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Funny: The King of Fighters

Moments from the games themselves (including the main games, Maximum Impact, the KOF:KYO game, SNK Gal Fighters, etc.)

Moments from other KOF related media (mangas, CD dramas, Chinese manhuas, etc.)

  • From the KOF: KYO manga's third and last volume, Vice and Mature... re-arranging Iori's tiny apartment to make it cozier. Iori simply can't believe it.
  • The Tatsuya Shingyouji KOF 94 manga gives us the Women's Team vs. the Psycho Soldiers in the second tome. First King sends Yuri into an Unstoppable Rage on Kensou via showing her a hand-drawn picture of Mr. Big, which makes Yuri go into a frenzy, and towards the end Chin attempts to get King drunk to knock her out... and it works WAY too well.
  • In Ryo Takamisaki's KOF: G, the rendition of Joe's infamous "mooning" taunt while fighting Iori, Mature and Benimaru.
  • The '97 laserdisc has Kyo, Iori, and Chizuru commentating throughout the whole thing. Though there are yet to be subtitles, one can imagine the banter between all 3 of them.
    • During the Orochi Iori and Orochi Leona section, Kyo and Chizuru are commentating and midway through, Iori breaks into his Orochi form.
    • Also at the very end of the Laserdisc, Kyo and Chizuru end their commentary with a cheerful "Sayonara!", while Iori comments with a simple "Adieu".
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