Funny / Class E Chronicles

  • The Erlina/Miles fiasco starting on this page, and ending on Page 30 of the January '37 topic. The basic gist is that Miles isn't very used to seeing much of the female form - at all. Mix with a dress that shows off Erlina's figure, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Drunk Katie
  • Carina, upon looking at Zach sharpening his hunting knife at the motor pool, asks him if he is Compensating for Something. Right in front of his crush, Sophie.
    • Made moreso hilarious that Sophie does not understand a single bit of it.
      Zach: "Well um...she's well uh... basically calling my um, 'reproductive organ'...small."
      Sophie: "And is that true?"
      Zach: "Hell no!!!" *Composes himself a bit* "I mean no, not at all."
      Sophie: "Then why get all upset? It's not like you can't use it or anything."
  • Prince Delgon gets a chance to perhaps score a girlfriend, when Erlina approaches him. She does about a bit of a flirt towards him and expresses an interest the moment she learns he's a prince (though she's more interested in herself being a princess and wearing silk dress). Delgon accepts Erlina's offer, but... he explicitly states he already has a girlfriend, and could use a "temp" to "fill the hole in his heart". Naturally, this infuriates Erlina and she calls him out to be a cheating bastard, while Delgon defends himself as something along the lines of a Chivalrous Pervert. Naturally, Erlina is not happy...
  • Magical Girl Carol
    • Explanation: A forum gag which spawned out of Adam's tendency to just appear out of nowhere when someone mentioned his name, likely inspired by the parody work of one of the members of the RP, titled Magical Girl Zaka. The title of "Magical Girl" is thus jokingly passed onto characters who tend to just appear, and has since been permanently assigned to Carol for reasons unknown.

  • Raphael meets Ceony. He keeps himself from protesting her profession as a soldier by comparing her to a whore in his head. Ceony's owner, Getter Dragon Ragnarok Samurai, was laughing, at least.