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Wham Episode: One Piece
One Piece loves giving its audience a good wham. Here's a recap:

  • Early on, the seemingly ordinary Baratie arc gets a surprise visit from a much, much more powerful foe that gives readers an idea of how strong people are in this story. Also counts as a Growing the Beard moment.
  • Luffy's first and second consecutive defeats by Crocodile. The only Straw Hat at that point in the story to be severely beaten was Zoro (by Mihawk), so naturally the main character being handed two defeats in a row out of nowhere (and by being impaled by an enormous hook hand and then dried out into a skin-sack, no less) was pretty surprising for the audience and the crew (This also marks the first in a long series of epic battles where Luffy pushes himself to the extreme for his friends; a trait that eventually nearly costs him his life hundreds of chapters later).
  • The Straw Hats getting curb-stomped by Aokiji at Long Ring Long Land, even as they all teamed up against him, showed that there were characters vastly stronger than any of the main characters. This incident provoked Luffy into finding new ways to get stronger, now that he was aware of people like Aokiji.
  • Water 7. The lovable and helpful square-nosed carpenter, the hilarious and Bad Ass ventriloquist, the sexy secretary, and the kindly bar owner? Yeah, they're the villains.
    • And that's relatively tame compared to the other plot points : the Going Merry is revealed to be damaged beyond repair, Robin leaves the crew for then unknown reasons and supposedly betrays the crew, and Usopp, due to both his own fears of being too weak and Luffy's decision to get another ship, not only leaves the crew as well but also challenges Luffy for the ownership of the Going Merry. Holy shit. Long before Marineford, Water 7 was also a Wham Arc.
  • Nearing the end of the Enies Lobby Arc the Straw Hats are visited by a high ranking Marine, then the identities of Luffy's father and grandfather are revealed. And nobody saw that coming.
  • The explosive end of the Sabaody Arc, leading to the events of chapter 513. Quite possibly the greatest Wham in the entire series simply due to how it was delivered; After teleporting Zoro away in the last chapter, Kuma goes on to single-handedly deliver the entire crew their first true defeat (as a team) by teleporting every single last crewmate to several different locations across the globe. And mind you, this was literally right before they were about set sail for the New World. With NO hint by Oda AT ALL that any such thing was about to happen, this left the entire fanbase stunned as the next 88 chapters were focused solely on Luffy's adventures. Jaws were dropped, tears were shed.
    • The anime extended the scene, added in a reverse Nakamania montage set to a violin solo version of Binks' Sake, and to increase the impact for the Anime only crowd followed the scene with a alternate universe filler arc so that you didn't find out what happened to everybody for another few weeks!
    • Not to mention a display of Bartholomew Kuma's sheer power, first seen near the end of the Thriller Bark arc—his bounty is lower than Gekko Moriah's, whom Luffy had recently defeated, and Luffy had grown much stronger since fighting Aokiji, but Kuma curb-stomps all of the Straw Hats just as easily as Aokiji did before. This time, however, all of the crewmates saw each other vanishing into thin air, and the chapter ended with the declaration of the Straw Hat Pirates' eradication. It was painfully obvious the series was taking a different and darker direction at that very point.
      • It should be noted, however, that in both cases where Kuma showed up to face them, the Straw Hats were completely exhausted, the first time from having barely defeated Moria, and the second time from having been faced with two extremely powerful robots, an admiral, and a Badass Normal, all of which were One-Man Armies. Kuma is powerful, sure, but it was never a fair fight.
  • The entire Whitebeard War arc can be summarized as a progression of Wham Episodes, each more shocking than the last:
    • First of all, Ace being revealed as the son of the late Pirate King, Gold Roger.
      • It really is a big one, considering that there was no indication that Gold Roger had a lover, let alone a child.
    • Chapter 573. Admiral Akainu punches a hole through Ace's chest with a magma fist. The name of Chapter 574? "Portgas D. Ace Is Dead".
    • Okay, so things can't possibly get any worse now. WRONG!!! Right after Ace dies, Whitebeard orders his men to take Luffy and escape while he makes his last stand against the Marines. After Akainu blows off half of Whitebeard's face, Blackbeard suddenly shows up with his crew and the most dangerous prisoners from Impel Down. After a brief one-sided fight in Whitebeard's favor, the rest of Blackbeard's crew retaliates with a joint attack, finally killing the old man. After which, Blackbeard does... something while hidden away from anyone else's view, he comes back and reveals that he's now taken Whitebeard's earthquake powers on top of his own darkness-based powers, something that's supposed to be impossible, and proclaims that the new era now belongs to HIM. One Piece might go from being a Crapsaccharine World to just a Crapsack World. Marineford is THE Wham ARC!
      • Whitebeard's dying speech drops some major bombs regarding the Myth Arc. He confirms that One Piece is out there to the world and that finding it will cause a massive upheaval in the world. He also reflects on how the "wills" of Ace and Roger have been passed down for centuries and specifically excludes Teach from that group. In essence, he took the three main mysteries of the series (what One Piece is, what's the Will of D, and the Void history) and strongly implied they are all interlocked.
    • Let's continue that trend, shall we? Chapter 579 achieves a Crowning Moment Of Awesome as the pathetic wimp Coby finally snaps under the pressure and shouts at the top of his lungs that all the fighting between the pirates and marines was pointless. This effectively causes ALL OF MARINEFORD to stop fighting to listen in. Coby shouts how continuing this fight no longer means anything. All the pirates and marines who have lost their lives in the senseless fighting would only look like complete idiots in the long run. The Marines had accomplished their goal of killing Ace, but now they insist on fighting off pirates who don't want to fight back, and just extending the battle beyond what it needs to be. He doesn't care if he gets punished by the Marines for his outburst, but he does it anyway. Unfortunately. the Marines insist on fighting further... Then Shanks shows up to put an end to this war.
  • The end of the Fishman Island arc drops a whole bunch of plot points one after the other:
    • Shirahoshi is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.
    • Aokiji and Akainu fought for 10 days over who would become the new fleet admiral, with Akainu being the victor.
    • Blackbeard has become one of the Four Emperors and is looking to hunt down powerful Devil Fruit users to take their abilities.
    • And finally, Luffy has challenged Big Mom over ownership of Fishman Island.
  • The Punk Hazard gives us:
    • Trafalgar Law is a Warlord.
    • The production of fake devil fruits.
    • With the deaths of Monet and Vergo, Ace and Whitebeard were not a one-time example, from now on, named characters can die outside of flashbacks.
  • Forget the two previous arcs; like Water 7 and Marineford before it, the (as of now current) Dressrosa Arc manages to be a wham arc:
    • Chapter 700: The latest roster of the Seven Warlords of the Sea is (mostly) revealed, including Buggy the Clown, and Doflamingo has Ace's Flame Flame fruit.
    • You know that strange blind old man we saw towards the end in Chapter 701? Chapter 705 reveals that he's one of the new Admirals.
    • Chapter 704: Presenting two contestants at the Colosseum: Jesus Burgess and Bellamy!
    • Doflamingo never stepped down from being a Warlord. That is all.
      • Remember when Doflamingo claimed that he was only a warlord for kicks and that he could quit any time he feels like it? Turns out the reason he's not scared of the consequences of this (facing the admirals) is because he's actually a world noble, and can overrule the marines if he wants to, which is how he pulled it off.
    • Chapter 718 reveals the conflict between the Dwarves of Tontatta Kingdom and the Doflamingo Family began not 10 years ago when Donquixote Doflamingo took over Dressrosa, but over 900 years ago, at the start of the Void Century.
      • Chapter 722 reveals that the 20 royal families of the 20 founding kingdoms of the World Government went to live in Mariejois after said founding, and became the Celestial Dragons, while their own nations would create monarchies to replace the lost families. But, that much was already known…or at least, it was easily reasoned. Two things we didn't know previously: first, there was one family that refused to join, that being the Nefertari family from Alabasta. Is that significant? Absolutely, but it's not of much importance to the present plot. The other thing, however, is: the monarchy that the Riku family (Rebecca's family) replaced was the Donquixote family.
      • Chapter 726 confirms that the man in the knight helmet is in fact King Riku and that Thunderous Soldier of Rage is Rebecca's biological father.
    • Chapter 728 reveals that Violet's true name is Viola, the daughter of King Riku, making her Rebecca's aunt and Scarlet's sister or sister-in-law. Her devil fruit abilities interested him enough for her to make a deal: she would subject herself to service to the Donquixote family in exchange for her father's life.
    • Chapter 729, just as the Straw Hats are gaining the resolve to defeat Doflamingo, he shows up, having defeated Law, but ups the ante by shooting him three times.
    • Chapter 730: The Straw Hats already have their hands full with Doflamingo kidnapping Law after injuring him in the last chapter, but the Thousand Sunny group encounters one more problem: one of Big Mom's ships coming to get Caesar.
    • Chapter 731: The Dressrosa whams before were big, but none of them top the next two ones: Koala is a member of the Revolutionary Army as a teacher of Fishman Karate, and Sabo is one of their members, alongside her!
    • Chapter 733: An unseen person has knocked out all of the remaining competitors in the Colosseum...
    • Chapter 734: ... with said person being Cavendish, who has an inner personality named "Hakuba", that only appears when he falls asleep. Hakuba was the one who knocked out all of the remaining competitors in Block D with the exception of Rebecca, who was able to dodge his attack at the last second before he finally disappeared.
    • Chapter 735: Sure, Doflamingo, Admiral Fujitora may be willing to work with you now, but you sure as hell aren't preventing him to try to take down the Warlord system.
    • Chapter 737: Sabo destroys Burgess's armour effortlessly.
    • Chapter 739: The Thunderous Soldier of Rage is confirmed to be the legendary gladiator Kyros.
    • Chapter 740: Robin was turned into a toy, leaving the fate of pretty much everyone in Usopp's hands. And where is Usopp? Running away to save his own life.
    • Get ready: in chapter 743, the toys, including the ones in the scrap bin, became human again, causing massive chaos in Dressrosa. Not only that, but Sabo destroys the floor of the Corrida Colosseum arena, and Kyros decapitates Doflamingo!
    • Chapter 744: Sabo wins and eats the Mera Mera no Mi, gaining Ace's Devil Fruit powers! And for the most skeptical of fans, it's finally confirmed that it is Luffy's long-lost brother. It's also confirmed that he is a Revolutionary — the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army! Oh, and Doflamingo is still alive, even after getting decapitated by Kyros.
    • Chapter 745: Doflamingo didn't survive decapitation. What Kyros attacked was a clone made out of strings. And with The Masquerade broken on the island with Sugar's defeat, Doflamingo has moved to a different plan: "The Birdcage". He's used his strings to imprison the entire island, cutting off all outside contact, and he plans to slaughter everyone so that news of the truth never leaks out.
    • Chapter 749: It's finally revealed why Law wants to kill Doflamingo. Thirteen years ago, Doflamingo killed the most important person in his life: Corazon, an ex-member of the Donquixote family and its top executive. He was Law's benefactor, having saved his life...and was Doflamingo's younger brother.
    • Chapter 756: Sugar has woken up, and is out for blood in regards to the Straw Hats, particularly Usopp. What's more, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Kin'emon don't know about her powers.
    • Chapter 758: Law and Luffy make it into the palace…and unbeknownst to them, an employee notifies Sugar, who moves to their location. One touch, and Luffy will be forgotten by all. Usopp, aware of this, decides to take Sugar down again from a fantastic distance. He succeeds. How? Using his newly awakened OBSERVATION HAKI! Oh, and Law and Luffy finally confront Doflamingo, face-to-face.
    • Chapter 761: Luffy is on the defensive against Doflamingo, unable to fight back effectively. Doflamingo's ability to manipulate the World Government is revealed to be due to the fact that he knows about its deepest secret. Also, Law's Ope Ope no Mi is revealed to have a great deal of power not previously known; the most prevalent of which is the power to grant eternal life (albeit, at the cost of Law's own life).
    • Chapter 763: Trafalgar D. Water Law
      • Also, seeing Doflamingo's past for real for the first time. After what we saw, we simply assumed he was a Psychopathic Manchild because of the World Nobles denying his birth right. However, upon seeing the context of what happened, it becomes quite understandable how he became a Psychopathic Manchild. And, finally, Corazon can speak.
    • Chapter 764: This is a big one. After over a decade of knowing next to nothing about the enigmatic D., we finally get some information. While it seems that the truth and finer details have been lost to history, D. is rumored to be the antithesis to God, or put more plainly, the mortal enemies of the Celestial Dragons. Also, we find out that Vergo held the rank of "Corazon" before Rocinante did, and that Rocinante is doing whatever he can and must to prevent his brother and the executives from going too far. And who is he allied with that knows about this? ADMIRAL SENGOKU, the former Fleet Admiral in the current storyline. And, in a bit of a lesser example, Corazon abducts Law and spends half a year traveling various countries in an attempt to find a cure for Law's sickness, showing just why Law cares about him so much.

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