Laconic / The Legend of Korra

Show: Avatar Korra tries to bring balance to the changing world around her.
  • Season 1: Avatar Korra fights the anti-bending revolution in Republic City, headed by Amon.
  • Season 2: Avatar Korra learns about the Avatar's origin and battles the Dark Spirits.
  • The Game: An Interquel between 2 & 3 where Korra loses her abilities, and has to regain them while facing against an ancient enemy of the Avatar.
  • Season 3: Avatar Korra searches the world for new Airbenders, who received their abilities after the Harmonic Convergence. Meanwhile, a group of four criminals with unique bending abilities are after the Avatar.
  • Season 4: Avatar Korra spends years recovering from a poison that nearly crippled her, while the world is threatened by the rise of the Earth Empire, lead by the dictator Kuvira.

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