Roleplay / Void of the Stars

"For many thousands, even millions of years, members of hundreds of different species spread across thousands of star systems have looked up into the sky. Some dreamed of peace and prosperity, others of conquest and war. A few dreamed of exploration, of the wonders that would be uncovered in the sky. It was those dreamers that pushed their species forward. Inventing new technologies, taking the reins of nations, helping others, and doings things nobody else would do. This is their story."-The Recurring opening quote

Void of the Stars is a Play By Post Nation Roleplay (Each player controls a nation), set IN SPACE. It's IC and OOC can be found here: [1]
The Roleplay also have a Wiki and forum, found here: [2] and here: [3] respectively. Forum has been stated by the GM to be completely useless and only there because it was free, even though he spent an entire afternoon on the thing.

As you may have already noticed, Void of the Stars (Known as VOTS for short) isn't exactly the most logical thing out there. No real theme was ever set, and so now it's sprawled all over Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness, as well as having a nice helping of fantasty. The roleplayers are so shameless about the extremely low levels of realism within that there is an actual force named "Magic" in the Roleplay's canon. What's more, there are also psychic powers, which are completely separate from magical powers. One might think that Void of the Stars is a nonsensical roleplay with no storyline. You would only be right about the first half of that statement. There is a storyline (Although it generally makes as much sense as the actual roleplay).

Only a hundred years in the future from 2013, a war broke out between the fifteen planets of humanity. It wasn't a rebellion, it wasn't an alien invasion, it was a thousand interconnected genocides, a religious war dubbed the "Common Sense War". The death toll by the time the war ended was three-hundred billion. The whole thing ended with an Earth-Shattering Kaboom on Gliese 581g, courtesy of ludicrous numbers of Fantastic Nukes. When an entire planet got destroyed, humanity realized that they had to clean up their act, and thus the Earth Alliance was formed and the Common Sense Doctrine set in place. That Doctrine stated that humans were inferior to all other sentient species. Perhaps a minor overreaction.

Fast forward a few decades to 2147, humanity has expanded to control a a sphere 200 light years in diameter, sprouting from the Solar System. This was accomplished through the Warp Drive, cloning and Von Neumann Machines, but that somewhat early date is mainly because the GM needed an excuse to have his main character remember the 21st century. In that same year, the Earth Alliance (No relation to the nation of the same name from Babylon 5) made contact with a warlike species named the Draconians, whom kept an iron grip on dozens of galaxies. Upon detecting the Draconian fleet, the Earth Alliance scrambled all willing starships to Mars. Unfortunately for them , all willing starships amounted to the flagship of the fleet, two warships left over from the Common Sense War (More on that in a moment), and two passenger liners with weapons purely for destroying asteroids and other hazards. It was a battle that could only end in defeat for the humans.
The Earth Alliance won.

How? Well, for one thing, they used their escape pods as ammunition for their railguns when they ran out of the actual slugs. Those railguns also turned out to be pretty good against the armor-heavy Draconian vessels. They also expended half of the defense ground-to-space missile batteries, but it was almost certainly a result of the Draconians horribly underestimating humanity. For passing their test, the Earth Alliance was allowed to remain independent of the Draconian Empire as a sign of respect. Not that the Draconians specifically told the Earth Alliance after the fact, no, they just shot a harpoon at the bridge of the EAS Hawking and left. After rescuing the survivors of the fleet, the humans found that the harpoon carried designs for energy shields, lasers, cures of all human diseases, etc. The Draconians essentially uplifted humanity. However, the Earth Alliance was somewhat reluctant to use those technologies due to the Common Sense Doctrine. However, the fact that all the other species they contacted kept on insisting that Humans Are Special convinced them to allow themselves to use more advanced technology.

The Draconians, meanwhile, continued to conquer and enslave every species that didn't pass their test, and after humanity they stepped up the force from "Fleet destruction" to "Earth-Shattering Kaboom". Over this time, the Earth Alliance created genetically modified super-soldiers, uplifted the Dolphins, made contact with their Ancient Astronauts ancestor species, reformed into the Allied Interstellar Empire (AIF), and almost anhilliated an entire species because they started a religious crusade against another Theocracy (They opted for occupation, instead). During all this, there were wars going on in other parts of the galaxy, but none of them really lasted that long. Eventually, the AIF found proof that the Draconian Empire was enslaving entire species and brought the information to the Equestrian Empire via messenger. Believing in Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil, the Equestrians immediately took up arms against the Draconian Empire along with the AIF, who shared their antiproton Wave Motion Gun technology. The Draconian Empire began a full campaign against the Milky Way Galaxy, and eventually all the nations contained within began to fight the Draconians. As the Draconian Empire made extremely rare use of tactics, their intergalactic empire was miraculously defeated by the nations of the Milky Way, whom began a race for the spoils of battle.

Jump forward though a whole bunch of somewhat repetitive and boring wars, including the 2nd Common Sense War (AKA: Doctrinal Conflict, and we come to the Multiversal War. First contact with an extradimensional species was made when an FTL jump made by a Triarian courier ship went wrong. It opened up a breach in the wall separating our own reality from a strange and alien universe. The species that appeared to completely dominate this universe didn't bother to send any messages, they simply attacked the courier ship and began to stream into the primary universe endlessly. The fleets of the nations in the local group-the only area with a connection to the alternate universe-attempted to fight this new found enemy, but it was impossible to hold off such a vastly superior foe. While they fought valiantly, planets were lost by the dozens every day as the once-great fleets of the Allied Interstellar Federation and Triarian Collective fell back over and over again. The Federation-which had started and ended the war with the Draconian Empire centuries ago using superior tactics and creative use of technology-had no concept of how to stop the enemy species dubbed the "Reapers". However, while the fleets and troops ran from the Reapers, the Triarian Collective was working with the help of six Delphan savants from the Federation to create the most horrific weapon possible to imagine: a device capable of destroying an entire universe. Such feats were far beyond the technology of the time, but they toiled for thousands of years as entire galaxies were conquered and consumed by the Reapers. After ten thousand years the device was finally completed and unleashed in the Reaper's home universe. The destruction was just as horrific as expected, quadrillions of galaxies extinguished in under a second as the very fabric of space-time was ripped apart and the laws of physics twisted and broken by the device. However, the effects were not confined to the second universe, as all it did was cause the two universes to collide. Being significantly larger, the "primary" universe survived the collision while the second was utterly anhilliated. Of course, it did not escape unscathed. An equal number of lives were lost in the primary universe as well, and tears opened in the fabric of its space and time as well. These tears allowed huge storms to pass through between all universes, traveling through the primary one. All empires lost contact with their extra-galactic colonies and the stars of other galaxies began to go out, being torn apart by the storms and tears. The Milky Way survived with few tears and storms, but invaders from other universes attacked it as well, leaving its civilizations in ruins but its basic structure intact. Over the next ten thousand years these attacks completely stopped due to the civilizations of the Milky Way already having been thrown back to 21st century levels of technology, as well as the destruction of most extrauniversal species and civilizations.

The Current Roleplay takes place just as the civilizations of the Milky Way are beginning to go back out into space, some are exactly the same due to either surviving the Multiversal War or being preserved by their respective Gods/Goddesses. Multiple species are ripped directly from other works, but the Void Of The Stars community doesn't do anything illegal. We make no money off of this, and everything taken from other works is adapted or expanded on.

This Roleplay Contains Examples of:

  • Ancient Astronauts: Of a sort. The Boskops and Ethra'Hirel are Terran natives, but left Earth when the humans started getting bloodthirsty. Aside from that detail, they are a perfect example of this trope, having been credited with the myth of Prometheus, Atlantis, and multiple others.
  • Apocalypse How: On varying levels. Everything from Regional/Societal Disruption to Multiversal/Metaphysical Annihilation. Of course, the Milky Way was completely unaffected.
    • By absolute chance, as well. Word of God states that the Milky Way just randomly happened to not be torn apart like everything else in existence.
    • The Aetherii were taken from Universal Dominating master race to having only a handful of people protected by their own children. How? Uh... there was... a darkness... and a plague and... yeah.
  • Artistic License Physics: The most realistic part of the Roleplay is the FTL used by the humans and their affiliated species. That's exactly how physically inaccurate the Roleplay is.
    • Magic, psychic powers, and the entire universe crashing backstory are the largest offenders, although there are others.
      • Such as two characters from different galaxies being in communication since before the invention of FTL on either of their worlds.
    • The Triarian Collective breaks into another universe every time they want to travel across the stars.
    • The Allied Interstellar Federation used standard plasma shielding to protect them from the fact that the universe they eventually used for interstellar travel as two-dimensional.
      • This was retconned in the sequel, with their starships creating a mini-universe around them for travel in "Planespace".
  • Author Avatar: Fergus Mc Clain/Fairlan Miklan for the AIF and LCF respectively, and Duck deSteelhorn for the Equestrian Empire. Both usually get a nice little Deus ex Machina if anything slight bad happens to them ever.
    • Sometimes Fergus/Fairlan ends up suffering, but only if Keyguyperson feels sadistic that day.
      • There appear to be two alternate Fergus Mc Clains, one who is sickeningly optimistic and thinks all species can live together in one big happy family, and another that wants to destroy all life in the multiverse. Of course, the Primary Universe one isn't any less crazy, as he wants to know literally everything.
  • Badass Army Played straight with the Collective Equitem. They have weapons that can destroy half a person in a single hit or destroy entire sections of wall as one of their standard issue rifles, as well as weapons which are capable of annihilating planets.
  • Noble Bird of Prey: The Bird which attacked the Equestrian GSF on the Triarian world counts as this. Even their blood can be dangerous, luckily they were wearing environment suits to protect them.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: The Collective.
    • Also, the Hyacintho Mental Collective, part of the Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation. All of its citizens are connected by a natural hive mind, thus there are no internal secrets.
  • Bio-Augmentation: The Abhnote 
    • Averted with the humans, the Common Sense Doctrine makes it taboo and illegal to genetically modify humans. Subspecies creation is fine though.
    • Played straight with the Triarian Collective, almost all their soldiers have some form of bioaugmentations.
    • The Equestrians also make frequent use of genetic modification.
  • Brainwashing for the Greater Good: All Collective soldiers, and pretty much anyone who is important, comes close to important, meets with anyone important, see's or passes close to anything important in order to keep everything safe and secure. Ironically they have a Doctrine that's literally called 'The Greater Good'. All this is about as ethical and moral as it sound....
    • The Hyacintho Mental Collective. Don't even think about dating a non Delphan.
    • While not for the Greater Good The Equestrian Empire does technically do brainwashing. Propaganda and constant influence from Equestrian religion and culture is used to keep everyone on the same ideology and friendly to one another. The reason the Greater Good one does not apply as is because Equestrian beliefs dictate the importance of individual freedom and liberty. (Uh... That does make it for the greater good... - Darkwolf)
  • Collateral Angst As mentioned above, the Sazkarjhit managed to do this when they tried to destroy someone for their religious beliefs. The Delphans also have a shade of this, as the Collective are not enthused that these seemingly all powerful beings have been hiding among the LCF for millenia and haven't helped with all the universal invasions. Fortunately for the Delphans, they are collateral angst because of the massive universal invasion coming this way...
  • Crapsaccharine World: You've got a race with magic and cute little cities with princesses ruling it, a human race which advancements come from accidental jokes and a progressive social structure involving many different races... wait, hang on, there's also a dictatorship which enslaves anyone it comes across and mind fucks it's people on a daily basis; not one, not two but three evil alien bug like races which love to consume all life, a race which often leads religious wars and a race which enslaved it's predecessors. Oh, and that human Empire? It's had two massive race/religious wars with it's self.
    • The Equestrians to a extent. On the outside there all sunshine and rainbows, but on the inside they turn people into synths, horrifying things of both cybernetics and genetic modification. They are also fine with creating sub-species and cloning them for testing.
      • And proceed to murder these test subjects the minute they try to find the rest of their kind
    • Even the Abh Empire, which appears to be too liberal for liberals, forcibly genetically modify all children with at least one Abh parent so that they are genetically perfect Abh. If the process fails and they are missing a certain Abh gene, then they are either cast out of the Empire or just killed off right there.
  • Crapsack World: The Collective. It's overpopulated due to the universal war, is facing high poverty levels, has a huge Big Brother program supported by a police force which is supplied with APC's armed with weapons which could probably bring down a building in just over a minute, where you can be prosecuted for Running, swearing or insulting other people, with a state run eugenics program and god save your soul if you are caught reproducing without the governments permission.
    • Don't try to mess with them though, they may sound like North Korea but they have weapons which can destroy planets if they go to war, and they've exterminated and conquered many races
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Whenever a spacefaring nation decides they want a world inhabited by a planetbound species.
    • Also, the War between the Allied Interstellar Federation and Sazkarjhia.
  • Cyborg: Both the Collective and Equestrians make frequent use of cybernetics.
    • Cybernetics is one of the few enhancement processes permitted for humans, it was used by the Allied Interstellar Federation to form a human hive mind.
  • Double Think: Civilis Protectione; They're here for you.
  • The Dreaded: The Collective in general embodies this. Not only are they extremely dangerous, but you're probably better off dead than surrendering to them...
    • Admiral Yuuki Sora, the somewhat insane and bloodthirsty AIF officer. When you see her ship in a battle, you know that you either destroy her fleet or she destroys yours. Usually the latter.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Done by the Triarian Collective and Equestrian Empire, both of which are generally considered the good guys.
    • That specific example is taken from the War of Morn, where the Triarian Collective was trying to conduct an archaeological dig (Albeit using the natives as slaves), and the Equestrians came in and blew up the planet To save the natives.
    • Also, this was the fate of any planet that encountered the Reapers.
    • The Triarian Collective doesn't want their technology to be captured and used for ill or their people to be captured and tortured. Solution? Blow up the planet if the invaders are winning
    • Theoretically, given enough time and energy, the Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation fleet could destroy a planet.
    • Sazkarjhia's Delta VIII Experimental Atomic Resonance Cannon is basically a giant orbital MAC that fires a spaceship-sized nuclear slug. If ever used the kinetic impact alone would be devastating but also comes with the added bonus of a nuclear explosion.
  • Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion: Sazkarjhia tried ethnically cleansing a planet and force-convert them to their religion. Not only did they lose miserably but also received the Collateral Angst of several other empires and ended up enduring a several-year occupation of their homeworld.
  • Fantastic Racism: The Collective and the Equestrians
    • Not entirely unwarranted, considering the Equestrians stole DNA from a Triarian (Resulting in her having a miscarriage due to the toxin used) and then used it to create Triarian clones that were supposed to be loyal to the Equestrians.
    • Also the Supremes and Equestrians, as the Supremes remember when the Equestrians were a warmongering hypocritical nation.
    • Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation posts suffer from this as well, it seems Keyguyperson absolutely loves to explain how all his technology works. He also likes to explain the culture of Lakfakalle, although not quite as much as the technology. Especially the Warp Drive. Keyguyperson loves his Warp Drive.
    • Triarian posts are the largest offenders, from cultural descriptions to improbable science workings to simple descriptions of every day life, nothing seems to be safe from being turned into exposition.
  • Fantastic Nuke: The Equestrian Balefire spell, the human antimatter bombs, and the Triarian standard main weapon.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: The Equestrians. They are rainbow colored equines that are very nice but have weapons capable of mass destruction and can very easily kill a lot of people if they wanted.
    • Actually, they aren't even that nice. Point in question, they grow some Triarian clones, and then when the children try to escape to find their own kind, they recapture and then brutally destroy them.
  • Four-Star Badass: The Triarian Supreme Overlord and Overlords, and to a lesser extent the Fleet, Field and Defence Masters.
    • Equestrian Admirals, they usually under-go massive amounts of training and are very disciplined and intelligent. A lot are even veterans from the 2nd Changeling War, which was the most brutal war in Equestrian history prior to the Space-Age.
    • Sazkarjhia's Military Cabinet, which consists of the Army Commander, the Naval Commander and the Supreme Commander of the military. All three have decades upon decades of experience both in the field and in officer positions and serve as de facto leaders of Sazkarhia if the Grand Vessel goes missing or is killed.
  • God-Emperor: The Sazkarjhit leader, known as a "Grand Vessel" is believed to be a prophet of the highest god in Sazkarjhian religion, and thus is in almost complete dictatorial control of Sazkarjhia.
  • Holy Ground: Mount Karbor is the holiest site in Sazkarjhia. If it gets destroyed the whole empire's culture will unravel. Also the site of an execution of a Grand Vessel when Sazkarjhia attacked the Haches.
    • Equiis. The place is general is considered to be the center of Faust's influence, and contains many holy relics.
  • Infodump: All over the place, present in nearly every In Character post.
  • Insufficiently Advanced Alien: Compared to the other empires, Sazkarjhia is much smaller and out of all of them, the least advanced.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: This is commonly overheard when two people (One of then unaware of it) talk about the roleplay.
    • Specifically the whole Deity thing, nobody ever understands that the first time.
    • Also how magic really is standard fantasy magic, and not something closer to the Force.
  • Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better: Magnetic Weapons are basically the backbone of Sazkarjhia's heavy weaponry.
  • Lawful Stupid: The Collective's Civilis Protectione. Accidental entry into their space? You're tresspassing, prepare to recieve civil judgement! Ran down the street? You're travelling at unauthorised velocities, prepare to receive civil judgement!
  • Macross Missile MassacreWhat happens when the humans aren't close enough to use their antiproton streamers.
  • Marysuetopia: The Equestrian Empire. The Sugar Bowl world with Crystal Spiresand Togas and No Poverty. Conflict rarely, if ever, arises and everyone who follows it's ways are happy
  • Meaningful Name: All Triarian names have meanings, for instance 'Postumus' meaning 'Born After the Fathers Death', or Aculeo, meaning 'Unfriendly'
    • The Triarian castes fall into this too. For example, Primicerii means Leaders and Argutus means Thinker.
  • The Men in Black: GHOST and SPECTRE
    • A common disguise of the Umbrae Populus when dealing with Humans? Yep, you guessed it
  • Mind Screw: The Equestrian Empire. Without any further investigation, their nation shouldn't exist due to the fact that they have no hands.
    • How the Corruptelae Insectum seem to have endless numbers despite not having endless food
  • Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness: Of varying degrees. Each person controls a single nation, so things range anywhere from the 4.5 of the original Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation to the 1 of the Equestrian Empire.
    • The LCF uses Alcubierre Drives and the craziest technology they had is physically possible. The Equestrian Empire, on the other hand, literally runs everything it has off of magic. FTL? Magic. Construction machines? Magic. Weaponry? Magic lasers, of course. Lights? MAGIC.
  • Mood Dissonance: The Equestrian Empire is a fluffy, cutesy little monarchy where all is good and well and works simply because magic. The Collective is a dark, dystopian empire that's core value has become corrupted, filled with well intentioned extremists and soldiers who have no empathy, even for their comrades and civilians. Oh, and Big Brother Is Watching
  • The Mothership: The Sazkarjhit's Supreme Fleetmaster has a ~20 km long flagship with a planetoid-destroying coilgun on the front. However, it's very rarely used due to cost of its armament and maintenance.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Happens a lot with humans.
  • Newspeak: Medical terminology is used by the Collective for government reports, military orders and sometimes even casual conversation. The main reason? Medical terminology has less empathy attached to it.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! The Equestrians at the War of Morn. They went in to try and free the natives, but the result was the destruction of Morn and huge loss of life.
    • Actually, pretty much any time the Equestrians try to interfere with the Collective's plans
    • The Collective is guilty of this as well, they managed to save the universe from the Reapers, but the device they used to do so ravaged all other galaxies, killing countless sentient beings.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot:Factions, units, technologies, and pretty much everything is inspired by or borrowed from other works.
    • Some things are even outright copies, like Chaos.
  • No Transhumanism Allowed Averted, almost completely. It seems nobody in the universe at all has any ethical, moral or even personal bias against the idea of transhumanism. This is especially strange when you consider that the Humans have had multiple civil wars involving huge numbers of religious people, and yet no one has ever voiced opposition to this idea...
    • The humans were actually violently opposed to anything beyond convenient neural transmitters and mind uploading, but only in themselves. Any other species could do it, but human genetic modification? Your house would be bombarded from orbit and all of your relatives imprisoned.
  • Plagiarism in Fiction: Basically every group in the Role Play bar Sazkarjhia and a few others. The Abh, the Equestrians, the Triarians, Chaos, etc.
    • Even Sazkarjhia draws heavily from the Covenant of Halo fame.
  • Police State: The O.G.V.S. is a Sazkarjhit private military force, but also Sazkarjhia's police. They serve and enact justice directly under the Grand Vessel.
    • The Collective. There government way of doing things when it comes to policing is basically 1984.
  • Powers Do the Fighting: Almost any Triarian who has ever lived, though they do use conventional weapons too
    • Equestrian Unicorns. They usually go into battle with only there horns and magic. Hell they don't even bring armor or a respiratory mask if there entering a dangerous environment, they just use more magic.
  • Purposely Overpowered: All the true Big Bads of the Roleplay. The GM considers powerful enemies a way to spice things up, and thus allows truly evil things to be ridiculously overpowered compared to the more standard nations.
  • Recursive Creators: How the humans expand their negative mass production capabilities. The Warp Drive needs absolutely insane amounts of the stuff to make a jump.
  • Recycled In Space: The whole thing is a Nation Roleplay set IN SPACE.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: This is a core part of Equestrian beliefs and policies.
    • Averted with the Triarian Collective. Pretty much any race they come across ends up under their thumb... and never getting out from under it
  • Space Pirates: The Sylve Faction, a major antagonistic NPC group in the Vot S, are half-narcotics and gun-running corporation and half-nomadic pirate organization
  • State Sec/Secret Police: The Collectives Civilis Protectione, particularly GHOST can be considered this.
  • Super-Fun Happy Thing of Doom: Equestrian rainbow weapons
  • Super Soldier: Just about every group has one. Sazkarjhia's Peoples Army/O.G.V.S. Commandos, Equestrian Ghosts, among others.
  • TeleFrag: Phase tanks. While they aren't exactly teleporting, they are phasing between universes... and the Collective just loves to use this phasing ability to sacrifice the Phase tank to destroy something bigger and stronger.
  • The Theocracy: Sazkarjhia and the New Age Equestrian Empire, among others.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: The driving force behind basically every military advancement in the Roleplay.
    • One word: Endgame
  • Transhuman Played straight with the Collective's Equitem. Not just Transhumans either, but Trans-Triarii, Trans-Saeva Simius... pretty much anything the Collective owns with the word 'trans' put before it, or 'Auctum' after it.
  • Uplifted Animal: The Dolphinsnote 
    • Corruptelae Insectum, in a way
  • Up to Eleven The Equestrians managed to acquire plasma weaponry in the time of the VOTS reboot. In response, the Collective made dark energy weaponry
    • They also took their mind control ability and built a machine which allows them to take over the minds of everyone within several miles of it
  • Unperson: The Collective. Not only can they make everyone else forget you exist, they can make you forget you exist and give you an entirely new personality and life if they please.
    • The Hyacintho Mental Collective will wipe your memory if you fall in love with anyone outside of it. Though this is justified, as the Delphans are hinted at being omniscient.
  • Wave Motion Gun: What you get when you don't activate the bow particle tractor on the Warp Drive.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Triarian Collective wants to end all wars in the Universe, create a universal union and bring about a golden age of universal prosperity and peace. How do they get there? Brainwashing, genetic manipulation, massive wars, theft, assassination, genocide and mind control. Lovely.
    • One of the alternate universe Fergus Mc Clains (Yes, those are canon) wants to end all evil in the multiverse. How does he do it? By vowing to destroy all life that ever existed anywhere.