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Trivia: The King of Fighters
  • Actor Allusion: Yuri tells Gai to try pulling off a Hurricane Upper. The joke here is that Gai and Joe sound the same.
  • Ascended Fanon: Mr. Karate and Nightmare Geese were actually fan nicknames before SNK officially named them as such in later games.
    • Yamazaki became a member of the Hakkesshu because he conveniently shared several snake-like aspects with Orochi.
    • SNK says that most of Oswald's background (which has not yet been revealed) has already been surmised by the fans.
    • Athena's one-sided romantic interest in Kyo was purely fanon, until KOF:KYO and the '98 and 2000 dramas strongly hinted that she did harbor some feelings for him. (And then they dropped the ball.)
  • Fan Nickname:
    • In order to differentiate Kyo from his clones, fans often refer to his NESTS depiction as "Shin Kyo" (as in "True Kyo").
    • Yaoiori for Iori, thanks to all of his Foe Yay with Kyo. The infamous "Yagami is I'm-a-gay backwards" joke didn't help in this regard; his tendency of throwing out ambiguously gay lines in his special intros with Kyo probably helped even less. This is teased to no end by various official/fan works.
    • Fathena for Athena's appearance in XII and XIII: Moeness and chubby legs.
    • Yuri's parody of the Shun Goku Satsu, the Yuri Chou Enbu, is sometimes called the Shin Yuri Satsu.
    • Kim is sometimes nicknamed as The Beijing King, thanks to the My Way Entertainment fan dub of one of the Fatal Fury OVAs.
    • Ralf's Neo MAX from XIII has been christened as the MANretsuken (a play on Ryo's Zanretsuken), due to the overflowing abundance of GAR.
    • Robert's Hien Shippu Ryuujin Kyaku Neo MAX is alternatively called Robert Garcia's Pro Skater XIII and Rider Kick.
    • Cheesenitz and Goenadz for the Goenitz himself, as well as the Goenitzpin, another meme spawned in the wake of the Rugalspin thanks to his new HSDM/MAX2 in 2002: Unlimited Match.
    • Geese is usually called Geeser the Cheeser and Geeseter Bunnie. As for his Raging Storm DM, there's the Pretzel due to the move's absurd input command that was made that convoluted just for the sake of nostalgia.
    • Krauserspin for Krauser Gigatech Cyclone SDM. Again, blame M.U.G.E.N.
    • Shingo's notebook full of information on his techniques has been known as both the Death Note and GameFAQs thanks to his HSDM in 2002: Unlimited Match.
  • Flip Flop of God: Is this series an Alternate Continuity to Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury? What gender is Shion? Is Kula Diamond a clone or just an altered human? SNK can't seem to decide.
    • To answer the first question: Is Geese Howard dead or alive? There ya go.
    • Luise's profile and storyline in the Maximum Impact series were written to be deliberately different from one another, most likely to prevent spoilers.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Ray Park who is the body actor for Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace as Rugal Bernstein in the live action movie.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Jun Hashimoto (Andy Bogard's seiyuu in KOF '94) was replaced by Keiichi Nanba in the following game; Nanba has voiced Andy in all subsequent games.
    • In XII, Matsuo Matsuo now voices Chin instead of Toshikazu Nishimura.
    • Several characters had alternate voice actors/actresses in the '94 Dengeki drama CD:
    • Katsuhisa Namase voiced Joe in KOF '94. Nobuyuki Hiyama has taken over the role since.
    • Robert Garcia: Kazuhiro "Kay" Inage was replaced by Mantaro Koichi, who voiced Robert from KOF '96 to 2003. When Robert popped up as a Secret Character in XI (which was based off of his appearance in Mascot Fighter Neo Geo Battle Coliseum), Inage returned to voice Robert, and continues to do so in XII and XIII.
    • Bunsyu Shinoya takes over for Ralf in XII. In English, Scott Casey in the Maximum Impact series, Jeff Manning in XII.
    • In English, Clark went from Sean Michaels (Maximum Impact) to Eric Kelso (XII).
    • Kim is voiced by Kazuhiko Nagata in XII, succeeding Satoshi Hashimoto (Hashimoto still voices Terry, though).
    • Akoya Sogi (who has voiced Mai from the beginning up to XI) has been replaced by Ami Koshimizu as of KOF Sky Stage. Given that Sogi has apparently retired, it's a safe bet to assume that Koshimizu will take over in all subsequent appearances. This could also be the reason behind Mai's absence in XII.
    • For Kyo, Andrew Roth (his English VA in the Maximum Impact series) was replaced by Peter von Gomm come XII.
    • Between '94 and '98, Athena's voice changed as much as her clothes, with one for every game. In order: Reiko Fukai, Moe Nagasaki, the aforementioned Tamao Sato, Chris Yukina, and lastly Haruna Ikezawa, which was the one who stuck. It can be presumed that this was because SNK was testing out seiyuu for her.
    • The unfortunate consequence of the suicide of Daisuke Gōri led to Raiden's voice duty being handed over to Iain Gibb in XIII.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Brian Battler shares a seiyuu with Kensou, Eiji Yano. Yano was also the announcer for 2002, as well as Krizalid's voice in 2001.
    • Toshimitsu Arai, the voice of Rugal, also voices Heidern, as well as Original Zero and Saisyu (only in KOF '95, though).
    • Jeff Manning voices Andy, Ralf, and Shen Woo in the English version of XII.
    • Satoshi Hashimoto voices both Terry and Kim.
    • Hiroyuki Arita, the voice of Chang, also voices Silber in XI (though Chang doesn't fight in this entry). Yoshinori Shima, his original seiyuu from '94 and '95, also voices Clark, Eiji, and Goenitz.
    • Toshikazu Nishimura voices Chin and Heavy D! in '94 and '98. Josh Keller (who voices Chin in the dub for XII) also voices Duo Lon and Kensou in the same dub.
    • Hanzo has the same seiyuu as Ryo in MI2, Masaki Usui, who also voices Goro Daimon.
    • Lilly Kane shares a seiyuu with Kula.
    • Haruna Ikezawa voices Foxy in 2001 and 2002 Unlimited Match, in addition to Athena.
    • Richard Meyer is voiced by Kong Kuwata, who also voices Geese Howard and Duck King.
    • Eric Kelso voices Takuma, Clark and Benimaru in the English version of XII and XIII.
    • Monster Maezuka voices Takuma, Ralf, Benimaru, and Choi.
    • Masahiro Nonaka voices Kyo's clones, Kyo-1 and Kyo-2. Subverted with evil, magical doppelganger Kusanagi, who is instead voiced by Mitsuo Iwata.
      • However, KOF Sky Stage seems to be using Nonaka instead of Iwata for the voice of Kusanagi, which of course plays this trope straight again.
      • In XII and XIII, he shares an Englsh VA (Peter von Gomm) with Ash of all people.
    • King shares her seiyuu (Harumi Ikoma, who also is the announcer in KOF '96, KOF '98, KOF XI, and KOF XII) with Blue Mary. Ikoma also voiced King's brother Jean/Jan in KOF: Kyo.
    • Greg Irwin voices Joe and Robert in the dub of XII/XIII.
    • Kazuhiro "Kay" Inage (who voiced Robert in KOF '94 and '95, and returned in XI) also voices Lucky. Mantaro Koichi (who voiced Robert from KOF '96 to 2003) was also the announcer in '97.
  • Throw It In: Hyena's lines were devised in a collaborative effort between the seiyuu of Hyena, Alba, and Soiree (who consequently became good friends through the experience).
    • Krauser's Gigatech Cyclone was actually taken from the spinning supers (i.e. the Senpuuken/Hadou Senpuukyaku) utilized by he and Terry in the Fatal Fury 2 OVA. His youthful beauty, lack of a mustache and scars, as well as an authentic German-sounding voice, the other hand, were not retained, despite being well-received by fans.
  • What Could Have Been: Beside the various prototype designs of characters (many of which can be seen as Strikers in 2000), many plot points were shafted or altered:
    • Orochi Iori was originally planned to be the final boss of '97 (remnants of this manifest as Iori being a Bonus Boss in said game if you beat Orochi with Kyo).
    • Kyo and Iori were going to be dropped from '99 to put emphasis on K'. They became secret characters instead.
    • The biggest "what if?" would have to come from 2001. One could only imagine what direction the series would have taken if SNK hadn't gone bankrupt after 2000.
    • Even better, this series wasn't even originally a fighting game; it was going to be a beat 'em up in the vein of Final Fight and Streets of Rage called Survivor with Terry, Robert, and Ralf as playable characters.
    • Athena's appearance in XII was originally conceived to be not quite as loli/moe as the final result.
    • Rugal was originally planned to mirror special moves of the characters and use them against them. Hardware limitations killed this idea. Rugal's Reppuken, Kaiser Wave, and Dark Barrier are relics of this idea.
    • Believe it or not, it was planned for Terry to actually die at the climax of '99note . Luckily, head management disagreed and brought him back in 2000, avoiding what would have been a shocking Player Punch and the ensuing barrage of Internet Backdraft. However, the "what if" aspect of his death was played up for the remainder of the saga to the point that Blue Mary told Terry how his teammates (or more specifically, her) were worried about him in the team's 2000 ending.
    • Kim was supposed to debut in the first Maximum Impact under the alias of "Mr. Taekwondo", akin to "Mr. Karate". Instead, Chae Lim took his place, and Kim popped up in the sequel as his good 'ol regular self. Chae Lim herself was chosen over the likes of Jhun Hoon, May Lee, and Buriki One character Seo Yong Song.
    • Originally, Chang and Choi were going to be paired up with another dangerous criminal to from the "Fugitive Team". Kim was a last-minute addition, thus setting up the whole "rehabilitation" plot.
    • King's Surprise Rose super move from Art of Fighting 2 was her original DM in '94 but was scrapped for some reason. King's designer then came up with the Illusion Dance DM and it was well received. It was turned back into a DM in 2002: Unlimited Match.
    • Ralf (and presumably Clark) was supposed to have a moveset revolving around grenades back in his KOF debut as a Shout-Out to Ikari Warriors. This was scrapped due to a possible case of game breaking mechanics. Averted in XII, which gives him explosives in addition to most of his trademark moves.
      • Lampshaded in the intro dialogue between Kyo and Clark in XIII, wherein Clark explains that the grenades he's wearing are duds, so there's no danger of them going off if Kyo uses his fire on them.
    • Heidern's moveset and their names were so strange that the designers were going to make him an alien as explanation for his "abilities." However, the lead designer became attached to the character, giving him a tragic backstory instead and keeping him as a human.
    • Saisyu was supposed to have died during his Early-Bird Cameo in '94. His appearance in the following game was a last-minute addition.
    • "Chris of the Flames of Destiny" was originally going to have black flames, but the idea was dumped as they would have been too hard to notice in his rather dark stage.
    • One of Orochi's early designs was that of a naked Chris using an energy ball to attack...
    • According to the Developers' Blog for XIII, Chang, Malin, Momoko, and Oswald were meant to be in the game. Chang was reduced to a cameo in the India stage, whereas the other three cameo in endings (the Women Fighters Team, Psycho Soldiers Team, and Ash Crimson, respectively).
      • And Chang (along with Choi) makes the customary Kim Team ending cameo.
    • Vanessa was supposed to be playable in '99, but didn't make it in time. She makes an Early-Bird Cameo as a Striker in the '99 Evo console release.
    • The Neo MAX supers in XIII were at first created as extensions to normal supers, but because of testing feedback they were eventually changed into stand alone supers. A few Neo MAX supers in the final build still look like they were supposed to follow up on normal supers, some of them only effective gameplay-wise when used as such.
    • Adelheid was apparently meant to be playable in XIII, based on some full-body and winpose sketches by Eisuke Ogura.
    • If unused concept art for '98 and '99 is any indication, it might have been intended for Adel, Rose, and Magaki to join the series as early as the NESTS Chronicles. In particular, one of Rose's prototype designs is shared with that of Whip.
    • Foxy, who made her debut in 2001, originally wasn't meant to be playable. When it was decided that she'd be added to the roster, it was intended for Diana to join her, although this didn't pan out because of time constraints and Diana remains to this day an NPC.
    • Raiden's first playable entry in the KOF series (prior to XIII) was going to be in 2003, but the developers eventually decided on using Tizoc instead.
  • Word of Gay: "[Ash]'s gay, he paints his nails, and he's awesome!"

Misc. tidbits

  • The Japanese version's introduction for '98, "Cipher", as well as the ending theme, "Zero", had a sound clip in it with rather vulgar language in it: "Pay dat shit like he just got yo motherfuckin' check and he's gonna pick it up at the bank." In all foreign releases of the game and OST releases, except for the 15th Anniversary CD, this clip has been edited out and replaced with static.

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