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Video Game: Last Alert
"People will hate you, Steve, if you're too sting-ee."

Last Alert (Known as Red Alert in Japan) is a shooting game by Telenet Japan released for the Turbo CD, infamous for its English voice acting.

In Nov 20, 1988, Guy Kazama, the main character, led a mission to rescue hostages from Chairman Steve's request. But they get betrayed when they don't find any hostages; a chopper guns down all of them instead. Guy is the only man left and a year later, a terrorist group known as the Force Project forms, consisting of four members. Besides Chairman Steve, there's Colonel Kadat of the republic of Lybid; Mr. Lee of the Hong Kong Mafia and Dr. Garcia, an upbringing physicist. Guy is recruited to take them down and get his revenge.

The gameplay is very reminiscent to Commando. It adds features like being able to shoot a different direction from moving, adds powerups and experience and rank system.

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