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Trivia: Minecraft
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The game had beta 1.8 leaked to the public early by mistake. Instead of trying to rectify the problem, Mojang decided to have pre-release versions of the next update revealed to the public from now on in the form of "snapshots". The results were twofold: players can get a sneak peek at new features and bug fixes while Mojang gets feedback from the players about the snapshot so they can fix whatever bugs there are before making the snapshot official.
    • Notch is known to throw in several features suggested by fans, such as the ability for eggs to spawn chickens on rare occasion, and much of the speculation about the Endermen.
  • Big Name Fan:
    • House music producer Deadmau5 loves Minecraft; about 1/4 or so of his YouTube videos are Minecraft-related, and he's looking to do a remix project with the game's composer.
      • A feature that accidentally made it into the mainstream release of Minecraft was the ability to rotate the camera on its horizontal axis, which was something created specifically for Deadmau5. It has since been removed.
      • One of the game's most popular multiplayer servers is Deadmau5's own server, which includes several giant statues and effigies of the mouse-headed musician (including one made out of solid diamond blocks) and some pretty amazing architecture.
    • SeaNanners of MachinimaRespawn also has many videos of Minecraft, some with Deadmau5.
    • Tobuscus has a long-running Let's Play of Minecraft and has two hit singles, "Safety Torch" and "I Can Swing My Sword", based on it.
    • Achievement Hunter has a long-standing weekly Let's Play series of the game - one of their consistently high-rated videos.
    • The Yogscast also has a long-standing series of their own across all their channels. Like Achievement Hunter, it is one of their consistently higher-rated videos. Unlike their series, however, its primary focus used to be mainly Machinima based.
    • Sky Does Minecraft, Ant Venom, Captain Sparklez, iHasCupquake... Loads and Loads of Characters, much?
  • Cash Cow Franchise: Minecraft is only a few years old, but its consistently insane popularity allowed its creator to build his own game company in record time. XKCD's money chart shows that the game brings in about $193,500 daily. Not bad for an Indie Game about punching trees.
  • Colbert Bump: Minecraft sold around 1000 copies after being referenced on the Valve blog. Shortly afterward, Penny Arcade made a series of comics about it, which led to 7000 more sales and a server meltdown.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer:
    • This Fox News article states that Infiniminer was made by Notch as a prototype to Minecraft. While Notch was inspired by it, Infiniminer was actually made by Zachtronics Industries.
    • A story claims that an 8 year old is facing felony charges after charging $800 to his grandmother's credit card. Minecraft itself costs around $30, has no in-game store, and even if you are talking about the Xbox 360 version, has nowhere near $800 worth of skin packs to purchase. Guilty of this trope are: the grandmother, the boy's father, the police, and the (non-gaming/tech) news outlets who are repeating the story.
  • Defictionalization:
  • Development Hell: The mod API has been pushed back version after version, even after Mojang hired someone specifically to work on it. Later, the person hired to specifically work on it left the company due to "creative differences" and a "reduced focus on the mod API".
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Minecrafters (or Minecraftians).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Minecrack.
    • Fans like to call the main character "Steve" or "Minecraft Steve".
      • Word of Notch says that "Steve?" (yes, with a question mark) is really the character's name.
    • Thanks to Yahtzee's review, many of the monsters have come to be called "Fisher-Price Shoggoths" with Creepers being "exploding hedges" and/or "kamikaze shrubs."
    • Creepers are often called "penis monsters" or "exploding dicks" due to their shape. Sometimes they're called boomers.
    • Slimes are often called "squishies" (probably comes from a rather infamous slime from the Coe's Quest Minecraft series named Squishy).
    • Skeletons are sometimes called "skellingtons".
    • The Enderdragon is sometimes known as "Joan".
    • Golden armor is often called "butter armor" due to its relative fragility and yellow color.
      • There is a mod that renames all gold objects to "butter". And you can actually eat them.
    • Villagers are often called "Squidwards" or "Testificates". The former because their bulbous noses and low-pitch voices resemble the character of the same name and the latter because of a name tag that appeared over them in beta tests.
      • They're also referred to in some circles as jews because of their big noses and status as merchants.
    • Some people call chickens "ducks", due to them resembling ducks more than chickens, and the fact that they are able to swim in water.
    • Thomas the Sheep.
    • Before Redstone was officially named, there was a whole palette of fan nicknames for it, with the most popular being Cuprite and the troll-coined Aspergite.
    • Obsidian is often called "obby" for short.
    • The stuff found in the Nether is either Hellstone, Bloodstone, Netherstone, or Brimstone,note  the gold things in the Nether are Glowstone, Brittle Gold, Sulfur, Australium, Bananabricknote  and the blocks that make you slow are Slow Sand, Mud, or Hell Mud.note  Also the Nether is called Hell a lot (if you press F3 in the Nether it even says Biome: Hell).
    • Adminium - The indestructible block that is found in the bottom five layers of the map, because only server admins are able to create or destroy it. Officially known as bedrock.
    • Chunk errors are sometimes called "beta holes" or "voids".
    • The moon is Rana.
    • Every now and then, you'll come across someone who calls the sponge block "cheese."
    • Towers that extend upwards only are called 'nerdpoles'.
    • Establishing a home by digging it into the side of a mountain (as opposed to building it in the open from wood or stone) is sometimes called "the dwarf route".
    • The Far Lands were named so by fans, because they're very far away from your spawn point.
  • I Knew It: Players correctly predicted that when zombies stopped dropping feathers upon death, they would drop rotten flesh instead.
  • Let's Play:
  • Newbie Boom: In its alpha days, before becoming the household name it is today, the game experienced a huge boom when it was the focus of several Penny Arcade strips, a bit before the time of the Nether update. The influx of new people was enough to knock Mojang's web servers off their metaphorical feet, and for a while the Minecraft homepage was a blank white page with a few lines of text.
  • One of Us:
    • Unsurprisingly, the game and its wide-open nature have garnered fans of all sorts, resulting in seemingly odd or quirky references to Minecraft in various places. For instance, in this seemingly-serious Flash animation about the scale of the universe - from atom to visible universe, there is a picture of the scale of a Minecraft world compared to everything.
    • Notch at least occasionally reads TV Tropes. One of the title blurbs reads "Less addictive than TV Tropes!"
  • Schedule Slip: During its alpha and beta days, the game never had a release date posted for the final version until it came pretty close to being a full version, which was released on time. When a new developer took charge of the game, he gave fairly accurate release dates for each new version of Minecraft.
  • Sleeper Hit: Minecraft, initially a one-man project, gained a ton of press by word-of-mouth alone, and is still receiving steady sales even past its beta release. The game slowly and slowly gained popularity with almost no advertising. It helped that it was available since the very early versions.
    • The Xbox 360 edition ended up being one of the most popular games on the system.
  • Teasing Creator / The Walrus Was Paul: Ever since Mojang found out about the Urban Legend of Zelda Herobrine, every single update changelog has included a line stating "Removed Herobrine". Word of God on the topic consists mostly of flat out stating that there's no Herobrine and that the entries were deliberately put there to toy with the community but also includes a good bit of Suspiciously Specific Denial, refusal to comment, and declaration that everything you've heard is true (depending on who at Mojang you ask, what day it is, the current status of the tide, and whether or not Herobrine is currently behind them).
  • Throw It In:
    • Prior to patch 1.8, if you went an extremely-far distance in your Minecraft world (12,550,820 in-game meters, or roughly 820 hours of straight walking) you would run across a place called the Far Lands, where the terrain would suddenly become severely distorted and laggy due to a glitch in the way in-game worlds were generated. Originally, Notch said he liked the idea of a mysterious place so instead of fixing it, he kept it in. But in patch 1.8, he accidentally fixed whatever it was in the world generation process that created the trademark appearance of Far Lands. Currently, the world simply presents you with an invisible barrier, and Notch has not yet given any word on whether or not the Far Lands will return.
    • Creepers are the result of a failed pig model. Oh how far he's come. Also, cookies.
  • Trolling Creator: Notch used to do this from time to time. One instance was his Suspiciously Specific Denial of Herobrine's existence (see the entry on this page) which not only indirectly suggested that rumors about him were true, it added even more on top of it. Also, he implemented Saddles for pigs when people asked to be able to ride them, they just forgot to mention also having a way to tell them where to go too.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: The entity known as "HIM" or "Herobrine", the supposed dead brother of the game's creator, known for creating strange objects and being elusive, a white-eyed version of the default player skin who would stalk the player from a distance, a la Slender Man. Word of God has jossed the rumor, but the creators like to poke fun at it: almost every update has a line that says "removed Herobrine" or something similar. On top of this, in a multiplayer server, if a player is killed by an arrow shot from a dispenser, the message that displays the cause of death is said to be from Herobrine. Sometimes you may look into a mod of a game, or even a game itslf, and will find the log referencing to a Herobrine of sorts.
    • Notch, creator of Minecraft, has now removed Herobrine from the game several times now (or so the changelog says) but the rumor still will not die. Which makes one realize that no matter what the Dev Team does, Herobrine keeps coming back. Or is it Herobrine who refuses to stay gone?
    • Herobrine exists... as part of many of the over nine thousand mods made by the community.
    • Rendering spasms gives the impression that Herobrine's face appeared on the screen. It is awfully uncomfortable to witness that happen.
    • On 9 March 2012 at the GDC, Notch mentioned that "there is one [recipe] people haven't found yet.", this happening about a week after two unused textures for hieroglyphic-covered blocks mysteriously appeared in the texture file. This has sparked a huge number of rumours and speculation.
  • Vaporware: The game has been modded by the community basically since it launched, and the developers (Mojang) acknowledged this by committing to developing an official Application Programming Interface for the game. Mojang went as far as recruiting the lead developers of the community-made API Bukkit to lead the project. Within a few months, they established a blog and public Github, and then proceeded to go silent. Neither the blog nor the Github have seen activity in nearly a year; and the Github does not even exist anymore.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Sky Dimension. Notch was working on the Floating Continent dimension since Beta 1.6, but when the Beta 1.9 Pre-releases started rolling around, the dimension was scrapped and replaced with "The End".
    • Notch recently revealed that he was offered a position at Valve in September of 2010, but he turned them down. As Minecraft hadn't been released yet, he says it was one of the most difficult decisions he's ever made, but he felt that Minecraft was his chance to create a Valve instead of just working at Valve.
    • Minecraft was supposed have official support for the Oculus Rift, but plans for this feature were dropped when Oculus VR was bought out by Facebook. However, there are mods that add Oculus Rift support.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • Surprisingly averted in one high profile case. After Fan Dumb DDoSed the multiplayer servers (because they wanted Notch to release a Minecraft update, no less), they're pretty damn lucky Notch didn't just give them the middle finger and took them down permanently. He was also surprisingly okay with update 1.8 being leaked early, as it gave the fans a chance to find bugs so that they could be fixed before the official release. In fact, ever since that leak, Mojang themselves have been regularly leaking the updates early.
    • Zig-zagged with emerald ore. Endless complaining from the fandom with regards to its rarity eventually made Jeb remove it from the game. Then after that, endless complaints about its removal forced him to put it back in.
  • The Wiki Rule: Minecraft Wiki.
  • Word of Dante: Herobrine is a character from a creepypasta. Many people now think he's a real character, either Notch's dead brother or a dead miner. It eventually became Ascended Fanon by constantly appearing in official release notes as a Running Gag. Herobrine has now been "removed" several times from the gamenote , and another bugfix stated that "all ghost entities under the command of Lord Herobrine" had been removed.
  • Word Of Notch: The creepers are crunchy like dry leaves.
    • Notch uses both Twitter and Tumblr regularly to update his fans. He also often manages to cause massive web traffic on a scale worthy of Digg or xkcd when he tweets about a site he likes. Said traffic often involves people taking over chat sessions or forums simply to ask notch to do something in Minecraft. The ban hammer often follows.

  • The PC version of the game has sold more than 15,000,000 copies as of July 2014. Most console, PC, and handheld games can only dream about such a number... and it's still selling about 12,000-13,000 copies daily. On another note, the game sold more than 54 million copies across all platforms, making it the third highest-selling game behind Wii Sports and Tetris.
  • There's an achievement that requires about 329,700 kilograms of iron, a track that can accumulate at least 1km of distance, and a helluva lot of sticks.
  • The player is capable of holding 44,518,667 kilograms of material, assuming that they are wearing gold armor and every slot in the inventory is filled completely with gold blocks, as out of all the various materials in the game, gold is the densest - and thus heaviest - one in real life.
    • For those who are unfamiliar with metric or too lazy to do the conversions, this means that the player is capable of carrying just shy of 50,000 tons... all with no apparent strain or fatigue. Kinda make you wonder why he'd need tools at all, with that kinda strength...
    • Strangely, despite the player having immense strength, it's possible to fill his near-50,000-tonnes-capable inventory with 4.6kg...and he can't carry any more. This is done by filling the entire inventory with feathers, the lightest substance in the game at about 4g per. His Super Strength appears to be Zig-Zagged.
    • He can also swim in water with said 50,000 tons of gold, despite the fact that a human that heavy would probably sink in rock.
  • Because of the endermen's height, the middle of their body is their crotch. The middle of the body is also the "sweet spot" for them to become aggressive. So either the endermen are either some bizarre form of The Vamp, they're compensating for "something" by stealing blocks from your world and are embarrassed by it, or they are just offended by you staring at their crotch.
  • The Ghast is voiced by C418's cat. Just think.
    • The Endermen neutral sounds are warped recordings of words like "here", "what's up", and "uh oh" played backwards.
  • The tuxedo cat is based off of Jeb's actual cat Newton.
  • Probably by coincidence, the various types of damage rather nicely coincide with the four elements plus the four horsemen of the apocalypse. fire and lava are fire, drowning is water, suffocation is earth, falling is air, void and the /kill command are death, attacks are war, starvation is famine and poison damage is pestilence. The only question is whether explosions go with fire or war.

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