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An RP on Fan taking place in/based on the world of Valkyria Chronicles, and specifically the of Valkyria Chronicles II, covering the times and fortunes of one of the groups of unsung heroes of the Gallian Civil War, Class E.

As EC 1936 comes to a close, the continent of Europa is wracked by war, most prominantly the titanic struggle that is the Second Europan War between the two dominant superpowers, the East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation, with continental and thus global supremacy. However, between their feet but far from beneath their notice lies the true subject of the story.

The Principality of Gallia has struggled to survive and maintain its' neutrality in the line of fire between the two warring juggernauts. Thus far, it has succeeded albeit at high cost. However, a new threat now threatens from within. Having narrowly avoided conquest by the Empire two years ago, Gallia has since managed to make peace with their old enemy, and for a while it appeared that there would be time to recover and rebuild from the trauma of a conflict that claimed over a tenth of the Gallian population and most of its' military in just over half a year.

The peace was scarcely signed when Archdutchess Cordelia gi Randgriz revealed her true heritage (and the heritage of her family line) as Darcsen rather than Valkyria (as they had maintained for centuries) in an effort to try and heal the wounds of racial prejudice.

This backfired horrifically, as large segments of the population rebelled against the idea of being ruled by a Darcsen, many of them literally. In response, opponents of the government launch what they call the Gallian Revolution, aimed at not merely the deposition of House Randgriz, but also the eradication of Darcsens from Gallia entirely.

Still devastated from the invasion and legally unable to call upon the national militia (and unable to necessarily trust them to remain loyal if they were) in the civil war, the government is forced to take drastic measures to mobilize forces to confront the insurrection, and one source they tap are the cadets of Lanseal Royal Military Academy, who are called upon to man the Southern front almost alone.

Sound similar so far?

Well, this is where a *few* differences start to pop up.

Has a very much so Work-In-Progress Character Sheet. As of this March 2012, Class E Chronicles has undergone a complete reboot, making a new timeline to kick-start from the very beginning.

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