Video Game: Naev

Naevnote  (previously NAEV, or Not Another/Neutron Accelerated Escape Velocity, depending on who you ask) is an open source Escape Velocity clone, set in an After the End scenario in which the the sun has exploded in an event known as "The Incident" and created a vast, impenetrable nebula. With the loss of Earth, The Empire (founded out of The Federation) is shattered, unable to keep the Houses under control. Now it's every man for himself as Space Pirates run rampant despite everyone's best efforts.

Currently in development (a playable 0.5.3 beta build is available for Windows, Mac, and some Linux distros), as is this article, although several of the developers have mentioned that active development have stalled, with little real progress made since late 2012. To get more exposure, in September 2012 it was added to Steam Greenlight, located here.


Naev provides examples of:

  • After the End: After a massive incident in Sol system.
  • All There in the Manual: Wiki and forum, mostly.
  • Apocalypse How: Sol suffered Stellar/Physical Annihilation in the backstory, with Planetary/Total Extinctions and Partial Extinctions to most other planets in systems within the blast radius. Ouch. Plus the plagues on Sorom.
  • Arbitrary Maximum Range: Projectile/energy weapons fade out, missiles presumably run out of fuel... yep, limited ranges all around. Justifiable with everything except kinetic energy weapons like gauss guns.
  • Attack Drone: House Za'lek doesn't have the manpower to waste on the classic Space Fighter, or otherwise find them wasteful. Or something. So instead, they use squads of small attack drones. Also, the Collective.
  • The Battlestar: Since, similarly to Escape Velocity, you can mount a fighter bay to any ship provided it has enough computer capacity and an empty equipment slot of sufficient size, the biggest, most dangerous ship of every faction tends to be this.
  • Big Bad: House Proteron. They're the Empire's one of three Grand Experiment (the other being House Za'lek and House Thurion) on new forms of government that went TOO successful, resulting in a faction that is trying to take the Empire over, after it starts viewing the Empire's shrinking due to House Dvaered and Sirius emerging as the sign that the Empire's time has ended and they, as the ultimate form of government, need to take over. They sabotaged the Sol Hypergate in an attempt to link it to their gate instead so they can launch the invasion right onto Earth, but end up causing the Incident.
  • Bio-Augmentation: Soromid's drastic answer to The Plague. Eight out of ten who underwent the augmentation died prior to the breakthrough
  • Brain Uploading: House Thurion.
  • Church Militant: House Sirius. They're not zealous fanatics (and in fact have a fairly healthy cultural elite) but, as the wiki puts it;
    "To the Sirii, faith is what air is to other people. You don't see it, you don't pay attention to it, you often don't even think about it. But without it, you can not live."
  • Death World: The world of Sorom seemed pretty hospitable at first... but it would constantly throw bigger, badder and more lethal variants of The Plague at it's inhabitants, until one day, The Big One came along. It seemed like nothing could cure it. To prevent this extremely infectious airborne disease from spreading offworld, The Empire enforced Lockdown and wiped out the spaceports from orbit, preventing any and all ships from landing or taking off. The people who would become the Soromid only survived thanks to a breakthrough in LEGO Genetics that allowed for Bio-Augmentation of their immune systems. And then The Incident sterilized it. Oops!
  • Determinator: The Soromid:
    "Sorom was caught in the blast and was rendered sterile. But elsewhere in the galaxy, the Soromid persisted. All Soromid knew the history of Sorom, and they would not suffer to be destroyed, no matter what the universe threw at them."
  • Earth That Was: Earth was incinerated during The Incident.
  • The Empire: Subverted, as the Empire seems to be the stablest and nicest government in the setting.
  • Fail O'Suckyname:
    • One randomly chosen name for pirate targets in bounty hunting missions is "The Horrible Mustache".
    • A funnier one is The Delicious Mustache.
  • Fan Sequel / Spiritual Successor: Meant to be what Escape Velocity 4 might have been if Ambrosia Software hadn't stopped making games.
  • For Science!: House Za'lek and the Soromid. House Za'lek are just nerds scientists who spend all day arguing about what to do next. Soromid had a choice: For Science!, or The Plague would wipe them all out; it was a slow, certain death, or a Million-to-One Chance.
  • Future Imperfect: An archaeologist in one sidequest theorizes that a skateboard might be a religious artifact.
  • Gatling Good: Several types of Gatling weapons, most of which are quite useful in combat. A decent build for the Pacifier destroyer is two Mk3 Laser Turrets and a Turreted Vulcan Gun.
  • Hyperspace Lanes: As in Escape Velocity, hyperspace travel is restricted to explored links between nearby systems. Naev further restricts travel to jump points, whereas in EV you could jump anywhere in a system as long as you were far enough from the center.
  • Hyperspeed Ambush / Hyperspeed Escape: Made respectively less and more complicated by the fact that you have to jump at specific jump points, which act as choke points.
  • Klingon Promotion: Combined with retirement. Dvaered Generals take a small contingent with them when they retire and become a Warlord governing one or more planets that they 'acquire' themselves, usually by knocking off an existing Warlord.
  • Legacy Character: The Kestrel appeared in Escape Velocity and EV Nova, and now in Naev.
  • Multi-Platform: PC, Mac, and most Linux distros.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Pirates.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: House Dvaered. They were originally workers, miners, outcasts and low-ranking soldiers fed up with how things were being run, so they rebelled until they were acknowledged and given what they wanted. Now they fly around in bright red ships and start fights. Usually when it's least convenient for you.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: House Proteron. They're cut off from the rest of the universe by the Incident's nebula, but since they posses a functioning hypergate, the appearance of newer hypergates leads to the can being unsealed. House Thurion doesn't count since they can get in and out of the nebula just fine, due to their superior armor and shield technology designed to withstand the nebula's condition. They only isolate themselves out of the need for secrecy.
  • Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: The aforementioned Kestrel, a cruiser, has 700 megajoules of shielding. That's approximately the amount of energy released by burning five gallons of gasoline.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Space Is Cold: Averted. Management of weapons heat is part of combat. As your weapons heat up, they lose accuracy, and when an outfit or weapon maxes out in heat, it fails and has to cool off. Weapons and outfits transfer heat to your ship, which radiates it into space. The hotter your hull gets, the more visible you are (which plays out as enemies shooting at you more). You can enter a rapid cooldown mode if need be, which radiates all your heat at the cost of you being immobilized for the duration.
  • Space Is Noisy: Very noisy. If you can't hear gunfire at any given moment, then you're either in the starting systems or the Nebula.
  • Space Friction: As with Escape Velocity we'll have none of that Space Is an Ocean nonsense, thank you.
    • Played with. You can drift in one direction with thrusters off, but to maintain full speed you need to maintain thrust. (Let go of the accelerate button, and you'll slow down a little and then stay at that speed.)
  • Space Pirates: Complete with black and red spaceships and pirate talk... and Suicidal Overconfidence. Arr matey!
    • In the pirates defense: Yes, they attack everything in range, even if it a huge cruiser. But they do break from combat if they get down to around 30% hull. They then fly to the nearest jump point to escape.
  • Super Soldier / ‹bermensch: Soromid don't exactly get along too well with the rest of humanity due to their enhanced capabilities and appearance. Or more accurately, the rest of the galaxy doesn't get on too well with the Soromid. The Soromid could care less.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: Continuing the tradition from the series that inspired it.