Video Game: Donald Duck Goin Quackers

Donald Duck: Goin' Qu@ckers is a Donald Duck game made by Ubisoft in 2000, in dedication to Carl Barks, who had passed away a short time earlier. It was originally released for the Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation, with different soundtracks. The Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance got 2D versions of the game, and later a remake was made for the PlayStation 2 and the GameCube.

When Daisy, who is a reporter as in Quack Pack, is spying on Merlock's evil plans, she's captured. Donald has to travel around the world to set antennas which will power Gyro's teleporter and allow him [Donald] to reach the temple in which she's imprisoned. Gladstone also appears in the story and, oddly, he's quite unlucky and a Butt Monkey.

Gameplay in the game's four worlds is simple, fast-paced and somewhat easy. The items required to unlock boss fights and extra levels are often found in plain view and require little effort to collect them. The remake added a combo mechanic in which the player can input codes to make Donald invincible.

Quackin' tropes in this game include:

  • 1-Up: Donald's face surrounded by light, or a sphere with Donald's face in it.
  • 2½D: At least one level per world features this.
  • A Winner Is You: the GBA version's take on the original game's ending is a rather anticlimatic shot of Donald reuniting with Daisy and Gyro, followed by something along the lines of "and then everybody in Duckburg threw a big party" and then just "The End". Cue the main menu.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: The final battle against Merlock in the Nintendo 64 version involves Donald Duck running and activating three switches before getting into a cannon to shoot Merlock's amulet while being chased by Merlock in the form of a winged beast. This is done three times, one for each unit of Merlock's health.
  • Advancing Wall of Doom: In the extra levels, Donald must run away from something. In the remake, the pursuer is always the giant glove (Master Hand?) from Magica's Manor. In the GBA version, those levels are mandatory. The trope is also inverted by having Donald chase after a squirrel... for absolutely no reason, since Donald can't catch it and the squirrel isn't ever shown doing anything to Donald.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: If you beat the levels in Time Attack mode, you get more clothes for Donald. Interestingly, the tourist outfit is what he wears in Quack Pack, but he also gets a cap, which brings Maui Mallard to mind...
  • Anticlimax: The last thing you do in the long extra level of the GBC version is to break a ominous skull barrier. There's no Bonus Boss after it.
  • Ash Face: Happens to Magica after she is defeated in the original version of the game.
  • Attract Mode: Available as an option in the GBC and GBA versions. The first one on the GBC quickly teaches everything you need to know about the game's mechanics.
  • Badass Adorable: As this is a Donald Duck game, he's portrayed as being much more courageous and cheerful than usual. His usual duck voice helps, too.
  • Bears Are Bad News: For the extra level in the forest, Donald is chased by a bear (see Advancing Wall of Doom above). In the GBC version, Donald has a Boss Battle against Humphrey the Bear.
  • Big Bad: Merlock from the DuckTales movie.
  • Big Ball of Violence: Donald's Mercy Mode animation if he's hit.
  • Boss Battle: Against a giant chicken, a Beagle Boy, Magica and Merlock. The GBC version replaces the giant chicken with Humphrey the Bear. In the GBA version, only Merlock is present.
  • Bottomless Pits
  • Demoted to Extra: Gladstone appears on the password screen of the GBA version, but is left out of the actual story.
  • Disney Villain Death: The fate of some bosses, depending of the version.
  • Double Jump: Donald can do it in this game. In the portable versions, it is justified by him kicking the air with Wheel o' Feet to do it.
  • Event Flag: As the GBC version is obviously made in a Rayman engine, Donald finds yellow coins that trigger objects in the levels.
  • Final Boss: Merlock. In fact, he is the only boss on the GBA version.
  • Forced Tutorial: In the remake's first level. Originally, getting instructions was optional.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: In the GBA version's Final Boss fight, it might look like a good idea to save those sundaes that Bat-Merlock drops for later use, but remember that the game kills you if you get hit while standing at them!
  • Get Back Here Boss: Magica De Spell in the original version of the game, as Donald chases her in between the segments where he is able to hurt her.
  • Goomba Stomp: Many enemies can be defeated by jumping on them.
  • Ground Pound: Doable in the GBC version if Donald is powered up.
  • Hyperactive Sprite: In the remake, Donald's idle animation in his happy mode has him dancing and shaking his butt around. It looks like an exaggerated version of the idle animation from The Lucky Dime Caper.
  • I Was Defeated by Donald Duck: The Beagle Boys and Magica say this when defeated, as if it was surprising or the first time it happened.
  • Idle Animation: If he's left still for a while, Donald dreams about Daisy, then wakes up and hugs the thought balloon. He has other animations for his other clothes.
  • Indy Escape: In the GBA version, the chase level in Merlock's temple features the giant rock.
  • Law of 100: Each hundred of those stars/coins/gears awards you an extra life.
  • Marathon Level: Some levels in the GBC version, especially the extra level.
  • Market-Based Title: The game is called Quack Attack in European releases.
  • Mook Maker: Magica can summon normal enemies during her boss fight, summoning pumpkin monsters in the original version and skeletons in the remake.
  • Mythology Gag: The game is essentially a big love letter to the Donald Duck franchise. Characters from the Disney Duck Comics universe appear (including Gladstone Gander, Gyro Gearloose, and Magica De Spell), Daisy is a news reporter as she was in Quack Pack, and Humphrey the Bear is even featured in the GBC and GBA versions.
  • Pain-Powered Leap: If Donald falls into lava.
  • Painting the Medium: Running out of time in time attack mode makes the clock on the heads-up display fall on Donald's head.
  • Password Save: In the portable versions. Yes, even in the GBA...
  • Puzzle Boss: In the remake, Magica De Spell is not directly beaten and instead loses health whenever you defeat one of the skeletons she summons.
  • Reformulated Game: The GBC and GBA version are completely 2D, of course. Both versions have unique level design and a slighty different plot. And then the game got remade for the PS2 and Game Cube.
  • Say My Name: "DAISSSSYYY!!", screams Donald if he falls into lava.
  • The Spiny: Some enemies can't be stomped.
  • Spiritual Successor: It is very apparent that the GBC version was created over the Rayman game for the portable.
  • Super Star: The sundae item makes Donald invincible if he was in full health when he got it (it doesn't work in Advance). The GBC version has an item that makes Donald invincible and able to crush barriers and butt-stomp. The remake has the Special Move mechanic, which also grants invincibility.
  • Super Title 64 Advance: Donald Duck "Adv@nce"!*#.
  • Timed Mission: A time attack mode becomes available in levels that have been cleared once.
  • Victory Pose: Donald taking off his hat and bowing cutely in the GBC version. In the remake he has an extravagant dance.
  • Wheel o' Feet: Present in some of Donald's animations in the portable versions.
  • Winged Soul Flies Off at Death: The chicken boss dies this way in the PSX version.
  • Wolfpack Boss: The remake for PS2 and Game Cube has the Duckburg boss fight be against three Beagle Boys controlling the crane instead of just one.