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Quotes: From Nobody to Nightmare

Illyria: The Wolf, Ram, and Hart? In my time, they were weak. Barely above the vampire.
Knox: Huh. I guess they beefed up.

"I never asked for this
Or planned it in advance
I was merely blown here
By the winds of chance
I never saw myself
As a Solomon or Socrates
I knew who I was:
One of your dime-a-dozen
Then suddenly I'm here
Respected - worshipped, even
Just because the folks in Oz
Needed someone to believe in"
The Wizard, Wicked

"I believe in them. I was one of them before I turned tiger. They can all turn uncommon if they're kicked awake like I was."
Gully Foyle, The Stars My Destination

"Look at you, Jen. You were a sweet kid. Look at you now. The stuff of nightmares. I don't want my world populated by monsters."
Ganger Cleaves, Doctor Who

"I was just a paper hanger; no-one more obscurer. Got a phone call from the Reichstag, told me I was Führer! Germany was blue, oh, what oh what to do? Hitched up my pants, and conquered France - Now Deutschland's smiling through! And now, it's Springtime For Hitler, And Germany!"

"Turns out, mess with someone's head enough, you can turn a scared little kid into an all powerful bitch."
Jack, Mass Effect 2

"It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan. No-one cared who I was 'til I put on the mask."

"That such a man could go so far toward realizing his ambitions — that is a phenomenon the world will ponder for centuries to come."
Konrad Heiden, Der Fuhrer: Hitler's Rise to Power

Anyone else find it really funny that we’re talking about Skitter being powerful like we used to talk about Kaiser and Lung? If you’d told me the gawky bug girl was going to be one of the scariest motherfuckers in town, I wouldn’t have believed you
A random online commenter on Skitter's rise to power, Worm

Megamind: Who is this man we've infused with god-like powers?
Minion: Well sir, his name is Hal Stewart. He's 28 years old, no criminal records... Actually, no records at all. Apparently this man hasn't accomplished anything.
Influence is largely a matter of patience, I find. Once I had served the sorcerer's purpose, he threw me out of his house to die. I resolved to live, to spite him: I begged; I sold what parts of my body remained to me; I became an excellent thief... and soon learned that the contents of a man's letters are more valuable than the contents of his purse. Step by step, one distasteful task after another, I made my way from the slums of Myr to the Small Council Chamber. Influence grows like a weed: I tended mine patiently, until its tendrils reached from the Red Keep all the way to the far side of the world, where I managed to wrap them around something very special...
(Opens the box, revealing a weak, emaciated-looking figure)
A fortnight ago, I had no army. A year ago, I had no dragons.

Spike: She's too far gone for to help. She's... one of us now. She's a monster.
Angel: She's an innocent victim.
Spike: So were we, once upon a time.
Angel, "Damage"

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