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  • We all know him. He kidnaps the princess in every Mario main game (except Super Mario Bros. 2, where Peach was playable and Wart was the final boss). He might kidnap... Daisy?
    • Or maybe, he won't kidnap anyone this time.
      • If the recent trailer is any indication, he kidnaps a fairy. As the gameplay reveals, though, that's not the only fairy that got kidnapped - six other fairies got kidnapped before her, and she only popped out of the pipe to find help.

The Big Bad
  • Instead of kidnapping Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings just attack the Mushroom Kingdom and drive the Mario Bros., Toad, and Peach out of the kingdom, or there's a new big bad.
    • Bowser may be the Big Bad this time, if this video is of any indication. At around six seconds in, you can see his emblem on the gate.
  • Or what if they actually need to SAVE BOWSER'S KINGDOM while preventing an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. As for who could be behind this? Well...
    • In a recent trailer, Bowser kidnaps some kind of fairy. As the gameplay reveals, though, that's not the only fairy that got kidnapped - six other fairies got kidnapped before her, and she only popped out of the pipe to find help.

Wart returns.
  • Plain and simple.
  • Plus, an unknown creature that may or may not be a Subcon is shown flying around the new dinosaur creature in screenshots.
  • The snake-like boss shown in the trailer and demos resembles an overweight Cobrat.
  • Jossed.
    • No it hasn't been. All we know is that he doesn't kick off the plot. For all we know, he could replace Dry Bowser as the bonus boss, or he could hijack the plot near the end.
      • Jossed as well. Wart does not make an appearance in this game.

  • I refer you to the above theories about the Big Bad and Wart returning.
    • Jossed.

Bowser will be the Big Bad... at first.
Mario and co. go through eight worlds and defeat him, as usual. After that, the credits roll, and everybody lives happily ever after, right? Wrong. Another villain comes out of the woodwork, and forces the heroes to go through eight more worlds with harder levels, not unlike Luigi's kidnapping setting up the Special worlds in Super Mario 3D Land.

The identity of this new bad guy would either be Dry Bowser or, you guessed it, Wart.
  • Jossed. Bowser is the only Big Bad.

There's a level editor in this game.
  • One part of the video showed a Red Toad in a very small, blocky area with the Green Star count being 5 instead of 3. It looks like a level straight from Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Likewise, the Red Toad could be a character exclusive to these levels.
    • Jossed. The levels with Red Toad (aptly named Captain Toad) are a special type of level entitled "The Adventures of Captain Toad" and appear in Worlds 1, 3, 5, Castle, Star, & Crown. Likewise, no level editor exists in the game.

This game will also be made for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Jossed.

At the end, the entire game will turn out to be All Just a Dream.
Just like the previous game that featured Peach and Toad as playable characters.

  • Jossed. Which means Peach and Toad really did those things this time!

King Boo will be in this game.
Probably as a boss.
  • Jossed.

The world map will be based on the original Super Mario 3D Land, with elements of the one from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Specifically, you select the worlds in the same manner as in SMG 2, and there are branching paths in the maps (thus allowing for secret exits like in the New Super Mario Bros. games).

The Frog Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 will make a comeback.
  • Jossed.

The Koopalings will return.
  • Jossed.

Bowser kidnaps Yellow Toad by accident.
  • Jossed, he kidnaps some kind of fairy instead.
    • To be precise, he kidnaps 7 fairies.

The reason that Peach is helping is because she's angry that Bowser kidnapped another Princess.
Hey, she's gotten used to the attention over the years.
  • Or maybe the fact that the Sprixies look so young that they could practically look like little children that this to Peach would ultimately serve as a Kick the Dog moment on Bowser's part.

If the Special Worlds from 3D Land return, they will take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, since the main story seems to take place in a new land.
  • Jossed. They appear to take place in space.

The final fight with Bowser will involve him getting his own Cat Suit.
The suit will look more like a lion or some other big cat, and he will use it to chase the player up walls and across platforms.
  • Confirmed. Cat Bowser does indeed make an appearance. Specifically he looks like a tiger. He even gets a cat nose and whiskers!
    • His official name is Meowser.

The "Shiverburn figures," Super Mario 3D Land ghost house figures, and/or the UFO will be more directly involved in the game, or at the very least this will continue with the cryptic Easter Eggs.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 brought us the figures, and 3D Land (which, by the way, is made by the same team that did Galaxy 2) has both a UFO seen in 1-3 and a ghost looking... thing in the yards at the end of every ghost house level. 3D World, both being made by the same team as said two games and seeming to be heading up to at least something with the hidden Comet Observatory in the full concept art, might just actually be going somewhere with this.
  • Please note that the "Shiverburn Figures" are actually known (From Ingame files) as "Hell Valley Trees".
  • This was confirmed in a way. The texture of the clear pipe cannon on the final "normal" level seems to show them in a big ring around the cannon, possibly as a reflection.

Rosalina is playable
A few people have determined Rosalina is featured amongst the game's stamp collection. Interestingly, she seems to have a player icon like Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach, suggesting she too is playable. Makes sense when you consider the Comet Observatory cameos and she could easily share Peach's ability of being able to float.
  • Confirmed!
  • Game, set, and match! It's a perfect fit!
    • Hold your yoshis there.... she can't float like Peach, but does get the Spin attack from Galaxy

The two Luigis in the Luigi Bros. game...
...are the same two Luigis from Super Mario Galaxy.

The Fairy Kingdom is Subcon.
The Cherries are there, there are a lot more cloud platforms in this area, and it has Toad and Peach (And Rosalina) as playable Characters.

Bowser kidnapped the Sprixie Princess so they could build World Bowser for him.
The Sprixie Princesses all seem to have the magic power of being able to build pretty much anything from scratch, including a rocket ship. Bowser may have forced them to build them an egomaniacal amusement park, or somehow stole their magic and built it himself.
  • Going off from this, the Sprixies may also have built Bowser's Cool Car, his Tank Bridages, and his trains.

Some of the jazzy tunes in this game are among the ones that were rejected for Super Mario Galaxy.
Interviews with Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota indicate that Yokota originally came up with many jazzy, Latin tunes with some steel drum and synthesizer elements for Galaxy, due to him being under the impression that this fit with the typical Mario game sound. But Kondo rejected it, and they instead went with the more orchestral approach to the Galaxy soundtrack. However, they and Shigeru Miyamoto probably figured that it would be a shame to just scrap what Yokota had composed originally, so they decided to save those jazz songs for a later Mario game which they would fit better with.

The Sprixie Princesses were being rescued in order from youngest to oldest.
Much like how you fought the Koopalings in order of age in Super Mario Bros. 3. This also continues the theme of the green sibling being the youngest and the red sibling being the oldest.

Captain Toad is Toad
The playable Toad wears a blue hat and blue vest, while the "main Toad" of Mario usually wears a red hat and blue vest. Thus, we can figure that 3D World Toad may not be "main Toad" and that Captain Toad, as he is a unique character with a red hat, is the main Toad
  • I second this, as this is what I have speculated since the first Super Mario Galaxy. The Toad that we know with the red-dotted hat decided that he wanted play a bigger part in Mario's adventures and that's when he decided to put a crew together and become Captain Toad to help Mario on his quest to find the stars/green stars. He also seems to play a bigger part in 3D World than he did in the Galaxy games which may further prove that this is the Toad that we know since he is getting more recognition and is the next character in line to have a starring role, behind Peach and Yoshi. (Wario's Woods doesn't exactly count.)
    • Thirded. In addition to this (see WMG below)...
  • Well, I'll be. At E3 2014, it was announced that Captain Toad will debut in a starring role in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker!

The playable blue Toad is actually the same one from the Toad Brigade.
Supporting this is the fact that the other brigade members (the green, yellow, and purple Toads) are running item houses. Also supporting this is the fact that they, along with the captain, are seen traveling together through a clear pipe in the credits.

If Nintendo makes a sequel, Bowser will still be the only main antagonist.
Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings will still not appear.

If Nintendo makes a sequel, Bowser will NOT be the only main antagonist.
He will team up with Wingo.

Rosalina's strength comes from her domain, and weakens when on the Mushroom World.
This would explain why she's just as vulnerable as other characters, and why she can use their power-ups. She retains basic powers like levitation or the Star Spin, but anytime she's not in space, she loses some of her goddess-like power.
  • Alternatively, if we consider Rosalina to be a god (or a god-like equivalent in the Mario universe), she could have sent an avatar down to Earth to aid Mario and his friends in their adventures. This would explain the significant loss of power and the possibility of her being defeated by goombas of all things, because the avatar only has a power compared to Mario and his friends instead of her full might.

Bowser just wanted to have a good time going against Mario and the others.
There are a few reasons to think this. Other than kidnapping the Sprixie princesses, he doesn't really do anything evil. He doesn't seem to have anything resembling an actual evil plan. The final world is an AMUSEMENT PARK he made. The "final battle" plays out way more like a thrill ride a la King Kong, minus any safety features, than an actual fight. I mean, there's a CHECKPOINT midway through it for crying out loud. Finally, at the very beginning of the game he basically dares Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Blue Toad to come after him. Maybe he was just bored, huh?

The next game is going to be "Super Mario 3D Galaxy".
Rosalina was Promoted to Playable in Super Mario 3D World and following the Theme Naming, the next should be "Super Mario 3D 64 or "Super Mario 3D Sunshine", which sounds unlikely.