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Webcomic: Footloose
Footloose asks "What happens to the children of former adventurers?". If you're Keti Jones, you try to cope with the excesses of your mental half-fey mother and excitable half-werewolf father in the real world, then get sent off to train in the world of Fey, where you discover that a lot of things that occurred before you were born, a secret identity or two, and the nature of Fey are going to make your life complicated.

The first few chapters deal with Keti settling in at the dojo, making friends (and enemies) among her classmates. Then the plot threads begin to weave, intrigue and theft creep in, some of the Backstory is acknowledged and her Primary Protagonist Syndrome starts to make itself felt...

There is an update-for-donations side comic called Cherry that follows the origin of Steve, the crossdressing magical 'girl'.

Not to be confused with the movie Footloose.


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