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"Folders do not work that way."
— Oscar Wilde

I like felines and hate surprises. You can mainly find me on the forums, either writing or lurking. Sorry; harmattane is chained to her writing thread right now. Please leave a message after the beep.

Here is the serial story I am writing on the forums, in which I commit obscene, reprehensible acts with what might have been cyberpunk when it began. Only you can stop it: [1] And the works page (please add tropes): [2]

A shorter spinoff of the above, for the commitment challenged: [3]

Another one, in progress: In which Death tells some kids to get off his lawn

Works page for the piece from hell, which cannot be read here and takes place around 150 years before the above: here!

As well, I'm liveblogging the Dune movies because they're weird as hell. You can find those in the appropriate forum.
Add tropes and stuff here. I'll start it off with a few.

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You may vandalize harma here!

  • Why hello there, Harmattane. What's your favorite moment in any book ever? ~ Aliroz The Confused.

I promise to actually sit down and read your brilliant writing from beginning-to-end one of these damned days. - Krrackknut.

-Builds you a bunker of your own complete with minions and arms following the evil overlords list.- Go forth and Conquer- Tuefel Hunden IV

This page does not have a whole lot of vandalism either. Shame. Maybe it's because of your known distaste for others' definitions of you. But then, you don't make this terribly clear and even invite vandalism. I assume. How strange. I wonder what that symbol's referent.


the reason 


ǝɹǝɥ ɯɐ ı


I just vandalized your page! :D - Phyi

You want it to look worse,
here is some Courier New.
- Anonymous User

Well, who am I to criticize if someone wants their page to look worse? Here you go! - Noaqiyeum