Quotes: Face Death with Dignity

There is nothing proper about what you are doing, soldier, but do try to kill me properly.
—last words of Cicero (attributed)

Gozaburo: The code says you have to die for saving him!
Sun: Yeah, and I can accept that. I meant to save his life! It's my choice! Go on! Go ahead, boil me, grill me, whatever!

Prepare to fight. If we die, we die with honor.
Shang, Mulan

I can die with dignity, or I can suffer abject humiliation. Or, in my case, both, but without the dignity.

The Doctor: I wish I had known you better.
Father Octavian: I think, sir, that you know me at my best.

Let the Dragonborn finish it. It will make for a better song.
Ulfric Stormcloak, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, at the end of the Civil War storyline on the Legion side

If I am going to die, I'm going to do it with dignity.
Rarity The End of a Nightmare

Rebecca Adler: I just want to die with a little dignity.
Dr. Gregory House: There's no such thing! Our bodies break down, sometimes when we're 90, sometimes before we're even born, but it always happens and there's never any dignity in it! I don't care if you can walk, see, wipe your own ass... it's always ugly, always! You can live with dignity; you can't die with it!

No point asking when it is,
No point asking who's to go,
No point asking what's the game,
No point asking who's to blame,
'Cos if you're gonna die, if you're gonna die,
If you're gonna die, if you're gonna die,
If you're gonna die, die with your boots on...

Bill: How do I look?
Beatrix: You look ready.
*Bill calmly stands up, takes five steps, and dies from the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique*

How awesome would Darth Vader’s death scene really be if, after his heroic sacrifice, he spent his last few moments screaming “The force lightning! It BUUUURNS! This is the worst pain IMAGINABLE!! Luke, would you stop sitting there like a nerf herder and get your old man some freaking MORPHINE?!”

Up that narrow street he stepped, smiling proud and young
About the hemp rope on his neck, the golden ringlets clung
There is never a tear in his blue eyes, though sad and bright are they
As young Roddy McCorley goes to die on the bridge of Toome today.
There is never a one of all your dead, more bravely fell in fray,
Than he who marches to his fate on the bridge of Toome today,
True to the last, true to the last, he treads the upward way,
As young Roddy McCorley goes to die on the bridge of Toome today.
— Ethna Carbery, Roddy McCorley

Jerry: Can't you at least die with a little dignity?
George: No, I can't! I can't die with dignity! I have no dignity! I want to be the one person who doesn't die with dignity! I live my whole life in shame! Why should I die with dignity?

"And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his Gods."
—Lord Macaulay, Horatius at the Bridge

"If you're going to die, at least die with courage."
Leanne to Zephyr, Resonance of Fate

Alan Quatermain: Well look on the bright side — at least we're the main course.
Jesse Huston: Oh sure, a joke! Well I don't need to die with dignity! I want to scream...ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!
(Cannibals give war-cry in response)

Just make it quick Warden. I can face the Maker knowing Ferelden is in your hands.
Loghain Mac Tir, Dragon Age: Origins

Down by the donut prince
A fifteen year old boy lies on the sidewalk
With a bullet in his forehead
In a final act of indignity
The paramedics take off all his clothes
For the whole world to see
While they put him in the bag
Eels ' "Susan's House" from Beautiful Freak.