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Trivia: Dynasty Warriors
  • Acting for Two: Kinshiro Morooka voices Yuan Shao and Ma Dai. Vic Mignogna voices Jia Xu and Xiahou Ba. And with the upcoming Empires expansion, Ryōtarō Okiayu is going to be the voice of both Sima Shi and Sima Yi. Counting Orochi and Chousokabe Motochika, this makes he voicing four different characters for Koei!
  • Actor Allusion: For 2013 (Snake) Chinese New Year, they promoted a picture of the new Guan & Zhang family members (Guan Xing, Guan Yinping, Zhang Bao) with their dads, along with Yinping drawing a snake while smiling and slighlty sticking her tongue out to the side. The catch? This is also done in Yuru-Yuri with Akari... Both Akari and Yinping are voiced by the same person, Shiori Mikami.
  • Author Existence Failure: Recently, Sima Yi's VA, Tsuyoshi Takishita passed away.
  • The Bechdel Test: DW7 passes with Sun Shangxiang & Lianshi, a minor conversation between Cai Wenji & Diaochan, some dialogue between Yueying & Bao Sanniang, and other specific Conquest Mode quotes (E.g, Yueying to Wang Yuanji or Cai Wenji).
  • The Character Died with Him: Bob Papenbrook played Zhang Fei in this game, in Dynasty Tactics and Kessen II, when almost every character has changed voice actors multiple times since. He was the perfect Zhang Fei, but unfortunately passed away in 2006.
  • Dueling Games: With the Sengoku Basara series.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "The Guannies" or "The Guanny Bunch" for the Guan siblings, children of Guan Yu (Ping, Xing, Suo and Yinping). Especially after 8 made them all playable. They can also be derisively called "Guanbabies".
    • Lu Bu is affectionately known as "Roach" within the Chinese fanbase, referring to both his nigh invulnerability and his headgear which gives him the appearance of the eponymous insect.
    • Zhou Yu is lovingly called "Lolicon", because of Xiao Qiao, and "Soy Sauce", which sounds similar to his name in Japanese.
    • Then there's Sima Yi, who gets a whole slew of Fan Nicknames in the Japanese fandom. First there's "Imbecile" or "Commoner", which refer to his Catch Phrases. He also gets called a NEET because of his lazy attitude when he first gets recruited by Cao Cao in DW 6. Since his weapon in 6 looks like strings sprouting from his fingers, he's also called "Shibaiderman". Then there's "Mameshiba", a pun on his name and a reference to his height, and "Shibachu", from fan crossovers with Pokemon.
    • Fans always use "butterfly" when writing Zhang He's name instead of its proper characters. He's also known as "the beautiful guy" because of his catch phrase. And everything about him.
    • Xiahou Yuan gets called "Angel" because Yuan is pronounced "En" in Japanese and he's just such a frickin' great guy.
    • Due to his hairstyle resembling a certain character, fans have nicknamed Han Dang "Chinese Tintin".
    • Xiahou Ba: "Xiahou Bieber", due to his perceived facial resemblance to Justin Bieber.
    • Zhang Jiao: "Chinese Jesus", due to his appearance in a few of the games.
    • Cao Pi: "Bovine Urine", due to his name being pronounced in 5 exactly how it's spelled.
    • Pang De: Indonesian fans often call him "Pakde", a play on his name and a reference to his mature appearance ("pakde" is the Javanese word for parents' older brother).
    • Xu Huang: "Jocopter" to Japanese fans because of a glitch in Warriors Orochi with his jump charge that causes him to fly like a helicopter.
    • Guan Yinping: Known infamously among some fans as “Guankarin”, due to Expy, or “Guan Hulkping”, due to her Super Strength.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Name's the Same:
    • Ding Feng: Shares his name (phonetically, with different character for "Feng") with his younger brother.
    • Zhang Bao: In Mandarin Chinese, his name is a near-homophone to one of Zhang Jiao's brothers. However, the characters used in their names are different. With the romanization system used in 8, the names are written the same.
    • Wei Yan: It's also the name of a certain underling of Gongsun Yuan.
    • Zhou Tai: A Wu general or a Later Wei official?
    • Xi Wang Mu: Her Huang Quan persona shares her name with one of Liu Zhang's subordinates.
  • No Export for You: All of the strategy guides, merchandise (save for ultra-rare exclusions), and half the Downloadable Content for DW6E have never seen release outside of Japan.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Pang Tong: Subverted in 6; it's the same voice actor, but he uses a different tone.
    • Xingcai: In the localization of 5, she was voiced by Carrie Savage. Since the crossover, she has been voiced by Wendee Lee, who imitated Savage's tone from previous games. Beginning with 7, Lee shifts to a significantly deeper, throatier voice, making the difference not just noticeable, but STRIKING. Justified in order to match the characterization provided by Junko Noda, making Xingcai a stoic girl, as Savage made her sound more cheery and high-pitched.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Zhuge Liang: As far as the roles Masaya Onosaka is cast in, Zhuge Liang is stoic, taciturn, and never cracks jokes or becomes the butt end of one.
    • Zhao Yun: Just like Zhuge Liang, Masaya Onosaka as Zhao Yun discards comic relief in place of being taken very seriously.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Zhou Tai: Localization-exclusive - he always shares the same voice actor with Zhang Liao. In 7, instead of Zhang Liao, the localization gives Travis Willingham Xu Huang, and in 8 they're still having the same voice, except it's Kyle Hebert's now, who also voices Ding Feng and Sima Yi.
    • Sima Zhao: Come Warriors Orochi 3, Sima Zhao and Taigong Wang have to hold conversations with each other.
    • Xiahou Dun: Also voices Dian Wei; in the localization, Kirk Thornton also voices Meng Huo.
    • Zhuge Liang: As noted above, his voice actor is the same as Zhao Yun's.
    • Wei Yan: With Zhuge Liang in the localization; pretty funny, given their relationship.
    • Zhou Yu: With Gan Ning, which is hilarious, considering their different personalities.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Wang Yi's weapon (Twin Trishula) was originally planned for a DLC release in DW7 along with the Great Axe (A notable space next to the Great Axe treasure weapon stage in Conquest Mode seems to support this). But due to the PSN Network Crash, the DLC release was delayed. Thus the Great Axe was released alone and the weapon was given to her in the expansion.
    • Pang De: According to Word of God, he was supposed to return in 7, having skipped an appearance in 6, but wound up not being featured in the plot for Story Mode in the middle of development, thus was axed, most noticeably when it's Cao Ren and Xu Huang leading the defense at Fan Castle, yet Xiahou Dun is the playable character. The excuse is strange since there are many characters who don't appear in Story Mode at all.

There's a bit of confusion regarding the localized names of the games. Dynasty Warriors is always the export title, Shin Sangoku Musou (and plain old Sangoku Musou) the Japanese title. The full list, to help clear it up:

  • Dynasty Warriors / Sangoku Musou (PSX)
  • Dynasty Warriors 2 / Shin Sangoku Musou (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors 3 / Shin Sangoku Musou 2 (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends /Shin Sangoku Musou 2: Moushouden (PS2)
  • Mobile Shin Sangoku Musou (phone)
  • Dynasty Warriors 4 / Shin Sangoku Musou 3 (PS2 / Xbox)
  • Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends / Shin Sangoku Musou 3: Moushouden (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors 4: Hyper (PC)
  • Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires / Shin Sangoku Musou 3: Empires (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors Online / Shin Sangoku Musou Broadband (PC)
  • Dynasty Warriors Advance / Shin Sangoku Musou Advance (GBA)
  • Shin Sangoku Musou PSP (Japan-only port / remake of 4 to PSP)
  • Dynasty Warriors 5 / Shin Sangoku Musou 4 (PS2 / Xbox)
  • Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends / Shin Sangoku Musou 4: Moushouden (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires /Shin Sangoku Musou 4: Empires (PS2 / Xbox / PS3 /Xbox 360)
  • Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special (PC / Xbox 360)
  • Dynasty Warriors 5: Volume 2 / Shin Sangoku Musou 2nd Evolution (PSP)
  • Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle / Shin Sangoku Musou DS: Fighter's Battle (DS)
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Mahjong (PS2 / PSP)
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 / Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 / Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (PC: Japan and EU only)
  • Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires / Shin Sangoku Musou 5: Empires (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce / Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid (PSP: Japan / EU only)
  • Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce / Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid: Special (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2 (PSP)
  • Shin Sangoku Musou 5: Special (PS2)
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 / Shin Sangoku Musou 6 (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends / Shin Sangoku Musou 6: Moushouden (PS3)
  • Shin Sangoku Musou 6: Special (PSP)
  • Warriors Orochi / Musou Orochi (Xbox 360)
  • Warriors Orochi / Musou Orochi (PSP: Japan / EU only)
  • Musou Orochi (PS2 / PC: Japan-only)
  • Musou Orochi Z (PS3: Orochi 1 & 2)
  • Warriors Orochi 3 / Musou Orochi 2 (PS2 / PS3 /Xbox 360)
  • Musou Orochi 2 Special (PSP)
  • Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate / Musou Orochi 2: Ultimate (PSV / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox One)
  • Shin Sangoku NEXT / Dyansty Warriors NEXT (PSV)
  • Shin Sangoku VS / Dynasty Warriors VS (Nintendo 3DS)
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 / Shin Sangoku Musou 7 (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends / Shin Sangoku Musou 7: Moushouden (PS3 / PS4/ PC)

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