Recap / Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  • Episodes are listed in the order of production, not airing.
  • Each episode is divided into a Teaser segment and a Main story segment, often not directly related.

Episode 1.01: The Rise of the Blue Beetle!

  • Teaser: Batman and Green Arrow escape a deathtrap that they were put in by the Clock King.
  • Main: Batman and Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) go in a mission to outer space but end up preventing the alien conqueror Kanjar Ro from exploiting a race that worships the Blue Beetle.

Episode 1.02: Terror on Dinosaur Island!

  • Teaser: Batman, Plastic Man and Fire stop The Gentleman Ghost from committing a robbery during the Day of the Dead festival.
  • Main: Batman and Plastic Man travel to Dinosaur Island to prevent Gorilla Grodd from turning humans into gorillas.
  • Note: Fire is from Brazil, not Mexico.

Episode 1.03: Evil under the Sea!

  • Teaser: The Atom helps Batman to stop the sorcerer Felix Faust before he can open Pandora's Box.
  • Main: Batman tries to convince Aquaman that his brother, Orm (Ocean Master) has joined forces with Black Manta to conquer Atlantis.

Episode 1.04: Invasion of the Secret Santas!

  • Teaser: Batman and Blue Beetle stop the chaos that The Sportsmaster is causing in a bowling alley.
  • Main: Batman and Red Tornado must stop Fun Haus? Christmas crime spree.
  • Note: This episode reveals that Batman's parents were killed on a Christmas Day.

Episode 1.05: Day Of The Dark Knight!

  • Teaser: Batman must save Green Lantern Guy Gardner after the latter causes an alien to grow to giant size.
  • Main: Batman and Green Arrow are summoned to the Age of Camelot by Merlin so they can stop Morgan Le Fey and her slave, the demonic hero Etrigan.

Episode 1.06: Enter the Outsiders!

  • Teaser: Batman and B'wana Beast prevent Black Manta from stealing an armored car.
  • Main: Batman and Wildcat must save the superpowered street gang called The Outsiders from the evil Slug.
  • Note: The Outsiders are adult superheroes in the comics.

Episode 1.07: Dawn of the Dead Man!

  • Teaser: Batman goes to the future era of Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth, to obtain the cure for a dangerous disease.
  • Main: Deadman, Green Arrow and Speedy must save Batman from the grave where Gentleman Ghost has buried him alive.

Episode 1.08: Fall of the Blue Beetle!

  • Teaser: Batman and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) infiltrate a mysterious building.
  • Main: Blue Beetle (Jaime) travels to a scientist's island to discover the truth of his origins.
  • Note: In the comics, Ted Kord had been reduced to a Comedy Relief hero until his final story. His death was also less heroic, but still a solid showing of his character.

Episode 1.09: Journey to the Center of the Bat!

  • Teaser: Elongated Man and Plastic Man argue who Batman prefers as a partner while fighting gangster Babyface.
  • Main: Aquaman and The Atom try to save Batman from microbes poisoning his body, while Batman battles The Brain and the giant monster, Chemo.
  • Note: This episode is based on the old science fiction movie, Fantastic Voyage.

Episode 1.10: The Eyes of Despero!

  • Teaser: Batman and Doctor Fate protect the Library of Infinity from the sorcerer Wotan.
  • Main: When most of the Green Lantern Corps disappears, Batman must help the ones left (Guy, G'nort, and Sinestro) to stop the alien villain Despero.
  • Note: The famous "One punch!" scene from Justice League International is recreated in this episode, only In Space with G'nort saying the famous line.

Episode 1.11: Return of the Fearsome Fangs!

  • Teaser: In the Old West, Batman saves Jonah Hex from the Royal Flush Gang.
  • Main: Batman and Bronze Tiger must stop the Terrible Trio from stealing the mystic secrets of the temple where both heroes were trained in.
  • Note: How or why Batman is in the Old West (in the teaser) is not explained.

Episode 1.12: Deep Cover for Batman!

  • Teaser: The mysterious Red Hood is captured by the Injustice Syndicate (evil counterparts of Batman and other heroes from a Parallel Earth.)
  • Main: Batman, disguised as his counterpart Owlman, infiltrates the Syndicate to rescue the Red Hood.
  • Note: The Red Hood was The Joker's original identity in the comics.

Episode 1.13: Game Over for Owlman!

  • Teaser: Batman is framed for several crimes by Owlman, but cannot stop him because his own allies are trying to arrest him.
  • Main: Batman has no choice but to join forces with The Joker to stop Owlman's plans to kill all superheroes.
  • Note: The Batmen who show up in the end are from various Batman Alternate Universe comics stories.

Episode 1.14: Mystery in Space!

  • Teaser: Batman saves both The Question and Gorilla Grodd from being killed by the mysterious villain Equinox.
  • Main: Batman drags a despondent Aquaman to the Planet Rann to help its hero, Adam Strange, battle the invading Gordanians.
  • Note: "Mystery in Space" was the title of the magazine Adam Strange originally appeared in.

Episode 1.15: Trials of the Demon!

  • Teaser: Batman and the Flash (Jay Garrick) must stop The Scarecrow and Scream Queen from causing havoc on Halloween.
  • Main: Batman is magically summoned to 19th century London by The Demon to help Sherlock Holmes battle the Gentleman Ghost (when he was still alive.)
  • Note: Jay Garrick was the first version of the Flash, from 1940. This is his first animated appearance, aside from a silent silhouette in Justice League: The New Frontier.

Episode 1.16: Night of the Huntress!

  • Teaser: Batman and Black Canary clash stop Solomon Grundy from stealing a new brain for himself.
  • Main: Batman, Blue Beetle and The Huntress tackle Babyface and his gang, while Blue Beetle develops a crush on Huntress.
  • Note: The original version of The Huntress was Batman's daughter (with Catwoman) though that was retconned in the 80's.

Episode 1.17: Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!

  • Teaser: Batman calls on Wildcat to help him take down Bane.
  • Main: Booster Gold tries to team up with Batman for publicity, but his partner, the robot Skeets, gets stolen by prehistoric villain King K'rull.
  • Note: King Kull was renamed King K'rull for this episode, probably to avoid confusion with the Conan the Barbarian character. He was also given Vandal Savage's origin.

Episode 1.18: The Color of Revenge!

  • Teaser: Batman and a (teenage) Robin fight villain The Crazy Quilt, but accidentally blind him in the process.
  • Main: Crazy Quilt returns for revenge on a (now adult) Robin who no longer works with Batman.
  • Note: The adult Robin's costume is based on the Golden Age/Earth-Two Robin's (after he too became an adult) as opposed to the current Dick Grayson who became Nightwing instead.

Episode 1.19: Legends of the Dark Mite!

  • Teaser: Batman and his dog, Ace the Bat-Hound, rescue a stolen tiger from Cat-Man.
  • Main: Bat-Mite, a magical imp from another dimension who is a Batman fan, tries to help the hero but only causes him trouble.
  • Note: The title of this episode parodies the title of the comic book series, "Legends Of The Dark Knight". Also, Bat-Mite's nightmare sequence is a homage to the Daffy Duck short "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery".

Episode 1.20: Hail the Tornado Tyrant!

  • Teaser: Batman and Green Arrow chase the Joker in their respective special vehicles.
  • Main: Red Tornado creates a robot "son", the Tornado Champion, but when Major Disaster causes it to become the evil Tornado Tyrant, Batman must help stop it.
  • Note: In the comics, The Tornado Tyrant and The Tornado champion were living tornadoes that got merged with Red Tornado. Also, the form of Red Tornado's son was based on Tornado's first costume.

Episode 1.21: Duel of the Double Crossers!

  • Teaser: Batman teaches the Outsiders how to fight Despero. It's just a simulation however.
  • Main: The alien villain Mongul hires Jonah Hex to capture Batman for his gladiatorial games.
  • Notes: Several characters from Jack Kirby's New Gods series appear here: Lashina, Stompa and Steppenwolf. Also, the Mongul in this story is actually Mongul's son (who has the same name), since Mongal is described as being his sister.

Episode 1.22: The Last Bat on Earth!

  • Teaser: Batman teams up with Mister Miracle and Big Barda to help with a daredevil stunt charity event.
  • Main: Batman chases Gorilla Grodd into the future, using the technology of Professor Carter Nichols, and teams up with Kamandi to stop him.
  • Note: Prof. Nichols also provided Batman with his means of time travel during the Silver Age of comics, except instead of a time machine he used hypnotism!

Episode 1.23: When OMAC Attacks!

  • Teaser: Hawk and Dove aid Batman in ending a war between alien races.
  • Main: Equinox attempts to pit OMAC and Shrapnel in a battle to the death, but Batman intervenes.
  • Notes: The warring aliens were The Controllers and the Warlords of Okaara, two notable races from the the DCUniverse.
    • Although not explicitly mentioned, the OMAC story involves time travel (for Batman, unless he is slightly older) as OMAC is from the future.

Episode 1.24: Inside the Outsiders!

  • Teaser: The Green Arrow suffers as Batman and Catwoman play their game of Cat and Mouse.
  • Main: The Outsiders are captured by Psycho Pirate. Batman must enter the machine that extracts anger from dreams that powers Psycho Pirate, and help them overcome their anger and fears.
  • Notes: The conversation between Green Arrow and Batman in the Teaser mirrors what was said between them in the teaser of the first episode.

Episode 1.25: Mayhem of the Music Meister!

  • Teaser: A curtain opens in front of an orchestra, and the Music Meister walks out of the curtain, signalling the orchestra to begin the show.
  • Main: Batman and the Black Canary face off against the Music Meister as he attempts to take over the world.
  • Note: Musical Episode, with several song-and-dance numbers as part of the story.

Episode 1.26: The Fate of Equinox!

  • Teaser: Batman and Two-Face both fight and help one-another.
  • Main: Equinox breaks free of the control of the Lords of Order and Chaos, and attempts to destroy the current universe to make a new, perfectly balanced one. Batman and Doctor Fate must attempt to stop him.
  • Note: This episode was shown on an Australian channel before episodes 25 and 26. Season finale.

Episode 2.01: Death Race To Oblivion!

  • Teaser: Batman battles Blockbuster with help from Captain Marvel.
  • Main: Mongul forces several heroes (Batman, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, The Huntress,Guy Gardner) and villains (The Joker, Black Manta, Catwoman, Gentleman Ghost, Steppenwolf) to participate in a car race, or he'll destroy the Earth.
  • Note: This is Woozy Winks' (Plastic Man's partner) first animated appearance.

Episode 2.02: The Long Arm of the Law!

  • Teaser: Batman and Plastic Man rescue boy scouts captured by the Shaggy Men.
  • Main: Kite-Man and Rubberneck want revenge on Plastic Man, who fights them with help from Batman and Woozy Winks.
  • Notes: While Plastic Man's baby had been seen before (in his animated series in the 80s) Ramona, his wife, is a new character (in his series he was married to a blonde named Penny.)

Episode 2.03: Revenge of the Reach!

  • Teaser: Batman meets the Challengers of the Unknown while investigating a meteor on Dinosaur Island.
  • Main: Blue Beetle discovers that his sentient armor is actually an agent for an alien race trying to get revenge on the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Notes: The creatures in the meteor are part of Starro The Starfish Conqueror, enemy of the Justice League.

Episode 2.04: Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!

  • Teaser: Batman engages in an aerial dogfight with WWI flying hero Hans von Hammer, "The Enemy Ace," while trying to stop aliens from interfering in the war.
    • Batman again, is inexplicably in the past.
  • Main: Aquaman and his family are on vacation across America, but end up helping Batman battle The Penguin.
  • Notes: Arthur Jr. wears an alternate Aquaman costume from the 1980s.

Episode 2.05: The Golden Age Of Justice!

  • Teaser: Batman and Detective Chimp help solve a mysterious theft.
  • Main: Batman and Black Canary must help the Justice Society of America when their old enemy, Per Degaton, returns.
  • Notes: The villain in the teaser, False Face, is from the 1960's Batman TV show and was also featured in an episode of Batman Beyond.

Episode 2.06: Sidekicks Assemble!

  • Teaser: Robin, Aqualad, and Speedy are shown training at the Justice League satellite headquarters under Batman's supervision back when they were still preteens.
  • Main: The now-older Aqualad, Speedy, and Robin face off against Ra's Al Ghul and his plan to destroy Coast City, while all three of them are in a fit of pique against their mentors Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow.
  • Notes: At the end of this episode, Robin takes on the Nightwing identity.

Episode 2.07: Clash of the Metal Men!

  • Teaser: After helping Batman with a mission, Aquaman is captured by the Faceless Hunter From Saturn for his master, Starro.
  • Main: Batman helps the robotic heroes, The Metal Men, rescue their creator, Professor Magnus, from the Gas Gang, creatures made of various gases.
  • Notes: The Gas Gang were given an origin based on the one that was given Post-Crisis to the Metal Men themselves (that is, they're transformed former assistants of Prof. Magnus.)

Episode 2.08: A Bat Divided!

  • Teaser: The Riddler forces Booster Gold and Batman to take part in a deadly quiz show.
  • Main: Doctor Double X accidentally causes Batman to split in three, but also creates the atomic hero Firestorm in the process.
  • Notes: In the comics, it was Prof. Martin Stein rather than Jason Rusch who merged with Ronnie Raymond. Rusch would become Firestorm years later, merging with anyone who happened to be around every time he transformed.

Episode 2.09: The Super Batman from Planet X!

  • Teaser: Batman, Dr. Magnus and The Metal Men go undercover to capture Kanjar Ro.
  • Main: Batman is stranded in a planet where he gains Superman-like powers. There he meets another crimefighter named Batman and helps him battle the mad genius Rhotul.
  • Notes: This is an adaptation of an actual Silver Age Batman comic book story, though with elements homaging Superman as well.
    • The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh reappeared (as a split personality of Batman) in the Batman R.I.P. comics storyline.
  • Rothul's robots bear a striking similarity to the Fruit...Fornicator...2000 from Penny Arcade.

Episode 2.10: The Power Of Shazam!

  • Teaser: The Faceless Hunter puts more of Earth's heroes under the control of Starro. He also destroys Red Tornado.
  • Main: Batman must help Captain Marvel when Dr. Sivana joins forces with Black Adam.
  • Notes: The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man (who are based on the Seven Deadly Sins) included Injustice instead of Lust, probably because of the all-ages nature of the show.

Episode 2.11: Chill of the Night!

  • Teaser: Batman battles the magical thief Abra Kadabra with help from Zatanna The Magician.
  • Main: The Phantom Stranger and The Spectre make a bet about what Batman will do when he finally finds his parents' killer. The Stranger thinks he will arrest him, the Spectre thinks he will kill him.
  • Notes: The Main story is a composite of several Batman comics stories, including: one where the Phantom Stranger takes Batman to an Alternate Universe where his parents haven't been killed yet; a Silver Age story where Thomas Wayne used a Batman costume for a party; and a story where some thugs get mad at Chill for having "created" Batman. It also features both Adam West and Kevin Conroy.
    • Except for Joker, who thanked Chill for creating Batman. In the 1989 Batman movie, it was a pre-Joker Jack Napier who killed Bruce's parents.

Episode 2.12: Gorillas in Our Midst!

  • Teaser: Batman arrests the evil Prof. Milo, but The Spectre serves his own form of grim justice on him.
  • Main: Batman and Detective Chimp go to investigate Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah and Gorilla Boss' plans in Africa, while the African superheroes B'wanna Beast and The Vixen watch over Gotham City.

Episode 2.13: Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!

  • Teaser: Batman and the Outsiders (including new members Geo-Force and Halo) defeat Kobra and his evil cult.
  • Main: After the (second) Flash is apparently killed by Professor Zoom, Batman helps the (first) Flash and Kid Flash investigate his ghostly appearances.
  • Notes: The Outsiders are now wearing the same costumes from the comics.
    • Geo-Force has earth-controlling powers here, instead of the Gravity-based powers of the comics. Could be a Shout-Out to his sister, Terra.

Episode 2.14: The Siege of Starro! Part I

  • Teaser: In outer space, Starro defeats Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Captain Comet, Ultra the Multi-Alien and Space Ranger.
  • Main: Batman, Booster Gold, Skeets, Captain Marvel, Firestorm and B'wanna Beast are the only heroes left to fight Starro, The Faceless Hunter and all the superheroes under their control.
  • Notes: The Teaser includes a narration about heroes done by an unidentified character.
    • Also seen in the teaser are Anthro (the caveboy), Jonah Hex, and Cinnamon (the cowgirl).

Episode 2.15: The Siege Of Starro! Part II

  • Teaser: The mysterious narrator talks about Bwana Beast's origin. Then we see that hero being tortured by the Faceless Hunter.
  • Main: All of Earth's heroes come together to fight Starro, while Batman and B'wanna deal with the Hunter.
  • Notes: The narrator of the episode turns out to be B'wanna, apparently from beyond the grave, as he makes a Heroic Sacrifice in the end.

Episode 2. 16 The Last Patrol!

  • Teaser: Batman meets Batgirl (the Barbara Gordon one) when she rescues him from Killer Moth. This is revealed to have been a Flash Back on Batgirl's part as she and Batman are together again in a Deathtrap engineered by the Penguin.
  • Main: The Doom Patrol, having gone their tragic and separate ways after failing to save a hostage from one of their enemies, General Zahl, reunites when attacked by an alliance of their old enemies (led by Zahl) who wants them to die by forcing them to choose sacrifice themselves for innocents. Despite Batman's help, the Patrol is killed (though Batman captures Zahl.)
  • Notes: This story is based on the last story of the (original) Doom Patrol comic where the heroes did indeed die saving a fishing town from Zahl. (They have all come Back from the Dead since however.)

Episode 2.17: The Mask of Matches Malone!

  • Teaser: Batman is captured by Poison Ivy, but is rescued by the superheroine Black Orchid.
  • Main: Black Canary, Huntress and Catwoman must join forces when Batman gets amnesia and believes himself to really be the criminal Matches Malone and also fight Two-Face.
  • Notes: This episode was written by Gail Simone, who also wrote the Birds of Prey comic book featuring the three heroines.
    • The episode has the three of them perform a musical number together, for which the radar station operator was apparently murdered.
      • Which may be why the episode did not air in the US.
      • The episode was finally included as a "bonus episode" on the Season 3 DVD set.

Episode 2.18: Menace of the Madniks!

  • Teaser: Batman teams up with the Haunted Tank to fight Ma Murder and her gang.
  • Main: Booster Gold travels in time to meet the (second) Blue Beetle, and ends up turning the villain group The Madniks into a menace that the three heroes must work together to defeat.
  • Notes: In the comics, Batman wasn't Beetle's friend, and in fact his ignoring Beetle's warnings of a conspiracy led to the latter dying ignominiously.

Episode 2.19: Emperor Joker!

  • Teaser: "Rainbow Batman" and Robin fight against Firefly and his rainbow monster.
  • Main: Bat-Mite accidentally transfers his powers to Joker, causing him to go mad with power.
  • Notes: In the original Rainbow Batman story, the reason for the costume was to distract people from the fact that Robin had a broken arm.
    • In the original Emperor Joker story, it was Superman rather than Batman who stopped the Joker, and Mr. Myxyzptlk's magic he stole. He used the same method, though - Joker defeated himself when he realized he couldn't bring himself to create a world with no Batman.
    • Harley Quinn appears in this episode.
      • And Bat-Mite's jester outfit is based on Harley's original DCAU costume.

Episode 2.20: The Criss Cross Conspiracy!

  • Teaser: A shrunken Batman and The Atom are stuck at the size of insects while battling the Bug-Eyed Bandit and must get help from Aquaman to return to normal size.
  • Main: Using a spell provided by Felix Faust, Batwoman switches minds with Batman to get revenge on the Riddler, who unmasked her ten years prior, and tricks Nightwing and Batgirl into helping her.
  • Notes: The Batwoman seen here is based on the original version (although made much more ruthless). She's also named Katrina Moldoff rather then Kathy Kane. Batwoman's last name here is a tribute to Golden Age Batman artist Sheldon Moldoff, who co-created Batwoman.

Episode 2.21: Plague of the Prototypes!

  • Teaser: For unknown reasons, Batman is present during the landing of the Allied Forces in D-Day and helps Sgt. Rock and G.I. Robot fight Nazis.
  • Main: When Black Mask takes control over the robots Batman created to guard over the city, he must depend on their Prototype model (and Ace the Bat-hound) to stop them.
  • Notes: Adam West voices Proto.

Episode 2.22: Cry Freedom Fighters!

Episode 2.23: The Knights of Tomorrow!

  • Teaser: Batman sends The Question to find out Darkseid's secret plan. We never find out what the plan is, though, or even how The Question survived.
  • Main: Sometime in the future, the new Batman (a grown up Dick Grayson) and Damian (son of Bruce Wayne and Catwoman) must deal with The Joker and his "son" after they kill the Waynes. It turns out that the whole story was just a novel that Alfred was writing.
  • Notes: In the comics, Damian is the present-day son of Batman and Ra's Al Ghul daughter, Talia.

Episode 2.24: Darkseid Descending!

Episode 2.25: Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!

  • Teaser: Bat-Boy and Rubin attempt to investigate a series of vampire killings - but in truth the vampire is Bat-Boy himself.
  • Main: Bat-Mite reveals that this is just one of the limitless versions of Batman that exist, and then presents two more: Bat-Manga!, which sees an Anime-style Batman and Robin battle the immortal Lord Deathman (and a poor quality dub); and a story which sees Mystery, Inc team up with Batman and Robin when they discover that the Theatre Phantom is none other than the Joker!
  • Notes:
    • Bat-Boy and Rubin are from MAD Magazine and appeared first in issue #8, December 1953.
    • The Bat-Manga! sequence is based on Jiro Kuwata's licensed Batman manga from the 1960s. Lord Deathman was Kuwata's version of Death Man, a one-off Silver Age villain who was recently revived by Grant Morrison.
    • The Scooby-Doo crossover also sees a guest appearance by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Episode 2.26: The Malicious Mr. Mind!

  • Teaser: Batman must help Kamandi find a weapon in the present to defeat an enemy from the future; it turns out that what he needed was a pack of batteries.
  • Main: Dr. Sivana hits Batman with a ray that causes him to grow progressively younger, while his ally the alien worm Mr. Mind manipulates the thoughts of the Marvel Family to turn them against each other.
  • Notes: Batman turned into a baby in the 1961 comic, "Batman Becomes Bat-Baby!" (review by Lewis Lovhaug).

Episode 3.01: The Battle of the Superheroes!

  • Teaser: Batman and Robin fight Pharaoh while wearing special mummified uniforms to protect them from his magic.
  • Main: After Lex Luthor affects Superman with red Kryptonite, he becomes cruel and takes over Metropolis. Batman joins forces with Krypto the Superdog to stop him.
  • Notes: This episode is an homage to the Superman stories of the Silver Age, especially the "Superdickery" theme.
    • Batman's Powered Armor is from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and some of the Freeze Frames are homages to specific panels of the fight.
    • Mister Mxyzptlk transforms Jimmy Olsen into some of the many weird forms he took in the Silver Age, plus Jungle Jimmy. We also see him in "Turtle Boy" form.
    • Vicky Vale appears in the Teaser segment.
    • The first pair of blows Superman lands on Batman mirror his beatdown of Darkseid in the finale of Justice League.
    • The absurd "S" hat Superman briefly wears is a direct copy of the "Pope Hat" that the caption writer of Superdickery frequently mentions and praises.
    • Two shout-outs to Superman: The Movie:
      • The girl playing with the cat looks exactly like the girl who witnesses Superman rescue her cat from a tree (and gets smacked by her mother for lying)
      • Batman calls Luthor a "diseased maniac", something that Superman calls him in the original film.
    • There's also a direct Shout-Out to the 1966 Adam West series — Batman and Robin defeat King Tut's Anubis ray in the Batman Cold Open by wearing mummy bandages coated in buttermilk, which neutralizes the ray. This calls back to Season 2, Episode 8 of the '66 series, where Batman defeats King Tut's use of the "AbuRabuSimbu Two" mind control potion on him by drinking six glasses of buttermilk beforehand. Who would have thought that King Tut's second nemesis was the milkman?

Episode 3.02: Joker: The Vile and the Villainous!

Episode 3.03: Shadow of the Bat!

  • Teaser: Batman and Robin (in Tarzan outfits) fight Catwoman and her pet black panther Hecate in Africa. They are assisted by Bat-Ape.
  • Main: Batman becomes a vampire after being bitten by the vampire Dala while pursuing her with Etrigan the Demon. When most of the Justice League International end up turned into vampires as well, Martian Manhunter must be helped by Etrigan.
  • Notes:
    • This is the first time in the series Etrigan has appeared in the present.
    • Batman never became a vampire- that part was all a hallucination caused by Dala's bite.

Episode 3.04: Night of the Batmen

Episode 3.05 Scorn of the Star Sapphire!

  • Teaser: Wonder Woman rescues Batman and her boyfriend Steve Trevor from her foe, Baroness Von Gunther.
  • Main: Green Lantern Hal Jordan needs Batman's help with his enemy Star Sapphire, who is actually the Superpowered Evil Side of his girlfriend, Carol Ferris.
  • Notes: Baroness Gunther used a suit of Powered Armor based on that of Baron Blitzkrieg, another Wonder Woman foe.
    • The theme from the original Wonder Woman TV show is heard when she first appears.

Episode 3.06 Time Out for Vengeance!

  • Teaser: Batman gets help from the half-crazy hero The Creeper in capturing the monstrous insect villain, Hellgrammite.
  • Main: Rip Hunter, the Time Master, recruits the Justice League to save various versions of Batman through history from the villain Equinox.
  • Notes: The lack of logic of Time Paradoxes is directly lampshaded by Fire and Ice.
    • Guy is reading a comic book about hippie superhero Brother Power, The Geek.

Episode 3.07 Triumvirate of Terror!

  • Teaser: The Justice League International plays a baseball game against The Legion of Doom.
  • Main: Lex Luthor, The Joker and The Cheetah exchange enemies (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) in an attempt to finally defeat them.
  • Notes: The teaser segment is based on a story from the old DC Comics series, Strange Sport Stories.
    • The President of the United States of the future (shown in the end) is Prez Rickard.

Episode 3.08 Sword Of The Atom!

  • Teaser: Aquaman and his family star in a TV Sitcom titled "The Currys of Atlantis." Batman has a cameo appearance.
  • Main: When Ray Palmer, the original Atom, goes missing in the Amazon jungle, and Batman vanishes while looking for him, Aquaman recruits Ryan Choi, the second Atom, to help him find them (against his will as he had already retired as a superhero.)
  • Notes: This episode is based on the Sword Of The Atom miniseries from the 1980s.

Episode 3.09 Bold Beginnings!

Episode 3.10 Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth!

  • Teaser: Batman is roasted (in both senses of the word) by The Joker and various other villains. Comedian Jeffrey Ross is forced to participate.
  • Main: The Justice League hosts a party on their Space Base, The Watchtower, for the Justice Society of America, but the two teams get in a fight over trivial things. Meanwhile Batman tries to stop Ra's Al Ghul's scheme to flood the world but runs into trouble.
  • Notes: This episode is a homage to the yearly JSA/JLA comic book crossovers, most of which were titled "Crisis (of something)".

Episode 3.11 Four Star Spectacular!

  • Teaser: none
  • Main: A compilation of four short stories, with Batman appearing in reduced roles:
  • Notes: Each section had its own title.

Episode 3.12 Powerless!

  • Teaser: The Batmen of All Nations are attacked by The "Jokers of All Nations" at the heroes' headquarters.
  • Main: The newest member of the Justice League, Captain Atom, loses his powers when they fight his old enemy Major Force, and Batman and Aquaman try to help him adjust.
  • Notes: Aquaman sings a song in this episode.

Episode 3.13 Mitefall!