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Awesome Music: Dynasty Warriors
  • Yellow Storm.
  • Crush Em All, one of the most asskicking tracks in DW7.
  • The last battle from Dynasty Warriors 7.
    • Last War from Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires, both are remixes of "Crush 'Em All" that scream "This is it! Finish them off!"
  • Lu Bu's Theme in every single one of its incarnations.
    • And now, since DW8 Xtreme Legends brings back a Lu Bu-based story mode, he gets his own 'kingdom' themes, which are, naturally, remixes of his own theme: Tales of Lu Bu and Grief of Lu Bu. One commenter said it best:
    Even his grief sounds angry.
  • Dynasty Warriors treats the battle Wu Zhang Plains as the final battle, especially for Shu. It's doesn't disappoint.
  • From DW3, Arena is probably the single most memorable soundtrack from the game to veteran players.
    • DW8 gives us this awesome remix.
  • Thousand Suns, the music (for Wu) at the Battle of Chibi in Dynasty Warriors 7.
    • DW5 theme Finish Them Off is pretty awesome too.
    • Also the pursuit of Cao Cao, Persistent Fellows.
    • And now we can add Capricious Wind, Dynasty Warriors 8's Chibi theme, which combines Wei, Wu and Shu's respective kingdom themes into a track of nonstop epicness.
  • Hide Emotion.
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 credits theme Time by Kinki Kids. Some Awesome Music to go with that Tear Jerker ending.
  • Xtreme Legend 7 brings us the lovely Wang Yi's theme, Teary Edge. Sad and vengeful; perfect for her persona.
  • Intense Collision. The final battle for Wu. The only storyline with a happy ending.
    • This track is a refined and more direct variant of Clumsy Expression, another fantastic track from this game.
  • Fan Castle is known for its powerful and heartwrenching soundtrack;
  • Eve.
  • Male Roar.
  • Everytime the battle of Hefei Castle shows up with its own music, it's almost always something grand and epic.
  • The King of Sadness in DW5, and now remixed in DW8.
  • Despite its Broken Base status you can hardly say that DW6 didn't have great music:
  • The battle of Guandu:
  • The theme for Jin in 7, the way it sounds its as if they are saying, "Alright, we've been fighting for so long, time to bring an end to the chaos once and for all."
  • Dance Macabre from 5, as its name suggests, wants to make you perform war dance. This is also played in some stages for Warriors Orochi. One of, if not the, the most awesome one is in Battle of Nagashino for WO1, where Takeda-Uesugi-Huang Zhong Coalition are in their Darkest Hour, but then Shingen-Kenshin prepare a plan to unleash the cavalry. Then, eventually the literal cavalry really comes with Kanetsugu Naoe in command, and the gloomy music of Nagashino is changed into this awesome music.
  • Karma Against Hard Invasion from 8:XL, used in the first part of Lu Bu's version of the battle of Xiapi, is different because of just how it reflects how screwed and hopeless Lu Bu's forces are in their current situation. It doesn't make it any less awesome though.
    • Vanish from the same battle, which is aptly transitted from the above track just after Wei forces activated the flood attack, is mixed with the dread of facing defeat and solemness of a Last Stand, giving the Fan Castle themes a good run for their money.
    • For the more optimistic Hypothetical Route, you get to hear Strength, Weakness while both showing the bonds of loyalty Lu Bu has formed at Dingtao, and especially during the Recapture of Chang'an, when you must face the combined forces of ALL of Han Dynasty China on your own.
  • The World Born Again, a DLC track from 8. An intense, moving theme that truly would befit a climactic battle.
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