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Funny: Dynasty Warriors
  • There's the ability to change the intro as much as you want. A hilarious example if you have LU BU dance in front of Diao Chan.
  • After you defeat Zhang He as Xiahou Yuan during the battle of Guan Du, Yuan will ask him to join up, saying that his Master "likes the strong and weird types". Zhang He accepts in the most unusual manner, to which Yuan asks Cao Cao for forgiveness as "this one is a little too strange".
  • If you're strong enough, you'll see a laughable strategy offered by a random officer:
    I shall teach you the basics of strategy! *beat the officer before he finished saying that* Some battles you win, and some battles you lose.
    -(Surely that was a strategy basic all right...)
  • In Dynasty Warriors 6, Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo come back from beyond the grave (with ridiculous ghostly hammy acting) to get revenge against Lu Bu, which prompts a snarky reply from Zhang Liao.
    Zhang Liao: It seems... we are up against a formidable enemy.
  • Another one in the sixth installment: Sun Quan declaring war on Cao Cao (battle of He Fei Castle) as if he were channeling the great god of war William Shatner.
    Sun Quan: We will lay siiiege to Weiii...and defeat Cao Caooo...
  • In Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, Meng Huo meeting Xu Zhu on the battlefield of the Legend Mode stage, Struggle for Nan Zhong:
    Xu Zhu: Hey! You're big and fat, just like me!
    Meng Huo: What?! I'm not fat! This is all muscle!
  • In Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, some of the taunts officers give, along with their responses, whether they take the bait or not.
    • Diaochan's taunt: "You fear one such as I? Oh, you poor thing!"
    • Lu Bu's response to a taunt: "Do you have any idea who you are talking to?!"
    • Zhang Jiao's response: "Allow to me seal such a blasphemous mouth!"
    • Yuan Shao ignoring a taunt: "There wails the envy of the lower class! How pathetic!"
    • Wei Yan ignoring a taunt: "Who... cares?!"
    • A few generic officers get some good one-liners in, too: (Responding to taunt) "Let me see if I can't rearrange your ugly face!" or (Dismissing a taunt) "Oh go bite yourself."
    • This troper tends to favor his created warriors over the normal musou characters and overheard his female right-hand ignore a taunt. "Don't you have a better way of asking for a date?"
  • The existence of Zhang Lu in Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends. His voice... was a comedic goldmine. Good luck sitting through Yang Ping Gate or Jian Ge Gate without cracking up.
  • Conquest Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 offers ample opportunities for these.
    • Of note is Cao Pi's first Legendary Battle, where he fights a series of suitors for Zhenji's hand, including his own father. His last opponent before coming face to face with Zhenji is Yuan Xi, Zhenji's first husband, who calls everyone out on trying to steal his wife.
    • In Sima Zhao's first Legendary Battle, he finds himself under attack with his brother Shi leading the charge. The reason? He ate one of Shi's Meat Buns, although an earlier line of Zhuge Dan's implies that he couldn't resist them either.
    • Zhang He's third and last Legendary Battle involves him recruiting people for his dance troupe. Of course, he has to beat the tar out of them first for them to comply. While Zhenji, Cai Wenji and Diaochan are rather obvious choices and he does get them, he also ends up taking Zhou Yu, Liu Shan and Zhuge Liang with the latter two lampshading their predicament.
    • If your bond with Lu Bu is strong enough, he will ask you what you think about him. If you respond by complimenting his ludicrously iconic headgear, he will gleefully respond with "Oh! So you like it too?"
      • Zhang Liao shares this particular question with the same possible answers. Granted, he also has a ludicrous Nice Hat.
  • One of the gag weapons in Dynasty Warriors 7 is the Three Kingdoms for the Flying Swords. Not the swords of the three leaders; the actual three kingdoms novels.
  • In DW7:XL, remember the infamous "I am my own opponent" line from DW3!Fan Castle?
    "I never thought I would have to face myself... This will be an interesting battle no doubt."
    • It gets funnier when you realized only Sima Yi and Lu Meng are the ones who don't have such line in that stage, but KOEI still bother to give Guan Yu that line!
    • Most characters think someone's impersonating them or its sorcery. Liu Shan?
    "Hello, oh it's just me."
  • Also in Xiaoqiao's Legend Mode, when she meets up Zhang He...
    Zhang He: This battlefield is no place for a little girl like you. Leave before you get hurt.
    Xiaoqiao: Excuse me? I think you're the one who looks like a little girl here.
  • In 7: Xtreme Legends' Legend Mode, having Lu Bu as your Adjutant and speaking to him when your castle town's Atmosphere is Carefree:
    Lu Bu: Simply being in this town is driving me insane. The people no longer fear me due to the peace and tranquility.
    • When you speak to him as a female character when your town's atmosphere is Friendly:
    Lu Bu: I find myself searching for you whenever you're gone. Hmph! I cannot believe I allowed myself such weakness.
  • In the pre-battle of the Campaign against the Yuans in 7: Extreme Legends' Legend Mode, two nameless privates are discussing in a corner. One of them gives a strangely apt description of their raison d'čtre.
    Private #1: I can't decide whether I'm going to be the next Ma Dai or the next Pang De. Which do you think suits me?
    Private #2: I'd say you look like the next nameless peon who gets mowed down by a rampaging enemy.
  • Pretty much any stage with this silly music playing is guaranteed to be hilarious.
  • In Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends. Pick Battle of Mt. Qi. Now play as Liu Bei. Now Fail Zhuge Liang's strategy. Now watch an Awkward dialogue.
  • Xiahou Yuan's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! look on his face upon seeing his bow break in 7 at Mt. Ding Jun
  • Watching your allies get caught in your musou attack.
  • Sima Yi's confession cinematics in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires: He runs up to his love interest and, in his usual Tsundere fashion, tells her that he's acquired some women's clothes in battle and would like her to have them. Now if you've read the ROTK source material (or paid attention to the Scholar's Test questions), you might remember that during one of his Northern Campaigns, Zhuge Liang sent Sima Yi a set of women's clothes for humiliation, in hope of provoking Sima Yi into leading an attack. So now do you know where Sima Yi got those clothes from?
  • Guan Yinping's second musou "sparring practice", especially when you finish a enemy officer with it.
    • Or if she misses. She stomped the ground in anger because that nobody wants to practice with her, enough that there is a high-damaging quake where you can even kill the enemy with it.
  • Pang Tong's second Musou the Power Nap, he damages enemies by scratching his back.
  • Much of the intro before Wei's Mt. Ding Jun stage. Xiahou Yuan is seen brooding, but is quickly interrupted by Zhang He trotting around the base in his usual "glamorous" dance routine. Yuan watches and eventually starts to subconsciously copy his moves, before coming back to his senses and shaking his head in disbelief as though saying, "What the hell having I been doing?".
    • He does that as well in 7 in the prelude to the battle against Zhang Lu but is more into it.
  • At the end of the Hypothetical ending in Jin's Route, Jiang Wei tells all three Sima men his reason for fighting, with all three Sima men yelling at him for being an imbecile.
    Jiang Wei: Why do you think? To carry out the will of my fallen master, and create a land of benevolence!
    Sima Yi, Sima Shi, and Sima Zhao: IMBECILE!
  • Beginning in 7 you can give characters weapons aside from the one they usual use. There's something funny to be seen watching Lu Bu smacking enemies around with Xiao Qiao's weapon the iron fan or Da Qiao's weapon the pugil stick and vice-versa.
  • In 8, when playing as Zhang Chunhua, Sima Zhao's "in distress" line is pure gold. It's the delivery that sells it.
    Sima Zhao: (Clearly realizing he'll never hear the end of this) Mother... I need your help.
  • In 8, when you max out some of their bonds, you can get humorous clips from the other characters. Pang De, for example, if you max out the female bonds, desires to make you something nice...a coffin for both you and him in death. Keep it classy, Pang De...
  • This little gem from Jin's Story Mode in 7.
    Sima Zhao: (trying to warn Shi of possible assassination attempts) There are rumblings of discontent afoot. You should not walk alone.
    Sima Shi: (deadpan) But you won't bother to stop me.
    • Bonus point goes to Wang Yuanji, who is usually quite stoic, breaks into a chuckle upon hearing Shi's response.
  • In the battle of Ru Xu Kou in 8, Ling Tong and Gan Ning start another of their arguments and Lu Meng gets fed up and bonks them both on the head and admonishes them both telling them to be quiet. Unfortunately he gets louder as he goes on, alerting the Wei forces.
  • In 8, when Sima Yi is being informed that Zhong Hui has rebelled, what is his response? Screw the war, I'm eating meat buns! It's not until Zhang Chunhua confiscate his plate of meat buns and drag him out to battlefield, though.
    Sima Yi: (extremely angry voice) "Imbecile! You seem to have forgotten who dragged this old hermit out of retirement! Fool, if you claim you are the chosen one, then stop blaming others! Just what is the point of this rebellion!? Your foolishness knows no limits! Honestly! I would have prepared properly, and made sure that...!"
    Zhang Chunhua: (extremely calm voice) "My lord, I think that's quite enough."
    Sima Yi: (suddenly become calm and looks slightly startled) "O-of course."
  • There's a Badass Boast from enemy generic when you confront them in DW7. Usually this is from generic who has brash or brutish voice:
    "So you are my next opponent! I shall crush you like all the others!"
    • Bonus point if they actually use giant club as their weapon since its basic attack is by crushing the ground and enemies around it. Additionally, after you defeat them, their retreat quote will be like this:
    "I shall return! Remember that! For yours is the first head I shall seek!"
    • Some players consider this funny, some other players consider this hilariously lame.
  • At the end of a stage in 8 XL for Jin, it looks like Sima Shi will finally get to eat a meat bun at long last as Zhao lets him have one. Only for a Tiger to appear out of nowhere and swipe it from Shi's hands and run off. Shi then pursues after it with his weapon yelling at it to give him back his precious meat bun.
  • From DW7 onwards characters now have different portraits to reflect their moods. In DW8 while everyone's else angry expression ranges from being upset to outright pissed, Sun Shangxiang's expression? Simply her rolling her eyes, annoyed.
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