or disabled his Spin Attack with their unique functions that required use of shaking the Wiimote except for the Rainbow Star. Naturally, her Spin Attack would be disabled if she used any of the power ups because they all had unique functions that required the dash/attack button (barring the Super Mushroom, Double Cherries, and the Super Star, of course).
  • Some gamers have expressed surprised that Mario's Cat suit is yellow. In the cat fancy, yellow cats are classified as red.
  • Peach's Fire Flower dress is a callback to her attire in the original Super Mario Bros. In that game, Bowser could only be defeated directly by Fire Flowers... Looks like Peach was planning to spring herself, Mario just showed up faster!
  • The track that plays on the Great Tower of Bowser Land, the final main story level, is basically a remixed and more intense rendition of the track that plays before boss battles. And fittingly enough, it plays right before you reach the Final Boss.
  • Why is Rosalina's cat suit black? Simple: Black cats are closely associated in folklore with witches. Now, Rosalina is not a witch by any means, but she's the most magical character in the Mario series, hence the black cat suit for her. One of the Toads in Galaxy even thought she was a witch when he first saw her!
  • Boss Blitz is a level where all of the bosses come together to fight you. Well, not all of them. Bowser is noticeably missing. You think at first it's the whole "don't put Bowser in bonus levels" kind of concept that was in previous games like 3D Land and Galaxy 2, but if you remember the ending of this game, Bowser got trapped in a giant bottle. He apparently remains trapped during Boss Blitz, and therefore can't make it.
  • Motley Bossblob and the two Hisstocrats are the most important bosses in the game, and both are fought in circus-themed arenas. Further cementing this status is World Bowser, a giant amusement-park themed world serving as the Very Definitely Final Dungeon. Naturally, the most important subordinates would be fought in a similarly-themed area.

Fridge Horror:

  • There's a Goomba mask item that you can acquire several times throughout the game. However, since you always acquire the item by defeating a Goomba, there's the notion that the item is not a mask, but actually the decapitated head of the Goomba. And your character wears it over his or her body.note 
  • The ending of the game shows Bowser getting trapped in a giant bottle. This is obviously supposed to be played for laughs, but how long will he be stuck in there? If for a long period of time, what will Bowser eat in that thing?
  • The Grumblumps have smiles, which then turn to frowns when you step on them, and become angry scowls when they're Ground-Pounded. They're not complacent platforms going about their business, they're upset with you and are trying to shake you off.
  • If you look carefully at King and Queen Hisstocrat during the Boss Blitz, when you stomp on one of them, the other will briefly stare in shock and tears will pour out of their eyes. Think about the implications: they are very likely a Happily Married couple, and you are killing their loved one right in front of their eyes.
  • It's possible to save only five out of seven Sprixie Princesses, leaving those two poor sweethearts to rot in the game's ending.