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For the book series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, see Alice Series

A psychological horror written by Avalon Roselin that centers around Christopher Robinson, a friendly orderly at Woodrow Children's Asylum, and his journey through a disturbed town to find one of his young charges. He encounters several strange people and things along the way and experiences a fair amount of Sanity Slippage. It can be purchased at

This book provides examples of:

  • Abandoned Hospital
  • Adult Fear
  • Advancing Wall of Doom
  • Alice Allusion: Everywhere, some more subtle than others.
    • The cover art of Christopher looking into a hole.
    • The island/town's name, and some of the street names.
    • The Jabberwock and Vorpal Blade.
    • A portion of "Jabberwocky" is quoted at the beginning of the second edition.
    • Christopher is shown in flashbacks reading Alice in Wonderland to the children.
    • Matthew's cat is named Cheshire and has a malformed jaw so it always looks like it's smiling.
    • The All Just a Dream ending, even though it's played with.
    • A few characters quote lines and make references to dialogue from both Alice's Adventures Underground and Through The Looking Glass.
    • Each character has an Alice in Wonderland character that matches them, though some fit better than others.
      • Christopher = Alice
      • Mickey = The White Rabbit
      • Madam Margot = The White Queen, though she doesn't have enough screen time to really show it
      • Michael = The Red King
      • Morgan = The Mad Hatter
      • Matthew = The Dormouse
      • Prima = The Queen of Hearts by Word of God, though she also shares some aspects with the Red Queen; this could possibly be ANOTHER Shout-Out to the fact that the two are often combined
      • Terceira = The Ugly Duchess, though she is the one who says "Off with your head", not Prima
      • Abel = Though never seen, the Caterpillar
      • Mary = Tweedle Dee
      • Joseph = Tweedle Dum
  • All Just a Dream: Played with.
  • All There in the Manual: A few things about the series, such as how Michael got to be how he is, what actually happened to Christopher and some of the other characters, etc. are discussed elsewhere, including this page.
  • Arc Number: 317.
  • Attempted Rape
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Mostly averted, since it seems like it will be a case of Talking the Monster to Death until The Reveal.
  • Bedlam House: Woodrow Asylum to some extent, and the third floor of the hospital.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: The abuse and experimentation that Michael was put through made him go insane and start doing terrible things For the Evulz, though he tries to justify it as his victims deserving it. There's also some hints that despite the Laser-Guided Amnesia he inflicts on everyone, the other characters are gradually remembering some of what happens and are becoming more vicious because of it.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents
  • Bloody Handprint: The school has several in the hallway and Christopher's reflection leaves one behind.
  • Body Horror: Matthew and Morgan's eyes, Mary and Joseph at the end.
  • Break the Cutie: Christopher, Matthew, Mickey.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall / The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: How the book ends.
  • But Liquor Is Quicker
  • Circus of Fear: The Wonderland Amusement Park.
  • Creepy Cemetery: Although nothing really bad happens in it.
  • Creepy Child: Mickey, the children ghosts.
  • Dead All Along: Played with. While several of the characters are actual murder victims of Michael, all of the characters are actually figments of his imagination. Some of them have even realized this and Go Mad from the Revelation.
  • Deliberately Cute Child: Though Mickey also qualifies as a Creepy Child, his cute qualities are also played up, like when he gives Christopher a hug to make him feel better.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: The woods around the town are implied to be full of monsters, while Christopher only encounters a few in the town, and they usually aren't seen, just heard.
  • Driven to Madness: Several of the characters, most notably Michael; see also Sanity Slippage below
  • Driven to Suicide: Matthew and Morgan, though the latter murdered the former.
  • Driven to Villainy: Morgan is forced to drug Matthew to keep him from killing himself and tries to rape Christopher, though it's implied that he didn't have control over his own actions and was trying to get Christopher to run away beforehand.
    • This could apply to Prima and Terceira because despite the fact that they were both serial killers, Christopher wasn't their typical target and they were trying to kill him to stop the cycle from repeating, even though it would have been ineffective anyway.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Several, though Christopher is rarely physically attacked by him. They do far more damage to his sanity than his physical health, sans the Jabberwock.
  • Evil Orphan: Subverted, Michael was much happier when he lived at Woodrow Asylum; being adopted by Joseph and Mary and the abuse he suffered at their hands was his Start of Darkness.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Since they're all figments of Michael's imagination with just enough autonomy to feel pain and fear, all of the characters are doomed to repeat the horrors they've suffered from again and again until Michael dies (and it's implied he's already dead) or becomes sane, at which point they'll stop existing altogether. Michael himself is trapped in his own deranged mind with no way to cure himself, and as a coping mechanism set up a 'game' in which everyone kills themselves or each other and the only person who ever loved him either can't be allowed to recognize him or will go insane immediately.
    • It's even worse for Christopher, who is specifically targeted as the 'hero', since he will always fail to rescue Mickey because it is not possible to restore Michael's sanity. He also has to live with the fact that Michael has become what he is. Even though Christopher is as imaginary as the rest of them, he is heartbroken when he finds out what Michael has done, and is repeatedly subjected to this kind of torment, which is specifically designed to drive him insane and hurt him in any way possible.
  • Functional Addict: Matthew.
  • Go Among Mad People
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: Christopher considers suicide early on because of this, though he gets better.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Matthew, and implied to happen to Prima, but the verdict is out on how sane she was to begin with.
  • Hall of Mirrors: In the amusement park.
  • Happy Place: Godwin's Deli is this until Morgan and Matthew's murder-suicide.
  • Mad Scientist: The doctors at the hospital, though never seen.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory: The red room of the hospital qualifies.
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: The only 'real' person is Michael, who may or may not still be alive, with Mickey representing a small part of himself that is still sane/pure, but the other characters are implied to be mostly autonomous and in some cases even actively working against Michael.
  • Mind Rape
  • Monster Clown: The Jabberwock, and there may or may not be some clown monsters walking around the amusement park.
  • Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book: The drawings Christopher finds in the school.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: The book becomes scarier if the reader takes into consideration some of the things that aren't shown, like exactly what the doctors did to Michael, particularly since some of these things are not part of Michael's dream world and actually happened in 'real life' at some point in the story, including the twins' mismatched eyes.
  • Papa Wolf: Christopher to Mickey.
  • Peek-A-Boo Corpse: Stanley, the patient in the red room.
  • Primal Fear: The book was built around them. Losing a child, the dark, being isolated, being raped/date-raped, and being buried alive are just a few.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Rhianna Hamlin, who was a fan of Alice in the original beta run on deviantART and was then asked to illustrate the published version
    • Also Jordan Rudolph, whose fanfiction (the first written for Alice) is going to be included in the special edition as an extra.
  • Psychic Powers: Matthew and Michael are implied to have these.
  • Psychological Horror
  • Sanity Slippage: Christopher (and arguably the entire town) as the story progresses.
  • Shout-Out: Give the amount of Author Appeal, several.
    • The part with the children in the school building is a Shout-Out to the Vocaloid song "Circle You".
    • The use of the Sandman poem is a Shout-Out to American McGee's Alice, specifically Madness Returns. The poem isn't exactly the same, though
    • Christopher and Mickey's names (Christopher Robinson and Mickey Walters) are references to Disney.
      • Made even more clear when Madam Margot mistakenly introduces Mickey as Donald in one of the flash backs
    • Several to the Silent Hill series. To be specific, the doll monsters that Mary and Joseph turn into at the end are very similar to the Scarlet boss battle in Homecoming.
    • One to The Grudge and other such Japanese horror films in the school chapter when a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl crawls down the stairs.
  • These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: The book ends with Michael addressing, or at least acknowledging, the audience. Whether his ability to do so is a symptom of his madness, psychic powers, or what helped cause him to go mad, is unknown.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: Christopher sleeps like this after Morgan and Matthew die.
  • Troubling Un Child Like Behavior: Mickey is unusually mature for his age, and some of the drawings and notes Christopher finds in the school.
  • Unreliable Narrator: As Christopher begins to lose his mind, it becomes less clear if certain events are actually happening or if he's just hallucinating them. There's also The Reveal, which shows that Christopher was just made up of what Michael remembers about his caretaker and everything that's happened is a dream that's on a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Christopher's crawl through the tunnel to get out of the hospital seems fairly mild, but gets worse if one considers his severe phobia of bugs.

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