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Headscratchers: Dynasty Warriors
  • Character sheet page on TV Tropes. Seriously guys, I love Dynasty Warrors just as much as you do, but why are there so many sub-pages there? I realize there's a lot of characters and categorizing helps viewing, but do we really need a separate page for Two Qiao's (2 characters), bodyguards of Cao Cao (again, TWO characters) and, to my greatest confusion, Yuan Family and Yellow Turbans, each sporting a dashing number of 1 character each? Seriously, why? Im not against subcategories, but this is getting annoying!
    • There is a point there on the Yuan/Yellow Turban thing, and maybe of the Bodyguards, but the Two Qiao's really don't fit much in the grand scheme of Wu in a category besides themselves.
    • Seconding that I would really much prefer it to be divided simply by nation. Just much easier browsing (especially if you're looking for information on a character you don't know much about).
    • With permission I shall bring edit to these articles and condense them to lesser pages. EDIT: And done! The NPC pages can stay though.
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 on PS3 got re-released with additional features... on the PS2? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Koei, you make no sense.
    • This is mostly because the PS2 version came after the PS3 version. Although, the PS2 version didn't let you swim...
      • This troper is more vexed with PC version not getting those additional features. Was it too hard to make a patch?
  • A minor one but it still bugs me. Jin. Not the characters or anything like that, just's not really Jin. It's the Wei officers that paved the way for Jin. Even in story mode it's not Jin until the last narration. So why call it Jin.
    • Because as much as one would like to argue, the Sima family was really in control of Wei and not the Cao family. In other words, although it's not announced, Jin is in control of Wei's land.
      • Although that might be a wasted opportunity for a lot of "real" Jin characters such as Jia Chong and Yang Gu.
      • Remedied in Dynasty Warriors 8 with the addition of Jia Chong as a playable character, who advises Sima Shi and Sima Zhao, kills Zhuge Dan and then is the one who kills Cao Mao on Sima Zhao's behalf.
  • Xiahou Dun getting the standard sword despite the opening/musou/EX attacks already have him using his trademark BFS
  • DW7XL Zhao Yun getting his own weapon category. Considering its nothing than a regular spear but Xu Huang doesn't get a battle axe category.
    • Fixed in a later game.
  • In DW 7, why do so many weapons have a Soul Edgey feel to them?
  • The broken base over Zuo Ci's appearance in DW 8. Most of his detractors complain that "mystical" characters shouldn't appear in this series, but ignoring the fact that the series itself is not free of mystical elements (Yellow Turban's magic, Zhuge Liang's "prayer ceremony" in Chi Bi, etc), where is it exactly mentioned in this universe that he's indeed a mystic? His character page on This Very Wiki said it's confirmed in Warriors Orochi, but I don't recall ever seeing such statements (The fact that he appears with the Mystics in the final stage of Orochi's story don't count because Zhang Jiao is also there).
    • Zuo Ci character in the source material is clearly a "mystic", having used what is obviously magic in messing around with Cao Cao. In the DW series, he is a Taoist who certainly uses magic as well, having said so himself in his debut. As for Warriors Orochi, it is mentioned in the first stage when Zhao Yun meets him...Not sure how the English version translated it, but it was roughly alone the lines of "That old man seems to be a mystic. Could he be that rumoured Zuo Ci?". So yeah, he's definitely a mystic. As for the Broken Base over his appearance, personally I think it's just because he doesn't have a very interesting story, therefore making his presence seeming trivial. In his DW5 debut, he is wondering among the chaos to find a virtuous man who can end it, and he gets 8 stages, that's as much as the 3 patriarchs get, but they are really dull to play, mainly because you don't seem to accomplish much storywise: You find Liu Bei, who you deems the one worthy to end the chaos, then you go through various battles to aid him. But in the end he dies and you did little to prevent that. So you are devastated, you go to Wuzhang Plains to aid Shu once more, kicked Sima Yi's ass, then treated with an ending stating that the chaos is to reign on...It just seems pointless, you know. So overall, IMO it's not so much of Zuo Ci being mystic therefore seems out of place, it because his storyline is a lot less engaging.
      • Okay, I can accept that reason for his broken base, since I personally find that DW tends to add too many characters for the heck of it and then neglect to give them interesting storyline or personality. But the mystic part is still not convincing. The source material only said that he's a Taoist who learnt mystic arts while studying certain books in Enmei mountains, not that he's an actual mystic (or Physical God). And I don't know about WO 1, but WO 2 seem to make it clear that he's a human - e.g. In the Mystics Dream Stage in the PSP version, we see him side with the humans, and in his battle quote, if you pit him against Taigong Wang, he will say something about "Leaving the world to humanity" and whatnot.
  • The Special bodyguard abilities of the Playable characters are very confusing for example: Zhu Ran and Lu Xun don't have the Fire Attack despite it being their calling card and Cai Wenji having a Poison Attack despite being a Reluctant Warrior.
    • With over 800 of them available for selection, it is doubtful that the designers paid much attention to this aspect. A similar issue occurs with character Secret Weapons, where inapproriate or even conflicting weapon attributes are given to them, e.g. Cao Ren gets Frenzy, an offense-centred attribute on his Secret Weapon despite him being a Stone Wall type of character, or that some weapons have both Frenzy and Barricade, which are conflicting attributes which cancels out each other.
  • The otherwise good wei hypothetical ending had one weird part, after all of his effort to unify china cao cao not only refuses to take control of the land but he also relinquishes all of his titles, I can kind of understand his logic of not wanting a ambitious man as the ruler of china, but it still seems a bit strange.
    • I think that was his way of honoring Lui Bei's Last Request.
    • It's basically a re-call to Cao Cao's Story Mode ending in DW6, where he pretty much did the same thing.
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