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Video Game: Over the Hedge
Over the Hedge is a Video Game adaptation of the DreamWorks Animation film Over the Hedge. Rated E10+.

Unlike most video games based on movies, this one starts at the climax of the film, where everything is solved, and the animals are free to do whatever they please. A year later, however, they feel a bit bored with just stealing food, so they try and find other things they can use to pass the time, such as a TV or a popcorn machine. Unfortunately, Dwayne the Verminator is back, and is using mind control helmets to take control of other animals, such as rats, and use them as his henchmen.

Playable characters include RJ, Verne, Hammy, and Stella. While playing, you can use weapons such as golf clubs, plungers, baseball bats, etc. to fight enemies. You can also throw long range weapons, such as frisbees or boomerangs. There are various toy guns thrown about the game as well, like a ball launcher.

The game was released for the Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo DS.

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