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Trivia: Durarara!!
  • Continuity Cameo: In episode 8, among the requests the blonde tourist has gathered, there's a doodle of two girls searching for Hanejima Yuuhei - the Orihara twins from the novels. They actually show up in the last episode/second OVA and don't have much plot importance. In the same OVA, Mikado also briefly encounters a boy who might be Kuronuma Aoba.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • There are occasional mentions of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals being at risk of being bought out by an American company called Nebula — The same Nebula that constructed the Flying Pussyfoot in the 1930s.
    • The Dollars website password? Baccano!.
    • "Hey, Isaac..." "What is it, Miria?"
    • There are also an instance of a clip from Baccano (specifically the fight between Ladd and the Rail Tracer atop a train) playing on a big-screen TV on the side of a building, and again, in the background of one shot was a poster of the Rail Tracer. Both of these instances cause a slight contradiction to the theory that both series are in the same continuity, since Baccano appears to be a TV show or movie in the Durarara era. However, given the existence of Isaac and Miria and Nebula, it could just be a non-fictional movie. But who really knows?
    • Ennis from Baccano! again shows up on a big screen in the background during the second OVA/episode 25.
    • In volume 5, Shizuo briefly mentions that he once got into a fight with a very-difficult-to-injure foreigner. Bonus Material suggests that the man in question is Nile
    • In volume 8, Saki mentions meeting an American kid that has suspicious resemblance to Kasuka Heiwajima/Yuuhei Hanejima. The kid in question is Charon Walken, Chane Laforet and Claire Stanfield's grandson.
  • Defictionalization: You know the password.

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