Funny / Up Up Down Down

  • The 1 year anniversary video, where Austin gets cake shoved in his face by Seth Rollins (who lets out the most epic Big "NO!" Girly Scream ever when he takes the whole rest of the cake down his back). Then, Jojo Offerman shows up to eat frosting off Seth Rollins' shoulder and Summer Rae joins in eating "ground cake" (the bits not actually touching the floor, which Big E disapproves of). Rounded out by Renee Young wanting to know what all the yelling is about, then blatantly Eating the Eye Candy when she bumps into a shirtless Rollins (who is washing cake out of his hair).
    • Kevin Owens is only there because he thinks it'll end up on someone. Not to mention his Screw This, I'm Outta Here! departure - "I'm going back to catering".
    • Seth and Big E shrieking "JOJO! JOJO! GET IN HERE JOJO" in overlapping unison.
    • Kofi's exasperated "have some respect for yourself!" when Jojo and Summer eat the cake.
    • Austin is very confused by Renee's celebratory cake-dance, which is a bit rich coming from him:
      Austin: But why did the cake make you gyrate?!
    • Tyler insisting there are "three perfectly good cakes in catering" over and over again.
  • The Unboxing from Crunchyroll with Sasha Banks was pretty epic, but it also had literally the last person you expect to see on UUDD — GOLDBERG — accidentally interrupting and generally coming off as a confused-but-proud grandpa.
  • Big E and Austin attempting to drive in a car full of balloons they've bought for Kofi's birthday.
  • In an UUDD interview at the release of WWE 2K17, Brock Lesnar wants some Booty-O's. Not to mention Paul Heyman graciously allowing Austin to re-do his question, and Brock's summary of his upcoming match with Randy Orton - "Suplex City, bitch".
  • Tyler cakes Austin for the 2nd UUDD anniversary: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY?! WHY DO I NEVER SEE THIS COMING?" Followed up by Austin running through the backstage area to tackle Tyler and rub cake frosting on his face, and have a completely casual and normal conversation with Shane McMahon.
    Austin: (with a face covered in cake) Oh hey, boss. Just gotta cake Tyler for a sec.
  • The sheer levels of screaming trash-talk between Becky Lynch and Renee Young during the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite challenge. Even Kofi and Austin are alarmed. Later, Becky takes her plum-ishment.
  • During the London Heist episode, Claudio Castagnoli (WWE's Cesaro) name-drops DJ Hyde (indy wrestler/promoter of CZW, acknowledging the existence of which is a no-no in the WWE) and going "ooh, I said it!". Kevin Owens nearly Spit Takes his water.
    • The constant parade of wrestlers who come in to either mock Cesaro (who can't see or hear them and is basically swiping at the air and talking to himself), mark out over the VR game, or laugh themselves sick at the funny shit Cesaro is doing in the game.
  • Roman Reigns being the Only Sane Man (and only one who knows how to play) during the 4-way Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game with him, Seth, Kofi, and Austin. The other three are screaming, being killed in the game, and trash-talking, and Roman is just calmly annihilating everything else on the screen and doing a corny "yessir" when he levels up. He does shout "AVENGE ME" when he dies in the game, but the rest of the time? Chill.
  • AJ Styles bringing back #BeatUpJohnCena in a WWE 2K17 match against Sasha Banks, who chose Cena as her player character. AJ and his fan-partner bellow it at the top of their lungs, to everyone's amusement.
    • After losing the match, AJ's punishment is to do the New Day chant, complete with booty-popping. AJ has total white-boy rhythm, and says "that's as good as it's gonna get".
  • Austin and Seth play WWE 2K18 (calling Seth "Cover Boy" the whole time), and have a 5-minute running commentary on the ratings of all of their friends. Highlights include a story about how no one told Cesaro that they were actually making a "Thwiss Thyborg" shirt, Seth and Austin marking out for the Natural Disasters' game entrance, and Cory Graves overusing TV Tropes favorite word, "egregious".
    • On the same episode, there's a marked look of Oh, Crap! on Seth's face when Austin asks him if he has a Snapchat — Seth doesn't, due to certain leaked photos and says, wide-eyed, "NOOOOOOO."
  • AJ Styles being the biggest Sore Loser in the company. Austin and Samoa Joe have gone on record that, on multiple occasions, AJ has refused to give up playing the longer he lost and will often throw tantrums until he gets his wins back. Of particular note is the game of Madden NFL he played against Seth Rollins. He got so worked up that he Rage Quit before finishing the game, and blamed his loss on the fact they were playing on a Playstation and not an Xbox.
    • He's never going to live down the time he broke a controller over WWE 2K16. Austin says AJ owes him a controller at the 2K17 release party. AJ's excuse?
      AJ: It slipped!
      Austin: You threw it out of the stands!
    • During the WWE x IGN eSports Showdown tournament, after AJ loses to Kofi Kingston, he breaks another controller. Which prompts Kofi to bring a fan out holding a sign that says "Hey AJ! Stop breaking the controllers!"
  • Cesaro and his Hurricane of Puns running commentary during the Balor-Breeze FIFA 18 match, particularly this zinger:
    Balor: OH... sugar.
    Cesaro: I like the sugar. It's too sweet.
  • Becky Lynch petting Sheamus's head during his FIFA match with Fandango because they have a "ginger bond". Later, she has to explain to Austin what Irish tea involves while Sheamus and Fandango are still playing and yelling at the screen.
    • Apparently, Fandango hates Sheamus's voice.
  • Tyler Breeze spends most of the Balor-Crews semifinal harassing Cesaro, who gets in a couple good digs about Tyler's smaller size.
    Breeze: I can't wear a shirt like yours, I'd be swimming in a large.
    Cesaro: You'd be swimming in a medium too.