Funny: WarCraft

  • The Hilarious Outtakes at the end of Warcraft 3's credits, where they attempt to recreate the Warcraft 2 cinematic where a footman slices a catapult's rope and destroy a zeppelin. Needless to say, it requires many takes, Archimonde is a Bad Director with a penchant for You Have Failed Me, sheep, dragons...
  • The sheer hilarity of the quotes a Worker Unit ordered to attack something gives.
    Human Peasant "That's it. I'm dead."
  • In the second campaign, in one of the first levels upon finding an area beyond an area of trees.
    Arthas "What the hell is that!?"
    Sasquatch #1 *Translated from Sasquatchonian* - "What the hell is that!?"
    Sasquatch #2 "I don't know, but we better kill it. No one must know of the technology we've been hiding from the world."
  • In the same mission:
    Uther: Your father ruled this kingdom for seventy years... and you've grounded it to dust in a matter of days.
    Arthas: Very dramatic, Uther.
  • This exchange, just a few missions later:
    Arthas: That Elven woman is starting to vex me greatly.
    Kel'Thuzad: She is persistent. (amused) Reminds me of you, death knight.
    Arthas: Shut up, you damn ghost.
  • Many gag-quotes, like this one from a Dreadlord.
    (Cellphone rings) "Yes? Arrhg, I'm a Dreadlord! Not a druglord.
  • The Stop Poking Me quotes in general.