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The Villain Whitewashing Service is where you take some Misaimed Fandom, add a lot of Draco in Leather Pants, a hint of Bunny-Ears Lawyer and/or Flanderization, a small chunk of Badass Decay, and you make your favorite villain sound like a pretty decent but incredibly misunderstood guy. List your examples under your Troper name, alphabetically, and hide the answers using spoilers. Avoid links in the answer. Please include the story your character is fromnote , no matter how popular it is.

Compare Worse Than It Sounds. Contrast Paint the Hero Black.

Lady Jafaria
  • A man who died a horrible death and, upon coming back, only wanted to be reunited with his true love. It wasn't his fault he also ended up with some seriously bad powers. Imhotep, The Mummy Trilogy
  • A government official seeks a way to replace his seriously incompetent superior and is overthrown by deceitful teenagers who actually want the incompetent man in power, likely because of nepotism. Jafar, Aladdin, and my username made that one more obvious than it should have been
  • She just wants to run a successful shop and help the guy she loves. Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney Todd

  • A highly civilized and orderly race that has eradicated all disease and war in it's homeworld. Now it's mission is to spread peace, order, and high technology to all intelligent races in the universe. The Borg, Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Once a dark god, this immortal awoke one day to realize that the easiest solution to ease the suffering of the mortals under the reigns of the gods would be to do combat with and then devour the other wicked gods in order to prevent them from ever returning to harm mortals. Mirmoggin, Furcadia.
  • A shy, gentle nerd in high-school was picked on and bullied for years by the popular, handsome jock. Now, fully grown and a wealthy genius, he wishes to finally be given some praise, love, and respect by others without being out-shined by his stupid, now ugly, and fat high school rival. Doctor Nefarious, Ratchet and Clank.
  • A lonely old man out of touch with modern times decides to take up real estate investment in foreign lands. Suddenly thrust into modern society, he adapts quickly and is considered charming and genteel. He even falls in love with a native woman and tries to offer her the same kind of life he himself enjoys. Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Considered an angel and the equivalent of the arch angel Michael, this imposing figure rains down much-needed justice and deserved punishments on the wicked with his sword. Pyramid Head, Silent Hill series.
  • This angel emblazoned with the seal of the Metatron holds the holds the key to the cycle of rebirth and uses this power to protect and even resurrect the mother of god when needed. He can also open the door to new worlds at will. Valtiel, Silent Hill 3.

  • He was a good man, one who only wanted to love and serve his god, until he realized that god would never love him back, and lost touch with his emotions. But despite his own misery, he devoted the rest of his life to prolonging the lives of others, often delivering lost souls from the brink of death. His name is now legend, and the world will never be the same for his passing. Davy Jones, from Pirates of the Caribbean. Wait...would Sauron count as well?

Lavender Cat
  • An artistic visionary, disgusted by the state of his beloved country after a senseless and brutal war, rallies the citizens to return it to its former glory. Other world leaders viewed his methods as "too extreme", and his nation was, once again, plunged into a violent war. A dog-lover through and through. Adolf Hitler.
  • Two aliens, a brother and sister who care for each other deeply, long to return to their home planet, but are forced to remain by an insane commander. They're eventually forced to kill him, his destructive creation, and his fanatical follower in order to escape his clutches. Riff-Raff and Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • He only wants to find his runaway wife and talk to her. Norman Daniels from Rose Madder by Stephen King
  • A brilliant businessman creates a biotech company that saves the world from utter destruction. For his efforts, the love of his life leaves him, marries one of his employees - who we later learn is planning his downfall - and he is spurned by the sickly girl he'd chosen to inherit his fortune. He later dies painfully, broken and alone. Rotti Largo from REPO! The Genetic Opera.
  • The town hero is spurned by the woman of his dreams, who prefers to spend her time with an abusive shut-in who talks to household appliances. Driven to protect his hometown from such a threat, he leads a raid on the shut-in's home, only to fall from a balcony to his death Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

  • I truly believe this, because he's actually the least jerky character in the show, A Jew who gets mocked and spat upon! He gets shoved and called anti Semitic names! Then everyone gets mad at him when he tries to get revenge on one of his worst tormentor. He speaks the truth but everyone prefers to pretend that he's in the wrong! He then gets punished by a crooked court who'd most likely let a Christian do the same thing, and seems to encourage Christians to bully Jews and then he's forced to convert in the end! He has also lived under oppression! Shylock from Merchant of Venice

  • A man who sees beauty in all things, and wants to share that beauty with the rest of the world. Makes an utterly selfless man into The Chosen One, and tries to help the heroine save her dying love interest. Ruin from Mistborn: The Original Trilogy
  • A guy who is incredibly suspicious of his orphan-killing brother (who tried to seduce every member of the opposite sex that his brother had ever loved). He takes in orphans and helps them gain self-confidence, teaches his followers to rely on each other, and doesn't think that he would be a very good father. Clear Sky, Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans
  • An orphan who seeks to end the eternal war between four nations and create a new era of peace and prosperity. Tigerstar, Warrior Cats

Liquid Uranium
  • Horrified by government-sponsored oppression in the world, a brilliant business tycoon constructed a city out of the reach of his enemies in order to build his dreams. Attracting the greatest minds humanity has to offer, he built a utopia where every person was able to achieve their highest potential. As the leader of this paradise, he helped develop and distribute a miraculous compound that cured any disease, and permanently ended the threat of discrimination. He tirelessly fought against organized crime, crushing the most notorious mob boss in the city - all while adopting young girls who couldn't find homes. Tragically, however, his success was short-lived, as he was murdered by his own son. Nonetheless, his legacy lives on, as his city still shows its devotion to his life, achievements, and vision. Andrew Ryan, BioShock.
  • After a loving father was denied justice for the murder of his wife and daughter, he launched a crusade to reform the corrupt justice system of his society. Even after being arrested for his tireless efforts, he never compromised his principles, calling out the judge - the same one who originally denied him justice - for hiding behind layers of legal defenses to mask the truth and continuing his campaign from behind bars. Despite his opponents' claims, he never sank to the same level as his enemies, always achieving victory through intelligence, charm, and meticulous planning. Though he nearly succeeded in prompting a regime change in the heavy-handed government, he was eventually stopped by a self-serving prosecutor - who had violated his civil rights, and who had allowed his family's killer to escape justice - whose job he was trying to save. Clyde Shelton, Law Abiding Citizen
  • Though born into the world's foremost scientific and industrial family, this brilliant young woman constantly trained her martial talents, in order to gain her father's recognition. When meteors rained down on the world, killing most of the world's population and destroying both of the major world powers, she helped calm chaos and dissent, helping to restore order to the world. Recognzing that few could survive in the harsh new world after the meteor strikes, she sought to ensure that worthy individuals would not be burdened by others. A truly gifted general, her plans for ensuring world peace were only disrupted when she was betrayed by her two sisters. Despite the loss of her home, the destruction of her army, and her sisters' betrayal, she lives on, waiting for a chance to prove her worth to her deceased father and avenge his death at his enemies' hands. Tabitha Caulder, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.
  • Dispatched to a distant planet filled with hostile creatures and abandoned by his superiors, this military hero searched for a resource vital to humanity's survival. He took excellent care of each and every one of his men, keeping them alive and focused on their mission in spite of the constant attacks from the hostile alien race surrounding him. When diplomacy failed to secure the critical resource, this inspiring figure fought on the front lines, personally leading his men in a daring assault on the enemy's home base. Upon discovering that the aliens were ruled by a hive-mind structure that spanned the entire planet, he attempted to destroy the alien menace and ensure the survival of the human race. Tragically, he was killed in combat, betrayed by one of his most favored soldiers, while his forces were overrun by the alien hordes. Nonetheless, his valor under fire and concern for his men cause many to mark him, rather than his inhuman opponents, as the true hero of Pandora. Colonel Miles Quaritch, Avatar
  • This military mastermind and political genius, constantly derided by his opponents for his short stature, transformed his divided, demoralized nation into one of the most powerful empires in the world. Though constantly outnumbered, he led his forces to victory in dozens of battles, forging an invincible army. Realizing that the weak government of his country could not save his people, he launched a non-violent coup that finally brought the decade of chaos in his nation to an end. He made incredible advancements in military organization, economics, and politics, changing the face of a continent forever. Despite the constant interference of his tyrannical foes, this revolutionary hero overcame overwhelming odds on multiple occasions, only surrendering when his enemies destroyed their own realms to deny him victory. Despite his removal from office, he returned to lead his people when they needed him most, finally admitting defeat to his arch-enemy after a pitched battle. Feared as a force of nature by his foes, he was ultimately exiled from his homeland and sent to a remote island where he could not threaten the established order - in vain, as the chain of events that he set in motion eventually freed nations worldwide from oppression. Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was hated and feared at the time, so I've classified him as a villain.

  • Ignored by his parent of noble, European lineage, he grew up to become a law enforcement officer, martial artist, and promoter of sports events. Attacked by the winner of one of his events, he escaped and, ashamed of his cowardice, faced his former martial art teacher's prized pupil to challenge himself, but was so surprisingly successful that this came back to haunt him years later, until the end of his days. Still, he continued to study martial arts and mythology until the day he faced death with dignity. Geese Howard, Fatal Fury and Art Of Fighting.
  • Used as a repository for all sorts of evils by people who payed no mind to consequences, he still managed to unify a world once split apart despite some less than competent help. Exdeath, Final Fantasy V

Lord Pentium
  • A once-great performer, who, upon realizing the mass destruction that his performances could cause, immediately gave them up for the good of all, and tried to convince others engaged in these performances to give up their misguided ways as well. Killed by an extremist performer, who, not caring about the danger, sought to bring back the thing that had killed countless people. Michael Jordan, Barkley Shut Up And Jam Gaiden.
  • An intelligent and powerful being made by mad scientists as an experiment, he was tricked by an organized crime boss into a form of slavery, and yet ultimately dedicated himself to creating a world where he and the other clones he created can live in peace. Mewtwo, the first Pokémon movie.

  • A wizard who takes time to take care of war orphans and, in many cases, sends them to school. He attempted to peacefully resolve a conflict by offering the opposing party a way out, remaining calm when the opposition's leader lost his cool. He even went so far as to offer another option to the opposition in an attempt to avoid conflict. Fate Averruncus from Mahou Sensei Negima.

Luna Avril

The Lunchster
  • A proud but dying race who only want to live at least as long as the rest of the galaxy's species. The Highbreed, Ben 10: Alien Force
  • He only wanted to reduce inequalities. He was persecuted and murdered by his own brother for his trouble. Amon, The Legend of Korra
  • The last of her kind, she was thrown into a world unfamiliar to her. Nevertheless, she singlehandedly protected it from the effects of global warming for a hundred years. Jadis/The White Witch, The Chronicles of Narnia
  • A species with a crippling disability that severely limits their ability to socially interact with others. They must hunt to survive, but they kill their prey in as merciful a way as possible. The Weeping Angels, Doctor Who

  • A man chosen by destiny to change the fate of the world, he wants to create a world where everyone can experience the wonderful technology that saved his daughter's life. Standing in his way are fractions of the evil god who destroyed the world millennia ago, and one who aided the one who brought said evil god into existence in the first place. Lord Baelheit, Baten Kaitos Origins

  • A creative man who took control of an economically devastated country following a major war with the intent of restoring it to its former glory. Adolf Hitler.

Manticore of Science
  • A restless genius who is just trying to pass his time.Moriarty, Sherlock
  • A brilliant scholar, orator and diplomat, an industrial visionary who wanted to prevent the greatest villain of his world to regain his full power. After being robbed of his power by a former colleague, he attempts to start anew, only for his plans to be ruined by fat midgets and to be murdered by his only remaining followerSaruman, The Lord of the Rings
  • Raised by a notorious villain, this brilliant scientist was eventually able to break free. Her first child died in a large-scale attack against her home. Later, her infant daughter was seperated from her. While they eventually reunited, her daughter hates her and tries to erase her from her mind. Lucrezia Mongfish-Heterodyne aka the Other, Girl Genius
  • The most gifted individual of his species, the greatest craftsman of them all, he and his sons are trying to relocate his magnum opus after it was stolen, and his father murdered, by an evil god. Fëanor and the Fëanorians, The Silmarillion
  • Real Life: A physician who dedicated himself to researching diseases of abused black slaves. Samuel Adolphus Cartwright. The "diseases" in question were "desire to run away from Master" and "laziness that causes lash-like lacerations", to be cured by whipping.

Manwiththe Plan
  • A girl born to be nothing but a tool of war, who cruelly had the two people she loved most in the world taken away from her, then tried to avenge them and make up for her past mistakes even if it meant degrading herself, and got nothing for it in the end because she was killed by some random psycho in a death machine. Nena Trinity, Gundam 00.

Mario Lucario 493
  • A nobleman from an island nation humbly volunteered to protect his neighboring kingdom from an onslaught of destruction caused by a cold-hearted sorceress who had cursed it. Hans, Frozen
  • As a young boy, he took advice from his celebrity idol and grew up to be a great inventor. Years later, he attempted to save a major metropolis from a monstrous killing machine. Syndrome, The Incredibles
  • A devout Catholic who adopted a physically deformed boy with no parents and raised him as his own son. He does everything in his power to make sure the citizens of his town, especially his adopted son, are protected from a wicked witch's dark magic. On top of that, he's a great singer. Judge Frollo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Marvel Girl
  • He just wants his county to be run the way he knows it should be, and to make it hazzard-free. Boss Hogg of The Dukes of Hazzard
  • He's faced an unstoppable alien menace time and time again, and yet he is seldom rewarded for his efforts, even though he's a mere human. His many inventions have oftentimes been destroyed by that alien and its inhuman cohorts. His popularity is so great he was even elected to the highest office in the land, only to once again have that monster destroy everything he had worked so hard for. Lex Luthor from Superman.
  • He was born into nothing, with a mother who passed away as she gave birth to him, and a father who let him be raised in an orphanage where horrific things happened. The horror of his mother's death drove him to seek a solution to humanity's most pressing threat: mortality. Eventually betrayed by the man he trusted the most, he fought an unkillable threat on his own, and died facing that threat despite his many efforts to overcome death itself. Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.
  • A victim of the brutality of his own parents, who tried to murder him with a trash compactor, he was taken to a new school when his body was so broken that much of it had to be replaced with cybernetics. Even then, he was rejected by the other students, and he began a years-long but complex relationship with a teacher who became the headmistress of the school. Many years later, he found true love with a brilliant, gifted chessmaster who supported him in his long-range goals. In their last encounter, that headmistress did her utmost to blast him to pieces. Deathlist of the Whateley Universe.
  • A disabled individual who has worked for years to overcome his handicap while making it clear to those around him that he does have that disability. He has had several encounters with a security force who would love nothing better than to capture him, and yet his brilliant plans have always failed due to sheer bad luck. The Deaf Man of Ed McBain's 87th Precinct mysteries
  • A genius mathematician who found that he had real-world aptitudes as well, he built a massive, highly-successful conglomerate that was the greatest of his day, only to be persecuted by a cocaine-addled vigilante who ultimately killed him in a fight to the death at a scenic vista. Professor Moriarity of the Sherlock Holmes tales
  • A brilliant young woman was given a rare gift by an old master. She then became one of his staunchest disciples, along with her oldest friend, with whom she began an unconventional but meaningful relationship. When she was cruelly dumped in an alternate reality, she set out to find help and find her way back, only to discover that everything in this horrid new world was changed: the one she had supported was gone, the one she loved now despised her, and there was a horrible doppelganger of herself who shot her and impersonated her. Ultimately, she made her way back to her own reality, only to meet a cruel fate. Vampire Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Master Ghandalf
  • A member of a downtrodden and oppressed people, he made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the world from certain destruction, before ending conflict between kingdoms and religions and founding a stable government that lasted for a thousand years. The Lord Ruler, aka Rashek, Mistborn

Master Hand
  • A man who lost his mother at a young age to a murderous cult and infiltrates them so he can put an end to their evil deeds and finally overcome his grief. Mathieu Bellamont from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
  • A pious leader of a young religion who seeks to bring the reverence of his patron god back to the land that shunned his old family traditions. Mankar Camoran, also from Oblivion.
  • This healer could have saved his failing homeland from its downfall with his superior developments in technology, had he not been exiled to a nightmare realm by fearful Luddites. Upon finally being able to try and take back the world after thousands of years, he was killed by a homicidal eugenicist responsible for destroying most of an entire continent and creating an ice age. Yawgmoth from Magic: The Gathering.

The Master Planner
  • A brilliant and respected nuclear physicist refuses to give up on his goal of producing clean and plentiful energy—even after narrowly surviving a workplace accident, losing his beloved wife, and being vilified, ostracized, and pursued as a "criminal" by a vigilante who won't even show his real face. Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2
  • A neglected middle child who was feared by his fellow colonists because of his highly emotional nature. Because of this, his own father gives up on him and devotes all his attention to his younger brother. After he tries to help a group of lost and confused people improve themselves and get their revenge on the self-righteous military organization responsible for their sorry state, he's betrayed, shot, and killed by his own brother. Despite all this, he still loved his family to the very end. Lore from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • A genius military strategist and tactician who had to make tough decisions to bring order to his galaxy and protect his people. Polite, intellectual, and a true lover of art, he is loved by his men and respected by his enemies. Everything he does is for the Empire he serves, and he's not going to let it be destroyed by some rag-tag band of rebels playing at a Republic, not on his watch. Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Star Wars Expanded Universe

  • An immortal creature born in another time, forced to watch an entirely alien presence destroy his realm down to its foundations, and ultimately shafted into the monotonous, thankless job of separating the souls for Heaven or Hell. When he actually tries to move into the regular universe to see whether the new guy has done something that's worth banishing him from his beloved plane of reality, he gets rudely pushed back and essentially given the finger, and, subsequently, was typecasted in the worst imaginable manner. And then the cards are all down, and he decides it's time to kick out the intruder for essentially creating all sources of conflict and strife in the Universe, perhaps even the Multiverse, accelerating what the intruder was doing to do to everybody anyway, so he can restore his home as it was. He gets kicked out again by a combined force of thousands. Nekron, Blackest Night.
  • An older, gently smiling man with a knack for excellent rousing speeches and a deep love for good music, who just wants to give his men what they want. The Major, Hellsing.
  • A brave warrior who pledged his life to a powerful god, loyally serving him across the ages as he fought against an eldritch abomination and its dastardly plans, which involved forcing random civilians and a random family across several generations to directly or indirectly serve it by means of a dangerous tome of arcane magic, in ways including insanity-fueled murder and implied suicides, and even what amounts to genocide in bases allied with said god. Pious Augustus, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.
  • An Angel of the Kingdom of Light who wants to save humanity from itself. Mastema from Strange Journey
  • An incredible genius, he founded a glorious civilization that lasted for millenia if not aeons. His designs and devices transformed this formerly vanilla race into the greatest power in the cosmos. He even managed to find a way to partially cheat death, and participated in countless ventures to protect his home and his race. Nigh immortal himself, he went to rest for a while in his fancy tower. He got jolted awake and was informed a certain loose cannon from his race had unwittingly provoked a massive war with the most sadistic beings in existence. He found a way to fix it all, but instead, the loose cannon ended up sealing him and his entire race in an enormous "Groundhog Day" Loop. Forever and ever. He found a way to get out, and, again, he got kicked into his Fate Worse Than Death. Rassilon from Doctor Who.
  • His boss is a dick. He rebelled against his tyrannical rule and found others willing to support him amongst a race his boss continually tries to brainwash into submission. Louis Cypher (Lucifer) from Shin Megami Tensei.
  • He wants the best for humanity. Just follow the rules. YHWH from Shin Megami Tensei.
  • She's just doing her job and giving into Humanity's desires. Nyx from Persona 3, and it can also apply to Izanami from Persona 4.

Mathematical Void
  • A Crazy Awesome businessman and adventurer whose unique and innovative methods have earned him a fortune. Not only has he saved two other worlds and a princess in his own, but he also has employees that are incredibly loyal to him, and his products are loved by the general population. However, in many other pursuits, he is the underdog. Wario from Super Mario Bros., Wario Land, and WarioWare.

  • A highly benevolent man in charge of a small but extremely powerful organization finds that two of his best employees are causing trouble in the name of profit, disregarding him financially in the process. He considers the fact that they violated a fairly important rule in their line of work, and deals with them as he sees appropriate. Don Salieri, from Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, though to be fair he isn't really portrayed as the villain until the end, when Tommy and Paulie rob the bank. YMMV.

Maya TH
  • A witty older woman with a talent for magic, this lady was deeply self-conscious about her looks and decided to try a controversial new beauty treatment. She was attacked by a pair of ferocious wild animals for her trouble, and they attempted to murder her. She survived, but not without severe damage to her body. When she tried to heal herself, the beasts attacked again, and added insult to injury by kicking her while she was down. Now the only thing keeping her clinging to life is the desire for revenge against these vicious creatures, and in her position, wouldn't you feel the same? Even her beloved magic teacher has turned against her and now helps the fierce beasts to torment her. Gruntilda Winkybunion from Banjo-Kazooie

MC 2
  • A well dressed, well respected corporate executive who enjoys catering to the tastes of the masses, even if he comes across as pandering. He bases his entire show plan on the power of the people, and tests the limits of his authority to make sure they are entertained. John Laurinaitis, WWE
  • An extremely successful athlete who won numerous awards and accolades everywhere he went, facing all challengers with an indomitable spirit and a heart of fire. Brock Lesnar, WWE
  • Rising from the very bottom of the little leagues to the very top of superstardom, this underdog overcame obstacle after obstacle and countless people telling him he could never do it to win the greatest achievement in his field. Unfortunately, his reign of glory was cut short due to a misunderstanding with his now ex-girlfriend. Daniel Bryan, WWE
  • A seemingly cold and distant man who, after having a falling out with his daughter, aims to help a young man achieve his lifelong goal. Arkham, Devil May Cry 3
  • A large fellow who spent the majority of his life locked up in a basement, all he really wants is to be united with his sister. Erebus, Persona 3

  • A member of the legislature for a major world city, he is the only one to offer any sort of response to the vaguely communist revolution brewing in the city. He attempts to recruit a girl with an image as a Messianic figure into his task force in order to win credibility, but she turns on him for no real reason. When forced to take drastic measures as the revolution increases, said girl attacks him in his office, to which he responds by capturing her alive and removing her from the scene, rather than killing her as she was prepared to do to him. After being stripped of his amazing powers, he gives information which defeats the revolution, and sacrifices himself to kill the leader. Tarrlok, from The Legend of Korra
  • A war orphan uses his vast powers to overthrow the warlord who is running his Third World country. He then sets out on a quest to bring peace to the world, which involves capturing and sealing away dangerous monsters. Along the way, he deals out justice to the nation which backed the aforementioned warlord. This guy is the patron saint of Villain Whitewashing: Nagato/Pain from Naruto
  • An orphan, he seeks to learn the greatest mysteries in the universe. His former master was criticized as weak because he didn't possess God Mode eyes, which was treated as some major flaw. This person has worked hard to surpass his master, and tried to offer comfort and guidance to his master's killer when they were conflicted. For all of this, he was locked in a "Groundhog Day" Loop for all eternity. His use of power copied from other people's DNA was treated as bad, because in this series, only people born to the Uchiha clan or the protagonist are allowed to be awesome. Kabuto, from Naruto
  • A talented young man gifted with extraordinary powers, he seeks to unravel the mysteries of life and magic. His grand ambition involves shattering the Masquerade which is a dominant force in his world, so that the fantastic world can actively help the mundane world. He is betrayed by his best friend, even when said friend knew what their cause entailed, and is locked in his own prison for years before being killed by the Big Bad, all the while laughing in defiance. Gellert Grindlewald, Harry Potter
  • An entire race which is hated by the world, they are simply trying to survive and secure land for their children. The Designated Hero at one point wishes to wipe out every last one of them, and the villain brainwashes their leaders to use them as cannon fodder. Still, they strongly value honor and good physical health, even if they do have scary horns. Urgals from the Inheritance Cycle

Mei You Mayo
  • A young, black urban developer who made a name for himself and wants to improve his neighborhood, but is constantly obstructed at every turn by unemployed hipsters. Benny from Rent
  • She sought just compensation after her neighbors stole valuable property from her, tried to protect her daughter from negative influences, and helped her neighbors even though they stole from her. What thanks does she get? Her daughter gets knocked up by the first guy she meets and is killed in front of her mother, her neighbors blame her for their misfortunes, and no one seems to listen to her advice until they've royally screwed everything up for themselves. The Witch from Into The Woods
  • A woman who becomes Queen Regent of a vast confederation of feudal territories after the death of her incompetent and abusive husband, and will stop at nothing to protect her children (the heirs) and consolidate power, despite opposition due to her gender and sexual proclivities. Cersei Lannister from A Song Of Ice And Fire
  • A devout religious leader of an isolated tribe who wishes to dissuade his chief and his people from worshipping potentially dangerous foreign interlopers. Tzekel-Kan from The Road To El Dorado

  • An artifical creation designed to help save a dying world. He fought and killed his father, who was trying to destroy the world that he (the created life) had spent most of his life in, and also destroyed the invasion fleet of a ruthlessly expansionist queen by turning her own power against her, ending her ambitions and her life. His final act before dying was to save his brother and his brother's friends from the collapsing dungeon around them, though his brother went back in to try and rescue him. Kuja, Final Fantasy IX
  • An angel of justice and the second-highest ranking angel in Heaven, he objects to his superior's ineffectual and underhanded efforts against their demonic adversaries after said superior sends a young trainee unsupported on a suicidal mission to assassinate their Overlord. He therefore intervenes in the human world to lead them in an attempt to destroy the demons of the Netherworld and eradicate their evil once and for all. Vulcanis, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
  • A hero and magician who once served a benevolent goddess. After her powers were permanently sealed away and she was reborn as a human infant, he sought to continue her previous role as humanity's caretaker and guardian himself. Ghaleon, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete...but not in the game that it's a remake of.
    • A man who sought to revive the glory days of high magic by founding a new academy dedicated to educating the best and brightest, despite the fact that he himself would be unworthy of that honour in the final tally. He is also strongly in love with his counterpart, who was the leader of a similar, if older, magical academy. Black Wizard Borgan, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete.

Metalman J Wily
  • A robot created by a mad scientist who believed he was doing the right thing by fighting his father's rival's creation. He has since assisted his supposed enemy in saving the world from an evil supercomputer and peacefully competed in a sanctioned stock car racing event in order to gain the attention of a friendly rival for a race. Throughout it all, he has remained steadfastly remained loyal to his father. Quick Man from Mega Man 2.
  • A prosecutor who was only trying to do his job and try to get a conviction for any perpetrators that the legal system assumed were guilty. He took in his enemy defense attorney's son rather than subject the boy to having to live in an orphan, and taught him law in order to provide a proper education for the boy. He is also a loving father of two daughters, and a grandfather. Manfred von Karma from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
  • A young man who was merely manipulated by his father. He adores the powerful creatures of his world and runs an organization that is merely trying to liberate those creatures from cruel owners who subject the creatures to vicious pit fights. He encourages his rival to seek their side of being a hero and encourages them to ally themselves with a godlike creature of their home region to test ideals. N from Pokemon Black/Pokemon White
  • An ancient alien robot warrior created by an ancient civilization. He is an honorable fellow who was willing to discuss philosophy with the young robot who defeated him in battle. He earnestly believed that humans and robots could not live in peace, though he conceded to his worthy opponent that he earnestly hoped it could be achieved. Sunstar from Mega Man V (gameboy)
  • A young man who followed his well-intentioned-extremist employer's orders to fight said employer's sibling. He fought more to improve his technique with his weapon of choice rather than to actually kill his target. Rai-Dei the Blade from Trigun
  • A capricious young man who obtained three treasures in order to try to seal an Eldritch Abomination that his evil ancestor's group intended to try to unleash upon the world. Ash Crimson from King of Fighters (if you see him as a villain)
  • A young warrior who tried to protect a powerful gem to keep it out of the hands of two irresponsible young soldiers. He took it upon himself to fight the young soldiers to prevent them from being allowed to awaken a sleeping mecha that would destroy the world. Green from Gunstar Heroes
  • The benevolent uncle of a superpowered spoiled brat, he also worked hard to unify two very separate tribes on opposite ends of the globe. In addition, he was willing to teach his superpowered niece how to purify dark spirits, and got her assistance in opening the spirit portals in order to let the oppressed spirits of the world run free. Unalaq from Legend of Korra
  • A beast who does his best to be the regent of his extinct people after being forcibly revived, he is willing to help a militia of revolutionaries until he is betrayed. Afterward, when returned to his home, he is willing to help defend his home against a greater threat while asserting his rule over two of his fellow species. Predaking from Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters

  • A man who's mother died during his birth, leading his father to become cold and distant from him. He tried to please his father no matter what, but he never got his respect. Later in his adulthood, he gets a compulsive-confessor to "admit" he was a wanted villain, but it turned out to be wrong when a super-hero caught the real villain. He was fired from his job, his father disowned him, and his wife divorced him. The poor man can no longer take it and, being raised a devout Catholic, goes to a Church to ask forgiveness for the suicide he is contemplating. Suddenly, this alien being started bonding to him. The alien was only trying to give the previously mention super-hero powers beyond his wildest dreams, with a few consequences. This hero rejects the alien and bonds with the man while in the church. The two, now as one, seek out to find this "hero" while promising to never harm the innocent. Eddie Brock AKA Venom from the Spider-Man

  • Cast out from his home, abandoned by his gods, left crippled and slowly dying, he fights to restore his soul. Irenicus, Baldurs Gate 2

Michael JJ
  • A ruler carrying on the traditions of his family dating back seven generations, whose company provides jobs and goods to everyone in his city. He takes a personal interest in the condition of his home city. Lucius Heinous VII, Jimmy Two-Shoes.

Micool TNT

  • A geeky yet misunderstood supergenius whose dream of becoming the sidekick to one of the world's greatest superheroes was crushed when he learned that he was a humongous Jerkass. Heartbroken, he left home to build and invent extraordinary technology and equipment for the good of society. An affably quick-spirited young gentleman, he treats his followers (and secretary/girlfriend) with respect and dignity, thinks highly of the future of society, and even treats his former idol with hospitality after he got fired for almost killing his boss. However, nothing is less important to him than his dream of becoming a superhero, even if they've been outlawed by the government. Syndrome, The Incredibles.

Monty Python Fanatic 2
  • Hailed as one of the greatest racing legends of all time, he turned to politics and rules benevolently over a wondrous edible kingdom. He freely distributes candy to his subjects and is humble enough to race with them. His Cloud Cuckoolander appearance hides a deep concern for the world around him, which he is determined to protect from any sort of outside interference or invasion. His character was based on the Wizard of Oz. King Candy/Turbo, Wreck-It Ralph.
  • A reliable starship captain who was unjustly fired when a malevolent entity designed for destruction, which he was tasked with destroying, escaped from his ship. When the team sent to capture the entity proved to be incompetent, he was given one chance to stop the monster before it caused chaos and destruction on a Planet Full of Innocents. Unfortunately, he failed due to circumstances out of his control, and was subsequently subjected to a Humiliation Conga. Captain Gantu, Lilo & Stitch.
  • An expert bass player and vegetarian who was murdered by his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend simply because he criticized Toronto. Todd Ingram, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
  • The mother figure of a small New England town who tried to introduce a group of vacationers to her community's way of life. Creedence, Troll 2.
  • A lonely, 100+ year old and wheelchair-bound Titanic survivor whose three wives all died in tragic unrelated accidents. He spends his time trying to educate the world about how movies work while talking to some female companions and spending time with his cat. Mr. Plinkett, RedLetterMedia
  • Beloved president of the world and his own corporation, which has created such useful things as TV shows, music, gas stations, all history textbooks, voting machines, and surveillance cameras. Created order from chaos and simply wants everything to be perfect across the world. President/Lord Business, The LEGO Movie

  • Brilliant, musical virtuoso, but greatly confused when it comes to the subject of love. Mistreated throughout his life due to his deformities, shunned and feared because of his eccentricities. Wanted the best for his one and only love, but ultimately decided to give her up to her other suitor, as long as she is happy. Erik, The Phantom Of The Opera.
  • A scientific genius, who got frustrated and eventually broke down to insanity, because of his repeated failures, the side effects of his experiment, and the harsh treatment he was subjected to after the experiment. Griffin, The Invisible Man.
    • And, on a different situation, he had saved the world, with promises of forgiveness and a cure, but then was betrayed and denied of the reward he had deserved so much. To save himself, he was forced to band with the enemy, but, after being found out by the people who had denied him his rightful rewards, was labeled a traitor and subjected to horrendous punishments before being killed. The situation was detailed in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, volume two
  • As a child, he saw his mother die and vowed never to let any of his beloveds die any more. Ironically, in his misled attempts to save his pregnant wife's life, his actions led her to lose the will to live. Driven to bitterness because of his failure to save his wife, he did nothing but follow his master's commands. But when he discovered his son was still alive, he tried to take his son with him, to be together. Are the spoilers really needed? Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, from the Star Wars films
  • He tried to get the best for his family, but when a horrible accident befell him and left him disfigured, he slowly began to lose his sanity. He found himself a Worthy Opponent to challenge again and again. The opponent gave him a chance to repent his ways, but, in reality, he was just too afraid to take the chance. The Joker, Batman.
  • A resourceful young man with both creativity and pragmatism, his ability to think outside the box earns him a difficult but important assignment, which he not only completes with ease but goes beyond to the second mile. Despite being orphaned at an early age and educated as a Scholarship Student in an elitist school, he is always polite and cheerful, never without a smile on his boyishly handsome face. Jonathan Teatime, Hogfather

  • A TV show with an innovative idea - a Shōnen Magical Girl series. A hero and heroine work together to stop horrible things happening. With a Funny Animal guide and a group of friends, nothing could go wrong! The dub of Card Captor Sakura.

Morphin Brony
  • A young girl, separated from her best friend after he reaches puberty, vows to make sure this never happens to anyone else. After becoming an adult, she united an entire town and provided them with everything they needed, while getting rid of the things that made them unhappy. She enjoyed the admiration of her townspeople, only to lose everything she had, thanks to a foreign ambassador from a place that promoted the evils that she fought so hard to remove. She then tried to enact a just punishment for said foreign ambassador, only to inadvertently destroy thousands of lives. Eventually, her spirit broke, and she betrayed the ideals she held so dear, and joined the foreign ambassador in order to spread the very corruption she fought against. Starlight Glimmer, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • An expatriate French billionaire who provides refuge and jobs to immigrants fleeing from the officials of a genocidal government, from which he himself escaped; also has to bear the burden of being married to a younger woman who flirts with members of a group of freedom fighters whose unruliness can easily ruin his charitable endeavors. The Merovingian, The Matrix Reloaded.
  • A brilliant medical scientist who overcame the murder of his parents and an abusive childhood at the hands of his half-brother to succeed in his field, but whose work is constantly being meddled with by bureaucrats. Muraki, Yami no Matsuei

  • A plucky young man who tends to face age discrimination due to his youth, his genuine interest in magic has led him to collect items of interest, often retrieving artifacts that would otherwise remain buried in the desert. Yes, he is in a position of power, but he got there through hard work, while his nemesis used deception and relied on luck - as he pointed out to the face of said nemesis. Afflicted with a terminal health condition that will soon lead to his death, but does not let that slow him down at all. Has provided jobs for creatures and people everyone else refers to as "annoying" or "clumsy," enlisting them in his work recovering magical items. Also, was genuinely sad to hear that one of his part-time employees, a warrior with a definite code of honor, had slain that annoying archnemesis of his. Mozenrath, Disney's Aladdin: The Animated Series
  • She was stripped of her only way to make a living by a known despot who was planning to destroy an entire town for his own twisted pleasure. She actually attempted to rid the world of said despot afterward. And SHE'S the villain here? Yzma, "The Emperor's New Groove"
  • Cursed with superpowers when he was younger, he has used his special abilities to protect and free those who share a similar form of internal energy. On more than one occasion, has teamed up with the local superhero to defend his home city from bigger threats. While he is generally perceived as a lone wolf, he is actually very loyal to the few living friends he has. Megavolt, "Darkwing Duck"
  • He's anti-social and a loner, but his heart was broken by someone he truly loved. He now spends most of his time trying to get close to the main heroine of the series, who continually rebuffs him. Those who have seen inside his mind can't deny he has a creative vision, if a little on the nightmarish side. Christopher Carrion, "Abarat"
  • She only wants to teach others how to unlock their inner creativity and see the world with the same artistic vision she has. Her students just need a lot of guidance. The Notepad, "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"
  • He can't help that he was programmed for battle. And actually, his programming is based on the mind of a man who's known as somewhat of a local hero. He tried to train his partner to be able to defend herself better, but all she cared about was getting rid of him. On the bright side, his last known act was to team up with a pacifist in the medical field, refusing to take a side in the constant civil war that dominated his home. Omega/O'Malley, "Red vs. Blue"

  • A dying philanthropist who single-handedly managed to cure a deadly plague and as a result heads a massive empire offering finaced organ replacements to those who can't afford to pay in one single hit, and now wants to pass his fortune on to a worthy heir. Rotti Largo, Repo! the Genetic Opera.
  • An intelligent but naive young man who rises to the top of his field, eventually overtaking even his-hyper-talented mentor. Ollie Reeder, The Thick of It.

Mr Death
  • A god who's been trapped in an endless cycle of war, fighting against his former lover, takes steps to try and end the fighting once and for all. Chaos, Dissidia: Final Fantasy
  • The servant of a goddess who goes well out of her way to show a young man the consequences of taking the path of revenge. Ailyth / Garm, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume
  • After experiencing Love at First Sight, he will go to any lengths to be with the woman he loves. Lezard Valeth, Valkyrie Profile

Mr Underhill
  • A brilliant scientist who sought to study the corruption that had spread across his world in an attempt to find a treatment for it. After allowing himself to become a test subject, he leads a largely non-violent revolt against his world's obstructionist monarch, and rather than kill the leader outright, this man merely sends him into exile. Recently, he has started a group of fellow researchers to delve deeper into the mysteries of the world and find the cure for their current ailments. Xehanort, aka Xemnas, from Kingdom Hearts.
  • A High Priest of his nation's state religion whose family had served God and country for over four generations. His wife betrays him and steals their child away from him, and not long after that, his nation is besieged by a warlike, theocratic neighbor. Many years later, a second war breaks out with said neighbor, and in the middle of a battle, the priest discovers that the enemy's newest recruit is in fact his wayward child, now grown. Unfortunately, his child doesn't recognize him and nearly kills him. Validar, Fire Emblem Awakening

Mr Zimpy
  • He just wants to stop the threat of furries spreading their influence on an innocent world. So he enslaves other animals to help him destroy the furry menace, but he's just a well intentioned extremist at most. Dr. Robotnik, in various Sonic The Hedgehog incarnations.
  • A man who stood idle while his people died off under intense living conditions, he asked for help but never received it, instead, he was forced to bow before the ruler of a spoiled, selfish, and egomaniacal race who continued to snub him and call him evil. When he could take it no longer, he was forced, as a last ditch effort, to allow someone else to gain access to the holy artifact that would save his people. Sure, he overthrew the race and enslaved the world, but they called him evil for doing such a selfless, pure, and morally good act. Ganondorf, Legend of Zelda.
  • He's considered a monster when all he does is conquer a rich, high powered, borguois kingdom, which is so lazy that it never bothers spending money on anything worthwhile. The "monster" is a articulate, philosophical, and moralistic leader who rules fairly over a poor, destroyed, and run down kingdom, but cares greatly for his people and his many children, as he has not run out on them or abandoned them. As for his people, he conquers the other kingdom to take the money they don't deserve and borrows the princess so she can be a surrogate mother to his children. Bowser, Super Mario Bros..
  • He just wants his gold to be left alone from people who try to steal his money for no reason, plus, he is considered evil to his good counterpart, when his counterpart has murdered innocent people and destroyed ancient architecture for no reason. Plus, he has great teeth and is not fat, he's muscular, physically fit, and immortal. Wario, Super Mario Bros..
  • He just wanted to spread his influence to the citizens of England. Ratigan.
  • Standing up to the bullies by making their biggest fears come to life. The Scarecrow, the Batman series.

Muramasan 13
  • A brilliant young man, sickened by the inefficiency and pettiness of a Physical God presiding over the local cycle of death and reincarnation, sides with an angel to resist mind control and save his hometown. Sho Minamimoto, The World Ends With You.
  • A stylin', on-the-ball, forgiving guy, who wants to fix what's wrong with the world. He makes a few bad choices along the way, but he's willing to bet his life on the outcome. Tragically, he's hindered by his own incompetent, scheming subordinates, a Nominal Hero, who's willing to kill his own friends to achieve selfish goals, and a Chaotic Evil maniac, and suceeds only temporarily. The Conductor, also TWEWY.

  • A brilliant young man who won many awards, disgusted with the restrictive and cruel traditions of his society (such as sending children as young as eleven out to fend for themselves in a world full of incredibly dangerous monsters), set out to shake up society and make something new. Unfortunately he was manipulated by a narcissist child abuser into doing wrong. He also provided numerous homeless and hungry children with a sense of community and a home of their very own. Guzma, Pokémon Sun and Moon