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Memes: The Legend of Korra

Considering how popular the first series was, it's no surprise we should expect the same treatment from Aang's literal Spiritual Successor.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Example 

  • Lin's father is Azula.
  • Bolin's stage-whispered "The Avatar!", the first line heard from the new series.
  • Buttering bagels.Explanation 
  • Korra's introduction as the Avatar: "I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!"
  • No Bender is safe. Explanation 
  • Lin Beifong making the Eye Am Watching You gesture at Korra as she walks out with Tenzin, and Korra returning the gesture, but with a much more ridiculous rage face; as well as Lin shrugging with the most "whatever" expression ever animated afterwards.
  • Many fans proudly identify as Korrasexual.
    • Asamisexual, Makosexual, Bolinsexual, and Linsexual are starting to float around too.
      • Shortly after he first appeared, even though he had two lines, Irohsexual was already being tossed around.
  • "Korra, get in my office! I need pictures! Pictures of Spider-Man/The Avatar/The Blue Spirit!" note 
  • Be the leaf! So popular that the phrase "you only live once" has been co-opted to become "you only leaf once."
    • Meelo in general.
  • Fucking Hasook. note 
  • According to a certain commentator, Mako and Bolin are still "fresh and juicy".
  • Mako is Batman! Really, there's proof! note 
  • Mako's garnered quite a few different interpretations by the fandom. The last scene of him looking out the window brooding in the second episode has gotten people to hilariously dub over, or caption, what he's thinking. Case in point. There's also "Tsundere" Mako, "Uke" Mako who ought to just stay in the kitchen and let Korra do all the work, and Beautiful Mako Problems.
    • And now, Mermako.note 
    • The Equalist Mako concept has gained popularity since Tinted Green.
  • Comedy Amon. note 
  • Bad Luck Bolin. note 
  • Where's Sokka's Statue!? note 
  • Asami's Hair Flip, seen here.
  • Asami as Carmen Sandiego, [1]
  • Perfect Man Bolin/Feminist Bolin. note 
  • YOU'RE a bad idea! note 
  • Since there are plenty of creeps so far in the show, it's no surprise that there would be a lot of Just for Pun Memetic Molester memes floating around. Here's one of Amon, and one of Tahno.
  • The line in which Tahno offers "private lessons" to Korra was made into an electro house remix on Tumblr. The song spread like wildfire.
  • Substituting Bolin's name into different songs is popular, such as Bolin in the Deep and They see me Bolin.
  • Every time you leak something from an episode of Korra, Koh steals a kitten's face. note 
  • Korra and Mako kiss each other or other people while a third character walks in on them, wearing a heartbroken expression while holding a bouquet of roses and Pabu is around their neck. note 
  • "Makooooooo-oh." note 
  • Mako's one true love is money or his scarf.
  • Inappropriate Timing Spongebob. He laughs at your pain. note 
  • Everybody's parents being killed by a firebender. note 
    • Some fans have joked that all these people were killed by the same person, named A. Firebender. And he's a waterbender for some reason.
      • Partial credit for whoever started this meme, since Amon is a waterbender and claims his parents were killed by a firebender. He kinda did kill his father (though some would say his father had it coming) by running away.
  • Even his hair is broken! note 
  • "Get in, loser! We're going Equalist hunting/shipping/etc!" note 
  • A growing number of fans have taken to identifying the real-world counterparts to the cars seen in the show.
    • On that note: Team Avatar's transport from the start was almost universally agreed upon to be called the Korramobile.
  • "I Hope Tarrlok [bad inconvenience here, such as 'drinks orange juice after brushing his teeth']" jokes have sprung up en masse after episode 8.note 
  • Avatar Kyoshi giving Korra overly violent advice, or reveling in the destruction Korra causes, including a blog based on the idea.
  • Using "doozy" to refer to every intense episode note 
  • IS IT SATODAY YET? note 
    • IT'S AMONDAY note 
  • Amon is a rapist.
  • "But first, let me tell you about my boomerang." note 
  • Meelo and Wash. [2]note 
  • Amon is Amonster.
    • Amon puns are running rampant in general. note 
  • Amon: "I am the solution."
  • "But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked." note 
    • In Book Two this became "But everything changed when the Water Tribe attacked." note 
  • Lin is my hero. note 
  • A lot of people are also claiming Iroh II is secretly a Disney Prince
    • Not to mention that the "Honor" jokes made a comeback, including (although that one is a bit older) the Fan Nickname for Zuko's daughter: Honora.
  • Uninterested husband. note 
  • Comparing the Lieutenant to Team Rocket or claiming that he'll be sleeping on the couch. note 
  • As of Endgame, We've got Naga
  • Oh no, he's hot! note 
  • Avatar Fatty/Fatvatar/Cakebender note 
    • Avatar Jafarnote 
  • Korra shipping chartnote 
  • Avatar Parallelsnote 
  • Mermako. note 
  • Making gifs of the scene of Korra's horrendously shocked reaction when Ikki blabs to Asami that Korra likes Mako.
    • Likewise, a follow-up scene, Ikki's feral reaction after Korra locks the door on her.
  • "Iroh Man," named after Iroh's rocket boot-like firebending in episode 12 that draws straight from the Iron Man playbook.
    • For that matter, the shock gauntlets Amon's henchmen tote around have led to a ton of Iron Man jokes about ripping off his weapons.
    • Amon is Tony Stark.
  • Korra: If you're a waterbender, why are you white?
    • This one's making a comeback with Bolin's "Nuktuk, Hero of the South" mover.
  • "Wait, did [X] just die?" "You know, it was really unclear." note 
    • "Wait, did the Lieutenant just die?" "You know, it was really unclear."note 
    • "Wait, did Mako even break up with Asami?" "It was really unclear." note 
    • "Wait, did the Earth Queen just die? "Y'know, it was really unclear." note 
  • Almost from the second he was introduced, people have been making jokes about how "Wan" sounds like "one".
  • "You amuse me. I will make you mine." with regards to Bolin.
  • AUGH AUGH AUGH Explanation 
  • Well that Eska-lated quickly. note 
  • Dammit, Unalaq! note 
  • Meelo is a Pokey-mon master. Explanation 
  • Varrick is Tony Stark and Zhu Li is JARVIS.
    • Or alternatively, Pepper.
  • Nuktuk, Hero of the South!Explanation 
  • I am sex and melancholy.Explanation 
  • Varrick is behind everything.Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Avatar AladdinExplanation 
    • Wan jump ahead of the breadline... Explanation 
  • Wan puns are becoming the new Amon puns. Explanation 
  • Being Asami is suffering. Explanation 
    • Or Asami AbuseExplanation 
  • Vaatu was the original Reaper.Explanation 
  • "Zhu Li, do the thing!" Explanation 
  • "This artifact was passed down to me from my uncle." Explanation 
  • [insert situation]
    Mako: Korra... I broke up with you..note 
  • Republic RimExplanation 
  • Fanart of human!Raava - typically a pale, regal woman wearing a kimono and hair ornaments, with white hair and blue facial markings - is practically as popular as fanart of her true form.
    • Waava is my new OTP!Explanation 
  • Putting a blush on Unalaq face especially when he looks at Vaatu. Explanation 
  • "Jinora Christ" Explanation 
  • You're an Airbender, and you're an Airbender, EVERYBODY'S AN AIRBENDER!! Explanation 
  • Zaheer puns have begun. Explanation 
    • To a lesser degree, P'Li puns. Explanation 
  • Hipster Zaheer. note 
  • Toph Really Gets Around. Spoilers 
  • R.I.P. Bosco. Explanation 
  • Opal is evil. Explanation 
  • Episode ten/Zaheer is breathtaking! Explanation 
  • Never trust episode ten. Explanation 
  • Zaheer is Bane. Explanation 
  • "As long as I'm breathing, it's not over." Explanation 
  • "Guru Laghima. An airbender." Explanation 
  • P'li's death was mind-blowing Book 3 finale spoilers 
    • And to a lesser extent, jokes have been made about Ming-Hua's death being "shocking" Explanation, Book 3 finale spoilers 
    • And to an even lesser extent, crushing/buried or "earth-shattering" puns about Ghazan's death Explanation, book 3 finale spoilers 
    • And we are not "yanking your chain" about Zaheer's ultimate defeat. Explanation, book 3 finale spoilers 
  • It's Aang! Book 3 finale spoilers 
  • All my friends are dead. Book 3 finale spoilers 
  • Put a sock in it! Book 3 finale spoilers 
  • You know, for kids! Explanation, spoilers 
  • SOON. Explanation 
    • OCTOBER 3! Explanation 
  • Prince Wuzko Explanation 
    • Let Kuvira take over! Explanation 
  • Kai's voice! Explanation 
  • Gifs of Kuvira's high speed metalbending have become popular, especially when paired with music.
  • The Great Divider... of legs. Explanation 
  • Lin is Momboss. Explanation 
  • "That can't be it! Where's the rest of it?" Explanation 
  • "I can't believe it. Hama?" Explanation 
  • The face Mako made when Bolin said Kuvira was a lot like Korra became memetic practically the moment it was first seen.
  • The Earth Empire is America! Explanation 
  • Frog-squirrels. Explanation 
  • Best Avatar Dad Unalaq. Explanation 
  • Bad Pick Up Line Meelo. Explanation 
  • Toph summarizes Avatar. Explanation 

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