Tropers / Geno4ssb 500

It stands for Hyper. His other name.

Geno4ssb500. That's pretty much about it. He's a cool guy with an awesome family and superb friends. He's a master of the random and a demon of the memes. He has an awesome cousin named Julian who says the coolest things. Geno4ssb500 is a laid back guy who likes to sit around and play Super Smash Bros. rather than do something requiring toil. He has been all around the internet and back, looking for awesomeness. He is famous for creating the Wrath of Metal Sonic machinima series, and for his struggles against unknown 179. His favorite franchises are Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong, and Banjo-Kazooie (Would you believe these franchises all exist in the same continuity?). He likes listening to videogame music, and Heavy Metal.

His life provides examples of:

His Super Mario 64 Machinimas provide examples of...