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Bridget Hoffman can be considered the American equivalent of Kikuko Inoue because she has done 4 of her roles in English anime dubs. She is typecast as a Yamato Nadeshiko and Proper Lady just as Kikuko is as well. But she's much more consistent about her age, at least.

Despite all that though, her most well-known role is probably none other than The Stoic Action Girl KOS-MOS of Xenosaga fame.

She has a whole bunch of aliases as well: Ruby Marlowe, Ellen Arden, Ellen Wilkinson, Jane Arden, Karen Woods, Serena Kolb, and Tessa Ariel.

She's also a Sam Raimi regular, and notably, is the woman in the iconic poster for The Evil Dead (1981).

Her Houston counterpart is Maggie Flecknoe (and even took over one of Bridget's roles in a spinoff). Erika Harlacher and Veronica Taylor is considered to be her Spiritual Successors in the non-union/anime dub side of things.

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