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Video Game: Tasty Planet
Tasty Planet is a 2006 video game similar to the Katamari Damacy line, but with Grey Goo instead of the Katamari ball. You begin as a micrometer-sized bit of experimental Grey Goo bathroom cleaner, eating tiny dust particles, but get free, and continue consuming, growing to eat mice, people, buildings, asteroids, the Earth, stars, a black hole, the entire universe, and finally SPACE AND TIME ITSELF. Though it pretty much Tastes Like Diabetes.

Made by Dingo Games.

In 2010, the sequel Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds has come out, in which our protagonist can time travel. It also features multipart levels, which means once you reach a certain size, the game zooms out to reveal a bigger scene, and you find yourself small again with new things to eat.

A demo version can be found here

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