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Video Game: American McGee's Grimm

"I wanna make the insufferable suffer!
Bring back the dark!
Bring back the gruesome!
Bring on the Grimm!"
- Grimm

Once upon a time, people told stories with dark danger lurking around every corner and important warnings. But as time passed, the stories got watered down into a pile of mushy stuff that would put Walt Disney to shame.

In this episodic platformer, your player character is Grimm, a dirty dwarf who hates how the fairy tales have turned out and decides to bring back their darker aspects... by running around the settings of said tales, his very presence causing things to become as grim and gruesome as he is. The more things he darkens, the more powerful he becomes, allowing him to darken bigger objects and even people, until the whole setting and its inhabitants are grotesquely moulded to his satisfaction.

A Comic Book adaptation by IDW Publishing has Grimm, having successfully Grimmified the fairy tale world, moving on to various Comic Book settings, starting with a Captain Ersatz-filled superhero universe in "Crisis on Earth 57".

Originally released as weekly episodes on GameTap from July 2008 to April 2009, the whole series was made available on Steam in January 2014.

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alternative title(s): American Mc Gees Grimm; Ptitle724ggl9q
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