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Recap: The Legend of Korra

WARNING: All spoilers on these pages are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

Book One: Air

  1. "Welcome to Republic City"
  2. "A Leaf in the Wind"
  3. "The Revelation"
  4. "The Voice in the Night"
  5. "The Spirit of Competition"
  6. "And the Winner Is..."
  7. "The Aftermath"
  8. "When Extremes Meet"
  9. "Out of the Past"
  10. "Turning the Tides"
  11. "Skeletons in the Closet"
  12. "Endgame"

Book Two: Spirits

  1. "Rebel Spirit"
  2. "The Southern Lights"
  3. "Civil Wars Part 1"
  4. "Civil Wars Part 2"
  5. "Peacekeepers"
  6. "The Sting"
  7. "Beginnings Part 1"
  8. "Beginnings Part 2"
  9. "The Guide"
  10. "A New Spiritual Age"
  11. "Night of a Thousand Stars"
  12. "Harmonic Convergence"
  13. "Darkness Falls"
  14. "Light in the Dark"

Book Three: Change

  1. "A Breath of Fresh Air"
  2. "Rebirth"
  3. "The Earth Queen"
  4. "In Harm's Way"
  5. "The Metal Clan"
  6. "Old Wounds"Note 
  7. "Original Airbenders"Note 
  8. "The Terror Within"Note 
  9. "The Stakeout"Note 
  10. To Be Announced
  11. To Be Announced
  12. To Be Announced
  13. To Be AnnouncedNote 

Book Four

13 episodes, titles to be announced.
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