Tear Jerker / WarCraft


  • In Warcraft I, you rescue (and control) a knight named Lothar from a dungeon. In Warcraft II he has become the Alliance commander and dies a scripted death from a treacherous ambush at parley (later retconned as a fair duel as Orcs were made less evil). Similarly, killing Uther in Warcraft III can hit harder for those who used him in Warcraft II.
    • You can try to save Lothar with the God Mode cheat code, but this is unlikely to work since his ambush is the very first scripted event in the level and the code takes too long to type.
  • In Warcraft III watching as Arthas is slowly corrupted and betrays his kingdom, it's especially sad when he's welcomed back to his kingdom as a hero only to kill his father (the king) and essentially dooming them all to a Zombie Apocalypse, and when he kills Uther, his former mentor and friend, to get a magical urn that contains his fathers ashes. And the reason that he's getting the urn is to transport the corpse of The Dragon from the first campaign so that he can resurrect him and bring about an invasion by the Burning Legion. I hate you so much Arthas.
    • The ending cinematic to the Frozen Throne expansion. Arthas trudges his way up to the titular object, his mind echoing with his fallen friends' bitter accusations from the previous game. He comes before the entity responsible for all of this, who urges him to set him free. Arthas shouts and smashes the Throne, and for a moment you might wonder if he's finally turned away from his path... but no. "Now, we are one." And the game ends with a slow pan away from Arthas on his new throne, triumphant... but alone atop the lifeless roof of the world, king of an endless frozen wasteland, while that mournful music plays...
  • The ending of the Orc campaign in Warcraft III will make anyone with an ounce of humanity shed Manly Tears when Grom kills Mannaroth and thereby frees the Orcs from demonic influence forever, and dies in the process.
    Grom: The blood haze has lifted... The demon's fire has burnt out in my viens... I have freed myself....
    Thrall: No old friend... You've freed us all.
  • The end of "A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow" after Illidan absorbs the Skull of Gul'dan and kills Tichondrius.
    Malfurion: "Foul demon! What have you done with my brother?"
    Illidan: "It is I brother. This is what I've become."
    Tyrande: "Illidan, how could you?"
    Illidan: "The leader of the demons is dead. And the forest will heal, in time."
    Malfurion: "At the cost of your soul? You are no brother of mine. Begone from these lands and never step foot here again."
    Illidan: "So be it... brother."