Heartwarming / The Legend of Korra

"He wasn't alone. He had his friends to help him."

Sometimes, this series just makes us so dang happy.

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Book 1: Air

    Welcome to Republic City 
  • In the first episode, when Tenzin's kids land on the dock? Jinora is letting Meelo ride piggyback.
  • The Bear Hug between Korra, Tenzin, and his kids at the end of the first episode. Also leads to a Funny Moment with Korra lifting not only the kids off of the ground, but also lifting Tenzin up with ease. Naga nuzzling them seals the deal.
    • And right before this hug, Tenzin's kids arrive on the dock and enthusiastically hug Korra. Jinora is slightly hesitant, but Korra waves at her to join in. Which she does.
  • Katara smiling at Korra as she excitedly runs off after her training session in the first episode.
  • Tenzin's kids calling Katara "Gran Gran".
  • Katara allowing Korra to go to Republic City, obviously remembering her grandmother letting her go on her own adventure.
  • When Katara talks about her other children, she mentions that one of kids' name is Bumi. Aang named one of his sons after his best friend. Their eldest daughter, Kya, is also named after Katara's mother.

    A Leaf in the Wind 
  • After Korra calls Tenzin a bad teacher and walks off, with Meelo imitating her and smashing things, his two little girls go and hug him.
  • When restrained, unenthusiastic Tenzin, fresh off of getting VERY angry at Korra, stays behind to watch her Pro-Bending debut and cheers like a fanboy at her victory... then looks around to see if anyone saw him and slinks away awkwardly. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • At the end of the episode Mako stares at the island while Korra stares at the city. The music and the atmosphere make the scene absolutely beautiful.
  • More on the music. Korra's music and the music that seems to be setting the tone of the series is just perfect for it. But when Korra begins to use airbending movements at the fight the music changes to a callback of the previous series' music and is ultimately wonderfully nostalgic and triumphant.
  • Jinora's crossing through the spinning gates. Anyone who watched the first season of The Last Airbender can tell her stance and movements are exactly like her grandfather's were. It's a truly beautiful thing to see Jinora is just as much a prodigy to airbending as Aang was.
  • Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo each giving their own advice to Korra on how to cross the spinning gates.

     The Revelation 
  • Bolin gleefully shouting "I love you!" to Mako as he's rescued.
  • When it's revealed that Bolin spent a lot of money on groceries, Mako is really annoyed. But after that, and a hard day's work filled with grueling manual labor, he still gets Bolin's favorite dumplings on the way back home.
  • When Korra returns to Air Temple Island, Tenzin is relieved to see her safe—and when she tells him an unlikely-yet-true story, he takes roughly two seconds before deciding that he believes her.
  • Korra and Mako falling asleep against each other. The following reaction is priceless.
  • Skoochy, despite being a serial pickpocket and only giving Mako information on Bolin's whereabouts after he [Mako] gave him money, the young urchin gives off a brotherly air to his fellow street urchins. From laughing at their mischievous action towards each other to beckoning them that it's time to go.

     A Voice in the Night 
  • Korra wakes up from a nightmare and Naga lays her head on Korra's lap. Anyone who has ever owned a dog can vouch for this being Truth in Television. The moment is captured in gif form here.
  • Asami and Mako's trip through the park at night. There's just something so sweet about her telling him that she feels safe with him, just as he feels safe with his father's scarf.
  • Hiroshi Sato being willing to sponsor the Fire Ferrets. He's one of the wealthiest people in Republic City but he never forgot where he came from, and is happy to return the favor of a 'selfless loan.'
    • Although it turns out this is only so they won't suspect him of being the guy who makes all the Equalists' weapons.
  • Tenzin comforting Korra as she cries after her close encounter with Amon is the most heartwarming moment of the show so far.
    • Tenzin throughout the episode, where he pretty much sees exactly what's going on and gently tries to help and shield Korra in her struggle with her fear.
  • Bolin giving Korra a cupcake and a rose as thanks for saving him from Amon, and then offering to deal with Tarrlok if he was harassing her.
    • This is pretty much the only scene that Korra laughs in during this episode, even if it's just a small laugh and smile.
  • A retroactive one in which Mako explains to Asami how his Scarf Of Ass Kicking is the only memento he has left of his father. In "The Revelation", he lent it to Korra when they sneak in to the Equalist rally.

     The Spirit Of Competition 
  • Bolin and Korra hanging out together. It's so cute, funny, and wonderful at the same time. Everything from them punking the Wolfbats at the restaurant, to their enjoying the view of the city in winter from one of the tower landmarks, to the burping contest that leaves the other restaurant patrons agape in disbelief at both of them. That sound you're hearing is the collective squeeing of all the Bolin/Korra shippers out there.
    • Everything Bolin does is so often Played for Laughs, which just amplifies the sweetness of the moment when Bolin's face softens as he watches Korra absorb the view at the end of this date sequence.
  • Mako and Bolin in the aftermath of the Makorra kiss. Bolin is drunk off his ass on Water Tribe noodles, and Mako knows exactly where he is and picks him up to carry him home. That's brotherly love for you.
  • The Fire Ferrets realize that maybe romantic tensions have yet to be resolved, but life goes on and they can still be friends.
  • Bolin and Mako making up.
    Mako: "Are you okay? How's your shoulder"
    Bolin: "It's messed up pretty bad...But yeah. I think I'll be all right."
    Bolin: "Are we...gonna be all right?"
    Mako: "Of course we are! We're brothers. We'll get through this mess. I'm sorry."
  • Mako and Bolin cheering and Mako picking Bolin up from behind in a Bear Hug after Korra wins the match.
    Bolin: "Shoulder! Shoulder!"
  • Korra sincerely thanking Asami for all her help.
  • Korra healing Bolin, as taught by none other than Katara, "the best there is".note 
  • Bolin calling Korra the "smartest, funniest, toughest, buffest, talentedest, incrediblest girl in the world."

     And The Winner Is... 
  • Lin, who has a grudge against Korra for being a Destructive Savior, still chooses saving Korra on multiple occasions over fighting/arresting the Equalists.
  • Tenzin reveals that despite Lin's personality not having changed much since she was a kid, she still "got along famously" with Aang.
    • She even calls him "[Tenzin's] sweet-tempered father" when comparing Korra to him, showing she still respects him and likes him after all these years.
  • Mako and Bolin hug Korra after she comes back from trying and failing to get to Amon. They can truly be called the Krew now.
    • Particularly Mako's earnest tone of voice when he tells her "I'm so glad you're safe!" Yeah, he definitely likes her.
  • There's another moment when Tenzin reveals to Lin that since Korra joined the Fire Ferrets he's brushed up on the rules for pro-bending, a sport he was initially opposed to and thought of as a "mockery" of bending.

     The Aftermath 
  • After the events with the previous episode, Tahno has shown he has opened up a kind side to him and has a short chat with Korra, both having no resentment. Before he goes with Lin and Tenzin to be interrogated, he looks to Korra and gives a farewell with a smirk, dropping the accent to boot.
    Tahno: See you around, Uh-vatar.
  • Korra sacrificing her own possible relationship with Mako, telling him Asami will need him after learning her father is an Equalist.
  • The Cabbage Man, the eternal Butt-Monkey of the original series, now has his own statue at the company he built.
  • Korra offering Mako and Bolin a place to stay at the beginning of the episode, an offer that she says is both still open and extended to Asami after they learn the truth about Hiroshi Sato.
    • Korra consistently showed sympathy toward Asami, never angry or suspicious toward her even when rightfully accusing her father and having Asami vehemently defending him.
  • Korra and Asami bonding at the race track, with Korra admitting she was wrong to judge her before.
  • A small one, but Bolin and Mako (Mako!) messing around in the pool like the brothers they are is really sweet, especially in between the previous episode and the climax of this one.
  • Look carefully at Tenzin's use of Air-Cycle. Not only he is using a modified version of Aang's air-scooter, he's showing that despite being the opposite of his father, he's still proud to be his son.

     When Extremes Meet 
  • Meelo's crush on Asami, doubling as a running Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • We hear Shiro Shinobi narrating the "Recap" at the beginning. For everyone who was worried about what happened to him after he disappeared the last week, he's okay. Many fans grinned when they heard his voice.
  • Pabu comforting Korra by licking at her face. He seems to like her as much as Naga.
  • Korra telling Naga "Don't worry, girl, I'll be all right" before going to fight Tarrlok, and Naga nuzzling her.
  • When Bolin shouts, "The new Team Avatar!" for the first time, hearts will melt.
  • After Tarrlok mentions that Korra is merely an "Avatar-in-training" due to her inability to airbend, she's very down on herself and considers herself a failure. Mako comments that even Avatar Aang did not know all of the elements when he faced the Fire Nation, and Bolin comments that Aang also didn't face his problems alone, he had his friends who saw him through everything. Mako, Bolin, and Asami all pledge their support to Korra, and snap her right out of her funk.
  • Mako opening the car door for Korra. Given the current status of their relationship, it was probably an innocent act of friendship, which means that both shippers and none-shippers of Makorra can enjoy it. Anyone who's ever had a close friend do something like that for them, small but sweet, knows how heartwarming it is. If nothing else, it's just nice to see Korra and Mako, who spend a lot of time fighting and picking on each other, showing the softer side of their relationship.
  • The moment when the crowd being rounded up by Tarrlok and the police force beg Korra for help. Despite Tarrlok's actions validating everything that Amon and the Equalists have been saying about bender oppression, ordinary people still have faith in the Avatar to stand up for all people, which is exactly what she proceeds to do.

     Out Of The Past 
  • In the beginning, we have an adorable shot of Pema, Tenzin, and Meelo asleep together- with the little kid nestled up between his parents.
  • Mako's concern for Korra is quite intensely heartwarming; he was willing to go so far as threaten an Equalist mook with firebending to tell him what he wanted to know.
    • At the end of the episode, Mako tells Tenzin, Lin, and the rest of Team Avatar to give Korra some space, then carries over to Oogie's saddle so she can get some rest. He certainly can't deny that he likes her now.
    • Even more heartwarming in hindsight with Mako's admission in "Endgame" that it was when Korra was taken that he realized he was in love with her.
  • It was nice to see Aang, Toph, and Sokka again and all grown up. Even if it was only in flashback form.
    • And Toph still calls Aang "Twinkle Toes" even though they're both in their forties. Nicknames really stay with you for life.
    • "Whoa... I finally connected with you, Aang."
  • Naga went looking for Korra and found her.
  • Lin Beifong rescuing her officers. For such a badass Iron Lady, it's really nice to see how much she cares for them, going so far as to sneak into the Equalist base just for them (as well as look for Korra). The way she spoke to her officers was probably the softest we have seen speak, and she felt very bad that Amon de-bended them. She truly is A Mother to Her Men.
  • The part where Lin zips up Bolin's zipper is heartwarming as well as a funny moment. Not only does Lin act like a typical mother, but Bolin acts like a typical son. This is more heartwarming when you think about how Bolin hasn't truly had a maternal figure since he was six years old.
  • The scene of the ex-metalbenders was tragic. We later see one of them sitting beside Bolin as the Krew escapes. After Bolin does his whole "Try chi-blocking that, fools!", the ex-metalbender has a big grin on his face. It is really heartwarming given he was stripped of his power, was jailed for weeks, and finally had something worth smiling about.

     Turning the Tides 
  • The General who's Zuko's grandson. What's his name? Iroh.
  • Asami admits that, even with her jealousy issues, she still likes Korra, stating that it's Mako she has a problem with. It's nice to see a Love Triangle where one of the women doesn't hate the other.
    • Even nicer when you realise that neither of them hate the other and in fact have a healthy respect for each other. They even consider each other to be True Companions as the new Team Avatar.
  • Jinora beating up Equalists to save Lin with her siblings. "Stay away from my dad's ex girlfriend!"
    • After Lin's Heroic Sacrifice to perform a You Shall Not Pass on the airships to give Tenzin's family a chance at escape, Meelo declares "That lady is my hero" and Tenzin agrees.
  • Lin's refusal to tell Amon where Korra is at the cost of her bending.
    • It makes it even more heartwarming that she's gone from despising Korra to even being willing to lose her bending to protect Korra and Tenzin's family.
    • Not only that, she believes so strongly that the world's last airbenders must survive that she's willing to go to what could very well have been her death, as well as figuring Amon would take her bending at the very least.
  • Tenzin's concern for his children fighting alongside Lin was understandable, but Lin tells them that they did a great job, and that Tenzin should be proud, and has taught them well.
  • Tenzin's fourth child is born. A nice quiet moment in a Wham Episode.
    • Tenzin's older kids introducing themselves to their new little brother.
    Ikki: Welcome, I'm Ikki and this is Jinora and Meelo. We have a super great family and we're so happy that you're a part of it!
  • Tenzin trying to face the mechas alone so the officers can run. It fails, but thankfully backup arrived.
  • As soon as Tenzin gets home from finding Korra, he rushes to his wife and children, who are all sleeping together. Turns out they stayed up the whole night to try to catch him once he got home. The scene gets even more aww-worthy when Tenzin scoops up Ikki into his arms and hugs her, telling everyone that everything's going to be alright.
  • Mako sitting by Korra's bedside and holding her hand as she sleeps.
  • Jinora the big sister. There are several small but very heartwarming moments throughout the episode. After Tenzin reassures the family about Korra, Jinora lays Meelo's head in her lap and smiles. When the Equalist airship is approaching and Lin tells the kids to get inside, Jinora takes Ikki and Meelo by the hands and leads them away. When the family is escaping on Oogi, Jinora and Ikki are holding onto each other.
  • After Korra grumbles about needing to be patient, Tenzin says that she's learning well. The little smile she gives, and the subsequent hug in the next scene, show just how far their relationship has come from the initial episodes.
  • Mention must be made of the White Lotus guards holding off the chi-blockers long enough for Korra and her friends to escape the besieged Air Temple Island. They know what their sacrifice is going to cost, but their job is to protect the Avatar, and by gum that's what they're gonna do.
  • Lin (who tried to have Pema arrested for stealing Tenzin from her) getting along with Pema just fine and even was concerned for her well being when she was having contractions. Especially sweet considering she held resentment towards Tenzin until Chapter 7.

     Skeleton In The Closet 
  • Mako telling Korra that she is the most loyal, brave and selfless person he's ever known and he can't imagine his life without her. Korra responds with how he already knows how incredible she thinks he is.
  • Mako telling Asami no matter how messed up things have gotten between them, that he really cares about her. She then kisses him on the cheek, as an indicator that they'll remain friends no matter what.
  • Mako and Bolin hugging and saying they love each other.
  • Korra telling Naga to take care of Bolin. Then Naga licks Bolin.
  • When Team Avatar (plus Iroh) leave the hobo community, Gommu says "Good fortune and success to you, valiant heroes".
    • Not to mention the fact that the community consists of benders and non-benders living together in harmony. There is no single bigger slap in the face they could send to the Equalist's philosophy.
  • Noatak defending Tarrlok from Yakone. And then he offers to take Tarrlok away, so neither of them have to live under Yakone's shadow again.

  • General Iroh looking on as Aang's memorial statue is removed of Amon's mask and thanking him in spirit was a nice touch. Zuko's voice makes it even better. Friendships do transcend lifetimes after all.
    General Iroh: Thanks for looking out for me, Aang.
    • And this.
      General Iroh: My grandfather would trust the Avatar's instincts. So will I.
  • After breaking down from the loss of her water, earth, and firebending, Korra runs off to be alone. Then Aang appears. Then all the past Avatars. Then he restores Korra's bending.
    • In relation to that, it perfectly caps off Korra's trait of running out alone when she hits a dark place. Although she's had a bit of a stumbling block until then, now that she's finally made the connection; as the Avatar she is never truly alone.
    • And seeing a fully grown Aang standing shoulder to shoulder with all the past Avatars was one of the best parts of that scene.
    • Further punctuated by Katara in the following scene. She knew only one person could have restored Korra's bending, and was glad that he was back again.
  • Mako telling Korra that, Avatar or not, he loves her.
    • After getting her bending back, Korra tells Mako she loves him back and kisses him. Big Damn Kiss indeed.
    • Korra launches herself into Mako's arms and he twirls her around with such a happy and loving expression on his face. It's a beautiful moment.
    • The proud look Mako gives to Korra after she gets out of the Avatar State.
    • Heartwarming and heartbreaking: When Korra runs off to the cliff after losing her bending, she looks as though she's contemplating suicide. Mako's "I love you" probably made her hesitate just long enough for Spirit!Aang to manifest.
  • Korra finally airbending because Amon was about to take Mako's bending away.
  • Amon reuniting with his brother Tarrlok, and honestly wanting to start a new life away from Republic City. Sadly Tarrlok killed them both in the end, since escaping justice to start a new life was just what their father did, and Tarrlok didn't want his legacy to continue.
    • The final tear that he sheds. So much humanity from both of the characters made it one of the most touching and heartwrenching scenes of the series, even though the two characters had committed so many horrible acts.
  • Lin thanking Korra for returning her bending to her. It's incredibly touching considering how hostile Lin was to Korra at the start of the series.
    • Even more perfect were the expressions on Tenzin, Katara, and Bolin's faces; pure and utter happiness and amazement for Lin.
      • Punctuated by Naga wagging her tail in happiness as soon as Lin demonstrates that that she can bend again.
    • What makes this moment beautiful: Lin got her bending back from the person she saved by losing it.
  • Right before then, the look on Korra's face as she realizes she's become a fully realized Avatar; able to blink in and out of the state, skipping even the reactive phases Aang had to go through. Joy couldn't have been displayed any better (right up there with Tenzin's kids reacting to their new sibling).
  • Bolin rescuing Asami from being killed by her father while calling him out on his being a horrible father.
    • That moment made me a total Bosami shipper. It's not just Pair the Spares anymore to me; they...well...they both deserve it...
  • Tenzin caps the end of the season perfectly by telling Korra how proud he is of her.

Book 2: Spirits

    Rebel Spirit 
  • The fact the bending council was replaced with an elected president. Not only this made Republic City more of a free nation, but that it shows the Equalists' point was still heard and acknowledged.
  • Senna telling Tonraq to calm down when he is visibly upset at the arrival of the Northern Water Tribe ship. It's made even more heartwarming after "The Southern Lights", when it's revealed that Tonraq was disowned and banished from the Northern Water Tribe and partly because of this has a very unstable relationship with his brother who became Chief in his place. He must have been very distressed at Unalaq's visiting the South given this (amongst other things). It's so heartwarming to see Senna so in-tune with her husband's emotions— she knows just how upset he is and it shows how close they are to each other.
  • The hug Asami gives Bolin after their successful interview with Verrick. How badly damaged Future Industries was after the arrest of Hiroshi was entirely understated until Asami's thank-you hug. It spoke volumes about how much stress she was under and Bolin effortlessly paved the way for Future Industries to survive bankruptcy and get back on top.
  • Katara convincing Tenzin to spend time with Bumi and Kya when he's down about Korra leaving to train with Unalaq.
  • Katara being reunited with her grandkids, and Jinora and Kya sharing a warm hug.
  • Katara holding Rohan at the royal feast.
  • Mako telling Korra that, though he's not very good at the Avatar counseling stuff, he knows her heart is in the right place and she'll have to trust it. Korra twining their fingers together and Mako's subsequent smile are very sweet.
  • The Southern Water Tribe has become a large city. Pretty awesome when you remember how it looked in Aang's time.

     The Southern Lights 
  • It's revealed that the Southern Air Temple is now cleaned up and inhabited again. It seems probable the others have been refurbished, too.
  • Bolin running to give Korra a hug after her trek into the spiritual center of the South Pole.
  • Mako once again twirling Korra around in his arms and telling her she "never ceases to amaze" him. She then apologizes for being short with him throughout this episode and the one previous, to which he responds by making a joke about the hardships of being the Avatar's boyfriend. The way he knocks their shoulders together and Korra hugs him afterward is simply adorable.
  • Jinora's look of awe and delight when she sees the statue of Aang.
  • Tonraq's look of pride and his pleased declaration of "She did it!" when he stops his snowmobile to admire the Southern Lights Korra has just released into the sky.
  • Meelo and Ikki curled up in the same bed at the Southern Air Temple.
  • Mako's insistence on making sure Korra is well-prepared for their trip to the South Pole. Though she teases him and calls him "Captain Expedition," she also seems pleased by his care and concern.

    Civil Wars, Part 1 
  • Korra's reconciliation with her father, Tonraq. Truly a sweet moment. This is moments after she foils a kidnapping attempt on Unalaq by a group of Southern Water Tribe waterbenders, of whom she thinks Tonraq is part of, but she turns out to be mistaken.
  • Tenzin using a baby voice when talking to Rohan is somehow very sweet.
  • Kya dropped everything to be with and support Katara after Aang died. Just as it is in real life, individuals who do this for their parents (especially if they seek to satisfy their own wanderlust) sacrifice a lot, and often become embittered about this choice at it robs them of their autonomy and of the many great chances they could have had in life. But Kya is proud of her choice and has even decided to settle down despite what she may have yearned for her own life. She really loves her mother dearly and has a very close connection with her...
    • Arguments on Aang's parenting nonwithstanding, all three kids (and Korra) seem to love and respect Katara, showing that our favorite Team Mom grew up to be a great bender, force for good, and a fantastic mother.

    Civil Wars, Part 2 
  • Tenzin finds Ikki in a cave, having a tea party with baby sky bison. Rather than freak out on her, he asks if he can join in. They end up talking about the good and bad of having siblings, a conversation which leads them to realize how important family really is.
    • And the baby bison themselves. Not only are they adorable, but being around them helps the two of them learn the lesson of the day.
  • Bumi dropping by Aang's statue to talk, hoping that Aang is proud of him for trying to protect the world even though he didn't turn out to be an Airbender. Then Kya comes in and gives him a hug to reassure him.
  • Asami, Mako and Korra working together. With the tension they all had towards the end of Book One to moving to working together, it's something nice to see.
  • Finally, Tenzin brings Ikki back and both sets of siblings make up.
  • Aang and Katara's family portrait. In the words of their kids, it's one good-looking and happy family.
  • Mako standing by Korra's side with his arm on her shoulder during the trial.
  • Despite being willing to just ignore the trial and break her father out, Korra agrees not to interfere because he asks. But then she has to see her mother crying because she feels helpless. She may honor her father's wishes, but she's not about to let her mother suffer for it.
  • Mako and Asami immediately and wholeheartedly agreeing to help Korra break her father and the rebels out of prison, despite Mako giving Korra a few words of caution beforehand.
  • Korra hugging her father and them exchanging "I love you's" as Korra prepares to depart for Republic City to argue the South's case to President Raiko. Considering all the strife Korra and Tonraq went through in the first few episodes, it's nice to see such a sweet moment between them.
  • In addition to the above entry, in the same scene we have the Southern rebels pledging their loyalty to Tonraq, calling him 'Chief', and Korra agreeing with them and telling her father that she'll be proud to fight alongside him against Unalaq. That's straight after Tonraq declares that it's time for him to put Unalaq in his place and stop running from his past.

  • Lin spent the episode acting like her early season 1 self—that is, curt and abrasive. When she learns Korra broke Mako's office in response to them breaking up, instead of scolding him, she tries to make him feel better.
  • Korra seeks out General Iroh (still voiced by Dante Basco) to ask him and the United Forces ships under his command for help. While this ultimately fails, as President Raiko threatens to court martial Iroh if any of the United Forces ships leave Republic City to aid the Southern Water Tribe, Iroh advises Korra to seek out the Fire Lord, his mother, for help.
    Iroh: My mother and grandfather have always been good friends to the Avatar, and to the Southern Water Tribe. I'm sure they'll be willing to help.
  • Everyone is leaving the dock to do their own thing, so Bolin asks what he should do. Mako simple tells him to figure something out, essentially brushing him off. Varrick, on the other hand, offers to take Bolin out and show him a new side of Republic City and even finds his true talent and a spot to help in the war. For someone who is supposedly an overtly corrupt businessman that is willing to make money through any means, Varrick cares for Bolin and sees him as a friend.
    • The pro-bending crowd's reaction to Bolin. Despite his team's pitiful performance this season, he's a hero to them all.
  • The fact that Tenzin's using his holiday to spend time with his children, quite happy to have tea-parties with Sky Bison, or help train lemurs. While we get some less-heartwarming references to Tenzin's own childhood, seeing him interact with his kids is lovely.
  • When Varrick suggests that Asami smuggle weapons to the Southern Water Tribe to help in their war against the North, Asami agrees without hesitation. While this will help keep her company afloat it is still a great risk as she could be sent to jail for illegally smuggling weapons in a War that the United Republic of Nations wishes to stay out of. Yet Asami is willing to risk it to not only save her family company but to also help Korra in her fight against the North.
  • When Varrick suggests that Asami smuggle weapons to the Southern Water Tribe to help fight against the Northern Water Tribe, Asami agrees without hesitation as this will both help Korra and to save her company from bankruptcy. While this may seem like a minor moment in the episode it does show how far Asami is willing to go to help Korra, by aiding in a war that the United Republic has stated that it wants nothing to do with, and while this will help save her company Asami is smart enough to know that if she is caught she will not only loss her company but will likely be arrested as well. Yet she still goes through with it to help her friend.

    The Sting 
  • Mako and Asami working together. Their relationship last season may have been messed up, but it's great to see them being the very epitome of Amicable Exes; they're still friends who care about and want to help each other.
  • The Fire Sages have returned to help their Avatar once again.

    Beginnings Part 1 and Part 2 
  • A small one, but it's so wonderful to see the old sage woman try to heal Korra with firebending when it was originally thought to only be destructive.
  • Wan has a rough time stealing food to eat and when he gets home, he gives most of it to his friends, one of whom is an outcast because an encounter with a spirit left him mutated.
  • He also tries to teach his fellow outcasts to gain power so they can be free from their oppressors. Unfortunately, it doesn't end well, but he stands by his friends and defends them, even though it makes things worse for him.
  • Wan saving the trapped cat-deer Mula, who would become his animal companion, led spirits to trust him and teach him their ways. One lemur spirit who was particularly nasty to him becomes one of his best friends.
    • Said spirit (an aye-aye) even affectionately calls him "Stinky".
    • The aye-aye bowing and smiling to him before finally leaving for the spirit world.
  • In a bittersweet way, Wan's death. He has lived to be an old man and now lays alone in a battle-scarred wasteland. He's failed to accomplish his quest to peace but Raava tells him she will always be with him and that she will never give up. Raava appears in the form of a golden cloud, the scene fades to white, and you hear a baby cry.
  • Korra wakes up for her spirit coma with all her memories.
  • Raava was disdainful of Wan at first, but as they continued their journey together, they became extremely close.
  • The Fire Sages protected a herd of Sky Bison during the Hundred-Year War, ensuring the species would survive to the present day. Now we know how Aang got them.
  • How not all the spirits were complete bullies to Wan despite him being human. They even wished him luck on surviving.
  • The past Avatars appearing to Korra to help her regain her memories, with Wan appearing to show her his story, so she could remember who she is.
  • The Shout-Out and allusions to Hayao Miyazaki's works, such as Spirited Away and Mononoke, ensures that American fans like Bryke will preserve Hayao's legacy. Especially meaningful in the wake of Hayao's retirement in feature films.
  • In a small way, the fact that Wan was the first Avatar. In the original series, the world was thrown out of balance by the misguided ambition of a firebender to try and make the world a better place. Here, we find out that a firebender created the Avatar Cycle for the same reason.

     The Guide 
  • Jinora's friendship with the rabbit-dragonfly spirits.
    • Heck, Korra and Jinora start to bond a bit more over the episode.
    • Kya being a Cool Aunt to Jinora. Despite Kya's arguments with Tenzin, she's very close to and supportive of Jinora, and it's incredibly sweet.
      • Kya protecting Jinora with her body when the dark spirits start to attack.
  • When Korra shows up, the kids are really happy to see her.
  • Tenzin and Korra making up after their disagreement earlier in the season.
  • Even though Tenzin's obviously disappointed Jinora's going to The Spirit World with Korra in his stead he tries his best to brace Jinora for what may await her in the spirit world and tells her he's proud of her while sharing a hug. It's good to see some good parenting after Ozai, Hiroshi, Yakone and Unalaq.
  • Despite not being very nice, Eska shows that she loves her brother Desna. While Unalaq decides to just leave him and continue trying to open the portal, Eska defies him and hauls Desna away to get help for him.
    • Pay attention to the voice work in that scene. Eska's voice actress has sounded more emotional in that one scene than any of her past appearances. She drops her Creepy Monotone for the sake of her brother, and when she calls for his name after he had been hurt you hear genuine concern.
  • Korra telling Meelo that she thought that he rang the bell perfectly, moments after Tenzin blamed him for not ringing the bell at the proper intervals.
  • Just the whole scene when Korra and Jinora enter into the Spirit World. For some reason, just hearing the music and the scenery is just beautiful.

    A New Spiritual Age 
  • Tenzin and his siblings have a nice moment near the beginning, while they're watching over Korra and Jinora's bodies (which is a CMOH in itself).
  • Jinora's spirit friend comes and helps her when she gets separated from Korra.
    • Unfortunately, this makes his corruption into a dark spirit even worse.
  • Iroh the first showing up and comforting Korra when she's been turned into a child and separated from Jinora, giving her his usual sagely advice and guidance.
  • Korra, when she utters, "I can make the sun shine?"
  • Korra returning the baby-dragon bird to its nest, where it does a Fusion Dance with the other three chicks there, and proceeds to take Korra, restored to her normal age along with her confidence, to the spirit portals.
    • She also got help from bulldog-like spirits, who quickly agreed to help her out...until they got corrupted, that is.
  • How does Korra purify spirits in this world? Not as Korra the Avatar, by using bending, but as Korra the person, simply by letting out the light within herself. It shows that Iroh's advice has led her to realise her worth as herself, not as part of an unbroken line of Avatars.
  • Korra's dragon-bird friend pulling a Big Damn Heroes and saving her from Unalaq, even giving the jerk a well-deserved smack.
    • What's even better is that unlike the other spirits, this one doesn't get corrupted.
  • In the spirit world, Iroh shows up wearing Earth Kingdom garb and has gone back to his original weight, in addition to not looking much older. If his appearance is a factor of self-identity like Korra, then he must see himself not as a great general or prince, but as the roly-poly old teamaker of Ba Sing Se. Alternatively, assuming he left the material world in that state, then he really must have lived his last years in the Earth Kingdom tending his tea shop, just like he said he would. Either way, Iroh lived his last years happily, and got to go out on his own terms.

    Night Of A Thousand Stars 
  • Although he completely failed at comforting his brother, it was rather nice of Bolin to visit Mako, even promising that he'd hire a lawyer for him.
  • Bolin getting a kiss from his co-star after saving the president.
  • After being delegated to comic relief and shunted to the sidelines, it was wonderful to see Bolin get to be a hero (in real life and on the big screen)
  • Asami cheering Bolin up. They have a really great friendship.
  • Korra giving Mako a big kiss when they reunite, having mostly forgotten their fight. It's also great to see her so cheerful.
  • Bolin's joy that Team Avatar is back together!

    Harmonic Convergence 
  • It may be kinda twisted, but Desna's belief in his dad would be kinda touching if Unalaq wasn't trying to free the Ultimate Evil of their world.
  • Korra and her dad giving each other a hug before the fight with Unalaq in the spirit world.
  • Mako and Bolin following Korra into the spirit world despite the latter's concern about getting trapped in there.

    Darkness Falls 
  • Just as Korra is close to defeat and she is about to black out, Raava speaks to Korra telepathically, motivating Korra not to give up and that she is the Avatar.
  • Iroh the first shows up again to try and help Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi. The siblings, who apparently met Iroh when he was alive, were happy to see him again.
  • While Mako and Bolin are left frozen in a block of ice from the neck down thanks to Eska and Desna, Mako tries to convince the twins that their father is evil. Desna does begin to reconsider his allegiance, but Eska tells him that they are just lying to him. Bolin then starts bawling that he will never be with Eska again, and that he always loved her and wanted to be with her and is now downtrodden that he will not get that chance now that world's end is nigh. Eska then retorts that they could have been together, if not for the fact that Bolin had left her at the altar, but Bolin replies that he was scared of his true feelings for her and that she should have never left and is saddened that they can never rekindle their "Big Fire of Love Flames". Eska then kisses Bolin, melting the ice encasing the brothers and Eska tells Bolin that should she survive the ordeal with Unalaq, they will spend an eternal darkness together. As Mako and Bolin leave, Mako commends Bolin on his acting, while Bolin himself is not so sure about that, wiping his tears as they leave.
  • While in the Fog of Lost Souls, Tenzin begins to question himself because of the weight of the world on his shoulders and wonders if he will fail. Avatar Aang appears and Tenzin tells his father that he failed him and that he will never be like him. Aang then agrees to Tenzin that he will never be like him, and Aang adds that he shouldn't be. Aang then tells his son that he should be his own man, to which Tenzin agrees. His declaration clears the fog revealing his daughter. Tenzin then takes his family out of the fog.
  • It's small, but when Zhao takes a hold of Tenzin ranting about he's going to capture him, and before Tenzin can pull him off, Bumi grabs Zhao off of his brother and Kya waterbends him away. It's a nice small sign that even after all the grief the three of them give each other they are still family who love and protect each other.
  • The fact that Aang's last appearance has him helping his son to save his granddaughter and his other two children.

    Light in the Dark 
  • Tenzin reassuring Korra and helping her find herself after losing Raava.
    Tenzin: (Avatar Wan) became a legend for who he was, not what he was.
  • Now this might be reaching but, the fact that Unalaq's words were what ultimately helped Korra obtain her giant cosmic energy empowered blue spirit form seems to indicate that he may actually have spoken to her psychically. It may not be to much of a stretch to think he'd seen the error of his ways and was trying to fight Vaatu the only way he could.
    Unalaq: Find the light, in the dark...
  • Bolin and Eska. It's amazing what Armageddon can do to some people...
    Eska: ... You're so romantic.
  • "Look Mommy, it's Jinora. She's... beautiful!"
  • Raava willingly fusing back with Korra again before the Harmonic Convergence ended. Clearly, she enjoys her partnership with humans, and specifically with Korra.
  • Bumi reuiniting with Bumju.
  • Bolin giving his brother a (much needed) hug after he and Korra broke up for real.
    • The breakup itself oddly becomes one, Mako admits what a jerk he's been, and he and Korra realize what a mess their relationship has become and decide to break up despite redeclaring their love for one another.
  • Bolin and Eska's breakup is heartwarming. Even with a rough start and end, they really do care about each other and know that their relationship wont work. Her voice actually catches when she's saying goodbye to Bolin. If ever there was a doubt she felt genuine affection for him, it's gone now.
  • After Korra defeats Vaatu and saves the world, everyone runs up to hug and congratulate her. Mako is first and gives her an adorably big kiss on the cheek.
    • Keep in mind, this is after they break up, and, despite Korra not remembering it, Mako does. His act of affection towards Korra seemed less like a boyfriend thing, and more like an "I'm so proud of you", brotherly thing. It becomes even more Heartwarming in Hindsight because, by the end of the series, Mako and Korra are basically brother and sister.

Book 3: Change

    A Breath Of Fresh Air 
  • Harmonic Convergence is revealed to have unlocked airbending abilities in people all around the world, giving real hope to Aang's dream of restoring his people to a full society. Tenzin's joy and promise to work with his kids to rebuild is adorable.
    • The first person we see developing those abilities? Bumi, who has felt like a failure for not being an Airbender.
  • Korra and Asami happily chatting together, having moved on from the Love Triangle ordeal, with Asami trying to teach Korra some driving. Korra remarks how nice it is to have a female friend.
    • In light of the series finale, ALL of Korra and Asami's scenes together in this episode takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that this is the time when Korra and Asami started to show signs that they started to have romantic feelings for each other. Making Korra's line of "Never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to before," take on a whole new meaning in hindsight.
  • The bridge scene where Korra coaxes the frightened new Airbender down in a pragmatic way, first by simply sitting near him and starting a rather casual talk to calm him. She has grown a great deal since her first time in the city.
  • Bolin describing the extended air temple family. He's so happy to be part of a family.
  • Even though it was futile, Bum-Ju tries to help Bumi when he's about to fall from the tree.

  • Korra, and Tenzin with some encouragement, deciding to take new airbender, Kai, with them even after he deliberately lied to them.
  • Kya holding Rohan and asking if he's ready to send some time with his "Auntie Kya".
  • Kai and Jinora greeting one another at the end of the episode, complete with Jinora's Crush Blush and Kai playing with his suspenders.

    The Earth Queen 
  • Mako and Bolin meeting their extended family, with Mako giving his grandmother the scarf his father gave him.
    • Before this, at the start of the episode, it's the complete excitement Bolin has at the prospect of visiting the city their father grew up in.
  • Kai complimenting Jinora on her teaching and Jinora blushing afterwards.
  • Bolin constantly worrying over his "little brother" Kai. It's especially heartwarming given that fact that Kai was giving him and Mako a hard time, but Bolin isn't mad, only concerned.
  • As an added bonus, the twins are co-ruling the Northern Water Tribe. This commentary just sums up how awesome and sweet this decision was.

    In Harm's Way 
  • Kai getting some Character Development and looking out for one of his fellow conscripts.
  • Even if they are villains, it is sweet to see that Zaheer and P'Li genuinely love one another.
    P'Li: I thought I'd never see you again.
    Zaheer: I never doubted it.
  • Jinora kissing Kai on the cheek. Followed by Kai's goofy, blushing expression.
    • Then there's Kai's heroic rescue of Jinora when a Dai Li grabs her.
  • The captive airbenders agree to become Air Nomads. Tenzin is finally seeing his dream come true.
    • The Manly Tears that Tenzin sheds during that scene is the icing on the cake.
    • The fact that Tenzin and Korra leave the choice to the airbenders is really sweet too. They say that the airbenders are no-one's property and if they decide against joining the Air Nomads, they'll simply relocate them somewhere safe.

    The Metal Clan 
  • Suyin's family in general. It's clear that she loves her kids dearly.
    • The fact that, in spite of their past, Suyin still wants her sister in her life, and has told Opal so many good things about her that she very much looked forward to meeting Lin.
  • Bolin and Opal hitting it off - about time the poor kid got a break.
    • Initially, he tries his whole 'smooth' way of talking; she's turned off by this. Then he goes to apologize, saying he's uncertain when he knows a girl likes him, he gets self-conscious and doesn't really know how to act... she initially teases him about if she likes him or not (she does), but she likes the real him rather than the 'trying too hard' version.
  • As creepy as it was, Zaheer's interactions with Meelo and Ikki were somewhat sweet.
  • Ikki upon meeting "Yoru" (Zaheer): "Mom! Aunt Kya! We got another one!"
  • How bending is shown to be used for something else besides fighting or sports as demonstrated by Suyin and her son, Huan: Bending can used either for dancing and/or sculpture respectively.
    • This extends to the idea behind Zaofu in general, which also doubles as a CMOA as well. A city of innovators, artists, inventors, and scholars, where freedom of expression is encouraged, ideas are fostered, the citizens are urged to reach their highest potential and positions are based on merit rather than wealth or tradition, and people are allowed a second-chance and a fresh start, which was why Suyin created the city in the first place.
    • The statue of Toph in the downtown core of Zaofu definitely counts as one, and helps cement the assertions as listed above. While the statue outside RCPD HQ does a good job of showing how great a leader and force for good Toph was for the city and the world, the statue in Zaofu serves as a reminder that she was more than just a fighter and a hero associated with raw strength and wartime exploits. She was the first metalbender, and "expanded the possibilities of what benders are capable of," proving that she was just as much a great innovator and woman of intellect as she was a strong warrior. It reminds people that, without Toph's desire to be more, to reach her full potential, many of the technologies and feats that helped forge the current world, and places such as Republic City and Zaofu, may not have been possible. Toph really did change the world.
  • There's a moment when Opal tries to reach out to her aunt, and mentions Toph used to tell her "great things" about Lin. Hardly the action of someone who wasn't impressed, as Suyin put it.
  • A subtle one, but the game Suyin's sons invented is very similar to Airball from the original series. It's very sweet seeing the Air Nation's culture being spread to other nations despite the airbenders being gone for nearly 2 centuries.

    Old Wounds 
  • Lin and Suyin finally burying the hatchet.
    • Then there's Lin's preceding apology to Opal, which ends with her hugging her aunt. Lin even returns it. Aww.
  • Bolin and Opal bonding over their insecurities, then hugging.
  • Suyin being completely willing to teach Bolin Metalbending. Shame the lesson was interrupted before it began.
  • Metalbending acupuncture. Once again, bending displays yet another form of healing instead of fighting.
  • Suyin was sent to stay with Toph's parents, implying she eventually reconciled with them.

    Original Airbenders 
  • Tenzin telling Bumi how proud he is of him.
  • Pema's advice on how to deal with his students. They may be airbender volunteers, but they're also people away from their homes and lives (something she experienced when becoming an Air Acolyte); it'll take awhile to adjust, and he just needs to be patient with them. Tenzin briefly mentions that he knows how Korra must feel when she listens to him, but thanks her, even giving her a little kiss.
  • Baby air bison - even Kai is won over by their cuteness.
  • Bolin bragging about Opal to Tenzin in a genuine love-struck fashion.
  • Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome: After Kai frees himself, he goes to free Jinora, but this selfless child tells Kai to free the baby bison first.
  • Otaku used to be an air acolyte, so you can imagine that becoming an airbender really must have meant a lot to him.
  • When the poacher leader surrenders, Kai, still angry with him, tries to finish him off. Tenzin intervenes and scolds Kai for attacking a defenseless opponent, but he compliments Kai on his technique.

    The Terror Within 
  • Opal's farewell party.
    • Wei and Wing both tear up at Suyin's speech. They're going to miss their sister! Awwww....
  • Varrick helping the Krew figure things out. It validates Suyin's position on rehabilitating criminals.
  • Bolin mumbling Opal's name in his sleep, along with kale. The latter is reminiscent of Opal's comment to Bolin that they'll "always have kale". Romantic feeding.
  • Lin comforting Su after the discovery of Aiwei's betrayal.

    The Stakeout 
  • P'Li not going with Ghazan and Ming-Hua so she can protect Zaheer's body while he's in the spiritual world.
    • Zaheer calling them his friends when he talks to Korra about how Unalaq betrayed them all. Goes to show that he indeed is genuine about their friendship.
  • In the Misty Palms Oasis, at least some of the humans and spirits seem to be coexisting peacefully, neither appearing to have any issues with the other side.
  • When Mako passes on playing with Pai-Sho with Bolin, Asami happily tells the latter she'll play with him.
  • In a way, Asami's comment about her father being a diabolical genius who taught her to play Pai Sho. She seems to have gotten over her father's betrayal enough to be able to make jokes about it.

    Long Live The Queen 
  • The Red Lotus keeps up their Affably Evil tendencies. Ghazan happily chats with Bolin when he asks them personal questions. When Bolin suggests that he and Ming-Hua have an unspoken attraction to each other, they share an awkward look.
  • The Earth Kingdom forces eagerly team up with Korra to save themselves from the sandshark. After they get back to the Misty Palms Oasis, the commander states that, whatever Korra's beef with the Earth Queen, it is above his paygrade, and he lets her and Asami go.
  • Korra reunites with her father at the end of the episode.
  • As brutal as Zaheer slaying the Earth Queen was, he shows he is genuine about his desire to free the people. He chastises Ming-Hua for threatening a radio operator, and gladly tells the people that they're free to make their own path. He also sets free the people she imprisoned, even Mako and Bolin, provided they bring a message to Korra.
  • Mako (and the rest of the prisoners) encouraging Bolin to metalbend. In the end, Zaheer releases them, but Bolin is overjoyed in that split-second he thinks he metalbent.
  • Naga excitedly licking Lin's face and later Lin giving some treats to both Naga and Pabu.
  • Naga affectionately greeting Korra, ending with a "nose kiss".
  • Zuko greeting Korra at the end, noting that he met her when she was a young girl, which Korra, who does not remember the meeting (or at least barely does), returns. Becomes especially touching because with the reincarnation cycle of the Avatar, Zuko is greeting his old friend Aang after a very long time.

     The Ultimatum 
  • Bolin and Mako stop on their way to find Korra to get their family out of Ba Sing Se as it's going up in flames.
  • Bolin's speech to his grandmother that home isn't a place, but the people you share it with. Despite the Mood Whiplash that immediately follows, it's genuinely touching.
  • Team Avatar reunites at the Misty Palms Oasis. Mako and Bolin grab Korra and Asami, respectively, in a huge bear hug.
    • Naga knocking Mako down and licking his face is hilarious, but also very heartwarming. So far, she reserved that kind of enthusiastic, "so happy to see you" greeting only for Korra. Also, when Mako sees Korra, his eyes go wide and he rushes to hug her. It takes her a moment to register what has happened and return the hug; then it crosses right back to funny as he realises what he has done.
  • Zuko discovering from Korra that Iroh is in the Spirit World. The look on his face...
    • Iroh also said that Zuko and Aang were very close friends until the latter's death. Now Zuko is helping Korra. Some friendships really can transcend lifetimes.
  • A small one, but still quite relevant. Before Korra got a hold of him, Zuko was just about to return to the Fire Nation so he could protect his daughter from any Red Lotus agents that might have infiltrated the palace. To say the least, this might be a sign that Zuko turned out to be a complete 180 from Ozai when it came to being a father. Korra also gets a moment when she is completely understanding about Zuko's desire to protect his daughter.
  • Tenzin fighting defiantly against the Red Lotus in order to protect both his family and the new Air Nation is both this and a Crowning Moment of Awesome. He just keeps going on, even when the Red Lotus starts beating down on him at the end.
    Zaheer: Give up. It's over.
    Tenzin: As long as I am breathing, it's not over.
  • Remember how Lin stormed off from Su declaring she'd "stabbed her in the back", when she let Korra and her friends go to find Aiwei? Now she's back, she sees how anxious and worried Su is over Opal's well-being, and she's right back to physically and emotionally showing her support to her sister.
  • Kai going from trying to use joining Tenzin as an excuse to get away from the police, to being willing to do whatever he can to protect the others at the temple. P'li could - and did - easily shoot him out of the air, but he survives by pure chance, and is awoken by licking from one of the baby bison he rescued earlier. Followed shortly by these simple words that shine a light of hope at the end, "Hey there buddy. Yip yip!".
  • When Ghazan knocks Bumi and Kya off of the cliff, Bumi airbends in order to slow himself down enough to catch Kya from falling to her death.
  • A minor one, but Kya is seen holding onto Opal when the Air Nation is being threatened by the Red Lotus.
  • A subtle one, but Asami volunteering herself to watch over Korra while she meditates. They're in the (relative) safety of Zaofu, surrounded by a small army of allies, she probably could be doing something tech-related instead, could only call for help if something goes wrong in the Spirit World and just sits there quietly yet diligently watching a meditating Korra, but it just shows she's just that dedicated to her best friend.

     Enter the Void 
  • Zaheer and P'Li share one last intimate moment together, and we find out about P'Li's backstory. She was supposed to be raised as some unnamed warlord's killing machine due to her combustion bending ability, until Zaheer saved her. The two talk about how they couldn't stop thinking about each other in prison and about how Zaheer truly believes that the world will change. They express their love to each other one more time and share a kiss... and it's the last moment they ever share, as P'Li dies later in the episode. Zaheer looks particularly devastated when it happens.
  • While fighting P'Li, Lin volunteers to distract her to give Suyin an opportunity to attack. Suyin protests but ultimately relents, but not before Lin telling her sister that she loves her, showing that they've well and truly buried the hatchet.
    • Lin is shielding Su from the flying debris caused by P'Li's blasts. Big sister instinct indeed.
  • When a badly injured Tenzin is reunited with his air bison, Oogie. Oogie seems genuinely concerned for his master, and Tenzin looks so happy to see that Oogie made it out alive and unharmed.
  • Mako finally puts aside his trust issues and forgives Kai after being saved from the collapsing Northern Air Temple.
  • Before giving herself up to the Red Lotus, Korra gives hugs to Asami and Mako, which the latter accepts without any awkwardness. Bolin then surprises Korra with a Glomp from behind, to which Korra reciprocates by smiling and resting her head on his.
  • Tonraq thanking his savior, Kuvira. In spite of the foreshadowing of her later antagonist role, she's keeps very warmly to him.

    Venom of the Red Lotus 
  • Asami is the one to help Korra get ready and wheel her over to Jinora's ceremony, showing how close the two have grown over the season. In particular, Asami places her hand on Korra's and tells her that she's there for her no matter what.
  • Jinora finally earns her airbending tattoos, and a ceremony is held for her. She has shaved her head and resembles her grandfather Aang, as a child. Just look...
  • We see Ryu in the background at Jinora's ceremony, indicating that he's come around to being part of the new Air Nation.
  • Tenzin promising that the new Air Nation will fight against evil and tyranny wherever they find it.
  • The Krew's rescue of the airbenders, in particular Bolin and Suyin reuniting with Opal, and Jinora hugging Kai after presuming him to be dead.
  • Despite the fact that Korra can barely force herself out of her funk at the end of the episode, she genuinely smiles at Ikki and Meelo's antics.
    • Look at how Korra lightens up when Asami mentions that she should try have a good time for Jinora's sake. Korra decides to. It should be reiterated: Korra has went through the most traumatic moment in her life. She has nightmares and is bound to a wheelchair. It's not surprising if she doesn't feel like celebrating. But, the moment Asami said "for Jinora's sake", Korra's eyes widen. She immediately decides to try to have a good time for Jinora and her anointment as an airbending master. It doesn't matter what kind of hardships Korra's been through; she would do anything for the airbabies, who she sees as siblings.
  • Kai naming his sky bison Lefty, signifying that they have formed a permanent bond.
  • Kai partaking in Jinora's anointment as an airbending master.
  • Lin forming an "escalator" made of stone for Korra and telling her to "hang in there".
  • Raiko welcoming Korra back to Republic City, as thanks for taking down the Red Lotus.
  • Daw's development. He went from a man absolutely terrified by an involuntary manifestation of airbending and contemplating suicide to make it stop to someone who fully embraces his new identity resulting from it. He's glad to be there at the founding ceremony, cue ball head and all. He's an Air Nomad now.

Book 4: Balance

    After All These Years 
  • Three years later, the city has gotten over its spirit vine problem, building around the affected areas and turning the Spirit Wilds into a tourist attraction. Just goes to show that once they stopped expecting someone else to just make it go away, they were able to work it out. Furthermore, they've renamed the park after Korra and built a statue in her honor, giving her the appreciation she deserves.
    • Remember Gommu? The friendly, homeless man that Korra met in the very first episode. Well, now he hangs out with spirits as his new best buddies!
  • Although the village has resigned its autonomy to the hands of Kuvira, Kuvira's troops and the villagers actually appear to be amiable as the supplies are passed out. They even let the kids play in the mecha.
  • Bolin and Kai's reuniting hug. Followed by Bolin commenting on how Kai is really growing up.
  • Despite being on different sides, Bolin and Opal obviously still care for each other, and he really does want to make it work.
    • Bopal have been a couple for three years. Considering how at the Book 2 finale, Bolin commented to Eska that he really wasn't a big fan of long distance relationships. This proves that Bolin's feelings for Opal are so strong and powerful that he decided to commit to a long distance relationship. It also shows a healthy amount of Character Development.
  • Ikki and Jinora taking care of Pabu in Bolin's absence.
  • Ikki and Meelo affectionately playing with Naga.
  • Kai and Opal are shown to be good friends to the point they can talk about their problems. In this case, they discuss Opal's relationship problems with Bolin.
  • Lefty, the baby Sky Bison calf Kai befriended in Book 3, is now all grown up and still helping Kai and Opal.
  • Even if she is the Big Bad, Kuvira's look of affection towards Baatar Jr., her fiance, is pretty sweet. Namely, Kuvira only interjects to stop Opal from chewing out Baatar about their mother.
  • Kuvira and Opal are on opposing sides, and Opal is very harsh in her criticisms. Rather than getting angry, Kuvira accepts the criticism and states that she only wishes to make the world better, just as Opal does. After letting Opal vent, Kuvira asks if she can forgive and move on.
  • Annoying and grating as he is, Prince Wu remarking, "I don't know what I'll do without you" to Mako after he rescues him from being further pied, showing that, unlike his ungrateful great-aunt, he at least shows gratitude.
  • Asami has the same hairstyle as her mother.
  • Mako and Lin's evolved relationship. Lin, of all people, was nervous to tell Mako that Prince Wu wants him to come to Ba Sing Se with him; even tried to persuade Raiko to change his mind. It looks like that the time-skip allowed these two to become great friends.
  • Bear in mind, Kai and Jinora not just being in a relationship, not just in a teenagers in a relationship for the last three years, but being teenagers in a relationship for the last three years that's long-distance (barring using Astral Projection to see each other) and strained by the demands of peacekeeping yet it's "fine" as in drama-free. Kudos.
  • In a way, Jinora's hairstyle closely resembles Katara's in Book 3 of the previous series, minus the hair loopies.
  • Asami saying that she can't wait to see Korra again. Just the way she says it & her expiration just melts your heart, just from that one scene highlights how much she cares for Korra. This gets better when you remember that Asami has already read the letter that Korra sent her, in which she confided about her fears about being unable to fully recover.

    Korra Alone 
  • During Korra's two years at the Southern Water Tribe in recovery, Asami, Mako, and Bolin have written her enough letters that there's a huge stack of them in Korra's room. Korra is clearly missed by her friends.
    • Korra's letter to Asami in which she confides in her and tells her of her nightmares of her battle with Zaheer. That along with her ending the letter saying that she only feels comfortable telling Asami this shows just how strong their bond has become over the last few years. It also calls back to their last scene in the Book 3 finale, where Asami told Korra that she would be there for her if she needed to talk or anything. Now we see Korra taking Asami up on that offer by telling her what she is going through rather then Mako, Bolin, Tenzin or even her own parents.
    • Even before Korra leaves for the Southern Water Tribe is a CMOH on Asami's part. Bear in mind, it's the best place in the world to get healed up, Asami has no healing abilities (beyond moral support) and has a business to run so it's not like she isn't busy yet would happily put it all aside just to be there for Korra.
  • Korra smiling and petting the stray puppy which is actually the leaf spirit who wanted to help her earlier in the episode.
  • Tenzin takes the time to visit Korra while she's recovering. He even steps in during her firebending sparring match when Korra flashes back to her fight with Zaheer and isn't able to defend herself. Sadly, his advice could use some work.
  • Korra, with help from Katara, taking her first steps and using them to walk to and embrace Naga.
  • Korra's growing determination to get better. We see her joy at simply being able to move her big toe, her enthusiasm to show Tenzin how much she's improved, and even when she's faced with the reality that she's not recovered yet, she still doesn't give up. The previous episode suggested that Korra had left the Southern Tribe in a bad state, having left Naga behind and lied to her parents. Now we see that she had intended and still means to work things out for herself. Given the alternatives that had been speculated, this is both heartwarming and awesome.
  • "Nice to see you again, Twinkle-toes."
    • It becomes more heartwarming in hindsight: In the episode "The Avatar and the Fire Lord" of the previous series, a visibly worried Toph wondered if friendships could last more than one lifetime, before her friends started holding her hands to reassure her. Now Korra, Aang's reincarnation, has met Toph so yes, friendships do transcend lifetimes.
  • The little translucent leaf spirit was concerned enough over Korra that he ventured into the Material World to help her in her time of need. It could not have been all that easy for the spirit to find her either, plus it went to the trouble of taking on a form she would listen to.
  • While it's mostly a funny moment, seeing the sushi-shop owner's picture of Aang. Up to this point, we've only seen Adult Aang in his serious moments. It's nice to know that, even as an adult, he never lost the goofy, fun-loving side that we all know and love.

    The Coronation 
  • Mako and Bolin's bro-hug, reuniting after so long. They also remark how much they deeply miss Korra.
  • Although he's a total fop, Prince Wu is genuine when he wants to bring Mako to Ba Sing Se to live it up and have a good time, especially after Mako's fight with Bolin.
  • Kuvira ruins the coronation by announcing her plans for the Earth Empire, but the fact that Prince Wu is completely grateful for everything she has done speaks volumes.
  • Kuvira's a real hardass, but when Bolin is very concerned about her Earth Empire plans, she takes him aside, talks to him personally, and tells him she's just engaging in tough rhetoric so she can be taken seriously and conflict can be avoided. She's completely lying, as shown when Suyin talks to her but the fact that she does so to Bolin is darkly touching.
  • Suyin was practically handed the Earth Kingdom to unite following the death of the Earth Queen, but she refused it, claiming she didn't want to be a tyrant.
  • Prince Wu accepts the fact that he's not cut out to be a leader. He also seems glad Mako was frank with him about it, noting that no one's even spoken to him like that before.
  • Toph remarking that, through her connection to the earth, she can see Suyin or Lin whenever she wants. It's almost like she's their fairy godmother. note 
  • Toph is abrasive, cynical and more than happy to toss Korra around like a ragdoll all day; in other words, reliving her friendship with Aang. She also wants to help the Avatar once again, even though she has to justify it for the sake of her pride.
    Toph: Well, I was planning on soaking my feet in mud for a few weeks, but I can't stand you being so pathetic and getting your butt kicked all the time. All right. I guess I can help.
  • While Korra is still nowhere near the expert fighter she was three years ago, she is showing remarkable mental improvement. Even though she's getting tossed around the Swamp by Toph, she doesn't seem to be freezing up in combat anymore like she used to, and she displays some genuine happiness. The adorable, playfully sneaky look on her face when she tries to land a surprise attack on Toph is particularly beautiful to see.
  • Raiko shows some concern for Korra's well being when he learns she's gone missing and this is especially heartwarming considering he seemed more concerned about the Red Lotus than Korra in the Book 3 finale.

    The Calling 
  • The Earth Empire guards that captured Ikki sympathise with her and help her find the Avatar.
    • Then she leaves them some of her package food.
  • Meelo and Tuyen's interaction/friendship is just adorable. It's especially so since we rarely get to see Meelo that vulnerable.
  • The meeting scene, when Jinora, Ikki and Meelo reunite with Korra. The fact that Korra, who has been emotionally stunted for years, cries Tears of Joy when she sees them is particularly powerful.
  • Meelo identifies Toph by being "cranky, old and blind". Toph's response? "I like this one!"
  • Korra is back. She finally managed to remove the poison and overcame her fears with Toph's help. Hooray!
  • Korra is finally allowed to hug Toph after she manages to remove the poison from her body. Toph even says that she is proud of her.
  • The fact that Toph acknowledged that none of the villains were truly wrong, just misguided and "out of balance".
  • If you look closely, you can briefly see Ikki hugging Rohan (who can now walk) before she sets off to find Korra.
  • Even though Korra failed to stop a few shop lifters the sushi cook still put Korra's awkward picture up on the wall next to Aang's. When he is asked about Korra he says that he is worried for her and hopes that she is alright. It's a good way of showing that despite that Korra couldn't stop a few thugs he still reveres her as the Avatar while also recognizing that she is a human being who has been hurt.
  • Pema packed encouraging notes into the food bag for her kids because, of course she did. One of them refers to Meelo as "my handsome little man".

    Enemy at the Gates 
  • Hiroshi family mending!
    • Asami deciding to rebuild her relationship with her father as much as she can, even if she can't yet bring herself to forgive him. She even brings a Pai Sho set to play with him, which he happily obliges to.
    • Hiroshi admits that he's very proud of the woman she's becomes over the years and considers her "the greatest thing he's ever created".
  • During the confrontation at Zaofu between Suyin's family and Kuvira and Baatar Jr.,
    • Baatar Sr. asks his son to come back to Zaofu, only to be rejected. Even though one parent (Suyin) is livid with their son's decision, Baatar Sr. still genuinely loves his son and wants him to come home.
    • Instead of getting mad at Bolin for being a part of Kuvira's mission, Suyin directs her anger at Kuvira for using Bolin to try and persuade her into surrendering.
    • Suyin later hugging Korra after not seeing her for three years.
  • Korra, though aware of Kuvira's reign of power across the Earth Kingdom, remains grateful that Kuvira rescued her father and hopes that there is still good in her to listen to reason. She even flatly rejects Suyin's idea to use the Avatar State and demolish her army, stating that violence is what the old her would do and it never worked. Our little girl is all grown up.
  • Varrick growing a conscience when he realizes how dangerous the spirit technology could be. Later when Bolin shows up, Varrick believes his conscience has returned. Yes, Bolin has stuck with his mad scientist buddy for so long, that he is Varrick's Conscience even when he's not there!
  • Varrick rescues Zhu Li from falling off the train after an experiment goes awry, making it the first time he shows genuine concern about someone else. Granted, he ruins the moment by ordering her to clean up the mess, but the fact that he rescued her without hesitation speaks volumes.
  • Bolin believes fervently in bringing stability and peace to the Earth Kingdom, and is trying to be as diplomatic as possible. He even tries to be chummy with Wei and Wing like they used to be.

    Battle of Zaofu 
  • Combined with awesome, the simple fact Varrick is willing to blow himself up rather than build the Spirit Vine Weapon is a clear sign he's become a bit of a Jerkass with a Heart of Gold.
    • His intended final words: "I will see you on the other side, Zhu Li."
  • Huan giving Meelo and Ikki art lessons.
  • Kuvira adamantly insisting that she take on Korra alone to spare her soldiers.
    • She does so to show that she would not put her soldiers through anything she herself wouldn't go through. Whether it's playing the crowd or genuine A Mother to Her Men feelings, it's an admirable declaration.
    • She didn't have to do that. She had captured Suyin and her sons. She could have simply marched in to Zaofu, but instead she chose to settle this in Combat by Champion. It is quite endearing to see a villain with a sense of honor.
  • Despite the awe-inspiring power at her disposal, Korra primarily uses air, the least harmful of the elements, on Kuvira while in the Avatar State. Particularly when compared to her firebending rage against Tarrlok, the display of restraint is yet another sign of her serious Character Development.
  • Opal crying out to Suyin that she loves her as she, Korra, and the other airbenders escape, while Suyin pleas for her to leave and reassures her that she and her siblings will be fine.
  • The fact that Zhu Li was so in tune with Varrick that she knew what he was asking her to do with no explanation shows just how close they really were. Bolin, by contrast, has no idea what "thing" Varrick talks about.

  • After Bolin tells Varrick that he isn't Zhu Li, Varrick understands... and asks Bolin to ride on him!
  • The reunion scenes. This has been three years in the making; hugs, compliments and more.
  • Korra, Asami and Mako save Prince Wu from his kidnappers, working as a team for the first time in three years.
  • Prince Wu kisses Mako's grandma hand and thanks her, after the latter agrees to let him stay in her house.
  • After the gang rescue Prince Wu from his kidnappers, Wu is genuinely grateful to the gang, particularly Mako. Keep in mind that the reason he got kidnapped in the first place was because Mako didn't follow him into the bathroom for once. Rather than be rightfully angry at him, he just thanks him for saving his life. Royal Brat he may be, but never let it be said he does not care for others.
  • Even when he's comically kept out of the group hug, Wu is still thankful for what he can get, saying "you're the best friends a guy could have!"
  • Asami has been letting Mako and Bolin's family live in the Sato estate for the past three years. Their family is huge, but Asami's house and heart are even bigger!
  • After initial disagreement, former prisoners thank Bolin for help, and help him and Varrick with a boat.
  • Asami remarks that she's glad they were together again, only without the arguments. Korra apologizes to Mako for keeping him in the dark about her problems.
  • It's a subtle and quick moment, but while they're evading Wu's kidnappers, Korra helps Asami while they run on top of the train.

  • Mako explaining how Korra helped him learn about being selfless and that she continues to inspire him. It's implied that he became a cop because of this, and also that he is making no attempts to date anyone until he can be sure he won't repeat his past mistakes.
  • Prince Wu continues to be surprisingly sweet, actually wanting to learn more about Mako as a person, getting along with Mako's family, and wanting to learn self-defense so that he can toughen up and "become a better King".
  • Tenzin helping Korra out of her existential crisis over whether she serves a purpose in the world anymore. She's changed into a far more mature person over these four seasons, and that makes her a worthy Avatar.
  • The moment where Asami brings Korra some tea because she thought she might be getting cold. Also Asami being the one to point out how much good Korra has done & how she has made the world a better place.
    • In light of the Finale this moment becomes rather romantic and is yet another sign of Korra & Asami's growing feelings for each other. The dialogue at the start of the scene even takes on a whole new light when viewed in a romantic way.
      Asami: I brought you some tea. I thought you might be cold out here.
      Korra: You're so sweet.
  • Varrick casts not himself, but Bolin as the greatest hero in all the world in his story, and heaps on the praises. Sure, he still makes himself look good too, but he always keeps the spotlight firmly on Bolin.
    • Also, Varrick completely makes up a reconciliation between Bolin and Opal, which hasn't happened in real life yet, but Bolin is sincerely touched by it all the same.

    Beyond the Wilds 
  • Though Opal's still mad at him, Korra and Mako are glad to see that Bolin's okay, and hugs ensue.
    • Also, the 'Blink and you'll miss it' moment when they first see Bolin again (which BTW is the first time Korra has seen him in 3 years) and both Mako and Opal shout his name in surprise, but Korra just has a quiet moment to herself before she gives him a great big smile.
  • Zaheer helps Korra to overcome her fear of him, break her inner block and connect with Raava again. He also seems to be milder and back to being Affably Evil.
    Korra: I'm not holding myself down, but my power has limits.
    Zaheer: You're wrong. That poison should have killed you, but you were able to fight it off. You think your power has limits. I say it's limitless.
    • Raava talking to Korra again is absolutely satisfying. Raava's clearly happy about it as well, and encourages Korra further, in a tone that almost seems motherly.
      • Many fans are ecstatic that Raava is back after being cut from Korra in season 2
    • Even more heartwarming, Korra might have been the first avatar Raava was able to talk to since Wan.
  • At the end, Opal decide to try to give a chance to Bolin to reconcile by asking him to help save her family with Lin. He agrees, of course.
    • Even before that, Bolin said he knew no big gestures or apologies would win her back so easily, but that doesn't mean he's ever gonna stop trying to do so... because he loves her that much.
  • Fire Lord Izumi's refusal to participate in a preemptive strike on Kuvira proposed by Raiko due to the harsh fact that the Fire Nation still has lingering notoriety for engaging in a war against the world for over a century, and she's not wrong. Not only that, she explicitly states that she'll only discharge her soldiers into combat as a last resort.
    • Furthermore she does lend resources to fortification. She's clearly not intending to be like Suyin and avoid responsibility, she just doesn't want unnecessary violence.
  • Korra playing with Naga. It's nice to see the two of them interacting again after months of absence.
  • Even though Opal was still pissed off at Bolin, when Opal received a letter from Pabu that he "broke his legs", she immediately followed Pabu over to where he was.
  • Look at how quickly Lin and Opal bonded together to rescue their family? After all that has been, isn't it hearwarming?
  • A minor one, but during the meeting with the world leaders, Korra is upset that the world leaders invited Prince Wu over her which is only exacerbated by Wu gloating to Korra that he was invited to the meeting. Wu then tries to cheer her up by saying he recommended that Korra be at the meeting. Of course it could have been Wu being Wu, but the fact that the thought highly enough of her to recommend she be at the meeting speaks volumes about his character.
  • Bolin's reunion with Pabu.
  • Lin refuses to grant Korra access into a section of the city where the Spirit Vines had run rampants, but after Korra convinces her, Lin changes her harsh tone to give her a gentle "be careful". It's one of those things that remind you of how the two started off before becoming allies.
  • Jinora happily telling Tenzin that Korra saved them all.
    • It should be noted after this moment, the world leaders are not dismissive of Korra anymore, and Korra begins to take up more of a leadership position in dealing with Kuvira.

    Operation Beifong 
  • Wing cheerfully tapping Bolin's cheek. Remember that the previous interactions between the twins and him were rather hostile (their frustration at his failure to pick up metal bending, then seeing him working with Kuvira). Now, they like him enough to seemingly flirt with him.
  • Toph greeting Opal warmly and receiving her hug without her typical crankiness and showing that whatever her flaws as a mother, she is a loving grandmother.
    Opal: "Grandma Toph!"
    Toph: "You were only up to my waist the last time we were together."
  • Opal finally reconciles with Bolin ("He's officially out of the polar-bear doghouse.") and kisses him on the cheek.
    • Bolin decides to save Zhu Li and rushes to save her. Opal goes after him.
  • Zhu Li tells Opal to forgive Bolin.
  • Lin and Su's fight together with Wei and Wing. Toph later comes to save them.
  • The Beifong family is finally free.
    • Lin's smiling face when Su and Toph hug. After resenting both of them for years, it was nice to see her happy at their reunion.
  • Lin and Toph's reconciliation. After a quarrel between Toph and Lin, the former admits that she wasn't a good mother, but tells them that she has two wonderful girls.
  • When Bolin asks Toph about metalbending, she insists that even people like him could learn with the proper instruction. Then when he tells her that he learned to lavabend, she compliments him for his talent, to which Bolin reacts ecstatically.
  • Though Baatar Jr. joined Kuvira, when he sees Opal in the blast area, he immediately tries to stop the test. Unfortunately, it's too late to stop the cannon. Fortunately, the rest of the Beifongs make sure it misses.
  • Another minor one for Prince Wu. During the discussion, he is the first to suggest that Republic City be evacuated due to the spirit vines and Kuvira's impending attack. Even Mako praises him on his surprisingly quick thinking. Sadly, Wu ruins the moment when he reveals that it was just an attempt to impress Korra, but just hearing Prince Wu of all people suggest something like that shows that for all his vices, he does have a heart.

    Kuvira's Gambit 
  • Kuvira and Baatar embrace each other after her speech; she promises him to get married after they've taken Republic City.
  • Prince Wu gives a good speech for the citizens, calming them down after they start panicking when Mako announces the evacuation. Even cynical old Lin says that he may be a good king.
    • Then there's the part when Wu helps Pema out with the evacuation. He seems honestly sincere about the effort.
  • Zhu Li and Varrick are reunited, she apologies, the music sweels, only for him to mess it up. Her speech to him is at least very sweet.
    "Varrick, you mean the world to me."
  • The first thing Kuvira does when Baatar is captured is to ask how he is.
    • It's particularly dark and tragic, but Kuvira's expressions and demeanor when she opens fire on Baatar's location counts as one. Kuvira's voice wavers and almost cracks when she tells her fiance that she loves him. Though it's subtle, and her stoic demeanor soon regain the overhand, it remains the most distraught we've ever seen her. She cares about him - but she cares more about the Empire.
  • When the call for evacuation goes on the air, Gommu grabs a beat cop by the hand - a fellow whose job typically includes chasing Gommu - and practically drags him along towards the evacuation point.
  • When Korra's forced to exclude Meelo from the stealth mission of kidnapping Baatar Jr, Meelo's obviously hurt by it—but Korra lets him down gently and explains her (very valid) reason for excluding him: the stealth mission requires everyone to be as quiet as possible, and Meelo's farts as just way too much of a "wild card" for him to be able to help.
  • Raiko surrenders as soon as he sees the superweapon's power, not risking the troops' lives. It's kind of subtle, but this person, otherwise established as a rather pragmatic dunderhead, decided to give up his position instead of allowing thousands of lives being pointlessly destroyed.

    Day of the Colossus 
  • Su comforting Baatar Jr. after he was betrayed by Kuvira, and reassuring him that he will be reconciled with his family—it'll obviously take some time for the rest of them, but she already has forgiven him.
  • Varrick is no longer Oblivious to Love!
    • The story Varrick tells about his ostrich horse in the episode. Even though Zhu Li interrupts him on account of the robot army and the fact that it sounds like a Non Sequitur, it's clear what Varrick was winding up to when he says that he took the ostrich horse for granted—he wanted to apologize to Zhu Li that he took her for granted.
    • Varrick proposes to Zhu Li; not with a Water Tribe betrothal necklace but with a jade ring, clearly respecting her culture.
    • The proposal itself
    Varrick: Zhu Li?
    Zhu Li: Yes?
    Varrick: ...I have something I need to... attach, before we take off.
    Zhu Li: Attach to what?
    Varrick: I need to attach this ring to your finger. Zhu Li Moon... will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?
    Zhu Li: Yes!
    Zhu Li: It's exactly how I always pictured our engagement!
  • Asami and Hiroshi reconciling.
    • They work on the humming bird and then flew in it together; Father-Daughter team!
    • Back in Book 1, Hiroshi had almost killed Asami, saying "I see now that there is no chance to save you!" His final act before he dies? Saving Asami by ejecting her from the mech suit, his last words being another apology to her for all that he'd done.
  • Wu in general throughout this episode
    • Wu's second song to the badgermoles is about Grandma Yin, telling her she's sweet and thanking her for letting him stay in her home when he was in hiding.
    • Two episodes ago, he freely admitted that he only made the suggestion to evacuate because he wanted to impress Korra. Two episodes later, he sincerely wants to help the people of Republic City, calming them down whenever they start to panic and coming up with a clever idea to use badgermoles to tunnel out of the city. He even seemingly performs a Take Me Instead when they are cornered by Kuvira's goons (though it was a ploy to distract them so the badgermoles could attack). It's a far cry from the Royal Brat we met in the outset of the season.

    The Last Stand 
  • Mako and Bolin's hug when Mako is about to overload the power source. Then Bolin coming back to save him.
  • Mako assuring Korra that he'll always follow her into battle, and that he'll always have her back.
    • This gets even sweeter if one wants to interpret it also as Mako acknowledging Korra and Asami's potential romantic relationship and promising Korra (and, by extension, Asami) that she will always have his support.
  • The conclusion of Korra vs Kuvira has a lot of heartwarming.
    • Not only did Korra save Kuvira's life after she tried to kill her multiple times, but she sat down and reached out to her in the Spirit World, finding common ground and peace, thus bringing the conflict to a peaceful end. It shows just how far Korra's come after all these years.
    • In the end, after a talk with Korra, Kuvira stands down and surrenders, accepting her crimes. Even more, she apologised to Su about hurting her family! Heel–Face Turn, it seems.
    • The Reveal that Kuvira was trying to help the Earth Kingdom, even if her Parental Abandonment issues got in the way.
  • When Kuvira rips off the Colossus' arm, Lin straps in Su (who had been knocked unconscious) with metal to prevent her from being thrown out of the arm.
  • Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding.
    Bolin: "You may now...do the thing."
    (Zhu Li and Varrick kiss)
    • Varrick crying tears of joy as he tells Zhu Li "You just make me so dang happy!"
      • Then he takes out a control to set off fireworks, making sure both he and Zhu Li press the button together. It's a subtle way of showing how he's going to make sure they're equals from then on.
    • Besides the two getting married, we get a lot of minor characters making The Cameo as well. They all came Back for the Finale!
    • Ikki pulling Huan out onto the dance floor with her, hopping around excitedly while he just stares over his shoulder at the viewer.
  • When Korra hears Wu's plan to Abdicate the Throne and create a system of elected leaders for the Earth Kingdom, modeled after the Republic, she promises to help him do so. Considering that when they first met, Korra didn't want anything to do with him, it really shows how much the prince has grown over the season.
  • Getting to see Korra happy and hopeful for the future again, after she entered the series as a PTSD-ridden mess teetering on the edge of the Despair Event Horizon.
    • Additionally, Korra's actions proved that despite what her enemies have said to her, she does have a role to fulfill, and she is happy to embrace her role as the Avatar for any future challenges she may face.
  • While Korra and her friends recognized that they will probably have other challenges and fights ahead of them, it is nice to see them enjoy the peace they have earned.
  • Tenzin praising Korra for how much she changed the world, and how she has done more in a few years than other Avatars have done in their lifetimes along with Korra believing she has only begun, and she wishes to learn and do more with her life.
  • Mulling over Hiroshi's Heroic Sacrifice, Asami sadly expressing thankfulness that they at least managed to full reconcile beforehand.
    • In the same dialogue, Asami also says, to Korra, "I'm just so happy you're here now! I don't think I could've handled losing you and my father in the same day," illustrating just how much Asami loves Korra (and hinting that losing Korra would have pushed Asami note  over the Despair Event Horizon).
    • Korra apologizing for being gone for so long and, after an entire season of Toph, Zaheer, everyone trying to get Korra through her pain physically with little emotional connection, Asami says the one thing Korra must have been waiting to hear someone say for three years: "You don't have to apologize for anything." Asami finally assures Korra that all the pain she felt and how much her torture made her suffer is not her fault. Korra was right — Asami did understand.
  • The final two scenes of the series: Korra and Asami comforting one another at Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding, then leaving hand-in-hand to take an extended vacation in the Spirit Realm together.
  • It should be noted that the Book Four finale is the only one where Korra does not cry. Instead, she finds happiness with Asami.


  • When the viewers first look up to see a giant statue of Aang; it shows how despite all his struggles, he truly was able to save the world.
    • It also shows, through the sheer size and detail of the thing, that he must have been really appreciated by the world, too.
      • It was also built by members of the Fire Nation as a gesture of good will. note 
  • Getting to see all the flying bison, and the knowledge that Appa didn't have to be the Last of His Kind. Same goes for Momo and the flying lemurs.
  • Katara was Korra's waterbending teacher.
  • The general Cool Big Sis relationship Korra has with Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo.
  • The fact that two people from previously warring nations who hated each other were able to fall in love and produce Bolin and Mako.
  • Hell, just Mako's name. note 
  • The Air Nomad culture surviving through Tenzin, his children and the Air Acolytes.
  • The fact that Guru Pathik's teachings about how the nations are all one people comes true in the series, as the city that's the series's main setting sprung up from the efforts of all the world's nations.
  • The names of Aang and Katara's two other children: Kya and Bumi. note 
  • Mako's devotion to Bolin - he'd do anything to keep his little brother safe.
    • Not only that, but Nick.com's guide to Republic City reveals that even Bolin would give up his life for his brother.
  • Zuko is still alive, left the throne to his daughter and travels around the world as an ambassador of peace.
    • When he's not travelling the world, he spends the rest of his time on Ember Island.
  • Yue Bay. It's safe to assume the name was Sokka's idea.
  • Zuko's grandson is named Iroh. Remember that Zuko's daughter most likely named him, not Zuko. Now rewatch "Tales of Ba Sing Se", specifically "The Tale of Iroh" and look at how good he was with the crying child. Iroh must have loved the hell out of his surrogate granddaughter and the love must have been reciprocated to the point where she would name her son after him. Just the idea of Iroh being a sweet and loving grandfather is practically enough to put one to tears.
  • The inspiration for Rohan's name? Bryan Konietzko's nephew.
  • The fact that Energy Bending, in addition to taking away a person's bending, can also restore it. Even more sweet because Aang himself seemed to have learned this in his time between the two shows.
  • The first episode, Welcome To Republic City and the final episode, Endgame both feature someone telling Korra they love her at the South Pole. The first is her mother Senna telling Korra that she and Tonraq love her. The second is Mako confessing that he is in love with her.
  • In the first episode, young Korra was voiced by Cora Baker, Dee Bradley Baker's daughter. Way to make an entrance into voice acting, kid. Also, the fact that they have similar sounding names.
  • Bolin's bio on Nick.com as of Book 3:
    "He has a love for all earth but his favorite stone? Opal..."
  • Bryan's Tumblr commentary on the budget cut situation that led to Recap Episode "Remembrances".
    "We had two options: 1) let go a significant number of crew members several weeks early, or 2) make a clips episode. We never considered the first option."
    • He also gives the names of everyone who worked on what little new material the episode had, giving an eye-opening look into how much work goes into a show like this if it takes that many people just for five minutes of animation.
    • The fandom reaction has been overwhelmingly supportive of his decision.
  • Celebrating the (almost) completion of #korra last night with #StudioMir and #StudioReve artists. It's been a long, wild road.
  • Korra's friendships with Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Naga in general. Think about it: Bolin and Mako were Street Urchins who stole to survive, Mako was at one point with the Triple Triads. Asami's father was a terrorist who attempted, along with Amon and his men, to rid the world of benders. Naga comes from a species that are known to be ferocious and deadly. In other words, Korra's friends are individuals that others wouldn't even want to be friends with, if they knew about their background. But Korra? She doesn't care.
    • Special note should be given to Korra's relationship with Asami, not just because they become the shows Official Couple, but just for how their relationship grew. At first, Korra was jealous of Asami, deeming her a "prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl". However, after getting to know her, Korra warms up to her, even encouraging Mako to comfort Asami after learning of Hiroshi's association with the Equalists. As the show goes on and the two girls begin to spend more time with each other, it becomes clear how much they come to care for one another. For her part, Asami never blamed Korra for "stealing" Mako away from her as she could tell that Korra was socially awkward and is the one to offer up her help whenever Korra requires it without Korra even needing to ask. They work better together then any other member of Team Avatar, to the point that they don't even need to speak to one another when there is a fight. It is no real surprise that the two grow to have romantic feelings for each other and it really does make sence when one stops to think about it. They are, in many ways, polar opposites and yet they are also very similar. Both were closed off from the world, yet Asami is clearly has more social skills while Korra is unable to understand some of the most basic ideas of society. Both have been trained to fight since they where young, yet Asami was also clearly taught business practice and diplomacy and knows how to lie while Korra was only ever taught how to fight and is a rather poor liar. Both women are also skilled leaders, Asami knows how to work with people when it comes to simple trade and is more then capable of being threatening if the situation calls for it. Korra on the other hand is a skilled leader of the battle field and is often the one who calls the shots when there is a fight or the one to make the tough calls that the others can't or wouldn't do such as choosing to give herself up to the Red Lotus to save the airbenders. In the end both girls balance each other out, working together to solve problems rather then trying to go each others head and when all is said and done, that is what makes Korra and Asami one of, if not the best, couples in the Avatar series.
    • Another layer to the ending is remembering that for the longest time, Korra considered herself alone and habitually isolated herself whenever she suffered a Heroic B.S.O.D. and it’s not until undeniably here that it sinks in that she’s not alone and goes off on another adventure with and for Asami in addition to being over her issues.
  • Really, Asami Sato could be considered the universe’s patron saint of heartwarming. Her mother was killed by a firebender, but she not only never expresses any hatred toward him or any bender of any element, but also ends up dating one, actually two, while still hurting over her mother even 12 years later. Despite coming from an affluent background where she’d be expected to only consort with fellow affluent people, she remains humble and only sees the family wealth and influence as a way to help those in need without a second thought as she took in Mako and Bolin then their entire paternal family to share the wealth without the slightest condition or lording it over them as well as befriending Korra as a friend rather than just because she’s the Avatar and doesn’t begrudge any differences between them. The only thing she wanted from Mako was to love her and be honest to her rather than try to make him conform to her way of life like Eska to Bolin and even after that fell apart, can’t bring herself to hate him and admits she still cares about him. Even when the truth is revealed about Hiroshi, she’s as dedicated to the cause as the rest of the Krew rather than purely for revenge yet can never truly bring herself to hate him even when he tries to kill her and is only hurt that he’s that Drunk on the Dark Side. When all that’s over, she could easily wash her hands of the whole hero business to focus on Future Industries as a desk jockey and maybe send a pilot and guards with her airship to find new Airbenders, but personally involves herself for no profit of her own and while doing do, further aids Korra as a teammate and especially as a tireless confidant to the extent of watching over her as she meditates. Again, she personally remains by Korra’s side for weeks as a day-to-day caretaker instead of just hiring one and going back to said company and would’ve continued to happily do so even longer if allowed, so instead she continues to support her friend and her legacy from afar for years until they reunite to continue supporting her in person. Her single argument ever with Korra is only Anger Born of Worry, otherwise they’re in perfect synch as always and continue the trend of emotionally supporting her best friend to the end. Considering Korra’s felt let down by virtually everyone else from her First Love to her family to herself, Asami being the one person who’s consistently never let her down speaks volumes about how much they mean to one another. She’s had numerous chances throughout the series to only look out for #1 and save herself a WORLD of trouble to continue living the high life, and even a fraction of what she’s been through would make a lesser person be at minimum, a cynic, if not a full-blown Start of Darkness Face–Heel Turn, which no one could blame her for as she owes nobody anything and in fact, more people owe her, but she continues to stick her neck out purely because her heart is just that big. That right there isn’t just the ultimate best friend, that’s WIFE MATERIAL.
  • A theory of Katara's necklace.
  • Korra meeting and befriending Naga in the 2016 Free Comic Book Day comic.

    Finale Reactions and Related Meta Moments (spoilers
  • The fact that they were able to positively all but state that Korra and Asami are attracted to each other.
  • The ending of the series, in which the heroes who have gone through so much have finally earned their happiness.
  • After waiting a few days to see how many people would pick up on it, Mike and Bryan both gladly confirmed that Korrasami is canon. Particularly good is Bryan's statement that what really made him go for it is that he didn't want to look back after twenty years and wish he'd fought harder for it.
    • Plus, it also includes Word of God that despite ending the show single, Mako will find his true love one day and make it work with them thanks to how both Korra and Asami helped him mature past his early romantic issues.
    • Bryan also mentioned that, despite all the Executive Meddling the show had previously suffered, the Network was actually supportive of this ending.
    • We get some more confirmation in "Turtle-duck Date Night."
      • Better yet, it's for a tribute exhibition for both shows!
      • Prints of it will be sold and Bryan will be donating his share of the proceeds to a LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.
  • Faith in Humanity: Restored.
    • As the above survey shows, besides fans angry that their ship isn't canon, the odd homophobic person and a few other naysayers, the fandom has been very supportive of the ship overall once it was revealed as canon. Even the creators were pleasantly surprised!
  • Nick did a series of photos about the top 10 reasons 2014 rocked for them. Guess what got the #1?
  • In the aftermath of the show's ending, fanfic writers naturally went nuts getting to have their Korrasami stories backed up by canon. By far the most common kind of story about the pairing has every single character be perfectly fine with their relationship (including Korra's parents and Mako), with some stories having a few characters admit that they had a feeling that Korra and Asami had feelings for each other and stories featuring bitter exes or homophobes a very rare sight.
    • While the Makorra fans where heartbroken about their ship not becoming canon again and many have been less then polite, nearly as many Makorra fans have been immensely respectful to Korrasami shippers and in some reaction videos have even gone out of their way to congratulate Korrasami fans for having their ship win. It's nice to see Ship-to-Ship Combat end with many of the "losing" group backing down gracefully.
    • Word of God has confirmed that Korra's parents, Tonraq and Senna, are fully supportive of their daughter's relationship with Asami, even going so far as to treat Asami like a second daughter—they also take the time to warn Korra and Asami that not everyone may be as accepting of their relationship as they are.
  • Bryan's doodles of Korrasami.
  • Most of the fanart since the Grand Finale has actually been tame and romantic in focusing on either their vacation in the Spirit World or them as a Happily Married old couple without even a Broken Base over who wears a ring or betrothal necklace. Yes, the Internet has that much respect for the couple to dial it back compared to previous seasons.
  • Mike and Bryan happily confirming that Bumi and Tenzin's sister, Kya, and Aiwei are also not strictly heterosexual, and possibly others.
  • Janet Varney noted at a convention that she'd been approached by some fans that were nervous about their Korrasami fanart being signed, because it depicted the couple kissing or about to kiss. She not only told fans not to be nervous, but said that she'd happily sign any fanart along those lines.
  • Bryan's post after the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states: Onward and Upward.
  • The cover of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy.
  • The announcement that the creators are working on a Dark Horse Korra comic series taking place post series, with confirmation that they'll show more Korrasami.
  • Since the end of the show, Nickelodeon has actually been openly acknowledging the relationship on social media platforms, such as in early 2015 when they posted a compilation/poll of fans' favorite Korrasami moments; and when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, they posted a picture of Korra and Asami hugging in the finale with the simple, powerful hashtag "#LoveWins".
  • Korrasami becoming canon is now seen as a Genre Turning Point for Western Animation, as since the show's ending, several other animated shows have begun explicitly introducing or establishing characters as LGBT; among them Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time.
  • Just this post of the "creators'" official Tumblr:
    In light of the latest episode of The 100, we just want to remind you that Korra and Asami are alive, in love and are living happily ever after, which is something all of you deserve. Stay safe.