Roleplay / Waiting For A Train

They have one connecting view. Their home isn't much, but it's all they have.

Waiting For A Train is a roleplay created on Gaia Online by Kai Tanuki. Originally created on Jul 24, 2011, you can find the in character thread here and the out of character thread here. A Spin-Off by Zombie Lifeguard is in the works, and will be linked here once it is up.

Set in a place only known as The Station - this place is a world between worlds, a place that has fallen out of time and into the cracks in our world, or any world for that matter. The people that populate The Station are many and varied, ranging from the mystical to the mechanical. Times and places clash together, places out of science fiction live alongside castles out of the Middle Ages. The massive railway that gives The Station its namesake is the center and lifeblood of the city, and everything has sprung up about it.

But The Station has fallen now.

The work of a being only known as The Methespidian and its lackeys, beings known as the Nightscapers has brought The Station to its knees. Now, the city is a ruined shell of its former, chaotic, glorious self, with everyone too frightened of The Methespidian's power to even try to fight.

At least, most everyone. Corresponding through a series of letters for the last year, a group of eight individuals, each with their own motivations, have finally conspired to meet, and set out on a journey to send The Methespidian back to wherever it came from.

Not to be confused with the Invisionfree Inception-based roleplay of the same name.

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