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Ruined FOREVER: Music

  • Any new pop star (Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, etc.) ruins the genre of Pop forever. Just read the iTunes reviews of the songs to get an idea of how serious this can get.
    • This is actually a subversion in some cases. Many people use the similarities between popstars as proof that pop is terrible in the first place, despite the fact that since they play/sing the same genre, they're bound to be somewhat similar.
      • Doesn't help the fact that Justin Timberlake was part of the Boybands ruined music scene before that. At least he's hanging with cool people now.
    • What, they only ruined Pop forever? Bring up a YouTube video of any song more than a decade old and observe a comments section with nothing but claims that pop-star-du-jour represents the death of all good music, everywhere.
    • It's also worth noting that fans of such teen pop stars will often cry foul when they go Darker and Edgier. This has happened with Britney Spears since with "I'm A Slave 4 U", Miley Cyrus since "Can't Be Tamed", Justin Timberlake with his solo work, and so forth.
  • Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam and other artists who have strong cult followings suffer from this with just about every major release. Springsteen, in particular, has hordes of fans at places like Backstreets and Stone Pony London who kvetch about each new record at or shortly before the time of its release, only to eventually decide that it's GOLD compared to the next album that comes out a few years later.
  • This is the fan reaction to just about any indie band/Christian band that signs to a major label. That's why, to many fans, bands like Death Cab and Underoath flat out suck now. Because, apparently it's impossible to make good music once you're in the industry. Punk bands have been getting this for years, although their anti-establishment themes often make you wonder why they didn't see it coming.
    • Entertainingly, this is also true at the opposite end of the spectrum from Christian music - Black Metal (those crazy church-burning ones)is notorious for claiming only the most amateurishly-produced and listener-unfriendly music as "true Black Metal". Even then, it's preferable that the band should be inactive because a) they've killed themselves, b) half of them are in prison for killing and eating another band/the other half of their own band, d) they've been too busy to tour due to putting all their time into their eight dozen different yet Suspiciously Similar Sounding side projects or undergoing a five-year drinking binge in some remote part of Norway.
    • The situation isn't helped when then-indie bands issue lyrical take thats to big-label artists, only to later become the same presumed sell-outs they have previously bemoaned.
  • Some My Chemical Romance fans went totally insane over Danger Days. Any song that passes Gerard's lips that isn't about death is, to them, not worth listening to. Screw band evolution. Screw happiness. Screw life.
  • Metallica released an album without Cliff Burton? Metallica is Ruined FOREVER! They released an album that was closer to old-school heavy metal instead of thrash metal? Ruined FOREVER! Death Magnetic isn't a bland copy of Master of Puppets? Ruined FOREVER! Seriously, no matter what, Metallica is never going to catch a break from its so-called "fans".
    • Metallica, and Ruined FOREVER means we need to mention St Anger? Even Metallica has all but disowned this record.
    • The Lulu album took this to whole new levels.
  • Pretty much any band that changes its sound is accused of "selling out."
  • Hip-hop is ruined forever about once a week depending on who you ask.
    • Not only that, but any song ever sampled by a hip-hop or rap artist becomes ruined forever. Such as Kanye West sampling Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," though plenty of examples of this trope can be found by searching through the Youtube comments of every song that's ever been sampled.
  • Some fans say indie rock bands like Grizzly Bear and Florence + the Machine were Ruined FOREVER by contributing to the Twilight soundtrack.
  • Fans of Against Me! claimed the band sold out when they moved from the tiny No Idea label to Fat Wreck Chords in 2003, to the point where fans slashed the tires of the bands tour van and vandalised it and reportedly poured bleached over their merch table. The bizarre thing is that Fat Wreck Chords was well known for being anti-establishment indie label. Ironically, there was a lot less outcry when the band left FWC for an actual major label, Sire Records, in 2007.
  • When The Beatles were still only popular in their hometown, drummer Pete Best was given the boot for the more competent Ringo Starr. Many fans cried Ruined FOREVER at the time, but everything turned out ok.
  • In 1965, Bob Dylan's switching from an acoustic guitar to an electric one provoked great outrage of this nature from his folk rock fans. This went beyond 'ruined' forever; some even considered him a traitor to folk rock, and there were cries of 'Judas!' when he played electric at the Newport Folk Festival.
  • After years of being bashed for their artsy prog-rock pretentiousness, Yes released their 90125 album with a more conventional rock sound—and were immediately declared Ruined Forever. When they later moved back towards prog-rock with Union and Keys to Ascension, much of their 90125-Big Generator fanbase likewise declared Yes to be Ruined Forever.
  • Similarly to Yes, Genesis was Ruined Forever when Peter Gabriel left and Phil Collins took over lead vocals and moved Genesis to a more mainstream sound. Similarly, when Collins left and Ray Wilson took over, though ...Calling All Stations... did seem to have lasting negative effects.
  • David Bowie has long had a broken fanbase due to his fondness for the New Sound Album trope, but wailing and gnashing of teeth hit a fever pitch when he switched to mainstream pop-rock for Let's Dance and had a Newbie Boom...
  • Fan Dumb on the part of fans of any genre of metal have a tendency to claim this. Constantly. In the 80's, it was Ruined FOREVER by glam metal, in the 90's, it was Ruined FOREVER by grunge or Nu Metal, and in the 2000's, it was Ruined FOREVER by either Emo, Rap, Pop, or any genre that wasn't metal. And metalcore. And deathcore. The reason it's Fan Dumb is because the 80's was metal's high point, the 90's, commonly looked to as the "decade metal nearly died," was actually the decade that saw the beginning of Black Metal, Death Metal, and Groove Metal. The 2000's has seen death metal and black metal become more streamlined, merging again with elements of Thrash Metal, and Progressive Metal, as well as the creation of Post Metal, and a return to form of many of the thrash bands from the 80's such as Megadeth and Metallica.
  • The Loudness War has ruined most contemporary and remastered music FOREVER.
    • Not forever, provided the original, unruined masters still exist. It's likely that once the companies come out with a new format claimed to be 'the best sound quality ever' they will use the original masters and people will think that it's an improvement.
  • "American Pie", according to the most popular fan theory, is a requiem for popular music and pop culture in general after the 1950s.
  • What?! ICP are releasing a "second deck" of the Joker's Cards in order to expand upon the obscure mythology of the Dark Carnival?! Ruined FOREVER.
    • They used surf rock guitars in "The Bone"!? They've sold out and are now ruined FOREVER!
  • DragonForce's replacement vocalist Marc Hudson has caused some fans to complain about how he sounds different to ZP and claim he won't be able to do the old songs as well.
  • Morbid Angel's newest album Illud Divinum Insanus has elicited many fan complaints thanks to a 90s industrial buttrock sound and what many fans will consider almost embarrassingly bad lyrics, coupled with a severe decline in Dave's voice and the only real death metal songs on the album being a). of FAR lower quality than you'd expect from MA, and b). having a "we gave you some goddamn death metal, now shut the fuck up" air about them. Some have even gone so far as to describe it as Morbid Angel's St. Anger.
  • Oh no! Geri Halliwell has left the Spice Girls and the rest of the group have to carry on their tour without her! The group is RUINED FOREVER!
  • mewithoutYou is gonna release a new album in 2012, the first since their few years hiatus? Fans were very excited. Wait, Hayley Williams guest appears on not just one, but two tracks? Loyal mwY fans cried RUINED FOREVER! (and that's even before the album's out).
  • This can often happen when a singer-songwriter that is not well-known in the mainstream features on a track by a mainstream artist, which then becomes better-known than anything they had done before. An example of this would be the negative response from many fans of Sia Furler to her collaborations with David Guetta and Flo Rida.
  • Avril Lavigne upon the release of "What The Hell". The message of the song and especially the music video ruined FOREVER any perceptions of her as the sweet, next door type.
    • Britney Spears at the end of the innocent girl next door phase of her career would qualify for similar reasons.
    • Or for that matter, any musician that sheds their young, innocent image and releases videos with lots of sexual imagery and innuendo.
  • Two Words: Linkin Park. A ton of us are tired of people saying that Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns ruined them forever.
    • YMMV on that one, it's more of a Broken Base matter. Some didn't like Minutes to Midnight and enjoyed A Thousand Suns, or vice versa. And then there are some who like both.
  • When Opeth released Heritage, many a fan cried this because it's more prog rock than Progressive Death Metal.
  • The Brazilian singer Latino (which is already a point of contention in his country), after making his version of "Gangnam Style", turning into a dirty song, revolted many people including his own fanbase. The song's music video (DEAD) was the Brazilian video with the highest amount of dislikes in Youtube until the removal request by Universal Music.
    • After this, Universal Music reject release this music, making a song banned include the maketing in video-clips and to have music released by TV channels, radio and internet.
  • Roger Waters is taking over Pink Floyd now that Syd Barrett left? Roger's changing the band's style to be more satirical? Roger is leaving the band for his solo career? Roger is disbanding Pink Floyd? The band is getting back together without Roger? ALL OF THIS ruined Pink Floyd forever!
  • Any time a member of a rock or metal band cuts his long hair short. The degree of ruination is proportional to how many members do this, the time frame in which said members do it, and how much overall hair is left in the band afterwards.
  • It is actually possible that Ludwig van Beethoven met the reaction when he presented his third symphony: A first movement fifteen minutes long? Putting yourself inside your work? Music that is actually about something? Your career is ruined, Ludwig...
  • Many classic rock fans will tell you that rock was ruined once MTV premiered. Hence the fact that classic rock stations usually stick to music made before about 1982 (Private Eyes by Hall & Oates, released in November of 1981, is usually the cut-off song on such stations).
    • For other classic rock fans, the cutoff may be the rise of Grunge in the early 90's.

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