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The Villain Whitewashing Service is where you take some Misaimed Fandom, add a lot of Draco in Leather Pants, a hint of Bunny-Ears Lawyer and/or Flanderization, a small chunk of Badass Decay, and you make your favorite villain sound like a pretty decent but incredibly misunderstood guy. List your examples under your Troper name, alphabetically, and hide the answers using spoilers. Avoid links in the answer. Please include the story your character is fromnote , no matter how popular it is.

Compare Worse Than It Sounds. Contrast Paint the Hero Black.

G 1 G 5
  • A veteran serviceman, highly decorated for valor, runs for political office on a platform emphasizing patriotism and the belief that his people is special. Democratically elected prime minister, he proceeded to stabilize the country's political and economic situation and restore her confidence and pride. Constructed one of the most advanced contemporary infrastructure networks for his nation, much of which remain in use to this day. Led the fight to rid the world of Stalinism. Adolf Hitler.

GD Immortal
  • An entertainment tycoon who, despite his success, is incredibly lonely due to his inability to get over his dead wife. Having discovered a way of reviving her, this lonely widower organizes a tournament, putting up millions of dollars of his own money (which results in a young girl's sight being restored) and allowing himself to be permanently mutilated to achieve his dream. Pegasus, Yu Gi Oh!.
  • After being left with no choice but to kill his father to protect his brother, and to subsequently estrange himself from said brother, he was forced into a life of violence and delinquency. After clawing and scratching his way up, he is presented an opportunity to reconnect with his brother, who had been adopted by a local patrician family. This long awaited reunion, however, is never allowed to properly happen because of his brother's ongoing relationship with another orphan, whose background is similar to the younger brother's. Without intending to do so, this girl prevents him from restoring his relationship with his brother. Tsubasa, Kannazuki No Miko.
  • Through decades of careful planning, he managed to remove a corrupt, inefficient theocracy and give the galaxy the first realistic hope for peace it had seen in millenia. Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars.
  • A curious scientist who, gifted with immortal life, is determined to spend his eternity learning everything there was to learn. Szilard Quates, Baccano!.
  • He raised an army in an effort to use a new, plentiful resource to free the world from subservience to a few economic and military powerhouses. Kane, Command and Conquer.
  • An army general who sought to protect humanity from the overwhelming influence of its own mass-produced homunculi, as well as its bondage to a dictatorial council, ready to annihilate mankind at the first sign of general discontent. General Uranus, Appleseed.

  • They only wanted their people to prosper throughout the galaxy and to ensure their entrance into the afterlife. They studied ancient technology and pacified lesser species (if they did not integrate them into their own alliance). They tried to spread their religion to the aforementioned lesser species, but they did not accept their proposal. They decided to bring reason to said species, and it led to their failure. Covenant High Prophets of Truth, Mercy, and Regret, Halo.
  • He was born to a poor family in a poor part of the nation, and learned a new philosophy at a young age. He was repeatedly exiled to a barren, inhospitable wasteland, but gained power in a very influential group. He helped fight for the freedom of the people and overthrew the tyrannical government of his country, leading it to glory after the death of his mentor. He fought against the evils of despotism, and brought his country's military back from the brink. Josef Vissarionovich Stalin.
  • He was a scientist, and became the chief doctor for a detainment camp. His discoveries in the fields of medicine were of great value, but people had a hard time accepting his observations due to his "by any means necessary" attitude. He later escaped to a neutral country, and died peacefully, even though his enemies were chasing him until the very end. Josef Mengele.

Generic Troper
  • Brought new concepts and modern technology to a small town in the middle of nowhere. He also built a factory that gave quite a few of the townspeople gainful employment. Porky, MOTHER 3
  • He just wanted to make sure that the serial killer who maimed him never killed another victim. Mason Verger, Hannibal

Gentle Mart
  • The youngest to be knighted for a very long time, he was a powerful warrior and a general of no small military accomplishment, aiding his father in the latter years of his reign. He defeated uprisings and incursions, and strove all his life to thwart the legions of religious fanatics that drove his half-brother the king to his death and threatened to fracture the kingdom that their father had unified. All of this he did while shouldering his half-brother's burden as king himself, while suffering tragedy after tragedy with the loss of his mother and the deaths of his children. At the end of it all, he died alone, betrayed by the men who had sworn to protect him, his name a curse, but his efforts were vindicated when the zealots laid down their weapons and knelt in homage to his successor. Maegor I Targaryen, The World of Ice and Fire
  • A Self-Made Man, who only wants to make friends, all the while having to constantly fend off thieves and poachers. Victor Hazel, Danny, The Champion of the World
  • The High Queen of an ancient civilisation, who only wants to be kept warm in her chamber, so that she may live long enough to fully prepare her only son and heir for the responsibilities of kingship. All the while leading a war against the greedy, territorial heretics that think nothing of attacking her subjects. Queen Bakrakra/Catheter, Insektors

Gentlemens Dame 883
  • They wanted to make Japan a world-respected superpower, but found themselves opposed by the bloodthirsty and obsessive teenagers they had tried to rehabilitate. Given that said teenagers would not even spare a young and much-beloved chorister, though, was their fate surprising in the least? The First District, Mai-HiME
  • He dared to offer vegetables in a world where livestock was favoured, and his protests against the authority were just a little too vehement. Cain from The Bible.
  • An elite group tasked with fighting an immoral, ruthless threat. Their enemy is so insidious that it takes a multitude of forms, including close allies. Said enemy is also utterly convinced of its own innocence. The problem is such that they must do what is lamentable and unpalatable but necessary. Blackwatch, Prototype
  • A servant of the government who finds himself troubled by a mass-murdering elder brother, an insubordinate underling, and a Ninja. After a near-death incident, he finds himself tasked with stopping the would-be avatar of a world-threatening menace. Jin Kisaragi, Blaz Blue.
  • A scientist whose quest for knowledge graces him with the flexibility of mind and body and an unorthodox diet. Arakune, Blaz Blue.
  • A veteran of World War II who takes up his older brother's sword and fights his family's myriad enemies. Michael Corleone, The Godfather
  • A bold young man who fights back after his father is nearly assassinated and gets brutally killed. Sonny Corleone, The Godfather
  • Representatives of Earth who wish to take rebels back under their wing and wipe out evil aliens. The United Earth Dominion, Starcraft.
  • One of six heroes who defeated a world-threatening monster, he once helped a child stand up for himself in the face of a neglectful older brother. Today, he fights an abusive vampiress and trains a young woman to fight an otherworldly threat. Terumi, Blaz Blue

Ghost Of Gene Rayburn
  • A devoted wife who will do anything she can to help her husband succeed. Lady MacBeth.
  • He's just trying to run a business and rid the seas of looting, raping, and pillaging brigands. Lord Cutler Beckett from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • A young soldier and theater lover who finds out he is terminally ill, and is just tired of always being shown up by his cocky, superhuman best friend, who has the means to cure him but doesn't because he can't handle the truth. Genesis Rhapsodos from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • A brilliant scientist who wants to breed humans with awesome superpowers that will improve their lives. A devoted father, he likes to work closely with his young son, who has benefited the most from his work in genetics. Was forced to kill his unfaithful wife's lover in self-defense. Professor Hojo from Final Fantasy VII
  • Three lonely young men who just want to be reunited with their mother. Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Girl Without Hat
  • Separated from his brother after having watched their mother die, he grew up isolated without any significant emotional connections, while his younger brother's foster family denied his existence. As an adult, he created highly individual works of performance art to get his long-lost brother's attention, knowing that they shared an interest in that medium, and met a woman (who happened to be his brother's foster sister) who he wanted to spend his life with. However, his brother abandoned him for a sham life of denying his interests, and killed him! Brian Mosier - the Ice Truck Killer - from Dexter S1.

  • A man who wants to make a new, perfect world with his true love at his side. Creed Diskenth of Black Cat

  • He tried to save his race, and helped preserve priceless works of art while he was at it. Scaroth, Doctor Who
  • The leader of a happy, devoutly religious community, who makes great sacrifices to keep his people happy. Lord Summerisle, The Wicker Man

  • Leader of the mightiest and proudest people the world had ever seen, ascended to the throne before he even turned 30,made peace with a longstanding enemy, fought to stamp out a new and disturbing cult, and was immensely popular with his subjects. Emperor Nero

  • A being who just wants to find friends, but is rejected because of its appearance, forcing it to use unusual methods. Is frequently opposed by a gluttonous horror who does not give it a chance to explain itself, and who once shot it in the eye with sharp bits of crystal. Zero/Dark Matter, from the Kirby series.
  • This respected authority figure is trying to help guide a race of creatures that live on a miserable planet to a better life. However, he is repeatedly beaten to within an inch of his life by a bounty hunter who would like nothing more than to wipe out that race and make him die slowly and painfully. Ridley, from the Metroid games.
  • A creature of immense size that, like all creatures, wants to reproduce. To that end, it spreads seeds, which have the additional effect of greatly increasing the galaxy's biodiversity. However, it is hijacked by a psychopath and later killed by a revenge-driven bounty-hunter. Phaaze, from the Metroid Prime games
  • A being made of the minds of a race of creatures who, when they found that their power would ultimately lead to the destruction of the universe, locked themselves in stasis, sacrificing everything they had for the good of all. This being is dedicated to making sure that other races with this power do not destroy everything. However, in the end, one of these races, drunk with power, destroyed the being, whose dying words were begging them to protect the universe for it. The Anti-Spiral, from Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann

  • A determined and focused individual who lost his love so tragically that he devotes his life as a testament to how corrupt and horrible the world is to not only let it happen once, but over and over again. He uses all his skill and power in an attempt to break the bitter cycle of despair and death that has gripped the world for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Grahf from Xenogears.
  • A brilliant young scholar who only wants to bring about a world where peace and justice rule. Thanks to a massive stroke of luck, he can do it singlehandedly, but not without great effort. But he is pursued and ostracized for his valiant struggle. Light Yagami from Death Note.

    Given the Black and Gray Morality of the series, I also present you with the child-like genius struggling with social ineptitude as he attempts to bring down a vindictive mass-murderer, losing a great deal of sleep in the process. L, of course.

    And: A rational, socially alienated prodigy who will not give up restoring justice in an Orwellian society where the death penalty has become a default form of justice. The oft-hated Near.
  • A noble warrior who, upon witnessing the death of his mother, vows to use power so that he can never fail to protect that which is important to him ever again. Vergil from Devil May Cry.
  • A girl with revolutionary ideas who only asked for one small concession that could lead to the betterment of the entire universe, she is also a stalwart protector of her best friend's dream. Ryoko Asakura from Suzumiya Haruhi series.

Grand Duke Nukem

The Great Pie
  • The member of a proud race, he sought to wrench a planet from the oppressive hands of its greedy and abusive inhabitants. Zim from Invader Zim.
  • A super hero who fought and killed an Evil Overlord, but discovered that he had a son. Feeling guilty and remorseful for his deed, he took the Evil Overlord's son as his own, and disguised himself as the boy's butler. Super Hero Aurum from Disgaea 3.

Great Pikmin Fan
  • He just wants a town to be clean and hazard-free! Russ, The Simpsons Movie
  • It's okay, he won't hurt you unless you touch him. Even then, you still don't get hurt. You just get sent away. Uboa, Yume Nikki.

The Great Unknown
  • He felt that he'd been treated unfairly by his boss, and just wanted to bring it to his attention. Iago, Othello
  • They were forced to scratch out a living in a pitiful wasteland, and took some steps to try and better their situation. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, The Lion King
  • All he wanted was to pay back the man who once saved his life. Johan Liebert, Monster

  • He just wants his son to have everything he has. Darth Vader from Star Wars

Gothic Prophet
  • A man who made a mistake in who he followed, then became trapped with the people he was to kill, then realized the error of his ways and saves their lives on several occasions, but they are very ungrateful and he is frequently in danger of violence. Dr. Zachary Smith, Lost in Space

Guest Of Dishonour
  • Born the poor son of a drunk, he was latered abused and put through Training from Hell by his own merciless grandfather who later declared him a worthless failure, giving him a massive inferiority complex. Rejected by the girl he loved, he is later betrayed by his so-called 'best friend' he'd offered to protect, who happens to be a misogynist with a warped sense of justice. Shinji Mato from Fate / Stay Night
  • A young, intelligent girl, who, after her world gets destroyed, sets out to make everything right again, even better than it was before, winning the blessings of a fallen king and the favour of the angels. Unfortunately, she is betrayed by her two best friends, one of which even sets out to kill her. Depending on how the story unfolds, she'll die, but her dream becomes a reality, she'll just die before she can restore the world, or she'll be restored to life, along with her old world, by her friend. Chiaki Hayasaka from Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call.
  • Wants to create a world without Greed, despite his cowardice. Crowley / Shadow Gem from Atelier Iris 3

  • A sophisticated being who helped an alien race achieve victory in their pursuits. Adopted one of these aliens, but said alien does things like vandalize his property and attack him. Tries to reason with a bloodthirsty mobster who killed his associates, but ends up having his house set on fire for his troubles. Eventually attacked by an unruly house invader while his alien daughter runs away. Doc Scratch from Homestuck.

  • A brave and strong woman, who was betrayed by a man she deeply trusted. She then became the leader of an ancient race of aliens and tried to give them a better future. Sarah Kerrigan from Star Craft.

  • An organisation created for the sole purpose of protecting humanity, they capture and store objects and entities that pose incredible threats to human civilization, the planet, and even the stability of the universe itself through their anomalous nature. They study these objects in hopes of bettering humanity with them, contains them at remote locations so that the damage they can cause is limited, or, in the worst case scenario, attempt to destroy these terrible threats to humanity. They have saved the world countless times, and is never acknowledged for it (nor do they want to be). The eponymous SCP Foundation.
  • They just want to practice their somewhat unusual religion in peace. Church of the Broken God, from the SCP Foundation.
  • In a world fraught with objects and entities that can end humanity with a snap of their fingers, this organisation was created to combat these highly dangerous threats. They give their lives, fight Eldritch Abominations and destroying various Artifacts of Doom. The Global Occult Coalition from the SCP Foundation.
  • They are a simple company that aims to provide entertainment for the bored, provided that they can afford it, of course. Marshall, Carter, and Dark LTD, from the SCP Foundation.
  • They were just dedicated scientists trying to explore a new area of science, hoping that their inventions will benefit mankind. Prometheus Labs, Inc, from the SCP Foundation.

Heart Burn Kid
  • A brilliant and visionary man, he grew by the sweat of his own brow to become one of the richest and most powerful entities on the planet. He leverages all his resources, as well as his inventive genius, to defend his world from a godlike alien menace that threatens to reshape humanity in his image. Lex Luthor, The DCU.
  • A proud champion of his sport for over a decade, he watched his relevance decline despite constantly overcoming ever-more-insurmountable odds. He joins forces with two friends from his former home and sets out to prove to the world that he still has what it takes to be the best, no matter what he must do and what he must sacrifice to do it. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, WCW

Hermes 3
  • An ancient and revered fraternity of history's greatest leaders that have worked to bridge differences and bring order and stability to an otherwise chaotic world. The Templars from Assassin's Creed

Heroic Jay
  • A young man finds an object that he does not recognize and does not know how to use. Not knowing what else to do with it, he attempts to sell it on eBay, but attracts the attention of a group of secret agents, one of which is actually an alien, who try to steal it from him. The secret agents eventually capture him, take the object, and refuse to let him see or talk to his parents. The secret agents boss him around and try to force him to work for them, but he makes his escape and decides to get revenge on the agents for screwing with his life. That said, the young man remains quite adamant, the whole time, that he would never kill a human being. The agents eventually imprison him and subject him to a Fate Worse Than Death. David, from Animorphs
  • Our hero wants to cure a blindness that has affected his entire race, but members of another, very arrogant, race stand in his way every time he looks for a cure. The hero makes a breakthrough in curing his own blindness, which causes the members of the arrogant race to call him an "abomination", and they use assassins and soldiers of a third race to try to stop him. The hero's boss is a corrupt hypocrite who attempts to sabotage all work that the hero attempts, even though they should be working together. The hero also has a cannibalistic evil twin, who he naturally counts as one of his enemies, and when the opposing soldiers meet the twin, even they are disgusted by him... yet they peacefully allow him to continue his cannibalism and walk away. Eventually, our hero discovers that the opposing soldiers had been lying to him about their own nature for years — if they'd just been honest sooner, then their conflict could have been resolved with much less violence, and those soldiers would probably be working for him by now! Our hero is Visser Three, from Animorphs.
  • This guy only wants to care for his children and eat. It's not his fault that some humans discovered they could derive great power from him. In fact, he made humans what they are today, so they really ought to thank him! Lavos, from Chrono Trigger
  • He's an angel whose boss seems hopelessly naïve and oblivious. Demons are preparing to attack the Earth and he is determined to stop them, at all costs, while his boss refuses to take action beyond sending a little girl on a demon assassination mission — and the boss doesn't even seem that concerned when she fails at it! Clearly, he must take action. I mean, everyone knows angels are the good guys and demons can't possibly have any virtues, right? Vulcanus — the real one, not Artina — from Disgaea

  • A sweet, helpless young Christian girl has her family slaughtered and is tortured and taunted to the point of insanity, before being forced into immortality so she can never escape her cracked mind or her captors. It is highly implied that the psychological/physical/sexual abuse continues for many years before her tormentors abandon her with no way of looking after herself. Now all she has left is her beloved paramour, whom she simply wants to enjoy traveling the world with. She becomes cripplingly ill and weak, now completely dependent on her boyfriend and practically bedridden. Her only goal is to get healthy again. In return for her troubles, our heroes decide to paralyse said lover and blow up her birthday present before stealing both her love interests away from her, leaving her all alone in the world. And all she tried to do was cure her agonisingly painful illness and go maybe a bit overboard with her party plans. Drusilla, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • A romantic young man gives up his life for his girlfriend, in spite of her unfaithful and frankly insane demeanour. He loves her all the same, moving heaven and earth to make her happy, even breaking his legs for her, though eventually she leaves him anyway. Later on he persues another woman, though all he tends to get in return is her scorn and physical violence. She cannot seem to forgive him for his dark, troubled past, though he insists that he is reformed and on the straight and narrow. He cannot even bear to hit people anymore, whilst his object of desire hits things professionally. Spike, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • A highly intelligent young man with a natural charm and ambitious nature begins a valiant campaigne to restore order to a town overrun with anarchists and criminals. His long lost brother (who was sheltered by their parents who in turn abandoned him) responds by trying to burn him to death and leaving him to starve. However, he does not give up on his dreams, seeking many more times to help clean up his hometown. In the end, he sacrifices himself for the good of the people. Caine Soren, Literature/Gone

  • He created one effective World Government, came back from the dead, and saved the Pope. Friend, 20th Century Boys
  • After being persecuted for being gifted and having his twin sister taken away from him, he gave everybody superpowers and created a viable form of immortality. Amagi Miroku, Psyren
  • One protected his father from imprisonment, de Villefort, one got a promotion that allowed him to establish a respectable bank, Danglars, and one married the woman of his dreams, de Morcerf, all from The Count Of Monte Cristo.

  • A powerful and widely-respected war hero who braved his traumatizing childhood and came to terms with his own human weakness in order to become the king his country needed him to be. His acts of altruism and bravery include the near-single-handed disbandment of a corrupt and selfish order, the elimination of a widespread race of human-killing predators, and the stonewalling of a foriegn terrorist movement. To date, not a single one of his soldiers has betrayed him. Galbatorix, of the Inheritance cycle

  • A character so mentally and physically unstable that he sheds blood when he gets hit. 0, Kirby's Adventure 3/02, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • All are from the same comic book series: De Kiekeboes
    • One of the few representations of transsexuality. Has some high-profile motivations and enough money that make of her a force to be reckoned with. Timothea Triangl
    • A usually sympathetic character that only wants revenge on the guy who ruined his plans. He is very ambitious and thus does everything in his powers to be able to do it. Dede La Canaille
  • He was one of the most renowned butlers in the world but because he was fired he is now a very poor guy. Nowadays he tries to get his money back by doing various jobs. Anatool, Jommeke
  • He is a great defender of the French population. As other people are trying to Flanderize the nation he tries to do everything in his power to keep the French population from falling victim to the will of the Flemish. He also gave the poor lots of sausages and statistics prove that he made the right decisions. Charles Woeste, Daens

  • A powerful wizard with emotional disabilities grows up with no parents before learning that he has powers no one else can understand. Gathering a group of like-minded wizards, he sets out to undo the damage that has been caused by those less capable than himself while combatting the machinations of a wizard who seeks to use child soldiers to stop him.Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter series
  • A man of science, he is committed to invention and discovery above all else (except for his handicapped son, to whom he is a loving, doting father and for whom he is willing to do and sacrifice anything). Operating out of the home of his only living family, he seeks to spread his inventions and influence around the world. Dr. Insano, the Spoony Experiment
  • A unique creature, he meeks seeks to spread his philosophy on life to the rest of the world, but is imprisoned for his beliefs by the authoritarian dictator who rules the land, brooking no disent. Then again, what chance did he have of getting a fair trial from someone who exiles their own sister for merely wanting more of the populace's love? Discord, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Having witnessed a war go on for 1,000 year with no end in sight, an ambitious man risks his own life delivering a peace offering to his peoples' greatest enemy in hopes of ending the fighting. In return, he asks for a position of respect amongst his people. When the enemy attacks his peoples' peace delegation and subjegate their realm, he is given the sole blame and seeks refuge amongst the conquerors. However, he is betrayed again and forced to lead the conquering troops into battle against the last remnants of his people or face execution himself. After several disasterous battles leave the conquerers weakened, he manages to escape back to his people, where he again faces execution as a scapegoat for the enemy violating the terms of the peace treaty. Baltar, Battlestar Galactica (Classic)
  • Hoping to protect his people from a new weapon developed by their enemies capable of destroying an entire world, a Captain mounts a rouge operation to steal as much information about the weapon as possible. Sadly, in the process of retrieving the data, he is forced to kill his girlfriend to ensure that the mission pulls through. Arriving at the site of the weapon's test fire, he is forced to kill a trigger-happy crewmember who mercilessly guns down the people he was hoping to question. When his ship is damaged by an enemy who takes an unprovoked first-shot, he orders his gunner to disable the enemy rather than kill them. He then accepts the enemy's surrender, on the condition that some of his men come aboard to ensure that no one tries anything to fight back. However, the enemy activates the Self-Destruct Mechanism, destroying the ship and killing much of his crew in the process. Discovering that the enemy crew evacuated before destruction, he travels to where they are and graciously allows the crew to leave, demanding that the Captain stay and fight him. He ends up being killed by getting dropped off of a high ledge while attemptng to get revenge for his murdered crew. Kruge, Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock
  • After his brother is killed by an off-duty police officer (who is afterwards honored for doing so), he sets out to get revenge, taking steps to ensure that no innocent bystanders are harmed by his actions. Simon Gruber, Die Hard With A Vengeance
  • A young girl who is given responsibilities far exceeding her abilities. It's not her fault that her parents aren't helping her take care of her pets, causing several of them to die early. Darla, Finding Nemo
  • Fighting to control his blood-lust, a young vampire falls in love with a human woman. Despite complaints from one of her failed suitors, he successfully woos her and they live happily ever after. Edward, Twilight Saga
  • The new girl in town, she becomes the center of a love triangle that has far-reaching ramifications for her suitors, who are on opposing sides of a war. In the end, she uses the affections of her suitors to breach the gap between the two warring sides and bring peace to the region. Bella, Twilight Saga
    • Ok, I'm done with the Twilight bashing. Just had to get it out of my system.

I Am The Rooster
  • One of the most intelligent and respected scientific minds of his time, he became famous for his work in robotic engineering, and curing his wife and daughter of their physical ailments. Relius Clover, Blazblue
  • A man who prides himself on being physically fit and athletic, he loves the spirit of friendly competition more than anything else. Is so passionate about it that he even sandbags a little to help his opponents get a headstart. Azrael, Blazblue
  • A lonely man who struggles desperately with his vices every day as he deals with a society that hates him. Discovers the love of a family in the most unlikely of places. In the end, all he really wants is a normal life. Yoshikage Kira, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • A presidential candidate who dreams of an America where anyone ambitious enough can create their ideal life, and where laziness and carelessness are eliminated. Simply put, in his country, if you can imagine it you can make it so. Sure he's had to make some sacrifices to get that way, but you can't please everybody in politics, right? Senator Steven Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising.
  • A lonely kid who just wants to be accepted like everyone else, and is prone to acting out. Is often ridiculed for nothing more than attempting to be funny. Sho Minazuki, Persona 4 Arena.
  • A trio of attractive, talented young men who stand up and fight for what they believe in. In a world where hedonism and self-serving egos are encouraged, these three dare to fight against injustice and uphold ideals of truth and order. So tight is their bond of friendship that they are capable of reading each others' thoughts and acting as a unit. The Shield, WWE.
  • A time traveler who went to the past in an attempt to rectify his failure to become a hero.Z-ONE, Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds.

Igni Ferroque
  • Was killed in the course of his duties by a renegade colleague who called slavers to their ship out of a desire for power and glory; only possessor of knowledge about said colleague's past. Was reanimated and set out to destroy this madman with too much power, inconsistent morality, and delusions of godhood to boot, knowing that he must be stopped. Realizes how the renegade's obsession with escaping the death of the universe may be possible; vows to prevent this, at the same time acknowledging that if he is less intelligent than this rival, then he will inevitably be killed once again while the renegade triumphs. His brilliance (he is possibly the only character to grasp certain extremely important truths, and certainly does so long before any others) is thwarted (or is it?) solely by the fact that the embodiment of destiny is, without great reason (Stockholm syndrome?), on the side of the madman. Tycho, Marathon trilogy

I Have A Head Ache
  • A man who for literally uncountable years has been struggling to end a cycle of defeat and suffering who has been recruiting from the greatest of bards, healers and academicians through promises of eternal life, and whenever he comes to the very completion of his plans to end this eternal torture, is forced into a pocket dimension to try again. Forever. The Dark One from The Wheel of Time. (The Bard is Asmodean, the healer is Semirhage, and the academicians are Mesaana and Graendal.

  • An industry leader of science and technology who seeks to give back to the community and make the world a better place by using his ingenuity and resources to solve overpopulation and create a sustainable living in a pristine and natural world. Lysandre, Pokémon X and Y .

Imperial Majesty XO
  • He started life as an impoverished orphan who lived a downtrodden, hardscrabble life, constantly struggling with his own despair. Eventually, he met a politician who took him under his wing and helped him to believe in himself. Thanks to this one lucky break, he was able to meteorically rise through the ranks, eventually becoming one of the most important people in his country. Even with his country long gone, he remains loyal to his mentor and committed to his cause. He works tirelessly to make his teacher's vision come true, seeing it as the least he can do to repay the man who helped him achieve so much. Red Skull

  • A hardworking servant of the government and genius dollmaker who strives for perfection in his work. He even allows his family to join him in his groundbreaking endeavors, which include giving a body to a green ghost in need and cleansing the sewers of a gluttonous black blob who has a habit of eating the locals. He is now working together with his wife to assist the leader of the government in her goal: turning the world into its true form. Relius Clover, Blaz Blue

  • This champion of the common folk's attempts to protect his country is undermined by a foreign army that works with both a witch and a confessed child-killer, and by nobles who resent that a commoner has been so successful. teryn Loghain Mac Tir, Dragon Age.

  • A group of espers persecuted as children for being different, they band together to hone their powers and make sure that no one will make fun of them again. Coming upon a group of former heroes brainwashed to follow the every command of an evil being who comes off to the world as completely flawless, they focus their strategy on killing this being alone and freeing her minions. The Saint Rose Crusaders, Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode
  • A polite and mystical being who never attacks anyone without trying to reason with them first and dreams of restoring his fallen kingdom. Although he can't do much on his own towards this purpose, he has managed to revive his dead friends, who care deeply for his well-being. However, he discovers that he is the result of a cruel experiment and is being manipulated, and tries his best to defy fate and keep a hold on his sanity. Michel, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  • The dutiful Student Council President of a school that's constantly being vandalized. He's sure that he's caught the one doing it, and although he has the backing of the entire school administration, he can't extract a completely truthful confession from her. To make matters worse, he tries to reason with a sweet girl with a bright future and an impressionable new student, but both of them seem to have fallen under the delinquent's spell. Kuze, Kanon
  • She was created from an Eldritch Abomination and kept locked away in the inner reaches of an Ancient Conspiracy's military base "for her own safety". A chance encounter with an angel allowed her to run away and seek her own freedom. Kei, Nobody Dies

Jketchum 31
  • A loving family man with a lot of kids, all of whom live out of his vehicle. He just wants to make ends meet, but he's got to get to a good food source first! Black Doom, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • A jovial inventor who just wants to build his amusement park, but is haunted by his family's tragic past. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog

The Hero Hartmut
  • A frail man of indeterminate age who has quite possibly overseen millenia of mankind's endeavours, but, in spite of this, never lost touch with his inner child. He provided employment for many hundreds of people in his military, manufacturing, and scientific research divisions, showed rural communities the wonders of city life, and always strived to improve the aesthetic of nature. Porky from Mother 3.
  • A Man of Wealth and Taste. Fired from his previous job just because he dared to dream of being in charge for once. Now holds the top position in his own industry, directly competing against his former employer for a higher traffic count. A highly misunderstood individual, who is unfairly prejudged and demonised for the necessary post he fills. Satan.

  • A savvy politician who steps into office after his brother's untimely death. Although he does his best to deal with threats of invasion and treasonous rumors, and protects his country and the woman he loves, he and most of his court fall victim to his adopted son's tragic and dangerous madness. Claudius, Hamlet.
  • A witty and charismatic war hero, he nonetheless faces discrimination and hate because of his deformity. He reluctantly accepts the crown in order to save his country, still recovering from a bloody civil war, from the instability of a child ruler. Betrayed by his most loyal supporter, threatened with supernatural interference, and facing a rebellion spearheaded by a man with a tenuous claim to the throne, he has terrible nightmares and begins to doubt himself. In the end, he is killed brutally in battle, valiantly defending himself to the last. (Later monarchs would smear his name in a relentless propaganda campaign from which his reputation will probably never recover.) Richard III, and it's meta, too.

  • A fundamentally decent man abused from childhood for being born different, who found power in that difference and set out to stamp out bigotry and make the world a better place at any cost, even though his wife, children, and even his best friend in the world never understood his dream. Magneto from X-Men.
  • A lonely woman set against a cruel, prejudicial world, who's been betrayed by everyone she ever trusted, and is constantly hunted by a man she once loved, another man she once saw as a friend, and an entire family who've based their vendetta on a Minor Injury Overreaction. Demona from Gargoyles.
  • A man who, not wanting to die, took what he saw as reasonable precautions against the prophecy of his death, and lost his power, his followers, and most of his reputation as a result. Voldemort from Harry Potter.

  • He wishes to use the powers granted to him to safeguard all life as we know it, and will do anything as a means to accomplish this. Indeed, when he realizes that he's failed his mission, he's so horrified that he kills himself. Saren Arterius, Mass Effect.
  • In the end, he just wants to finish his job. Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men
  • A polite, intelligent, and handsome young man who possesses a strict code of honor and a sharp sense of style, he believes that no human will ever cease to amaze you. He also admires anyone with a sense of duty, and will happily help any friend in their time of need. Solf J. Kimblee, Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • A wonderfully eloquent and intelligent man with a firm admiration of the classics, and is a true father to his men. The Judge, Blood Meridian
  • A man who bore witness to the full ravages of war, rose from simple beginnings to being a multi-billionaire, and now heads an organization dedicated towards the betterment of his own people, to assert themselves against anymore perceived threats. The Illusive Man, Mass Effect 2.
  • He is charming, affable, cares deeply for his family, and his greatest goal in life is to achieve ever-lasting world peace. Schneizel el Britannia, Code Geass
  • In the end, he's just a man doing his job, and wants to see it through the best he can. When he sees one of his own men not only betray him, but take up arms against him, he understandably gets more than a little pissed off. Col. Miles Quaritch, Avatar
  • His leaders are utter, utter monsters, and, in selling them out, he helps bring a long and bloody war to a close. Col. Hans Landa, Inglourious Basterds.
  • They merely wish to bring peace to a lawless territory, and remove the threat of encroaching psychopaths, marauders, mercenaries, and whatever other unsavory beings may lie out there. The Enclave, Fallout.

Insert Witty Name Here
  • The military locked him up after discovering his political past. His attempt to escape earned him and all his friends a one-way ticket to an inhospitable wasteland. After his one true love succumbed there, he set out for vengeance, armed with a machine that creates life. Khan from Star Trek.
  • She took over a chaotically-run institution, attempted to instill order, and fired individuals who performed incompetently. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter.
  • After becoming a self-made millionaire, he married a widow with three children and used his wealth to change the face of his hometown. Biff Tannen.

Jolt Ninja

Joker Mash 961
  • This cold, emotionless Ace was saved from certain death by his new, similarly stoic classmate, and the act inspired him to open up and express himself. He then tries to return the favor with the help of their homeroom teacher. Dou Haguro, Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest.

  • A figure with nearly divine powers which he has used to heal people and to reward one of his helpers with near immortality. He is a tough but fair parent who cares deeply about his children and wants to make the world more accommodating to them. Father from Fullmetal Alchemist

  • They're only doing their job protecting the galaxy. Why did Earth try and cause some of them to defect to their side? The Inspectors/Zuvorg Alliance from Super Robot Wars

  • An entire species of geneticists from outside of the galaxy travel into it, looking for their lost homeworld. Everyone they meet uses heretical technology. They reshape the worlds they claim to make them more like their homeworld. When they find their homeworld, she turns out to be sentient, reveals that she stripped away their connection to the force that binds the universe together, and scolds them harshly. The Yuuzhan Vong, from Star Wars, the Expanded Universe.
  • Cast down from their place in the galaxy by a man with insanely convoluted plots, with their armada largely demolished, a race of nomads spends fifty years keeping a low profile before they see a chance to reclaim what they had lost. The Vagaari.
  • The head of his government openly announces his plan to surrender what's left of it to their greatest enemy. A patriotic politician forms an alliance with a veteran soldier and a very good character actor to make it seem like the galaxy's greatest tactical and strategic genius has returned from the dead in an attempt to bring the government back from the brink. Disra, Tierce, and Flim, from Star Wars, the Expanded Universe.
  • The galaxy's greatest tactical and strategic genius returns from a long exile to find that the government he served has been overthrown by revolutionaries who idolize the corrupt bureaucracy that came before the Empire. Despite the handicaps of being nonhuman and thus automatically distrusted, he takes command of what's left and starts winning territory back. His men have an unbelievable loyalty to him, and he's less harsh and overbearing than his predecessors. Grand Admiral Thrawn, from Star Wars, the Expanded Universe.
  • An old man cloned from a Jedi and heir to the Jedi's memories, personality, and powers is content to guide the people on his rustic planet until the galaxy's greatest tactical and strategic genius arrives. The strategist tells him that he could gift many more people with his wisdom and offers an alliance, but the old man is unconvinced until the strategist mentions that he can get the old man Jedi to train: the one thing he wants most. They work together, but the strategist never seems to bring him those Jedi, and when the old man tries himself, the young Jedi he talks to calls him crazy and leaves. The strategist also tells the old man that this isn't the old man's Empire, and eventually, the old man is sent home, where he waits in the hope that Jedi will come. Joruus C'baoth, from Star Wars, the Expanded Universe.

J Random User
  • A group dedicated to keeping the world safe from a wide variety of horrific supernatural threats that assail it day to day—not the least a band of death cultists, sexual deviants, and pagans who casually rip reality to shreds. The Technocracy, Mage The Ascension.
  • A ragtag but intensely loyal band of underdogs locked in an unending struggle against the ravenous blood gods destined to rise up and bring The End of the World as We Know It. The Sabbat, Vampire: The Masquerade.
  • A man dedicates his life to taking over the family business, only to be murdered by his own brother. Sarevok, Baldur's Gate.
  • He acted to end the bloodthirsty rampage of a highly unstable killer who murdered his own family. Zeus, God Of War 2.

Justice Reaper
  • Removed from his home and happy background against his will, then helplessly unable to prevent his mother's death and the brutal torture of himself and the rest of his family, he sought years later to gather allies in a banding-together of a new family to replace the one he'd lost, while striving to secure justice for the childhood trauma he'd suffered and survived. Donquixote Doflamingo, One Piece
  • A woman whose only desire is for those who truly deserve happy endings to get them, by any way she can provide them. The Fairy Godmother, Shrek 2

  • He just wants to be respected for accomplishments. CM Punk 2012 Face–Heel Turn
  • She had heartbroken by a guy who was clearly leading her on and asked her out. AJ
  • He had everything taken away from him. Only to be told it was for his own protection. Sasuke
  • He's only trying to teach you aesops and it ends up strengthen your bonds. Heartseed

  • A misunderstood young hero who was experimented on, spent his entire life on the battlefield, and never knew his real mother. All he wanted was to restore the Earth to its proper form and do justice to his ancestors. Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.
    • Or Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, perhaps?
  • A misunderstood child of mixed race, he saw his mother sacrifice herself for him and grew into a proud leader of his race. His attempts to win the hand of a lovely young woman were thwarted by a jock from out of town, but his will was strong enough that he defied death itself. Seymour from Final Fantasy X

  • An alien who works hard to be the best leader that he can be in order to bring peace and prosperity to his species. Visser Three from Animorphs
  • An alien who wishes to become a great leader in the army, so she goes exploring throughout her galaxy in order to find the perfect new home for her species. Visser One from Animorphs
  • A young man who just wants to have some fun with his new-grown tentacle arm. Drake from Gone
  • A small child who was sent to where she currently is on a mission to spread life throughout the universe. Gaia from Gone
  • A poor ship with A.I. that was cruelly abandoned by her creators and who wanted to have fun with the humans that had come aboard. Mother from Remnants
  • A Four-Star Badass who is dedicated to serving his home world and rescuing Damsels In Distress in the process. Zapp Brannigan from Futurama
  • A teenage girl who wants to be well-liked and enjoys making herself pretty. Regina from Mean Girls
  • A superhero who is dedicated to stopping his nemesis from causing chaos by stopping time and protecting his hometown. He's also in love with a beautiful girl who he wants to protect. Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Alright, so that was a bit of a cheap one.
  • She tries to get revenge on the boy that killed her husband and get a little food in the process, only to have her eyes brutally pecked out. The Giantess from Into the Woods
  • He's trying to avenge the death of his family while being the best father he can be to his teenage son. Valentine from The Mortal Instruments
  • After being thrown into the wild against his will, he's trying to escape and return to his family. Every Hunger Games contestant ever.
  • She's working hard to become the best scientist she can be so that she can revolutionize the world, save millions of lives, and protect her daughter. Terra from Eve and Adam
  • He enjoys commercial cooking, so he's trying to get his restaurant back after it was stolen from him through. Skinner from Ratatouille

Kilgore Trout
  • This man became a war hero while defending the people of his galaxy against a bloodthirsty invading force, despite the inexplicable objections of his superiors. After he returned from the war, along with the loyal soldiers under his command, he was branded a traitor by the government he once served and was forced to fight for his very life. After his best friend was captured and presumed dead by their enemies, he strove to make sure that the dreams of his departed friend came true. Darth Malak, Knights Of The Old Republic.
  • After the death of his mother when he was just a child, he learned that she was suffering unspeakable torment in the afterlife and vowed to save her soul. As an adult, he succeeded in doing this after fighting the devil himself. He also rose to become the leader of his country. As ruler, he improved the quality of life for all its citizens, and will be more than happy to do the same for all the people of the world if they allow him to. Victor Von Doom, Marvel Comics.
  • He brought a remorseless criminal to justice and battled valiantly against the criminal's accomplices, one of whom was the deadliest warrior alive. Artemis Entreri, from the varous Drizzt novels.
  • After saving her country from destruction and winning the admiration and loyalty of her compatriots, she travels the world, searching for the only thing left that could once again endanger it. Alter Tse'Elon, Y: The Last Man.

  • Though born of powerful alien race, this "villain" was lovingly raised from infancy by a pair of humans, who were brought to live among the aliens to raise one of their own. However, it all was ruined when his adoptive father betrayed his people, taking off with valuable information about their powers that was gathered without permission and could be used against them, leaving his wife and adoptive child behind. Upon reaching adulthood many years later, he was sent to retrieve the lost information on his parent's home planet and prevent it from spreading into the native population. At first, he did not wish to betray those who raised him, particularly his much beloved adoptive mother. In the end, he was forced to detach himself from her and begin preparations for the mission, but learned beforehand of a future defeat by a native child of the planet and was unwilling to allow that to happen, and so he pushed mission twenty years earlier. This turns out to be a mistake as he is then attacked by the young ancestor of his parents and his friends. Willingly, they use the powers of his people against the army and, in the final battle, despite a kind attempt to spare him as an act of gracefulness towards their family, the ancestor and friend cruelly used a precious song of his beloved mother against him. The maternal love in the lyrics shine through despite attempted detachment. Unable to bear it, he retreats, vowing to return when he does, however, he'll have become only a shadow of who he once was. Giegue from Earthbound Zero.

King Sonn Dee Doo
  • A man who simply wants to advance and unite the world under his rule. He is also trying his best to stop Fantastic Racism, by making two different things into one, and removing the boundaries between all. Sousuke Aizen from Bleach.
  • A family man, who did all he could in his power to keep his family and people safe. Rejected by the gods, he became one for his people, and locked them in the sky so that they'd be safe. Feoltahnos from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Knight Mysterio
  • A woman of great power and magic with a great love of the people, all she wishes is to be given a chance to show her loyalty to the crown. And if it weren't for three lesser women who were jealous of her talent, she would have gotten the chance...Maleficent, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
  • A group dedicated to reviving the original values of liberty and justice for all, this citizen's brigade fights for freedom wherever there's trouble. They are dedicated to restoring the ways of freedom to the people of the United States of America, wanting to remind people that there's more to patriotism than blind loyalty to your country. The Citizens' Organizational Bureau for Reform in America is more than willing to give up its life for you. COBRA, the archenemies of G.I. Joe.
  • A pair of lonely, mystical beings, who just want to play...Master Hand and Crazy Hand, from Super Smash Bros..
  • A dedicated businessman whose only goal is to help out the people in the best possible way, by providing jobs in the various industries he commands. A sporting chap, he's also into scuplture with brass and is a dedicated martial artist, always up for a challenge. He even incorporates the techniques of fighters he admires into his own repertoire as tribute to their skill. Rugal Bernstein, from The King of Fighters.
  • A race of biomechanical creatures from beyond the galaxy who want to bring peace. Their only concern is preventing an inevitable war between organic life and synthetic life, bringing them together in perfect harmony. The Reapers, from Mass Effect.
  • A Queen of a race of shapeshifting creatures who only wants to take care of her people. She just wants to make sure that her children are fed and loved. Is that so wrong? Queen Chrysalis, from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

  • After saving the human race from extinction, he began a very ambitious genetic research project. On the way, he helped human civilization achieve incredible power. Lavos from Chrono Trigger.

  • A lonely little girl who wants more than anything to protect her friend. When she found out her friend was trapped away from the real world, and was dearly missing her friends and family, she selflessly gave up her own happiness and damned herself to a Self-Inflicted Hell in order to restore the one she cared about to life. Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion