YMMV: Footloose

For the webcomic:

For the musical:

  • One-Scene Wonder: Betty Blast, who delivers this gem:
    Cranston! Your pick-up truck is in the handicapped parking, which is a space we reserve for people with physical, not emotional, disabilities.

For the 1984 film:

  • Awesome Music: "Holding Out for a Hero"
  • Breakaway Pop Hit: Disputable with the main song, but probably with "Holding Out for a Hero" from the soundtrack.
  • Critical Dissonance: Though the film received mixed reviews, it made ten times its budget, becoming one of the most successful movies of 1984.
  • Ear Worm: You may not know all the words, but odds are, as soon as you opened this page, you were humming the main tune.
  • Fridge Logic: How come nobody thought to challenge the dancing/music prohibition in court on the grounds of violating the first amendment?
    • Because all of the adult townspeople agreed with the ban, and the people who disagreed didn't have the money for lawyers.
      • There wouldn't be much of a movie but, in reality, this is what the ACLU is for — they'd have taken the case pro bono and had the law thrown out by any competent judge.
    • Where did they find a DJ in a town where rock music and dancing are illegal? You wouldn't think there'd be much call for someone to spin tunes for an audience.
  • Narm Charm: One of the key draws of the movie.