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RJ is a Time Lord
Evidence: he once claimed to have lit the fuse to the Big Bang.
  • His swiss army knife (with lug wrench, dental mirror, retractor, catheter, and argon laser) is really a sonic screwdriver.
    • His TARDIS is... I don't know, that golf bag from the film?
    • Strangely enough, this might be true. Take a look at this strip and say this isn't now I Knew It!.

If there is ever a sequel, The Tree That Knows Stuff will be written in
Hammy is trying to find his nuts at the start of the movie. At the end of the movie, Hammy finds an enormous number of nuts in the log. It means he was starving while in hibernation, because he didn't eat any of it.
RJ was kicked out of his family after failing to retrieve the food from Vincent's cave
And Vincent stole the food from RJ's family in the first place